Our Newest Op Ed-By Michael M. Bates

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Americans and the right to Social Security
– By Michael M. Bates

American philosopher Yogi Berra once sagely noted, “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” Or maybe it was Zsa Zsa Gabor who said that. Either way, it’s unquestionably an insightful observation.

President Bush’s popularity has been dropping faster than you can say, “restructuring Social Security.” Still, I give the man credit. He tackled what’s been called the third rail of American politics and not been electrocuted. Yet……………
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

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French Arms to China Must not Divide Europe and U.S.?
– By Warner Todd Huston

So said the French ambassador to the U.S., Jean-David Levitte, in a recent speech at Yale University. Well, then. I am glad that was settled, aren’t you? Heck, why should the we in the U.S.A. get all uptight about Europe wishing to sell China, our greatest enemy (so proclaimed by them), all the arms the Europeans can dump on them? What IS all the fuss about, anyway?

It certainly is difficult to imagine what the French think will happen once the current European ban of selling high tech arms and arms systems components to the Chinese is lifted. One presumes that they imagine that nothing “bad” will happen. But one cannot shake the feeling that they secretly hope that such sales will be their best avenue to their much ballyhooed goal of “counter balancing American hegemony” that they have so dearly wished for these recent decades. Then again, maybe that hope isn’t so secret after all…………..
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Our Newest op Ed- By Chuck Busch

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The Final Word for Terri Shiavo
– By Chuck Busch

The facts of the case are simple. The implications of the decision will be unending. There is no document expressing Terri Shiavo’s choice to die or by what manner of death. All we have is the word of Michael Shiavo whose testimony is compromised by an obvious conflict of interest and whose status as a “husband” is dubious at best. Yet the judiciary of the infamous Florida courts system has seen fit to condemn a helpless innocent woman to a slow torturous death by dehydration and starvation even before her constitutional right of due process has been thoroughly played out.

We give better treatment to convicted murderers, terrorists, and dogs. There has been absolutely no sense of justice in this entire situation. Innocent until proven guilty used to be the norm, but Terri has not even been charged with a crime. It’s unbelievable. It’s a human rights nightmare. It’s cruel beyond imagination. It nothing more than state-assisted murder. As Terri brother exclaimed, what is happening here is most “hideous.” Is this America? ………..
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Our Newest Op Ed-By R.A. Hawkins

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Arm The Teachers! (Why Not Disarm The Bureaucrats?)
– By R.A. Hawkins

But for one instance that I’m aware of, all of the school shootings have had one thing in common. The kids have been on some type of mood altering drug. The one case where that hasn’t been verified was the shooting in Mississippi. For some strange reason they didn’t want to release the medical records. The refusal to release the records says enough in itself. Who needs the records at this point?

Medical bureaucrats and school counselors prescribed the mood altering drugs in most cases, so it seems to me that it is the bureaucrats and counselors who are the ones we should be focusing on, not the guns. All of the gun laws in the world wouldn’t have prevented the last kid from getting his gun. He used a gun that belonged to his grandfather who is, or was, a policeman. Maybe it would help these bureaucrats understand what kind of fire they are playing with if they had to live with these kids after prescribing this medication.

The problem with most of these medications is that the effects on children aren’t fully understood yet because the drugs aren’t designed for kids. They are designed for adults who don’t have a hormonal rollercoaster ride going on as they experience everything else in life………..
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Have a Wonderful Easter

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Happy Easter to all our readers.

May God bless you and yours.

Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

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What to DO About These Judges?
– By Warner Todd Huston

This has been an age-old American question as it happens. Since we Americans have always prided ourselves by ruling our country under the rule of law we are generally loathe to attack our judiciary. Yet, still, we have, many times in the past, faced the question of just how to reign in out of control courts. During his presidency, Thomas Jefferson had battles with Chief Justice John Mrashall. Franklin Roosevelt had bouts with his Chief Justice, Charles E. Hughes. And various justices, judges and rulings have been controversial, disruptive and often just plain wrong – such as Justice Roger Taney’s “Dred Scott” decision – throughout our history.

Today we are faced not with just a recalcitrant Supreme Court, but with an arrogance of the entire judiciary nation wide. We are constantly seeing decisions that range from the absurd to the downright dangerous and we have been seeing these troublesome decisions climb at a steady and alarming rate at least since the Bussing issue in the1970’s…………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Christian Hartsock

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Million Dollar Terri
– By Christian Hartsock

Terri Schiavo has been suffering from fatal dehydration for the past week and liberal anti-life crusaders have been relishing in every moment of it. That is, of course, despite last-ditch efforts by President Bush and the Republican party-poopers in Congress to have Terri’s feeding tubes restored.

