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Apostate Jesters Blaspheme Holy Communion
– By Frederick Meekins

Given the “so what?” and “You better be quiet or its off to a reeducation camp with you” response I’ve gotten from even a number of so-called “Conservatives” regarding the Harry Potter craze and reports of Lois Lane’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy, I guess what I am about to describe is considered OK now as well.

I first heard of this listening to an episode of Kevin Swanson’s Generations Radio archived at Doesn’t take a theological genius to realize that the Episcopal Church is a joke, but this is taking things to a whole new level.

On May 22. 2005, a so-called “Clown Mass” was held at Trinity Church in New York City where these buffoons made a mockery of the Lord’s Supper. With sodomites infesting the ranks of this harlot denomination, certainly puts the term “assclown” into an entirely different context…….
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Our Lefties (The People Of The Slogan)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Reading Steve Vincent’s In The Red Zone has been an interesting experience. He offered some unfiltered Iraqi viewpoints that were quite refreshing. One of them was that the people don’t like our liberals either. They call them the people of the slogan. Those are the people that have some idyllic idea of how the world should work that differs from reality, and in ways that only they can explain. He said most of our reporters sit around in coffee houses and wait for people to give them information they can comment on. They usually stay in what is known as the Green Zone.

Steve was also present for a celebration that hasn’t been allowed since Saddam took over the country. That celebration was called Ashura. He managed to get a cab driver to take him for all of the festivities. He had some interesting notes regarding the celebration. He said that the Shia celebration was not an uplifting celebration at all. But he also said that it offered some interesting insights into the Arab mind. At the very end of the celebration he had to ask himself ‘Is this it? There is no uplifting spiritual message here? No thought of the sacrifice for things of the other world?’ He concluded that it was a celebration of misery and death. It was a reenactment of a slaughter from times past. He also mentioned that dying leaders have twice cursed the people for being impossible to rule. This is part of the Iraqi legacy. I suspect that observation may have been the reason for his murder…………..
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Doctor Says -Don’t Leer At Me
– By Warner Todd Huston

Dr. Laura Berman, writer for the Chicago Sun Times and “sex therapist”, is mad at construction workers. In a recent column she rails about how she was treated as “eye-candy” by some construction workers on their lunch break as she was on her way to a store in down town Chicago.

Her column, a rant that is a throw back to the worst of the shrill NOW days of a Gloria Stienam during the tortuous 1970’s, is filled with so many poor me-isms that it shouldn’t be a surprise that it misses the bigger point. And like a typically overwrought feminist activist the only ones blamed are those eeevil men……..

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Governor says we’re forced to live in a democracy
– By Michael M. Bates

Maybe the hairspray is seeping into his brain. Or perhaps he’s taking pills to boost his testicular virility.

Regardless of the reason, a few weeks ago Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said something quite strange. Strange even for a Democrat.

It happened when he explained why he was spending up to $10 million taxpayer dollars on stem-cell research without state legislative approval. This was necessary, he claimed, because the General Assembly wouldn’t take action on the issue.

Of course, a possible reason the legislature did not was because the governor failed to propose stem-cell funding in his budget. Nor did he broach the subject in his state of the state address, when the governor outlines his initiatives. He found time in that speech, though, to mention he would officially declare September “Illinois Wine Month.” So we know he can prioritize……………….
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We’re ALL Guilty Now Says Tennessee Supreme Court
– By Warner Todd Huston

The Tennessee Supreme Court has handed down a doozie of a decision as reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel (registration required). And, if it doesn’t end up casting all of humanity as the guilty party in any further case from this point forward regardless of the details of the case, then the system of jurisprudence in Tennessee just isn’t paying attention. It certainly is a tidy sort of final solution that should make every future case rather easy to adjudicate, I have to say. I mean, from this point forward, all any judge in Tennessee has to do is bang a gavel and say “Yer all guilty” and then retreat back to his chambers to watch the latest episode of “The People’s Court”………

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If Iraq is So Bad, Why Aren’t We Pulling Out of Detroit?
– By Justin Darr

Antiwar protestors and car alarms have a lot in common. They are obnoxiously loud, get set off too easily, and alert you to situations far less serious than they sound. There is also one more; they are usually ignored by everyone around them because their noise never seems to end.

