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Get Rid Of The Local Police
– By Warner Todd Huston

This week the Supreme Court issued a ruling at the end of it’s sessions for the season that just reiterates that the police in the US are good for little else but investigating crime that has already happened.

The police are not there to help or protect or serve. They are not there to prevent crime. They are not there to stop a thing. The overused phrases “crime prevention” and “law enforcement” are ridiculous misnomers.

Don’t misconstrue this Op Ed as this is no lament. The fact that the police are not there to prevent crime is the way it should be. For prevention assumes foreknowledge and we all know that foreknowledge is problematic at best and oppressive “thought police” action at worst…….

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Important Legislation Alert

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Representative Ron Lewis (R-KY) introduced HR 947 to amend the IRS code to a non-refundable tax credit for people who buy a residential storage device to store firearms.

Pete Sessions of Texas introduced the Preserving Innovation in Telecom Act (HR 2726) to prohibit municipal governments from competing with private telecom companies serving those areas while allowing governments to compete in areas not served by telecom companies.

The Henry J. Hyde United Nations Reform Act (HR 2745), calling for the withholding of U.S. funds if the UN doesn’t change its ways, passed 221-184. The House also passed the Science, the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006 (HR 2862) 418-7.

The House also approved a constitutional amendment prohibiting flag burning 286-130.

(Thanks the Federalist Patriot)

Our Newest Op Ed

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Karl Rove Should Apologize. He Went Way to Easy on Them
– By Justin Darr

After years of attacks from the Left on the War on Terror, Karl Rove has finally said it like it is. America’s Liberals have never approached the War on Terror with the seriousness it deserves. Oblivious to the obvious irony of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s coerced and disingenuous apology for comparing the actions of American troops at Guantanamo Bay to those of the Nazis coming within the same week as Rove’s comments, Democrats in Congress rushed to the aid of their ideological brethren attacking Rove and demanding either his resignation or a similarly disingenuous apology to that of Durbin.

This is more than the usual game of Washington tit for tat politics. While Karl Rove was only intending to criticize and other radical Leftist groups, he hit far to close to the truth for the comfort of the Liberals on the Hill, who above all else do not want the American people to know what they really see as the signifigance of 9/11 in American history. This is why the Liberals rolled out their venerable and well used “outrage machine” in response to Rove’s comments. If the voters knew what the real opinions of the Democrats are, the Democrats could look forward to being the minority party for the next 10 years. And for this Karl Rove should have criticized them ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Tyranny In The Blue Zone (These Judges Were Approved By Liberals)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Has anybody noticed that we haven’t had a single judge appointed to the Supreme Court since the Republican revolution in ’94? Not a single judge has made it through without the approval of what is now the minority (and for a darn good reason) in the Senate and Congress. One of the people responsible for the ethical cave-ins to the left-wingers is the left-wing favorite McCain. I was slightly amused at the Washington Posts view that McCain and Hillary would be unstoppable if they ran together in 2008. I am about as interested in their opinion regarding that, as I am the leftist approval of any judge anywhere. It has about as much validity as the left-wing choice of Tim McVeigh as being representative of Christians.

But I started to point out what kind of judges the liberals have ‘allowed to be’ appointed. Here is a glowing example of the kind of things they tend to do. In the City of New London, Connecticut the city formed a non-profit corporation so they could raze a few blocks and raise a few hackles. They want to put up a series of office buildings so they can harvest more taxes. In order to accomplish this feat they will have to throw a bunch of people out of their houses. Some of them aren’t willing to leave either. Here is how the Supreme Court voted: …………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 26, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 2 Comments

European Politics, Far More Racist Than America’s
– By Warner Todd Huston

Recently I was scanning a web message board where people from many nations come to post about their favorite political subjects and wrangle with like minded souls or friendly apostates over national and international policy. Something I saw there really caught my eye. It was an exchange over whose nation was more racist. Was it the USA or was it any of the various Western European nations?

An exchange there went something like this:

bigenglish: “Well, obviously the USA is more racist because you fellows have the Ku Klux Klan running around ruling the South.”

USPatriot: “What? The KKK is a nonentity over here and has been for decades. Heck, we don’t even have any Klan members in government yet you guys have whole parties that are based on racist sentiment like the BNP.”

This exchange really gave me pause to think. The American poster was exactly right, of course. Certainly the USA has a history from just prior to the Civil War up until the 1960’s where outright, self avowed racists have held high public office. Of course, the Ku Klux Klan had many of its members similarly holding office in the “bad old” days here in the USA between 1870 and the late 1920s or so.