Amid all the fuss, the left’s latest rationalization for starving poor little Terri to death is this: There may have been political motives behind the Republicans’ endeavor to save Terri’s life!………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By R.A.Hawkins

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A Stygian Dream (Chalk another one up to the culture of Death)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I haven’t said anything regarding the Terri Schiavo case. Now I think it is time to speak up. I have heard many numbers bandied about as to the amount of money that was at stake. It was only one million dollars. But Michael was interested in taking care of Terri right up until the money was available. His first attempt to have her done in was in ’97. At that time he made it known that he had another woman on the hook. That was when he said that Terri really wanted to just die and not be taken care of in a situation such as this. Prior to that he had even taken classes so he would be able to take care of her himself. Why would he have done that if it were against her wishes? Because it wasn’t the truth?

The family at that time offered to take over her care. The money was in a trust fund for Terri though. The reward was for her not him. The money is very nearly gone now and the family still wants to take over her care………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Justin Darr

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Activist Judges: Just Ignore Them and They Will Go Away
– By Justin Darr

After September 11th , my children came up to me afraid to go to school because they thought they might be attacked by terrorists and I had all the answers. I could explain how far away from anything important we live and how many times they were more likely to be struck by lightning than hurt by a terrorist, but they still want to play in the rain. I would then open the newspaper, or turn on the television and show them all the steps the government was taking to protect them, “See all those soldiers? Every one of them wants to protect you.” My words soothed them, but seeing action being taken by our elected officials on the news had a tangible impact on them that something was being done about a problem in a way my words never could.

However, now I am out of answers. My daughter came up to me and asked why the courts were killing Terri Schiavo. I tried to explain the issues as best I could but the only response I got was, “Well, I sure hope they don’t decide to kill me!” So do I…………
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An Easter Special Op Ed- By Hans Zeiger

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Crucifying the Creator
– By Hans Zeiger

An old American hymn asks, “What wondrous love is this that caused the Lord of bliss / To bear the dreadful curse for my soul?” It is a love so high and so vast, so “deep and wide” as I sang in Sunday School many years ago, that no other concept in all of eternity could possibly be of greater significance. No quantity of words could document the extent of Love.

John ends his Gospel by noting that “there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.” I was recently asked if by that John meant something figurative. But I thought of the Cross and what He endured there, and I decided that my sins alone could fill books the world over. The burden that Christ bore is noteworthy: it is the human condition………
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Frederick Meekins

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Like Father, Like Son: Will The President Embrace His Heritage As A Wimp?
– By Frederick Meekins

It is assumed that a president in his second term has less to lose since he is not eligible for reelection and as such possesses a greater opportunity to assert himself in terms of policy than many consider prudent for a Commander-And-Chief in the first term. In a time of war, one would assume this would mean the President would come down harder upon the enemies of the nation vowing to wipe the United States from the face of the earth.

Regardless of one’s opinion of President Bush, one has to admit at certain moments in the war on terror he has spoken with refreshing bluntness uncharacteristic of a politician holding public office. However, as the President prepared to commence upon his second term he backpedaled and seemed to say some things that could be construed as embracing the Kerryite doctrine of waging a “more sensitive war”.

According to President Bush in his pre-inaugural Barbara Walters interview, he regretted having said in reference to the Iraqi insurgents “to bring it on” and that he wanted Osama Bin Ladin “Dead or alive”. While his feelings regarding the Iraqi insurgents are understandable in light of the tragic deaths of American servicemen serving as a testament that these savages were not as easy to neutralize as originally assessed, why in the world should anyone feel bad about wanting Osama Bin Ladin brought in dead or alive?………..
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Legislation Update

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Congressmen Mike Pence (R-IN) and Albert Wynn (D-MD) introduced the 572 Fairness Act, which aims to deregulate political parties to the extent that 527s are deregulated.

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) introduced the Surface Transportation and Taxation Equity (STATE) Act (HR 1097), which allows any state that increases its state gas tax to have its federal gas tax contributions offset by the same amount.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced HR 1219 to eliminate the visa-lottery program, in which 50,000 foreign nationals are chosen by lottery to enter the U.S. each year as permanent residents.

