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Liberals Think Democracy Has A Reset Button
– By Justin Darr

A few years back, I was watching my son play little league baseball. This is not the little league you and I might remember where a few of the older kids would pitch to you with the coach standing behind them, but our new liberalized “T-Ball” little league where the kids get to stand up at the plate and cut away at a stationary ball ad infinitum until they hit it and get to run to base. On this day the unthinkable happened. A boy hit the ball, and a player actually caught it, turned and made a strong throw to first base, and to all the parents’ shock and joy, the first baseman caught the ball long before the batter reached the bag. Now, back in the days when conservative Neanderthals ruled the Earth, this would have been called an “out.” But not so today in America’s “enlightened” youth athletic programs. No, this was called a “nothing.” The boy was returned to the plate so he could have another chance to bat and achieve the “proper” outcome of him getting to run the bases like everyone else. It is not like they keep score or anything, so who cares?

The problem is that liberals do not confine this reset button mentality to just the activities formerly known as youth competitive sports, but freedom and the democratic process in general.

The European Union is in turmoil because the voters of France have refused to ratify the new EU Constitution in a national referendum. Regardless of analysts’ claims that the referendum was more a referendum on Jacques Chirac’s Presidency, or that the French public failed to understand the “nuances” of the cumbersome 317 page European Union Constitution, it is entirely possible that the French people do not want to be part of a wider European Union. Who knows, could it be that the French enjoy being French and have no desire to be Greater Europeans? ………….
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Happy Memorial Day, Everyone

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We at Publius’ Forum want to wish every one of our readers a happy Memorial Day to you and your entire family.

From the post Civil War “Decoration Day” to today’s version of the holiday, Memorial Day, Americans have taken the time, if only for a moment, to remember our veterans past and present. To reflect upon the privations and sacrifices made by those today and long past for all our liberty and freedom.

So, we wish to extend our thanks to every man and woman who has served their country and their family members who made due without a loved one at home as they served. Thanks to you all.

Happy Memorial Day to you all.
(We will resume normal operations tomorrow. in the mean time, enjoy our contributor’s archived work)

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Modern Flop Culture (By Comparison)
– By R.A. Hawkins

There are times when I get asked what I’m going to do about the Republicans to straighten them out. It is always a leftist that is asking me this question of course. But I thought I would humor them with a few complaints I have about the Republicans. After that I’ll explain why I will still generally vote Republican.

I have noticed that the Conservative movement seems to be suffering from an identity crisis under the boot heel of the leftist media. My biggest single complaint with the Republicans is the willingness to sell out in order to get something through the Senate or the Congress. Yes I’m talking about them not using the nuclear option, which is actually the Constitutional option that normal people have always used in the past. The shift of the states towards red has occurred based on the principles for which the Republicans stand. If the Republicans don’t learn to stand firm for those principles they will lose the next election………..
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I Pray The Lord My Firearm I Get To Keep
– By Frederick Meekins

During the American Revolutionary War, the Black Regiment was a unit composed of pastors who defended freedom with a Bible in one hand and a musket in another. Had these patriots lived in our day rather than in a time when liberty was taken a bit more seriously, they would no doubt been defrocked and possibly turned over to police. If a ceremony held at the Hispanic Baptist Church of Laurel is to serve as any kind of template, these actions could all be carried out in a single, sweeping act of casearopapism.

According to the March 24, 2005 edition of the Laurel Leader, Miguel Reymaga stood before the congregation of the Laurel Hispanic Baptist Church to profess his new found faith in Christ. But instead of engaging in a traditional Christian ritual such as baptism or communion as an outward testament, Mr. Reymaga surrendered his shotgun and rifle.