But those days are long over. When Congress broke the back of the KKK in the 1920’s and drove it’s members out of high public office and back into the back woods encampments they came out of, it signaled the beginning of the end for mixing politics and racists in the USA. And by the time the Republicans helped lead the nation to pass the 1964 Civil Rights bill, it was becoming obvious that racism in politics was on it’s last leg…….

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Our Newest Op Ed

June 25, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Communist Judges Destroy Property Rights In The Name Of Community
– By Frederick Meekins

Despite their vast wisdom, one of the errors the Founding Fathers allowed to creep into the Constitution was the principle of eminent domain. According to this concept, government is allowed to step in and snatch your property if it can justify doing so in the public interest.

Often this form of despotism is invoked for the completion of projects claimed to be in the public interest such as the expansion of highways or the renovation of properties the owners have allowed to deteriorate. However, the Dishonorable Court has ruled the town of New London, Connecticut is allowed to seize and destroy a number of homes in the name of community betterment to placate a rapacious developer in league with a pharmaceutical company…..
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 24, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Moral Bankruptcy Of Islamist Sympathizers
– By Frederick Meekins

Concern has been expressed regarding Microsoft’s willingness to censor blogs originating in China.

While the news is disturbing to anyone disposed to innate liberties, the policy is not all that different than the one employed here in the United States though in less a aggressive form.

Towards the end of 2004 when they released their blogging interface, I briefly signed up for one of the Microsoft sites. Not caring for the overall look of the site, I did not keep it very long.

However, even more unattractive than the sites aesthetic limitations were its linguistic parameters that did not permit words such as “Nazi” and even “pornography” or “slut” if memory serves me correctly. Whether this policy has changed since then, I do not know.

Who is Microsft to determine the propriety of these non-profane terms in a nation that prides itself on freedom of expression? Are his untold billions no longer enough to satisfy Bill Gates and now he must micromanage what is said on the Internet?

Often the rise of the Internet is heralded as a technological development that will unshackle the individual from the oppression of being told what to think and what ideas are fit for public exchange. However, in those regimes where freedom does not exist, this technology can be used to maintain the control of the elite or, in nation’s where the people have a bit for latitude in how they are permitted to live their lives, allow for a more subtle form of social manipulation by fostering a culture of intellectual boredom and inoffensive tedium.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Our Newest Op Ed

June 23, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Durbin takes off the gloves – and mask
– By Michael M. Bates

Illinois’ very own Senator Dick Durbin is a career politician who’s been in Washington for more than 20 years. He’s maintained a lower profile than Paris Hilton’s bodice all this time. But he picked a surefire theme for his national coming out party: Comparing American soldiers to Nazis, Communists, and Cambodia’s Pol Pot.

It may have seemed over the top, even by the current Democratic standards in which Howard Dean is viewed as the voice of moderation and restraint.

Adjusting the air conditioning and loudly playing hip-hop music doesn’t seem equivalent to the torture, brutality, widespread starvation, firing squads, burying people alive, gas chambers and ovens and other techniques used by history’s biggest murderer………………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 21, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Disharmonic Convergence (They Have Become What They Hate)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Several years ago when we didn’t have a real first lady, from 1992 until 2000 and even prior to 1992, all one had to do in order to get a liberal to be nice to you was claim to be Jewish. I remember battling it out on political message boards and being called a Nazi repeatedly by radical leftists. I decided to try something and put the Jews for Protection of Firearms Ownership link into my tagline for my posts. The strangest thing happened. Suddenly I was their best friend. I suspect that if I were to do that today I would get something along the lines of “Zionist pig.” There has been an accidental unveiling of the left.

Reagan was once asked a question in a debate and the reporter asking the question referred to him as being right wing. He calmly explained that if one goes all of the way to the left, one gets Stalin. If one goes all of the way to the right, they find Hitler. He said he preferred to be called a little right of center because if you draw it out on a piece of paper and fold it, Hitler and Stalin fold together and there’s no difference. There is actually only free and not free…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 19, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

The L.A. Weekly Wants A New Inquisition
– By Warner Todd Huston

Only this time they want to seek out and destroy Christianity itself instead of any particular sect thereof. I can say this because they have admitted as much in a recent column; The New Blacklist. More on that later.

