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Spielberg – “Into The West” Where All Whites Are Racist Killers
– By Warner Todd Huston

Proclaimed as TNT network’s “most ambitious original production”, DreamWorks Television Productions has teamed with the network to present an epic tale of the American west which just concluded over the weekend of July23rd. Executive producer Steven Spielberg hoped to show us what the building of the west was like in a 12 hour miniseries as big as the open ranges upon which the real stories played out.

According to the official web site: “INTO THE WEST follows two multi-generational families, one settlers and the other Native American, each telling the dramatic stories of the development of the West from their distinct points of view.” Unfortunately, this claim did not translate to the screen. Instead, what we were given was a 12 hour movie entirely from the view point of the beleaguered Native Indian tribes (the Lakota Sioux in particular) and those apparently few whites who thought those Indians were the better example of humanity……..

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When Do We Get to See Judge Roberts Forged “Secret Memos?”
– By Justin Darr

America is suffering from a bunch of P.E.S.T.’s. Victims of Post Election Selection Trauma, or more commonly know as crazy liberals who have decided to hate democracy because George Bush beat them twice. Shortly after the November election, the American Health Association identified this affliction in Boca Raton, Florida, with some of its symptoms being: “feelings of withdrawal, feelings of isolation, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, nightmares, and pervasive moodiness, including endless sulking.” How Rob Gordon, Executive Director of the AHA, was able to differentiate these symptoms from the normal behavior of most liberals I have no clue, but none the less, it is a serious threat. “You don’t want an epidemic of suicides,” Gordon warned. True, suicide is a terrible tragedy that should be prevented at all costs, even if the people doing it are knuckle biting, surrender monkeys.

However, Rob Gordon was wrong on two points. The first is Gordon felt the P.E.S.T’s would soon fade away “as the troubled Kerry supporters adjust to reality.” Mr. Gordon sounds like a good man, but he must live a very sheltered life, liberals inability to “adjust to reality” is congenital. And second, he should have added “compulsively writing fake government documents” into his list of symptoms ………….
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Scouting and America
– By Hans Zeiger

It was nine years ago this month that I sat at a picnic table under rain-soaked tarps at Camp Hahobas learning the basics of Boy Scouting. Brad and I were the new Scouts in Troop 174, and to us, getting to Eagle Scout seemed like a daunting task. While older Scouts went off to work on merit badges, Brad and I stayed back in our campsite with my grandpa, our Scoutmaster, learning the essentials of survival, environmental stewardship, First Aid, knots, plant identification, and Scout spirit.

My grandpa has been involved in Scouting for nearly six decades of his life. Four of his sons, and seven grandsons have been involved in Troop 174. He spent a career as an elementary school principal, but he likes to say that he himself got more out of Scouting as a kid than he ever got out of school. Now that I’ve experienced Scouting, I have to agree.

And a new study by Harris Interactive shows that Boy Scouts are more confident, more skilled at leadership, more interested in helping other people, and more likely to graduate from high school and college than their non-Scout peers. Of former Scouts surveyed, over 80 percent say that Scouting has taught them respect for life and property, care for the environment, honesty, and group cooperation. Two-thirds of former Scouts, and 83 percent of Scouts with at least five years in the program, say that they have been better leaders in real-life situations as a result of having been Scouts ………
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Kosovo Fallout (Another Clinton Turkey Comes Home to Roost)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Before I get to the point in this commentary I want to frame it properly. In order to do that, as well as keep it short and to the point, I’ll first summarize rather briefly.

The Moslems were killing the Christians so Clinton pushed an arms embargo against them. When the Christians began killing the Moslems Clinton wouldn’t lift the embargo. He did get a man to let the Iranians know we would look the other way if they smuggled weapons into the Moslems. (It was another of the definition of ‘is’ things for which he was so well known.) This deal broker later had to fall on his sword for Caligula on the Potomac when he was nominated to run the CIA by Clinton and that deal he brokered came out. A new force was born in the region called the KLA. They were, in many cases, trained in ‘special’ camps in Afghanistan.