Mr. Reymaga confessed he wanted the guns out of his home because of his tendencies towards temper and booze. While he is to be commended for his dedication to his family, he is ultimately being manipulated by authority figures whose primary interest is not the welfare of this particular individual but rather their own social agenda designed to accrue power unto themselves and to further curtail what few God-given freedoms we have remaining….
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Remembering the meaning of Memorial Day
– By Michael M. Bates

What does Memorial Day stand for? A day off? The start of summer? Parades and picnics? The opening of public swimming pools? You can – finally! – start wearing white shoes again?

If public opinion surveys are accurate, most Americans don’t know much about Memorial Day’s purpose or history. That’s a pity because it removes an important bond with those brave men, and women, who have given their lives in our Nation’s service……………
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Family Of Famed Evolutionist Admits Scientists Are Fallible
– By Frederick Meekins

Mexican Catholics A Threat To Religious Liberty

According to , the Catholic thugs running one Mexican town are threatening to tear down the homes of Protestant residents unless they recant their Evangelical faith.

Gullible American Evangelicals often defend the continuing immigration onslaught by claiming Mexicans are such devout, family-oriented people.

And while the loyalty of this demographic to their beliefs might be beyond question, it seems their religion could prove to be a theological cancer if allowed to spread unchecked throughout the American body politic.

Those for open borders will snap, surely the events described in this article cannot happen here.

But I remind you that we are not getting the best Mexico has to offer coming here. America, is in fact, being used as a release valve through which to vent the rabble of our neighbor to the south.

As such, these kinds of Mexicans are exactly the ones clogging our Metropolitan areas. One wonders how long until Americans are going to be forced to curb their own Protestant tendencies so as not to offend the Catholic sensibilities of the new arrivals.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Our Newest Op Ed

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So You Want to Be a Villain?
– By Greg Stewart

Well, it has been a curious past couple of days, as I have watched the hype of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith reach a fever pitch. The anticipation of Anakin Skywalker turning to the “dark side” has captured the imagination of citizenry; or, at the least in this humble “geek’s opinion” the popular movement of the moment. To see the corruption of an individual transfixes us as we watch the choices people make for their own undoing and become the villain.

The villain is fascinated with a single goal: the unyielding conformity of the society has to be undone, so they can impose their own sense of orthodoxy. Therefore, the villain in the great tragedies are filled with the complexities that are reflected from their own culture; the “heroic” villain-the anti-hero-challenges the society’s normative value. In others words, those traditional values, those items which are besieged by the everyday authority and accepted as governance by the culture-at-large, are at times transformed by the anti-hero.
The “heroic” villain challenges the ideals, the principals, and the morals, which are confined within the status quo of the society. Needless to say, the villain’s complexities are reliant on the emotional picture of the culture. In American-Western culture (but especially in America) we want the villain to be simplistic and be able to escape from the difficulties of the world. We do not want to be confronted with the grays; we just the black and white.

… ………
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Breaking the Filibuster is Not Enough
– By Justin Darr

Once in America the liberal agenda and its radical programs advanced unopposed. Liberals held sway over the elected branches of government, and over the course of decades, infected the judiciary system with cadres of like minded liberals who held their goals of forcibly restructuring American society superior to the welfare and will of the people. Faced with an uncaring and unresponsive government, America’s conservative majority turned to the only tool left for them to affect government change, the ballot box. Now, as the Conservative Revolution has swept Republicans into majority positions in the Federal and preponderance of state governments, liberals are making their last stand to prevent the will of the people from destroying the cancer they have grown in our judiciary.

The current fight in the Senate to possibly break the Democratic threat of filibustering several of President Bush‚s judicial nominees is just one front in this conflict. While it is important that liberals‚ obstruction tactics be stopped, it is also important to remember that we are talking about only 10 judges out of around 700 Federal judicial seats. Beyond symbolism, breaking the Democratic filibuster is insignificant in relation to the size of the problem we face with judicial activism………….
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Bloggers Driving a Story Because the Media Wrecked It (NewsWeek: We CBS We Print it)
– By R.A. Hawkins