This June 10th column has identified Christians as “Christers”, the kitschy new hate word created by anti-religionists in the U.S.A. to describe their foe; you and me. The Weekly uses this pseudo word some 16 times in the Op Ed even going so far as to make it appear as if the word was used in a Wall Street Journal article. (I guess that makes these religion haters the “Anti-Christers”?)

Apparently, these “Christers” have the gall to arrange boycotts against things in the entertainment and other industries that do not meet their standards and this little article spews several hundred words to excoriate them for it.

Yes, the gall of these people imagining that they should gather together and take advantage of democracy like that to urge people from whom they buy their products to listen to them as customers. The NERVE!…….

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Our Newest Op Ed

June 17, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Moral Bankruptcy Of Islamist Sympathizers
– By Frederick Meekins

Reaction To Saddam Centerfold Exposes Moral Bankruptcy Of Islamist Sympathizers

Media leftists are decrying pictures of Saddam in his BVD’s. They insist such treatment is a testament to the lechery of the West and supposedly brutal tactics used by his captors.

But in reality, the response tells us more about those doing the complaining than about the incarceration policies of the U.S. military.

While most of us would be embarrassed if pictures of ourselves in our knickers made it into the local paper, we need to remember for just a second who Saddam Hussein is and the lifestyle that he has led.

American-hating liberals and their pet savages in the Middle East expect us to have sympathy for this hemorrhoid on the rear-end of humanity that hacked apart his enemies, shipped them back in little bags to their families, and expected to be paid for doing them the favor. To prisoners under his regime, having their pictures taken in their undies would have been a good day.

If anything, Saddam’s calendar layout should be seen as proof as to the beneficence of his caretakers. The cameras are — as we are told of those cataloging our every move — there for his own good.

If the devotees of tyranny and terror prefer, we can always have the cameras removed. Then if we’re lucky, Saddam will do us a favor and pull a Heinrich Himmler or Herman Goerring.

At the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in part out of fear of being put on public display. Today it seems the gullibility of the viewing public could be the caged dictator’s best friend.

Our Newest Op Ed

June 16, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Sorry Liberals. Being Arrogant Does Not Make You Right
– By Justin Darr

Back during the Presidential Election, Kerry enthusiasts were constantly gushing over the perceived intelligence of John Kerry. If it was not praises toward his “nuanced” approaches of how to creatively surrender to the United Nations and international terrorists then it was how all of his aides had to run around carrying dictionaries just so they could understand his “big words.” Well, the truth is out. Eight months after everyone quit caring about John Kerry’s records, he has finally released them to “The Boston Globe.” Chance of chances, these records show that Senator Kerry was a “C” student with a virtually identical grade average as the stuttering, slack jawed, ignoramus George W. Bush. And, Kerry’s aides needed dictionaries to understand him? Suddenly it is much easier to understand why Kerry ran such an inept campaign and how they thought voting for the $87 billion before he voted against it made any sense. Kerry chose to surround himself with die hard liberals who made the congenital mistake of all liberals by assuming that arrogance equaled intelligence and being right.

Arrogance is as much a part of liberalism as feathers are to being birds. In 2004, while under fire for the lack of intellectual diversity in the Philosophy Department at Duke University, department chair Robert Brandon misquoted John Stewart Mill and stated that conservatives were disproportionately stupid, and therefore underrepresented in academia. Being one of the intellectual elite, Professor Brandon must be well aware of the need to have supporting evidence for such and outrageous statement. And, what might that evidence be? Certainly not any quantitative facts. ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 15, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Life Sentence for Practicing Medicine Without a License?
– By Frederick Meekins

Is Texas Teen Serving Life Sentence For Fetal Murder Or For Practicing Medicine Without A License?

A Texas teen has been given a life sentence for helping his girlfriend — who wanted an abortion — kill their unborn twins.

While this scumbag is where he now belongs, because his tramp can’t be prosecuted because of her right to an abortion, one is forced to ask is he being sent up the river for fetalcide or for practicing medicine without a license.

To be consistent, shouldn’t this sorry excuse for a man be heralded as a hero by the feminists because of his unwavering obedience and devotion to a wench whose only standard is her own murderous brand of existentialism?….
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 13, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Anti-Church Act (But I’m not Anti-Church)
– By R.A. Hawkins

One might well wonder why the left is so inclined to hug Mark Felt, who was in their knickers for so long. Here is the primary reason: The left never did get over the fact that Nixon was the one who crucified their little darling Alger Hiss, who was the father of the United Nations. He also had a great deal to do with cutting the Communist movement to pieces in this country. Hillary made sure that she was part of the retaliatory strike against Nixon many years later.