In an otherwise slow news summer, Cindy Sheehan, the soon to be forgot pawn of the left, has tried to fuel the antiwar cause through personalizing the losses of American troops in Iraq. So, every American soldier who has fallen in Iraq has a mother, there is a news flash. And, in yet another example of investigative journalism at its best, the main stream media has determined that most of these mothers have been devastated by the loss of a child in the War and wishes it had not happened. However, the left’s concerns for the mothers of the fallen and their propaganda that American casualties indicate a loosing war effort are disingenuous at best. They are far more concerned with embarrassing President Bush than portraying anything accurate about the War or giving the proper honor and support to the families of the fallen. ………….
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Additional Thoughts Concerning The Despair Of Naturalism
– By Frederick Meekins

In trying to elevate himself by attempting to remove God from His rightful place upon the throne of the universe, man ends up far from elevating himself and instead finds himself ensnared to a form of despair and bondage far worse than anything that could be imagined under the yolk of Biblical Christianity.

To say that an individual possesses free will is to say that he has the ability to make decisions based upon some criteria existing beyond mere physical impulse.

However, materialistic evolutionary theory contends that this arena of the will does not exist as part of a deeper spiritual reality but is rather mere electrochemical response to physical stimuli with no higher reason or purpose…….
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Heaven Sent (The Court Gets It Right, But The Activist Doesn’t)
– By R.A. Hawkins

The seventh circuit court of appeals just got one right. I was hoping that one day we would see some good come from all of these criminals studying law and suing the government.

It started with a prisoner that was not allowed to form an atheists study group because atheism was not considered a religion. After much deliberation the seventh circuit court decided that atheism is actually a religion. I guess they decided on the fourth entry for religions definition. I can’t say that I disagree with them on this matter either. The fourth definition is “A cause, principle or activity that is pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.” The seventh circuit court decided that atheism is actually a religion.

Many of us have watched the train wreck of our society from the sidelines as atheism was treated as not being a religion. Now that it is considered a religion the playing field will be given a chance to be leveled. I hope this makes it all of the way to the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court so that it will become permanent…………..
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“Borrow A Person” In A Swedish library?
– By Warner Todd Huston

We are so constantly inundated with examples illuminating how filled to overflowing with pop psyche nonsense and correspondingly little substance multiculturalism is that it seems almost superfluous to keep bringing the subject up anymore. And just when we thought the multicultural gurus couldn’t get any more ridiculous the Swedes come along and show us that they can one up everyone in the center ring of the circus of “feels good”!

Dateline: Stockholm, Sweden (I always wanted to say that)

In Stockholm, like other big cities, you can go to the local library to find a book on plants, read the latest newspapers, borrow a nice CD to listen to or find an entertaining DVD to watch. But in Stockholm you can do so much more than that at your local library. Yes so much more. Now you can also “borrow” a person. That’s right, folks, you can have your very own person for a wonderful, instructive, meaningful 45 minutes.

So, here’s the deal: You can get your very own Muslim Imam, homosexual, gypsy or even a journalist all to yourself for a heart-to-heart chat so that they can dispel all your “prejudices” and “preconceived notions”. You can happily shed those ignorant notions that you’ve had the misfortune to have been saddled with all these many years, all in an effort to make society nicer.

Yes, you can “borrow” a person and see that you have been an idiot since birth and that homosexuals and Muslims are “real people” too!

Amazing isn’t it?……..

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The Price of Censorship
– By Greg Stewart

As some of you might beware, Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo is seemingly on a crusade, if you will, against illegal immigration. In fact, one could say, that he has made it his “wedge” issue. A little more than a month ago, on a Florida talk show, as a guest, he advocated “hypothetically,” that American could or should use “the ultimate weapons” on Islamic religious sites. Essentially he was advocating the use of nuclear weapons. Let me say this, before the crazies come out of the woodwork, and remind me that he never used the words “nuclear” in his interview. This would be correct. However! Unless there is another “ultimate weapon” he was referring to, one can make the assumption he meant nuclear weapons.