It is apparent that liberalism brings with it a dark side, not that I view that as news mind you. But it seems as though there is nothing that even looks like a learning curve unless one looks at the reckless toboggan ride of NewsWeek as it repeats the CBS mistake. This error is made even worse because of the over reaction to their flawed story. I have to ask myself what kind of civil liability the reporter and the magazine will find themselves subjected to now, especially when we stop to consider the sad fact that they are against any kind of torte reform. They may change their tune after they find themselves sued into oblivion by a bunch of Afghanis who discover that the liberals agree that they aren’t responsible for their own actions………..
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Quick Take – By Frederick Meekins

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Family Of Famed Evolutionist Admits Scientists Are Fallible
– By Frederick Meekins

The family of famed evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould is suing two Boston hospitals and three doctors for misdiagnosing the cancer that ultimately led to his death.

Interestingly, it turns out scientists can be wrong after all. And if they can be this tragically wrong about the evidence right there in front of their highly educated noses, just think how much more so regarding matters not as easily observed such as the origins of the universe.

Though the loss of any human life deserves pity for the loved ones enduring such an unbearable hardship, it is only from the standpoint of the Christian and religious values Dr. Gould spent his life attempting to undermine that we are able to muster any sympathy for the Gould family.

For if Dr. Gould was nothing more than a soulless animal arising from the primordial ooze as the result of pure chance who didn’t fair too well obviously in the Darwinian struggle for survival, why should anyone care about his passing out of existence? Isn’t his family’s emotional response nothing more than a biological stimuli with their love for him nothing more than some hormone driven impulse?

Furthermore, isn’t it ironic these aggrieved individuals are seeking to correct a wrong done against someone who possessed no basis for believing right or wrong actually existed? It is only in considering him as an individual created in the image of God that these doctors should be called in account for their actions.

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Communism’s victims deserve to be remembered
– By Michael M. Bates

Things aren’t going well for the Republicans. They control the White House and Congress, yet still appear adrift much of the time. Their longtime reputation as the party of fiscal restraint is in serious jeopardy.

President Bush’s approval ratings are headed in the wrong direction. His Social Security offensive is on the defensive. Presidential nominees are held up in the Senate.

A grim scenario indeed for the GOP. They’d be in even more serious trouble if it weren’t for a couple of Democratic leaders who seemingly never weary of demonstrating they’re at least one enchilada short of a combination plate……………
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Interview for NCGOP Chairman’s Race
– By John T. Plecnik

This interview was offered to both candidates for North Carolina Republican Party Chairman: Councilman Vernon Robinson and NCGOP Chairman Ferrell Blount.

Dear Sirs,

Like most North Carolinians, I tend to focus on general elections, rather than primaries and intra-party races. However, I recognize the importance of party leadership. And, with our state convention swift-approaching, many activists have put forward some remarkably relevant questions. The following interview represents a handful of these inquiries, and I hope that you can both find the time to answer your friends and fans across Carolina… ………
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our Newest Op Ed

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It is Good Day To Die (The Euthanasia Solution)
– By Greg Stewart

Greg Stweart wraps up the Terry Schiavo case:

To define a meaning of a word means to clarify, to understand, to give definition to, direction or purpose to an item, an object, or an idea. However, the subjective cultural meaning of words tells us what the word means or represents to a society. The following terms are by no means strictly by the book definitions, but meant to capture the spirit of the word… ………
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Reid My Lips (Tourettes de Farce)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Harry Reid is rapidly replacing my favorite whack job in politics, Zhirinovsky. Fortunately Zhirinovsky is Russia’s problem. We are stuck with Reid for a few more years. He is even starting to make Daschle look like a rational human being. He has definitely decided to take the politics of personal destruction to new lows. He has even decided to be fair handed by taking part in the Dean of Dims rites of passage by entering the modern Democrat phase of personally self-destructing. He even joined hands with fellow democrat and former clansman Byrd-brain, or at least I guess that was what he was doing when he said this about Clarence Thomas; “I think that he has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court.”