The KLA was a big supplier of heroin to both the western and eastern European nations. That was their source of funding. That and the numerous murders and assassination plots was why Milosovic got fed up with them. Bill Clinton allowed the Iranians to extend their influence into that region and the result was Yugoslavia running the troublemakers out………….
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Senatorial Surrender at the Border
– By Chuck Busch

Politicians are just so anxious to get back to business as usual and fulfill their “vision” for America’s future. This terror war has been a huge “nuance”. National security is hard. Why worry about porous borders and an understaffed underpaid under-equipped Border Patrol Force when there are so many more fun things to spend money on? So what if 20 million unknown individuals have snuck into the country? Let’s just make them all Americans and then they will be our brothers. See what great humanitarians we are. Problem solved.

This seems to be the attitude of a majority of U.S. Senators who last week rejected two amendments to the Homeland Security Bill passed last year that would have funded another 2000 Border Patrol Guards and added capacity for detaining 8,000 more alien invaders. As a result of this half-hearted interest, only 1000 more guards will be recruited and only 2,240 detention beds will be added.

You would think after the grisly Madrid bombings last year and the most recent attack on western civilization by militant fundamental Islamic radicals in London, that our elected representatives would double their efforts to correct the most obvious weakness in our defense against international terrorism. Incredibly, that is not what is happening. Senator John Ensign, (R-Nev) to his credit, tried to restore the number of border guards to the original 2000 with an amendment and Senator John McCain wanted to increase the number detention beds to 5, 760. Unfortunately for the American people and future terrorist victims both amendments failed.

The excuses given for not pushing through even this meager measure are pathetic and even frightening as they reveal just how feeble and shortsighted our government officials are in their response to combating terror. Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) said the amendments would take money from local law enforcement. He said the solution is “not in strengthening the borders” but to support the people “who defend us and, since 9-11 have new duties.” His flawed thinking should be obvious to everyone except for those New Yorkers who keep voting this guy in. The “duties” of those local and state officials would be a lot less demanding if the problem was stopped at the border ………..
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The Federal Judiciary and the Culture of Consensus
– Eric Reikowski

Last week on NBC’s Meet the Press, Tim Russert sat down with Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to discuss the passing scene in American politics. After a brief discussion about the war against militant Islam – I mean the war against “terror” – the subject of the Supreme Court vacancies came up. Schumer and Hatch, prominent members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, each weighed in. But it was Schumer who made the most important points on the matter, though it is unclear at this time whether he or his fellow Democrats realize it.

Schumer stated he hoped President Bush would choose a “consensus nominee” that would bring the country together. He also urged Bush to foster constructive dialogue with the Senate so that someone “we could all agree upon” would be appointed to the court. In making his case, Schumer mentioned President Clinton’s meeting with Senator Hatch prior to nominating Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the high ………..
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You must remember this, a kiss isn’t just a kiss
– By Michael M. Bates

It was Sunday evening at a casual Orland Park restaurant. A couple, in their late 20s or early 30s, held hands, deeply kissed and couldn’t take their hands off one another. The young lovers were both men.

Often in articles relating to changing social mores, the writer begins by assuring readers he’s no prude. That’s not happening here.

I live a sheltered life by design. I know that I’m an old fogy, a fuddy-duddy and a stuffed shirt. Oh, and of course a curmudgeon too……………….
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Will Lois Lane Be An Unwed Mother In New Superman Film?
– By Frederick Meekins

In DVD’s I have of the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon’s, Lois Lane is depicted as the embodiment of American femininity as she carries herself simultaneously with spunk and lady-like decorum.

As the foremost expression of American popular culture, the changes in Superman over the years can be used to map the extent of the nation’s moral decline……
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We are Fighting Islam
– By Justin Darr

One of the chief struggles America is facing in the War on Terror is defining the enemy. In a simplistic sense this is easy. We are fighting Islamist radicals as embodied in Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorist network. However, this assessment falls short of the mark when you consider the size and scope of the conflict. No one man or group could be solely responsible being the source of such widespread violence stretching across the globe and through the centuries of history. Within a historical context, the War on Terror is not a unique conflict between the United States and international criminals, as many wish it was, but a continuation of the millennia long struggle between Islam and the rest of the world. Whether we like it or not, whether we chose this or not, we must face the fact that we are fighting Western civilization’s oldest and most dangerous adversary, Islam.