At any rate, Colorado has been dealing with the rather outspoken representative for quite some time. But his contribution regarding the “illegal immigration” has spilled itself full force into Colorado politics. This is especially true since the unwarranted killing of an off duty Denver police officer — Donald Young. The assailant was an “undocumented worker” who was attending a wedding reception of a family member. He left the party and later tried to return, but was denied entry by the off duty officers hired to maintain order. According to reports by the Denver media, he then returned to his vehicle to obtain his gun, and went back to shoot the officers at the door from behind. Donald Young died. His partner was severely injured. … ………
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Harry Belafonte: Still bananas after all these years
– By Michael M. Bates

So what do you do if your major claim to fame is as a singer and your last big hit was almost 50 years ago? If you’re Calypso has-been Harry Belafonte, you spend the last half century making a major league ass of yourself.

“Day-O” (The Banana Boat Song) was hugely popular in 1957. That year, it took $50,000 to snag Harry for make a television appearance. Elvis Presley was only receiving $40,000.

His celebrity gave Harry an opportunity. He has, he humbly told a graduating class, used his reputation as a singer “in the service of the human family.”

Make that the human family, anti-American division. In Belafonte’s universe, the United States is always to blame.

Harry speaks about peace and love and harmony. That’s often a red flag. People talking in those terms can be filled with a seething rage……………….
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Respect For The Dead Or Fear Of What Lies Ahead?
– By Frederick Meekins

My brief comments regarding Stephen Jay Gould’s family suing over his death from cancer at the hands of inept doctors generated a greater response than anticipated, once again proving the role played by evolution as a fault line in the ongoing battle of values dividing much of America. Yet despite the emotional responses Darwin’s theory continues to evoke, those seeking to escape the implications of a universe created and sustained by God continue to formulate arguments in defense of their position that even a Neanderthal could see through.

One response chided me as a soulless individual for supposedly “speaking so ill of the dead” for pointing out the inconsistencies of materialists seeking compensation for the loss of a loved one since by definition that worldview has no objective standard upon which to base right or wrong with human beings ultimately of no more importance than the disease organisms doctors regularly seek to eradicate…….
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Dear Ron Paul (An Open Letter to Ron Paul)
– By R.A. Hawkins

During both of the Gulf Wars I have noticed you were always against the war. It may or may not surprise you, but I’m against all wars. The sad part is that sometimes there is no choice but to have a war. I have a suggestion for you based on some of the things you’ve brought up over the years. Even though I don’t agree with just about anything you say regarding geo-politics I think you’ve had some excellent suggestions regarding where we all live.

During the Republican revolution that occurred right in the middle of the first Clinton Administration there was a Contract With America. When the media began trumpeting the success of the Republicans pushing everything through I became suspicious. They did come close but the media gave them full credit for finishing the job. Why did they do this? Because to the average person on the street nothing noticeable had changed. The media gave the Republicans credit in order to be able to sit back and say, “Okay what are you going to do for your next trick?”…………..
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Who Cares What Her Son Believed? Cindy Sheehan has an Agenda
– By Justin Darr

On April 4, 2004, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan died for his country and for what he believed. After enlisting in the Army in 2000, Casey Sheehan reenlisted for a second tour knowing full well that he could be sent to fight in Iraq. In late March, 2004, he was stationed with the 82nd Field Artillery Regiment as a mechanic. Despite the fact Sheehan was in a noncombatant position with the Army, in his first week on base, Sheehan volunteered to go on a dangerous mission into the heart of the Iraqi insurgency in Sadr City and was killed in action. These are the acts of a hero, not unlike thousands of others in the armed forces who sacrifice, and sometimes die, daily for our country.

While it has not been reported what Casey Sheehan’s views on the War in Iraq were, it is rather obvious that if he thought he was wasting his time, or participating in an immoral and illegal action, he would not have reenlisted. Nor, would he have placed himself willingly into the line of fire knowing full well the possible consequences of his actions. Casey Sheehan was a patriot who showed through his deeds the bravery and determination that can only come from a person who deeply believes in the cause for which he is fighting.