Harry should know a lot about embarrassment, but he is apparently completely oblivious to it. He appears to be like many of the Democrats. I mean the noisy and thoughtless ones, not the ones with a lot of brains like Ted Kennedy, McCain and Dean. (Interesting. My wife just walked by and said that McCain is a Republican.) I wonder if he is aware of that. Anyway, back to that whacky poster child for Tourettes Syndrome Reid………..
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No One Wants “Vigilantes”
– By Chuck Busch

Last month when Mexican president Vincente Fox visited President Bush in Texas, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the Minuteman Project, an organization of concerned U.S. citizens living out their constitutional heritage in helping the Border Patrol to secure a section of the Arizona border by reporting movements of alien invaders attempting to cross over. Fox’s consternation is understandable considering that lax US border policies have enabled him so far to export the impoverished, criminal and diseased members of his population to his affluent northern neighbor in return for wages sent back to relatives in Mexico with the promise of reaping future sparse Social Security benefits as well. The audacity of a few patriotic United States citizens to insist that their government secure the borders and enforce immigration laws could very well threaten his lucrative trade in human capital and indirect influence over US policies.

The US government’s ineffectual border security policies have permitted the invasion of 10 to 20 million aliens (who can possibly know) into our communities at a rate that continues unabated of one million a year. Enterprising businessmen exploiting the cheap labor and politicians vying for the new emerging Hispanic minority voting block have never raised a complaint as they easily pass the welfare, medical, educational and criminal liabilities of the new slave class off onto local communities and tax-paying native citizens. Perhaps this explains President Bush’s otherwise inexplicable assurances to Fox that he does not approve of “vigilantes.” ………..
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New Honeymooners The Wrong Color
– By Frederick Meekins

Fans of the antics of Ralph Kramden will be shocked to learn that Cedric the Entertainer will portray the blowhard bus driver in the upcoming theatrical remake.

Those priding themselves on wearing their racial tolerance and sensitivity on their sleeve will claim it does not matter what color the characters are.

Would they be so broadminded if they made a White version of Sanford and Son or a Korean cast as a new Cliff Huxtable?

If the producers weren’t out to make some kind of racial statement, wouldn’t they have cast actors more in accord with the appearances of the originals filling these roles thus keeping the parts White since — like it or not — racial background determines a great deal of appearance?

Critics disparaging America’s cultural heritage of which “The Honeymooners” played an important role as an early successful television comedy will muse that, in order to gain the attention of the hip urban youth of today (in other words, the vulgarians occupying our cities), we must alter the original to comply with these new diverse sensibilities.

But if that happens to be the case and minorities will only watch minorities, why should White Americans waste a single penny on this cinematic drivel?

Our newest Op Ed

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Senator Chuck Schumer Is Why Americans Don’t Trust Politicians
– By Warner Todd Huston

Early this week, Senator Chuck Schumer (D, New York) took to the floor of the United States Senate to give a speech of position on the current issue of the Democrats’ filibuster of Bush’s judicial nominees.

After he was done and after even a modest review of what he said, one finds oneself flabbergasted at the Senator’s ignorance of history and the Constitution and even good etiquette. That, or he knowingly attempted to mislead his listeners on all his “facts”. Either way, he is the perfect example of why so many Americans don’t trust our politicians.

Obviously, Senator Schumer is the kind of the politician who will just say any old thing to “win” the argument. And it is plain that he thinks his audience is too stupid to realize how untrue his points are, sure they won’t realize how badly he will warp truth and historical facts in pursuit of power. He has shown that he will lie worse than the little boy caught breaking the window with the baseball and blaming his imaginary friend for doing it…….

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Our Newst Op Ed

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Busting the Filibuster
– By Christian Hartsock

In the debate over President Bush’s appeals court nominees, Democrats are kicking and screaming over the possibility that Republicans may seriously use their congressional majority to their advantage, and in so doing force Democrats to play by the rules and actually vote on the nominees.