If you read the newspapers or watch television news you are inundated with statements of Islam being “a religion of peace.” After the London terrorist attacks, Moslem organizations dutifully issued their condemnations of the attacks. However, these will be the last statements critical of Islamic radicalism you will hear from most prominent Moslem groups, until the next terrorist attack, because they are far too eager to return to their main agenda of blaming America and Israel for all the evils in the world. The reality is most of the proclamations of Islam being a benign religion of peace are not coming from the Islamic community, but from their new class of acolytes, our elected Western leaders.

While this may sound wonderful to culturally sensitive Western ears, it does not reflect the facts of the history or theology of Islam ………….
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Defaulting In The War Of Ideas (Goebbels Does DC)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I ran across an interesting article by Jared Ede at about yet another gala affair the left held this last week in D.C. for liberal students so they will have the tools they need to fight the conservative movement. There were several quotes in the article from Paul Begala, which exemplify the absence of thought on the left. Mr. Ede added a few facts that show what I said to be true in the Article Disharmonic Convergence, is really just the same ole thing all over again.

First, here are the Paul Begala quotes:

“I was driving past the Pentagon when that plane hit”. “I had friends on that plane; this is deadly serious to me.”

I have a friend who was best friends with the pilot of that particular flight. My friend’s one consolation was that his friend had to be killed. He didn’t just turn the plane over to the terrorists. Begala would have been trying to reason with them rather than fighting them. The difference is typically American and French, or if you prefer Day and Benighted………….
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Two There Always Are: But Who Is A Jedi & Who Is A Sith?
– By Frederick Meekins

Throughout the Star Wars saga, fans have been led to believe that the Jedi stood for justice and goodness throughout the galaxy. However, the actions of one of the characters renowned as the embodiment of the principles expounded by the sect compels such an assumption to undergo careful reevaluation.

Most no doubt think I am referring to Anakin Skywalker since the final installment of the series details his transformation into Darth Vader. However, I am actually referring to Yoda, the diminutive space troll so hideous he is actually kind of cute.

In a Pepsi commercial, the Jedi master is seen sitting at a lunch counter here on earth. But instead of politely waiting to order his lunch like a good little elf, he instead resorts to a level of trickery that would put Q from Star Trek to shame……
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CBS/Infinity Radio blacks out anti-terror conference
– By Frank Salvato

CBS/Infinity Radio has refused to air paid commercial announcements for an upcoming non-partisan symposium on terrorism, claiming “people might be too emotionally affected” by it.

The People’s Truth Forum , which is sponsoring the symposium titled The Radical-Islamist Threat to World Peace and National Security to be held in Connecticut on Sept. 21, was rebuffed by CBS/Infinity Radio when the PTF’s president, Jeffrey Epstein, tried to purchase commercial time to publicize the event.

The official statement from CBS/Infinity Radio said, “Too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter. … It’s too controversial to be aired at this time.” ………..
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High Court, Even Higher Stakes
– Eric Reikowski

July 1, 2005 marked the beginning of what promises to be one of the most pivotal periods in American political life. After serving twenty four years on the United States Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’ Connor has called it a career. Her retirement portends a long and heated battle over who will succeed her as the 109th Justice to sit on the court. Both sides of the ideological spectrum have been gearing up for this for quite some time-and for good reason.

If you were not already convinced of the far-reaching influence that the court wields over this nation, by now you should be. Even if you had been living under a rock up until the past few weeks, you ought to have a clear idea of the vast amount of power vested in the court and how the misuse of that power can imperil even the most settled liberties reserved to the states and the people.

Moreover, the current court has emphatically shown us that nothing in the Constitution is set in stone. The founding fathers may have been well-intentioned, but this court has simply refused to be bound to such archaic standards in the face of a diverse and ever-evolving society………..
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Did You Miss Media Arrogance Day, July 6th?
– By Warner Todd Huston

After the horrible bombings in London last week, the CIA outing story was sort of cast to the back pages, but now that the bombing story is cooling it is back. Because of these important real world news stories, stories that affect each of us, we all missed Media Arrogance Day which was apparently July 6th.

What is Media Arrogance Day? Glad you asked.