(Thanks The Federalist Patriot)

Our Newest Op Ed – By Michael M. Bates

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Terri Schiavo’s twisted, tortuous journey
– By Michael M. Bates

Terri Schiavo’s situation has people lined up in opposing factions. They’re separated by contradictory medical opinions, disputed facts, divergent opinions on what constitutes death with dignity and a range of views on the legitimacy of government’s interest in her continued existence.

Perhaps the only point of agreement is that Terri’s plight is especially heartrending.

Terri’s husband, who remains her legal guardian, claims that removing her feeding tube will be a painless and probably most natural way to die. But who knows that with certainty?

Ten years ago, a woman was paralyzed by a stroke and unable to communicate. She found herself being starved for eight days. The entire time she was fully aware of exactly what was happening to her……………
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Our Newest Op Ed- By John T. Plecnik

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Schwarzenegger, Ann Coulter and Michael Reagan are Right, College Republicans Need Michael Davidson
– By John T. Plecnik

For the few who haven’t heard, the College Republicans are a national, student organization with over 200,000 members. Oft-labeled the antiestablishment fraternity or “The Best Party on Campus,” College Republicans, called CRs for short, are the fiery, dedicated volunteers that make our Grand Old Party tick. Additionally, when hippies seized power in the ivory tower, CRs came to be the first line of defense against liberal bias on campus. Joining national figures like “campus defender” U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones, David Horowitz of and former U.S. House Historian Christina Jeffrey, CRs have challenged liberal academia at every turn.

This year, from June 24 to 26, the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) will host its 56th biennial convention in Arlington, V.A. During the convention, our next slate of national officers will be elected for two year terms. The race for CRNC Chairman is hotly contested, with California State Chairman Michael Davidson and CRNC Treasurer Paul Gourley leading the pack. Today, I am honored to join fellow conservative commentators Ann Coulter and Michael Reagan, U.S. Reps. Bill Thomas, David Dreier and Jerry Lewis, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger by endorsing Michael Davidson for CRNC Chairman. ………
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Our Newest Op Ed-By Warner Todd Huston

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Andrew Sullivan, Throwing in the Towel?
– By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Sullivan thinks that the Republicans are already doomed to defeat. He thinks that the Party and movement are fractured beyond mending, apparently. But what Sullivan wrote about is the same kind of backbiting and infighting that every party has and he mistakes that for irreparable fissures. “Beneath the surface, however, American conservatism is in increasing trouble”, he ominously warns. But, when, exactly, was American conservatism wholly consolidated to the point of monolithic totality? Has Sullivan never heard the term “Big Tent”?

Granted, there is a big difference between conservatives and liberals that more often leads conservatives to the loser’s circle. Conservatives will often torpedo themselves over principle. Since the left really has no principle but winning, they band together a tad easier and they are seemingly more able to subsume any principle for a win. So, Sullivan has a small point for worry over the future of the conservative movement.

But what Sullivan is not taking into account is the wide coalition of everyday Americans that are leaning more and more Republican who will be able to see past the far right ideologues (as they already have the far left). These folks will keep following their internet info sources, their talk radio and Fox news sources and stay the line if the politicos don’t fall totally apart on them………….
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Our Newest Op Ed- by Todd Wilber

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Guns, the Left, and a Rant
– By Todd Wilber

What if the left is right that guns cause crime? If guns cause crime then law enforcement is at the root of all crime in America. By carrying firearms law enforcement is sending an improper message to the youth of America. They are daily forced to see those firearms carried by officers and are incited to commit crime, because we know guns are the true cause of the crimes being committed with them, not the poor individuals who are using the weapons.

It is plain we need to disarm law enforcement. If we disarm law enforcement we have taken a common sense step in making our culture safer by making law enforcement less threatening. There would be virtually no more crime. ………
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Our Newest Op Ed- By R.A. Hawkins

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With Friends Like These (Who Needs Enemies?)
– By R.A. Hawkins

The silence this week on the part of the mainstream media regarding the Sino-Soviet military maneuvers planned for this coming fall was deafening. Drudge had it though. But that is somewhat on par with their reporting on China just about all of the time. They don’t like to talk about the Laogis, which are the work camps where they force people to work for next to nothing and then funnel the profits into their military.