This Republican threat to eliminate the ability to filibuster judicial nominees (a move known as the “nuclear option”), is of course, in reaction to the Democrats’ feverish efforts to filibuster every single one of President Bush’s 52 appeals court nominees on the basis that they are unqualified right-wing extremists who have “deeply held beliefs.”

As indicated by recent history, Democrats’ definition of an “extremist” must denote any religious person who doesn’t happen to favor redefining marriage, sanctioning fetal genocide and starving retarded hospital patients to death.

Or, to really understand what all the fuss is about, let’s take a brief look at some of the “unqualified” nominees whom Democrats have thus far blocked with the filibuster………..
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The Convention Speeches of Four Dead Presidents
– By Greg Stewart

For the past few months, I have been taking a US history course at one of our community colleges, here in Denver, Colorado for a course requirement, to obtain my degree in international business. Although, it was a required course, history has always been one of my favorite subjects. Nevertheless, I found it compelling, not only learning but observing what was being taught. The textbook I had to buy was called The American Promise: A History of the United authored by James L. Roark, Michael P. Johnson, Patricia Cline Cohen, Sarah Stage, Alan Lawson, and Susan Hartman (Roark et al). In general, the text was “complete” and non-bias, for the most part. However, the last few chapters seem to slant a little far to the left; the last chapter, however, clearly made up for the slanted leanings of the previous works. I felt all to propagandize, when the explanation of the first gulf war, by way of this explanation, was a result of the terrorist incident of September 11 2001, but that is a discussion for another time, and my experience turned rather ambivalent. Nonetheless, I found a topic, I could expound about, my four favorite presidents: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. Do not let the list fool you; I am large Libertarian, but these gentlemen captured my fancy for various reasons, and I had to contain my enthusiasm for the last, but certainly, not the least-Ronald Reagan. So, as a tribute to them and my rather leaning professor, here were some of my thoughts… ………
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Communism’s victims deserve to be remembered
– By Michael M. Bates

On a reviewing stand next to Lenin’s tomb, President Bush watched as goose-stepping Russian soldiers paraded by with their hammer and sickle flags. It was a surreal moment. The threat of Communism was for many decades the defining geopolitical reality of our times.

The Cold War, the Iron Curtain, the gulags, show trials, re-education camps, the specter of nuclear annihilation, duck and cover drills at school and bomb shelters were all part of it. So were our military struggles in Korea and Vietnam, in which we lost more than 54,000 and 58,000 U.S. soldiers respectively.

Communism would bury us, the Soviet dictator haughtily proclaimed. We and other nations responded with increasingly powerful arsenals. Maintaining the strongest possible military preparedness wasn’t cheap, but our very existence was in jeopardy……………
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New Legislation Alerts…

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Representative Steve King (R-IA) introduced a bill to make English the official language of the United States (HR 997). ..See our Op Ed on this – Make English Our Official Language

Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) is looking for supporters to co-sponsor the Federal Tax Withholding Repeal Act of 2005, which would repeal the law allowing the federal government to withhold federal income taxes and social-security taxes. Instead, this bill would implement a system in which employees would make quarterly payments to the federal government. (And wouldn’t that quarterly check-writing experience be an eye-opener for the American taxpayer?)

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced the Business Activity Tax Simplification Act (HR 1956), which would allow a state to tax an out-of-state business only if that out-of-state business has a physical presence in the taxing state. The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (HR 748), which makes it illegal to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion without parental notification, passed 270-157

(Thanks to the Federalist Patriot)

Our Newest Op Ed

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AstreuxFizziks (The Universe and Those Seeking to Understanding It)
– By R.A. Hawkins

There are quite a few people out there who have assumed that I’m an oil person and corporate hugger as opposed to being a tree hugger. Actually I’m all of them rolled up into one and tend not to react to things in a knee jerk manner. I tend to react to experts in most fields with a mild knee jerk manner that resembles a wretch, but that is actually just me folding in half so that I can laugh. I will cause a few knee jerk responses from several groups with this article, which is fine with me. I know how to delete or answer email as needed.