Well, somebody should let his mother know this, because Cindy Sheehan has decided to use her son’s flag draped coffin as a soap box to shout out her personal leftist beliefs that are completely contrary to those of her son ………….
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– By Robin Mullins Boyd

Atlanta was burning again this past weekend. This time it was not Sherman marching through but it was Jesse Jackson and his comrades taking it to the streets. Staging a protest of a non-issue, the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act provisions in 2007, was just a cover for more Bush bashing by the Progressive Caucus and the Liberals.

Playing the typical race card, Jackson and others blamed the Bush Administration for everything from segregation to slavery. The Bush Administration was attacked for its record on human rights, civil rights and economic rights. Did this crowd supply any facts to back up their claims? Of course not – facts to a Liberal are like Kryptonite to Superman………….
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In Defense of a “Dogmatist”
– Eric Reikowski

Last week, I wrote a column entitled “The Lame Joke of Progressive Christianity,” and it appears that I’ve touched a few nerves. The said column prompted an immediate response article from two indignant writers who labeled me a “dogmatic fundamentalist” who is “giving Christianity a bad name.” They further stated that, in writing such a column, I have taken “the majority of Christians” as a joke.

I apologize. I had no idea that, in denouncing abortion, homosexual activity, and coerced redistribution of wealth, I was offending most Christians. I also was unaware that I had accused progressive Christians of vigorously campaigning to remove Christian symbols from the public square. I am pretty sure that I was referring to the ACLU on that one.

These writers claim that I am peddling an antiquated Christian theology that focuses on vengeance and judgment rather than on compassion and love. They insist I am making unfounded judgments about progressive Christians (even though the basis for such judgments comes straight from the progressives’ themselves) and they will refrain from stooping to my level. Yet, they turned right around and accused people like me of “rolling around in the Old Testament while not living life like Jesus would want them to.” Furthermore, “[I] am too busy quoting Biblical versus (sic) to listen to the words of beauty that the Son of God spoke in the Sermon on the Mount.” Apparently my critics don’t listen to them either considering where the lone Biblical passage I had quoted came from…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Hiroshima anniversary drives peaceniks postal
– By Michael M. Bates

Last week marked 60 years since the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Protests were held around the world with some of them condemning America for what happened in Japan in 1945, for what is happening in Iraq in 2005, and for everything in between.

Actor Martin Sheen, who is what passes for a conscience in Make Believe Land, was taken into custody at a no-nukes demonstration in Nevada. Unfortunately, authorities turned him loose.

A letter printed in the Chicago Tribune asserted: “No civilized nation could do what the U.S. did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Most Americans still lack the morals to determine that such a hideous deed was a massive crime against humanity.”

The writer was at least partially correct: a majority of Americans think using the bomb on Hiroshima was the right thing to do. A recent Gallup poll didn’t match the 85 percent approval reflected in a 1945 opinion survey, but it still showed solid support among the public……………….
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Dem Defense Dummies (They Did Show They’re Unlike Bush)
– By R.A. Hawkins

It will be interesting to see how the left will act in the next election. This last one was such a travesty that I still haven’t quit laughing. The Democrats were in such a rush to show they were different from Bush they had to do some intellectual gymnastics, which only their beloved acolytes could understand. What none of them realized is that they were showing their true colors. They still haven’t figured out that people are starting to see them for what they are.

If one were to look at the list of what Bill Clinton cut from our military one would be shocked. I’ve seen the list in the form of a “name the country that this military belongs to”. The list goes on and on naming weapons systems and personnel and ends with one of the most hard-hitting comments. It said quite plainly that the country doesn’t exist anymore. It turns out the list was what Bill Clinton and company got rid of. So I find it a little amusing that Hillary says we need to increase our troop strength. It is fun to watch them reinvent themselves though. The sad part is that liberal activists will do everything they can to make it easy for stupid people to vote too. That is the purpose of the motor voter bills and it was the purpose of the INS swearing stadiums full of new US citizens just prior to the 2000 election…………..
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A Review 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch
– By Frederick Meekins

Regardless of one’s opinion of Tony Campolo, one has to admit Campolo is not afraid to speak his mind.