Even though Nixon started many of the things that liberals love he still had much to do with removing their communist friends, or at least exposing them. This is why the ACLU was the first national organization to press for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. The ACLU had the same problems that Alger Hiss did. They were constantly being taken to task for their communist ties ( They never forgave him for what he did to Alger Hiss either…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 10, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

The ACLU is Going Down, and Taking a Few of Us With it
– By Justin Darr

For years the American Civil Liberties Union has pushed its agenda as to what the Constitution “really says,” and what freedom “really means” through judicial extortion. In 1978, the Supreme Court exempted the ACLU from the “ambulance chasing’ prohibitions that apply to nearly every other lawyer in the country. Over the years this has enabled the ACLU’s legions of pro bono attorneys to specifically target various organizations they feel are vulnerable to their lawsuits, dredge the ranks of the “offended” until they can find someone who will agree to let the ACLU stick their name at the top of a case, and then attempt to force a group’s acquiesce to their demands by threatening a costly legal case they usually cannot afford. Many who have dared to stand up against the ACLU might have won the battle in the court room, but lost the war as their organizations were driven into bankruptcy under crushing legal bills.

However, in the last few years the tide has started to turn. Alternate civil liberties groups, such as The American Center for Law and Justice, conservative radio commentators, and even some in the media, have drawn attention to the ACLU’s pattern of abuses, fanatic beliefs and outright hypocrisy. For the first time the ACLU is faced with legitimate public outcry over their tactics and slowly those who once would quietly give up their freedoms have been instilled with the will (and pro bono legal support) to fight. In addition, despite the efforts of obstructionist liberals in Congress, the court system is being given a much needed infusion of new judges who recognize that their interpretation of the Constitution should in some fashion be similar to those who wrote it. The ACLU understands its days of forcing Christianity, traditional values, and freedoms out of American public life are numbered ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 9, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Which Is Better Star Wars or Matrix Series?
– By Greg Stewart

Well, it has been a curious past couple of days, as I have watched the hype of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith reach a fever pitch. The anticipation of Anakin Skywalker turning to the “dark side” has captured the imagination of citizenry; or, at the least in this humble “geek’s opinion” the popular movement of the moment. To see the corruption of an individual transfixes us as we watch the choices people make for their own undoing and become the villain.

The villain is fascinated with a single goal: the unyielding conformity of the society has to be undone, so they can impose their own sense of orthodoxy. Therefore, the villain in the great tragedies are filled with the complexities that are reflected from their own culture; the “heroic” villain—the anti-hero—challenges the society’s normative value. In others words, those traditional values, those items which are besieged by the everyday authority and accepted as governance by the culture-at-large, are at times transformed by the anti-hero.
The “heroic” villain challenges the ideals, the principals, and the morals, which are confined within the status quo of the society. Needless to say, the villain’s complexities are reliant on the emotional picture of the culture. In American-Western culture (but especially in America) we want the villain to be simplistic and be able to escape from the difficulties of the world. We do not want to be confronted with the grays; we just the black and white.

… ………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 7, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Campaign Finance Reform, It’s Campaigns Not Finances
– By Frederick Meekins

Campaign Finance Reform More About Campaigns Than Finances:
Additional Thoughts On The On-line Implications Of McCain/Feingold

It has been suggested that certain interpretations of the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform could authorize the government to crackdown on bloggers by equating this new form of expression with contributing to a political campaign. This concern shows that this legislation is more about suppressing the free speech of average Americans than about curtailing the influence of big money on the political process.

Despite causing the powerbrokers of the mainstream media to shake in their $500 suits for fear of losing their stranglehold over the flow of information and thus the minds of the public, a personal blog is nothing whatsoever like a campaign contribution. If anything, this new medium is more the electronic equivalent of a sign posted on your front lawn or a bumper sticker plastered across the rear of your car.