Russia recently asked China to take part in some joint military maneuvers with them. Russia wanted to have the war games in an area that has become a focal point for the war on terror, but China is still upset that Taiwan doesn’t like the taste of their boot heel. They keep trying their best to get the war games moved to an area that would be useful in a show of force for Taiwan to see. But Russia has a bit of a problem. The life support system for their biggest weapons system manufacturers happens to be China. Now they find themselves trying to move the games so they don’t anger the Japanese and the United States………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

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Simple Birth Defect – Enough To Abort Child
– By Warner Todd Huston

One of the philosophical points used by anti-abortion activists to explain their stance, one oft times claimed by critics to be purely hyperbolic and wildly outside the logic of debate, is the slippery slope argument of “Where will it all end up?” Those against abortion wonder aloud just where society and/or government will draw the line of when an abortion is legitimate and when it is not and how often that line will be redrawn past the next extreme, and then the next. Critics say that their worries are silly, unfounded or are examples of religious demagoguery.

Anti-abortion advocates firmly believe that should abortion become a thing of little consequence, the heart of society will harden to humanity itself. They insist that if hard hearts reduce all fetuses to a status of non-existence it cannot help but foster an increased disregard for humanity. They also worry that abortion will be expanded as a palliative to help people escape from under responsibility for their own sexual mores, or lack there of.

Most ominously, anti-abortion believers feel that government is just one step away, a step that can be made at any time, from being given the power to decide when people will live and when they will die. They agonize over the criteria for making such decisions. Just when will it be OK to kill a baby, anyway, they wonder? Birth defect? Brain damage? Parental inconvenience? Hair or skin color? How can we legitimately draw up such criteria that will not be open to the whim of passing societal norms?…………
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Legislation Alert

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In the House, Rep. John Hostettler has reintroduced the Secure Access to Firearms Enhancement (SAFE) Act (HR 1243), which would provide for state reciprocity for concealed-carry permits pursuant to the laws of the carrier’s home state. Further, the bill would not require a citizen to obtain a permit so as to mesh with states like Alaska and Vermont. The legislation would allow citizens who can legally carry in their home state — even without a permit — to carry all across the country. Of course, we at The Patriot see the Second Amendment as the only “permit” necessary!
(Thanks FederalistPatriot.US)

Our Latest Op Ed- By Frederick Meekins

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Hold Judge In Schiavo Case In Contempt Of Congress

Judge George Greer in the Terri Schiavo has defied the Congressional subpoena granting the protections of the legislative branch of government to this incapacitated woman unable to speak for herself.

Maybe those appearing before this renegade magistrate should thumb their noses at his rulings in much the same manner as he has decided to thumb his nose at this decision.

Where are all the liberals that insist Judge Moore must obey the rulings of higher governing bodies whether he agrees with them or not? Guess they had to get rid of “Thou shalt not kill” so they could get by with what they are doing now.

One of the sad truths of this life is that most of us leave it under less than wonderful circumstances. One can only hope that those seeking to speed up the departure of Terri Schiavo from this world will be so gripped with guilt in the time of their own physical delcine that they are constantly looking over their shoulders in fear of who might be lurking in the shadows to inflict the same social evils upon them they now seek to unleash upon the rest of us.

Copyright 2005 By Frederick Meekins

Our Newest Op Ed-By Warner Todd Huston

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Make English Our Official National Language … Again
– By Warner Todd Huston

I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. It seems every couple of years a congressman will raise this issue and, after he has let his constituents back home see that he is an “All American” guy, he lets it die a quite, ignominious death.

Well, we have the issue on the table once again. Representative Steve King (R, Iowa 5th Dist.) introduced the “English Language Unity Act of 2005” in the first week of March. Yes, another bill seeking to make English the official language of the country is being proposed by a politician seeking re-election. Sure, King says all the right things in his press release (which can be seen at his website: Steve King, Iowa 5th Dist.), but I hope this is not a vehicle for Mr. King to establish his “All American” bona fides so that he might get re-elected, only to forget about it later. Call me cynical…………
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Michael M. Bates

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Irish Americans have a rich political tradition
– By Michael M. Bates

Faith and begorrah, it’s that time again. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Quick. What are Irish Americans most noted for? No, not that. Or that either.

The correct answer, at least from this mostly Irish guy, is politics.

When the Irish came in huge numbers to America in the mid-nineteenth century, they were sometimes discriminated against. There were anti-Irish riots that included the burning of churches, convents and houses…………..
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Illegal Alien wins $4 million against his “employer”!

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And THIS is what our friendly leftist multiculturalists have wrought.