In 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch, Campolo takes on some of the most difficult issues confronting contemporary Christianity.

Some of the issues addressed from the chapter titles include “Are Evangelicals Too Pro-Israel” and “Where Does A Single Woman Over 30 Go To Get Rid Of Loneliness?”

Some of Campolo’s comments are insightful such as those realizing that singleness is as ordained of God as marriage……
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Judge Roy Moore for Supreme Court
– By Christian Hartsock

Conservatives have gone into ecstatic raptures over Judge John G. Roberts, President Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court, on the mere basis of what others have said about him. This is, pretty much, because What Others Have Said About Him is all that anyone truly knows.

Conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity, who seems to harbor an instinctual compulsion to embrace any move President Bush makes, has wrapped his arms around Roberts and said on his radio show that Bush must have made the right decision inasmuch as he has a history of appointing conservatives to high positions, such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice (who describes herself as “mildly pro-choice”). Former education secretary Bill Bennett echoed this sentiment on Hannity and Colmes, saying that Roberts should be trusted simply because conservatives close to him trust him.

What about us? Shouldn’t we be able to rely on something other than word-of-mouth before we support a nominee for lifetime tenure on the Supreme Court? An open record perhaps? Past statements about controversial issues? ………..
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Ryno, respect, the Cubs and two-way streets
– By Michael M. Bates

Ryne Sandberg’s speech on his induction into the Hall of Fame was terrific. The former Chicago Cub talked about respect. The words came straight from the heart. Sadly, not everyone shares his respect for the game or the men who play it or the fans who watch it.

A few fans may quibble about whether he actually belongs in the Hall of Fame, but the fact remains that he is. And compared to some of the other men in the HOF, he’s a darn fine role model.

Sandberg was on target when he spoke of baseball’s unnamed hotdogs who never tire of looking for TV cameras to wave at. There’s speculation that one of those to whom he was referring is former Cub Sammy Sosa.

Sammy always has had a lot of respect – for himself. You’ll recall his rage when the fans turned on him and started booing as whatever performance-enhancing drugs he took wore off. Many had stood by him during his corked bat embarrassment, but striking out with runners in scoring position could not be ignored……………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Turning Christianity into a Hobby
– By Justin Darr

If obstructionism by Senate Democrats of President Bush’s political and judicial appointments has taught us anything about the nature of the goals of liberalism it is they detest Christianity, or any religious faith which has the audacity to hold opinions contrary to their own. Senator Charles Schumer may want to try to perform a song and dance around Article VI of the Constitution, banning “religious tests” in the confirmation process of official appointments, by replacing the words “religious beliefs” with “deeply held personal beliefs,” but the results are the same. Liberals are discriminating against people of faith under the hypocritical guise of “tolerance” to ban them from public office and diminish their influence on society.

In Canada, liberals do not have to contend with that pesky 1st Amendment like their ideological brethren in the United States, so Canadian persecution of Christians is in a generally more advanced state than in America. However, as with socialized health care, same sex marriage, immigration, and international foreign policy, American liberals look to Canada as the template for how they should proceed in “improving” America ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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$10,000 Bounty For A Mayor’s Head?
– By Warner Todd Huston

Chicago’s Mayor Daley is incensed. Of course, it is an act he has played so many times that its just business as usual and it doesn’t even seem to raise an eyebrow anymore, sadly. You see, every time Mayor Richard M. Daley or one of his close “associates” gets caught with a hand in the cookie jar, the Mayor trundles himself out and plays at mock outrage for the Chicago press. And they eat it up.

And it’s been a scandal-ridden year for Mayor Daley so far with revelations of multiple scams, thefts, huge amounts of misspent funds discovered and public hiring scandals perpetrated by members of his administration or those among his cadre of well heeled “associates”.

This time he has added a new shade. He is making like he is scared, too. “Da” Mayor is acting as if he and his family have been threatened. You should have seen him with his grave face, standing before the TV cameras playing this one for all it was worth. And, curiously enough, this came just in time to draw attention from his many ongoing scandals……..