Maybe Darth McCain would like to outlaw those forms of communication also while we are at it. While we are at it, why don’t we also outlaw private telephone conversations and individual e-mails of a political nature; wouldn’t want personal relationships to take precedence over the edicts handed down from on high by our glorious leaders….
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Our Newest op Ed

June 6, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest op Ed

The Three Stooges (Kerry and Downing Syndrome)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I have learned to appreciate my enemies. They can be useful as indicators as to whether I am on the correct path. Once again they are making me proud. When Kerry returns to Washington he says that he is going to bring up an impeachment issue regarding the WMD falsification charges. He has a memo written by Matthew Rycroft, who is one of Tony Blair’s aides. The Downing Street memo, unfortunately for Kerry, doesn’t have any quotes from either Blair or Bush. had a nice article on this new attempt by the left to regain power, with a quite stunning quote by Kerry. I say that only because he used the word ‘stunning’ twice in the same sentence. “When I go back on Monday, I am going to raise the issue, I think it’s a stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable statement of the truth and a profoundly important document that raises stunning issues here at home.”

When I read that stunning statement, which was so profoundly important and unbelievably simple (like him) I was stunned. He is starting to remind me of Gore, Moore, Dean and Nader. What a colossal bunch of sore losers. Let’s not forget that Kerry made a better case for invading Iraq than Bush did. That was of course before we actually did it. If Clinton had done it he would have been cheering and dancing around with his pompoms, just like the liberals did every time Clinton invaded somewhere. But that is why they keep losing elections. They are psychological contortionists who belong in a freak show. I hope they never figure it out. It would be nice to see the Communist wing of our government noisily go away in the night as they scream ‘Theocracy’ and ‘Fascists’…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 5, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

What’s Wrong with the Boy Scouts?
– By Hans Zeiger

Are the Boy Scouts of America really so awful that they are no longer welcome in our schools? On June 1, the Portland (Maine) School Committee voted six to three to ban the Boy Scouts from distributing promotional literature to students. The committee argues that it wishes to uphold its commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination. Far from doing so, the committee has discriminated against one of the most diverse and valuable organizations in America.

This summer will commence the national Boy Scout Jamboree. It will be a diverse gathering of people from every geographical region of the country, every ethnicity and race, every economic class, every political belief, and every major religious practice. The Boy Scouts celebrated diversity long before it was the popular thing to do. Anyone wishing to stand by the idea that the Scouts are behind the times on diversity ought to visit the Jamboree and see for themselves.

The Boy Scouts is not a hate group comparable to Hitler Youth (“brown shirt” has become common epithet against the Scouts) or the Ku Klux Klan, or a militant terrorist corps like the Taliban (as the Philadelphia Daily News editorialized). Neither is it a church (as federal Judge Napoleon Jones defined it) or a public accommodation (as several courts have defined it).

The Boy Scouts is a private organization that begins meetings with this simple oath: “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.” And what is wrong with that? ………
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Our Newest Op Ed

June 2, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Yet another remnant of the Clinton legacy
– By Michael M. Bates

It began in New York. An official there found that almost 200 of his state’s most dangerous sexual predators got Viagra at no expense. Like Blanche DuBois, the paroled felons had depended on the kindness of strangers.

The strangers in this case were taxpayers, who picked up the tab for the little blue pills thorough Medicaid. Yes, Medicaid, that superlative social welfare program from Lyndon Johnson and his War on Poverty. Medicaid is a federal law and mostly funded with dollars from Washington, but is administered individually by each state.

When he was president, Clinton said he hoped that, “the American people will come to understand that Medicaid is not simply a program for poor people.”

He was right. Obviously, it’s more than that, as least in some jurisdictions. Thanks to him, it’s also a program for poor perverts.

We can imagine how the New York story sent elected officials elsewhere and their minions scurrying. Reimbursing convicted sex assailants for their performance enhancement drugs with public funds is one thing. Getting busted for it in the media is quite another…………….
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Our newest op Ed

June 1, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our newest op Ed

Ohio’s Renegade RINO’s
– By Chuck Busch

I am stunned at the performance of Ohio’s two senators this week. Here I thought the Republicans had won the “right” to determine diplomatic and judicial policy after gaining the majority vote of the people and thus assuming the presidency and the majority in both the House and the Senate. Both Senator Michael DeWine and George Voinovich have risen to national attention much to the exasperation of conservative buckeye voters by opposing their party leader’s appointments.

DeWine joined with six other renegade RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) to secure an unwarranted compromise with seven liberal Democrats that “permitted” the vote on three of President Bush’s judicial nominees but preserved the unconstitutional obstructionist tactic of denying the candidates their guaranteed right to be voted on through interminable filibusters. The status of seven other nominees was left undetermined, as was the precise meaning of “extraordinary circumstances” which would invite a filibuster. To his credit, Senator DeWine stated that he would vote to end filibusters if the practiced was abused again as it most clearly has been for the last four years ………..
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