A Bronx day laborer who was injured when he sustained severe injuries by falling from a scaffold on the job in 2001 took his employer to court. This fellow won his case and a Bronx Superior Court awarded $4 million to the worker.

Good, right?


The worker is an illegal immigrant, living in the Bronx with his wife and three kids. He was working illegally in New York for 15 years.

“The lesson today for all the undocumented immigrants of New York is they have the same rights to access the courts in New York City as any American citizen,” said Brian O’Dwyer, who was the lawyer in the case.

Yep. The “lesson” is that our friendly “worker” can violate the law and be rewarded to the tune of $4 million bucks!

Ain’t multiculturalism grand … well a grand is apparently a low number, but you get the idea?

New York Sun Article, Click here

A Hotel That Won’t Allow Republicans?

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No Bush voters may visit…

Here is another fine example of the more “tolerant” left. From the website of the Ocean Haven hotel:


Ocean Haven, Nature Friendly Lodging on the Beautiful Oregon Cost

Nature-friendly cleaning & maintenance. Committed to limiting human impact on nature.

No Hummers, No RVs, No Bush Voters (due to his environmental destructive policies e.g.; nonparticipation in Kyoto Treaty, The Clear Skies Act, continuation of naval sonar in marine mammal habitats…)

Yep, the first hotel that has decided to disallow visitors based upon their political persuasion. That’s the more “tolerant” left we are used to, eh? But, what could be LESS American than such hatred and exclusion?

Imagine if a Republican leaning hotel owner were to claim that they don’t want democrats? Oh, how the left would howl. How about if a hotel would say no Jews or Catholics allowed? What if someone were say no Asians or Blacks? Would the left find that perfectly acceptable? In FACT didn’t we fight a Civil War and have decades of strife after that to bring the protection of equality and the Constitution to all American citizens? Do leftists now want to eschew those hard fought ideals?

These people are so typical of the left, however. Their own “religion” gets in their way so often. Their new religion of outright hatred for Bush and Republicans is so all consuming, so deeply and illogically ingrained that they have truly lost their perspective.

But, I love to see them so over the top, so out of their minds. It drives more people into the arms of the American political right every day. So, thanks guys, for the help.

Our Newest Op Ed- By Justin Darr

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– By Justin Darr

Last week, my wife and I were invited to eat dinner at the home of some of our more liberal friends. Or, I should more properly say, my wife was invited and I came along because I come with the set. Do not take this the wrong way. I have nothing personally against this couple. They are intelligent, friendly people, and other than the fact that they are a pair of short sighted, pseudo-intellectual, tie dye wearing liberal freaks who hold a burning resentment against me because I am usually right, I can tolerate them for short periods every few weeks.

This week was their turn to host dinner. So, as with most things in life, there is good and bad in all situations. For example, by going to their house I do not have to deal with their critiquing my home’s recycling program, but by going to theirs I am forced to endure whatever collection of sticks, small stones, and berries constitutes a vegetarian meal. This week was no exception as we were treated to yet another half raw meat, cheese, salt and taste free dinner. As I finished eating and my mind was turning to thoughts of what kinds of real food I would eat once I got home, my hosts asked if I would like some chocolate non-dairy, frozen, naturally sweetened confection. This is close enough to be ice cream for me, so I accepted…………
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Quick Takes

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Bills Introduced in the House this week:

The Disabled Persons’ Legal Protection Act, sponsored by Dave Weldon (R-FL), would extend due process protection to disabled individuals who are the subject of a court order to affect their death by removal of nutrition, hydration or medical treatment.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) introduced the Freedom Flat Tax Act (HR 1040) to phase-in a flat tax over a three-year period and allow businesses and individuals to voluntarily opt into the system.

Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced HR 1073, HR 1074, and HR 1075 to bring more accountability and transparency to the financial and administrative operations of the country’s labor unions.

John Hostettler (R-IN) introduced the Secure Access to Firearms Enhancement (SAFE) Act, which would allow law-abiding gun owners who can legally carry guns in their home state the right to carry across the country.

(Thanks the Federalist Email Reports- FederralistPatriot.US)

Our Newest Op Ed-By R.A.Hawkins

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You Stupid Fuels (Clouseau Explains The Iraq/Al Qaeda Ties)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Note: I would appreciate it if the liberals would read the first sentence out loud.