On July 6th, reporter Judith Miller of the New York Times was ordered to jail because she refused to tell Federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgereld, the identity of her source for the naming of active CIA agent and wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame.

Miller and her compatriots in the Media spent all day on the 6th as well as the 7th gnashing their teeth, wearing sackcloth and ashes and wailing about how important they are and how they need a special law to protect only them. It has become popular among media types to feel more important than their readers and especially the people on whom they report, unfortunately……..

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Civic Duty To Read Latest Harry Potter — At Least Before Sat, the 16th
– By Frederick Meekins

Normally, I would be reluctant in encouraging someone to read an occult-laced tract like Harry Potter as one has to judge for themselves whether such material might be harmful to their spiritual walk. However, in a case where a Cananadian supermarket inadvertently released the text ahead of its debut date, those getting their hands on it now have a civic duty to read the manuscript in order to take a stand against government intrusion into our minds and homes.

A Justice with the Supreme Court of British, Columbia has ruled that those acquiring the book ahead of time must not speak about the book, copy it, or even read it. Furthermore, the lucky customers must also surrender the book they purchased in good faith to the publisher until 12:01 am, July 16th when the dark lords of the New World Order have decreed their obedient minions among the ranks of mere mortals may finally gaze upon this work of juvenile necromancy.

Apart from its glorification of Satanic rituals, numerous Christian thinkers have warned of the Potter Series because of Harry’s tendency to break the rules when it suits his purpose. Since this is the worldview J.K. Rowlings and her publisher wish to promote among the young, shouldn’t they applaud those refusing to comply with the ruling?…..
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Reasons to pull the plug on public broadcasting
– By Michael M. Bates

Congress is once again debating the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which partially funds the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). Public broadcasting doesn’t require fine-tuning. Like most other remnants of the Great Society, it needs to be killed.

Much of the discussion centers on the question of public broadcasting’s bias. That question was settled long ago. PBS’ and NPR’s programming has had an obvious leftist tilt since their inception.

In 1969, PBS carried a documentary on the ongoing struggle in Vietnam. The program was produced in – surprise, surprise – Communist North Vietnam………………
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Vigilance in the PC Era – Keeping Alert for Terrorist-Americans
– By Justin Darr

One of the most disturbing issues coming out of the investigation of the terrorist attacks on London’s public transportation system is the fact Scotland Yard, one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the world, has no solid leads as to who the suspects in the attacks are. This little is assumed: the attackers where most likely not directly connected to Al Qaeda but inspired by them, and the attackers where probably British nationals living within the community they attacked. You can add one more assumption to this list. The attackers where Muslim, and this is where the problems begin. Despite the fact that a quick search of the FBI and Interpol’s lists of most wanted international terrorists shows the one common thread connecting them all is the fact they are Muslims, political correctness has made stating this “hate speech,” and applying extra scrutiny to the Muslim community in search of terrorist elements “discrimination.” This is why there are no leads in the investigation of the London bombing. The British people and law enforcement are so indoctrinated into the leftist belief that it is wrong to use “profiling” as a tool to identify suspicious activity that they will ignore it if they actually see it.

Unfortunately, this type of examination of the Muslim community is precisely what is needed to help prevent terrorism at home. I hate to say such a thing. The vast majority of Muslims are wonderful, law biding citizens who have never done anything to hurt anyone. But the harsh reality remains that despite the good character of most Muslims, international terrorists come from their ranks.

Michael Smerconish, in his book “Flying Blind,” vividly illustrates this point in regard to the screening requirements of the American airline industry. Smerconish shows how TSA rules make it so airport screeners could be found in violation of the law if they happen to pull a few as two members of the same ethnic or religious group in a row for secondary screening regardless of any suspicious behavior they may exhibit. The message the TSA, the media, and politically correct culture are sending to the public is plain. If you see something suspicious, keep your mouth shut or risk being labeled a bigot. Even if you made a report would it be followed up? Or would it be sent to the back burner because it goes against the grain of the inhibiting politically correct standards imposed on law enforcement? ………….
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Typically Counterproductive (Same Ole Same Ole)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Last weeks attacks in England aren’t really all that surprising given the words coming out of Galloway. One only has to look at what typically happens when Israel announces a pull out. As the troops begin to leave the terrorists up the ante and start attacking so it will look like they’re being driven out. This only plays well with the illiterate and the pseudo-literate (liberals). This is one very good reason for not giving a timetable for leaving Iraq. It is also a nice little lesson on not compromising with terrorists. They can’t seem to understand how they affect their case with thinking people.