First I’m going to comment on Greer’s work in his book ‘Full Disclosure’. I have it and I’m reading it as time permits. But I find him to be a little unaware of geopolitical concerns. He seems to think that because the government has all of this technology that they should give it up to the public domain. I think he is completely out there with that idea. He has no idea what that would unleash on the world. If he does realize what it would cause then he ain’t our friend. His contention is that we don’t need oil and there are cures for all that ails our economy. He is completely wrong………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Two Years on the Death Diet: A Brief Retrospective
– By Todd Wilber

Well it has been two years since I started on the Atkins Diet. Contrary to some people’s expectations I have not dropped dead and my heart has not exploded out of my chest. I actually eat less meat and cheese than before Atkins and I eat more veggies in a day than I did in a month (so much for the main stream press propaganda).

I have lost 133 lbs (from 348lbs to 215lbs), thirteen inches off my chest (from 60″ to 47″), twelve and a half inches off my belly (from 56 to 43_”) eleven inches off my waist (from 50″ to 39″), and four and a quarter inches off my neck (from 21_” to 17_”). My Cholesterol is, as of last August, 168. I am health as a hog and I am actually able to see my feet again! It is also nice to climb into my semi and not have the steering wheel in my gut. I am continually amazed what you can do when you are not carrying around an extra 133 lbs.

The Atkins Diet gives me the structure and firm boundaries I need to help my lack of self control when it comes to food. If you stick to the plan and are creative the Atkins can really be a life changing experience. It is hard getting started but it gets easier as you go. I recommend the Atkins Diet to anyone who has failed on all the low fat/ high carb/high sugar diets out there, like I did, and needs a unique diet.


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OK, everyone. If you are married with children, do something nice for Mommie. Cuz when Mommie is happy we are ALL happy!

And if you are NOT married, then remember your own Mom (even if you are married, too) because without her you wouldn’t be here.

Have a great Mother’s Day everyone.

From the folks at Publius’s Forum

Our Newest Op Ed

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Nothing Will Be Restrained From Them
– By Frederick Meekins

Genesis 11:6 says, “And the Lord said, ‘Behold the people is one and they all have one language; and this they began to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” The Lord was speaking in reference to the Tower of Babel built by the followers of Nimrod a short while after the Deluge so his followers might make a name for themselves in a prideful manner. To prevent this blasphemous arrogance from getting out of hand, God confused the languages so the people would disperse across the face of the earth.

The account does more than chronicle the origins of languages, nations, and races. It, in fact, serves as a warning of the trouble mankind can get into when the species comes together and pools its resources in total unity.

While such an assertion might have been dismissed years ago, today as the world draws together as one here at the conclusion of history as it did nearer to the beginning, we see the warning coming to pass in relation to various technological developments.

Take the issues of human cloning and genetic engineering for example. These new sciences could very well be seen as a modern Tower of Babel………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Politically Correct Conservatives?
– By Warner Todd Huston

“Lighten Up!”

That is what both Michelle Malkin (famed for her conservative views on immigration) and Wlady Pleszczynski (editorial director of the conservative magazine The American Spectator) have been told by hundreds of their conservative fans by email after their stern and humorless responses to Laura Bush’s “funnin” at the White house Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this week. And rightfully so, have the duo been so scolded.

First of all, don’t imagine that I am worried what the left thinks of we conservatives. I could not care less if Michael Moore looks at Michelle and Wlady’s lack of humor as some sort of “proof” of our untrustworthiness or an example of how we are not real people. However, this is what the Left says about us when they are excoriating us in front of the general public. And it is they, the general public, who needs to see that we are not sticks in the mud as the hatemongers on the Left attempt to paint us. Let’s face it. The American people like their leader to be “real” to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, some conservatives have taken the bait and are being reeled in by leftist anglers as we speak. And it’s a shame that we are confirming the dour portraits painted by the left to represent us in caricature………….
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Our Newest op Ed

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Runaway bride runs into legal complications
– By Michael M. Bates

I don’t purport to be an authority. But it seems to me having as many bridal showers as Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky has had marriages is an obvious red flag. Things are spiraling out of control.