One of the many arguments put forth by the leftists regarding the ties between the holy order of Al Qaeda and the infidel Iraq and terrorist training and the various other ties is that Al Qaeda would have had nothing to do with Saddam or his infidel secularist running yellow dog regime because they drink alcohol and like women. But there is an old saying in the Mid East: “You and me against my brother. You, me and my brother against the outsider.” A simpler explanation of this charming little quote would be that ‘all of our differences can be settled after we get the outsider’. Or maybe a better way would be to say ‘I’ll slit your throat in the night after we slit theirs’.

As the left is so happy to point out, we are the outsider in this case. They like to point that out a great deal, don’t they? After we begin drilling for oil in Alaska they will probably begin to talk about the possibility that the caribou are going to attack us to protect their own barren moonlike homeland from the pork-eating carbon-based bipeds that are unaware of the ethics and virtues of vegetarianism. I’m so sorry. I realize that had a certain Romper Room quality to it, but I am trying to reach the liberals. “And I see Teddy and Jimmy and Billy… My, my Billy and Jimmy have very different views on cigars. Go to commercial. Oh My. I sure hope that didn’t make it onto the show. The contamination of the children’s minds. Oh Gosh.”………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By Hans Zeiger

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Boy Scouts Emergency
– By Hans Zeiger

The American Civil Liberties Union is a monster. Threatened by the slightest letter on ACLU letterhead, a victim yields and forgets Winston Churchill’s exhortation to “never give in.” One after another for decades, American institutions have been giving in to the ACLU’s legal pursuit of political correctness. And the one institution that has been a symbol of strength and honor in the face of the ACLU, the Boy Scouts of America, may now be giving in.

Last month, the ACLU sent a letter to the Boy Scouts national headquarters threatening to sue any public school that sponsors a Boy Scout troop. A troop that is chartered to a public school is able to use its facilities and form important connections to the students of the school and the citizens of the community. According to a recent BSA annual report, the Boy Scouts’ third largest type of sponsor is public schools, numbering over 10,000 Cub Scout, Tiger Cub, and Boy Scout units for some 363,000 Boy Scouts.

In recent years, controversy has surrounded public school sponsorship of Scout troops in major cities, and several hundred school districts have made decisions to prohibit Scout charters. It has been claimed repeatedly – by the ACLU, by school board members, by individual litigants, and by activist judges – that a Boy Scout partnership with a school is a direct violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution. This is claimed precisely because the Boy Scouts believe in the standards of character that underlie the Constitution………
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Our Newet Op Ed- By Vince Johnson

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Open letter to ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, CNN
– By Vince Johnson

You keep telling us how terrorists are killing people all around the world. Day after day we hear how terrorist suicide bombers have killed soldiers and innocent civilians. You tell us how Saddam’s terrorists used poison gas to kill thousands and thousands of innocent human beings. You tell us how Saddam siphoned off billions of dollars intended for food and humanitarian services for his own people.

You tell us of mass graves where Saddam’s terrorists slaughtered several thousand people who resisted him. You tell us how terrorists used civilians as shields when they fired upon our marines. You tell us how soldiers are killed by snipers positioned in Mosques protected by international law. On each anniversary of 9-11 you remind us about the sickening “thuds” that were heard as still living victims rained down from the World Trade Center just before it collapsed.

You tell us how the terrorists behead civilians out of extreme hatred for America. You tell us how terrorists wave white flags of surrender then shoot our marines when they make the mistake of moving into view. You tell us how the terrorists convert their dead comrades into booby traps designed to kill anyone who would touch them. You tell us how terrorists feign death or being wounded for the purpose catching our Marines off guard long enough to shoot them………..
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Our Newest Op Ed- By John T. Plecnik

March 11, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed- By John T. Plecnik

The Conscience of a Campus Conservative
– By John T. Plecnik

My last column, “Forget Free Speech, Liberals Don’t Tolerate Campus Conservatives,” drew the ire and attention of thousands. Published online by GOPUSA and the Washington Times, it sparked still more debate on the issue of liberal bias on campus. Conservative professors from North Carolina, Wisconsin and across the country e-mailed their support. One celebrity endorsement came from former U.S. House Historian Christina Jeffrey, who currently presides over the South Carolina Association of Scholars. In her words, this past column was my “best ever.”

Still more students, parents and alumni stepped up, sending e-mails and notes, while weighing in on countless blogs and message boards. An Assistant U.S. Attorney, who read and enjoyed my column, even made a point of telling me that his office had jobs for law students like me. Thank you, Sir. And thank you, all. Together, we are big enough to beat liberal bias ………
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