Those who don’t think were quick to say that Britain knew in advance and so did Israel. It has been the usual, “What Did They Know and When Did They Know It.” I have a much better quote for them. “It takes a demagogue to turn wine into water and only a demagogue would think to do so.” -R.A. Hawkins. As one might easily surmise I have little patience for the water torture ‘it’s a quagmire’ drivel of the left. Many of the leftists want to know when the Iraqis are going to start defending their own country. My oldest son is over there at the moment. He said things have changed since he was there last. The Iraqis are insisting on doing it on their own whenever and wherever they can. Once word of that gets out the leftists will start a new tune. “They aren’t working with us like they used to. We need to leave them to their own devices.” As I’ve said many times…Grow up………….
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Al-Jazeera U.S. Recon Operation
– By Chuck Busch

Not that our government should need any further incentive to secure our borders and ports during war time, but the voice of the Islamic jihadist crusade against the west, the Arab TV news network, Al-Jazeera, announced recently its intention to document the porous condition of the US/Mexican border. While Americans are busy celebrating 229 years of independence on the 4th of July, Al-Jazeera hoped to be busy sending its Washington bureau to perform some reconnaissance work for those plotting to destroy that independence.

The Arab network sought interviews with Chris Simcox, leader of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp, but received a flat rejection of the offer. Mr. Simcox said, “I’ll have no part in aiding and abetting the enemy, and will continue to work to protect our country from terrorists who are clearly looking at our unsecured borders as the pathway to destroy America.”

In absence of any response whatsoever from the US State Department or Department of Defense or Homeland Security, the Minutemen once again had to fill in the gap in our national insecurity apparatus by identifying Al-Jazeera for what it is, “the world’s most prolific terrorism television network” and vowing to resist any filming of their activities along the border. At least one Congressman, Trent Franks (R-Arizona) agrees saying, “It is insane policy to allow al-Jazeera to film Arizona’s unsecured border with Mexico and then broadcast it to the very people who perpetrated 9/11.” Apparently, even this small opposition was enough to cause Al-Jazeera to cancel the launching their study during the 4th of July weekend out of concerns for the safety of their staff although they have not decided to abandon the project ………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Is The Government That Naive?
– By Frederick Meekins

In April, police in Fairfax County, Virginia pulled over a van making an illegal u-turn. The constables soon discovered the illegal u-turn was not the only statutory violation committed by those in the van for twelve inside were illegal aliens.

After being processed by Immigration and Custom Enforcement, all eleven passengers were released and instructed to show up for final review; they were let lose onto our streets for the sake of the children and all. Unless the mother was some kind of tramp and did not know which hombre was the father, can anyone justify why every last one of them should have been allowed to go?

Furthermore, if these parents cared so much for their progeny, wouldn’t they have applied to come to this country in the proper manner? Regular, real Americans have had their own children snatched over less serious infractions of the law…..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Too Lazy to Win the War on Terror
– By Justin Darr

The essence of modern liberalism is laziness. The idea of the American Dream is based on individualism and personal responsibility. If you work hard, play by the rules, and develop your God given talents to their fullest, you will be successful in life. However, Liberals do not hold to this ideal and would rather have you go through life sitting around passively waiting for something to be given to you by the government. Theirs is a principle where individualism is sublimated to the state and success defined as relative comfort rather than doing the best you can do.

This type of thinking is destructive enough in the domestic politics, but Liberals are trying to apply the same lazy “get something for doing nothing” mentality to the War on Terror.