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Our Newest Op Ed

August 3, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Bubba’s Boo Boo (Creating Unity In All the Wrong Places)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Last week I wrote about all of the unity Bill Clinton created in the Communist Bloc countries. Before I get to some of the other unity he managed to create, I would like to point out that he split this country in many ways. By the time he was ‘out of there’ race relations were at an all time low and peoples faith in their government was pretty shaken. Here he was a divider. For our enemies he was a uniter.

Quite a few pundits have written about his failure to accept Osama from Sudan when he was offered to us. Because of that I’ll not get into that other than to say, “There’s something really wrong with that boy.” There was yet another bungled attempt to get Osama out of Afghanistan. Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia had managed to broker a deal. The Taliban was ready to hand him over. All they wanted was to be officially recognized. In response to the Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania Bill Clinton fired off a few cruise missiles and hit the training camps that Osama used for training terrorists. He also hit a facility that everyone probably remembers as being an ‘aspirin factory’. The camps also contained five Mosques so the image of destroyed Mosques and burned Qurans became popular fare for the Mid-East media.

When Prince Faisal went back he had to try renegotiating the deal. There was suddenly a bit of a problem though. Omar had decided that he had to sign on with Osama because he was suddenly a hero. He wasn’t about to hand him over because it would have incurred the wrath of everyone in the area. Bill Clinton’s failed attacks had created a new dynamic, which put Mullah Omar and Osama in a position where they had to join forces. Osama had just been elevated in the eyes of the Moslem world. Prior to the attack Osama’s bodyguards and the Taliban soldiers had exchanged gunfire several times. The Pashtuns of the Taliban thought Osama the Arab was arrogant. I can’t imagine why they would think that………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Yet Another Celebration Pandering To Minorities
– By Frederick Meekins

In promoting racial equality, it is often harped that on the inside we are all the same regardless of color or background. Apparently that isn’t quite the case since we are now being bombarded by yet another celebration pandering to minorities.

Minority Transplant Organ Awareness Day (try putting that on a greeting card) seeks to, well, raise awareness of transplant organs and minorities. While one can hardly oppose the quest for good health, like many other causes promoted by the liberals, this one should also be subjected to closer scrutiny and critical thought.

For starters, if we are going to have a Minority Transplant Organ Awareness Day, shouldn’t we also have a Caucasian Transplant Organ Awareness Day? Not every White person that needs a transplant organ gets one either……
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Our Newest Op Ed

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The Lame Joke of Progressive Christianity
– Eric Reikowski

When George W. Bush defeated John Kerry for the presidency in 2004, many political analysts attributed his victory to “values voters”-conservative Christians who favor traditional Biblical morality and would like to see it openly acknowledged by their leaders. However, it appears there is another group of values voters that the media and general public have missed, or more likely, just plain ignored.

I am referring to the up-and-coming community of “progressive” Christians.

For those of you who don’t have the faintest idea what progressive Christianity is or what distinguishes it from conventional Christianity, you are not alone. As the Dallas Morning News recently reported, not many people know about this “loose-knit” and “independent-minded” group of Christians. Most people are only familiar with Religious Right fanatics such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Unfortunate as that may be, the progressive Christian community wants you to know that there is an alternative to the rigid, unaccommodating theology espoused by the latter individuals…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Politics is breaking up that old gang of whine
– By Michael M. Bates

Union riveter Chester A. Riley would know what to say: What a revoltin’ development this is. Two major unions broke away from the AFL-CIO this week with others likely to follow. When the dust settles, the labor federation stands to lose a third of its membership.
After 50 years of dominance in representing unionized workers, the AFL-CIO will now confront that which it abhors, competition.

Union power is predicated on monopoly. Use our members or go out of business, Mr. Employer. Pay our dues or go without a job, Mr. Worker. Protect us from overseas competition, Mr. President.

AFL-CIO boss John Sweeney claims the exiting unions aren’t leaving the umbrella organization for substantive reasons. It’s just that their leaders thirst for greater power……………….
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