Weddings have a way of doing that. Almost everyone, even those remotely involved, has a suggestion or two.

The bride and groom, trying to satisfy as many people as possible, often end up making arrangements they really aren’t happy with. The result is what should be a joyful celebration turns into a nerve-racking, embittering experience……………
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Criminal Memorialized At High School
– By Warner Todd Huston

A young man from Niagara Falls, New York, with a criminal record got himself killed while attempting to rob a pizza deliveryman in the last week of April. Generally, we hang our heads in sorrow at both the loss of a young life and the bad choices made leading to the criminal activity and that caused his death. But when one hears such a story the first thing one generally thinks to do isn’t to go about creating touching memorials for the thug who got himself killed while perpetrating a criminal act. And one certainly never imagines that we should display our nation’s flag at half-staff to memorialize this miscreant.

But that is exactly what happened at Niagara Falls High School. Not only did they allow the students to festoon Anthony Sheard’s locker with touching notes, memorial cards and flowers but they also lowered the US flag to half-staff on the flag pole outside the school in the boy’s honor.

The flag being displayed at half-staff for this criminal is even more galling because the school has never honored the loss of our soldiers in Iraq with such a memorial…….

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Our Newest Op Ed

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Restore the Constitutionality of Judicial Nominations

Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio)
Senator Michael DeWine (R-Ohio)

As you know Democrats in the senate have chosen to block the appointment of one third of President Bush’s judicial nominees through unprecedented abuse of the filibuster tactic. It would appear that the minority motive in doing so has more to do with liberals striving to exert their total influence over the process than the actual qualifications of the candidates. Having failed to capture the presidency in the last two elections in addition to the steady erosion of seats in both the House and the Senate, the Democrat party is now desperate to maintain some control over in policy formulation regardless of how unpopular their theories might be with the voting public.

Defeated presidential candidate Al Gore before a audience made the wild assertion that the Republican aim is to impose “absolute power” over the country. Perhaps someone should remind Al Gore that the Republican Party derives its power and majority status from the people who voted for their policies. The party in majority is the will of the people. In democratic societies the situation has always been “rule by majority, rights of majority.” The only way a minority can ever rule is through tyranny, the record of which has been the continual story of totalitarian disasters through history.

The Democrats should stop their obstructionist strategies such as threatening to shut down the government and concentrate on reforming their own policy positions so as to challenge the Republican Party on how best to protect and prosper the United States. In a survey by Rasmussen Reports, 57% percent of the public is in favor of changing Senate rules to insure a vote on every nominee. It is disturbing that the Democrat leadership should go to such extremes to reject the clear intent of the Constitution and the will of the American people. Should Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist be compelled to invoke constitutional measures to bring closure and call for an up or down vote on the candidate, I certainly hope that you be totally supportive this decision to restore the constitutional process in confirming judicial candidates.

by Chuck Busch

Our Newest Op Ed

May 3, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Neuro-Botany Explained (The Theocrats of the Antitheocracy)
– By R.A. Hawkins

It is a sad thing to watch Ted Kennedy as he proves without end that he is ill fit for the job for which he keeps being selected. Here is a political career that is at times both amusing and sad at the same time. He rails about the cruelty of our troops and seems to think that Iraq was better under Saddam than it is under an Iraqi majority. We are still finding mass graves in Iraq and we will continue to find them. I read an interesting article about the translator who was from Iraq and was present when they caught Saddam living in his hole in the ground. He started yelling at Saddam and Saddam called him a traitor. The translator punched Saddam a couple of times. I sure would like to hear what that guy thinks about people like Ted Kennedy ………..
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