The War on Terror has been advanced on many different fronts but the one constant has been the Left does not like it. While the Taliban were collapsing, the “New York Times” was calling Afghanistan a “quagmire.” While the FBI was pulling terrorist sleeper cells out of suburban communities, the Left was demonizing the Patriot Act. And as our troops fight terrorist daily in Iraq, Liberals are calling the War a disaster, comparing our soldiers to Nazis, and demanding a time table for America to tuck its tail between its legs and run home. It is easy to sit and claim the Left is opposing the War in hopes of picking up a quick political gain, and to a degree this might be true, but the real reason the Left has given up on winning the War on Terror is that they are too lazy to do what it takes to win. So rather than digging deep and doing what it takes, the Left has decided to give up and drag the rest of us down in defeat with it ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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A Constitutional Candidate, not a “Consensus Nominee”
– By Chuck Busch

The 2005 July 4th Independence Celebration will always be remembered as the weekend when Justice Sandra O’Connor announced her retirement making way for the first reform of the U.S. Supreme Court in eleven years. Over the course of her tenure, she was often the “swing vote” on many crucial rulings sometimes voting with the conservative members and on other occasions siding with the liberal decisions. Her replacement will likely decide the dominant philosophy of the court for the next generation. It will soon be discovered whether all the preliminary jousting over lower court judicial nominees has set the stage for one ideology to prevail.

Judging by the reaction from the left, there seems a great deal of trepidation in the hearts of the Democrats that President Bush’s pick might upset the “balance” of the court. Most notable is Senator Clinton’s ironical comments delivered in the typical contorted speech of a liberal lawyer. She cautioned President Bush, reminding him of his constitutional duty to seek the “advice and consent” of the Senate and engage in “a process of genuine consultation” (that is to get their permission) in order to confirm a “consensus nominee.” If the rancor over previous judicial nominations is any indication, the probability that a “consensus” between Republicans and Democrat can ever be reached is nonexistent. What she is really saying to the President is he must pick a moderate to liberal candidate that is agreeable to the new formidable liberal fourteen-member faction on the judiciary committee that disrupted the nomination stalemate back in June ………..
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What IS July 4th, anyway?

July 2, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on What IS July 4th, anyway?

July 4th. It brings about thoughts of picnics, fireworks, days off work and family get-togethers. But, all too often these days, many forget what the holiday is supposed to celebrate. The birth of our nation, forged in the crucible of fire and cooled by the hard wok of her people. Created by some of the smartest men of their age, pondering some of the highest concepts upon which any nation was ever conceived, the USA has endured for 229 years today.

As Thomas Paine said, “The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth.” So has the USA has been a beacon of liberty and not just one selfishly sitting on that shinning city on a hill (as Ronald Reagan famously quoted John Winthrop), but one willing to advocate and work for it among all the peoples of the world. George Washington knew that our cause was the cause of future generations of man. “Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”, he said.

And Americans have always given generously of themselves and their treasure for such causes around the globe. John Adams put it perfectly when he said, “I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.”

But we must remember, the struggle is never over. We must always keep on the right road, the road to the health of our Republic and our Democracy. Founding Father, Benjamin Rush, reminded us so in 1786.

“The American war is over; but this far from being the case with the American Revolution. On the contrary, nothing but the first act of the drama is closed. It remains yet to establish and perfect our new forms of government, and to prepare the principles, morals, and manners of our citizens for these forms of government after they are established and brought to perfection.” –Benjamin Rush (1786)

I will leave you with one final Founder quote. One that, I hope, will inspire you to keep the faith in these often turbulent times:

“[T]he flames kindled on the 4 of July 1776, have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of despotism; on the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work them. … The Declaration of Independence…[is the] declaratory charter of our rights, and the rights of man.” –Thomas Jefferson (1821)

Have a happy Independence Day. Happy birthday America. May you never fall.

Our Newest Op Ed

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Religion, government and the Declaration of Independence
– By Michael M. Bates

This week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on government displays of the Ten Commandments. Apparently some of the justices have enrolled in the John Kerry School of Advanced Nuance and Nonsense. Displaying the Ten Commandments outside the Texas state capitol is OK, but displaying them inside Kentucky courthouses isn’t.

Bringing some common sense to the matter was, as usual, Justice Antonin Scalia. In his dissent he wrote: “What distinguishes the rule of law from the dictatorship of a shifting Supreme Court majority is the absolutely indispensable requirement that judicial opinions be grounded in consistently applied principle.”
Consistency? Principle? In present day Washington, that’s probably expecting too much.

These decisions came only days before we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. An irony is that the Declaration is a statement of religious faith as well as a political manifest……………..
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