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Lack Of Judgment: Are Some Too Quick To Embrace John Roberts?
– By Frederick Meekins

From his response to a questionnaire submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, it has been reported Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has pledged to honor established precedent if confirmed as a jurist to the nation’s highest court. While such posturing might be an elaborate rhetorical ploy to throw off the snarling liberal jackals off his trail, it does not bode well for the nation if such sentiments are actually an accurate summation of his legal philosophy.

In defense of his position, Judge Roberts continued, “Precedent plays an important role in promoting the stability of the legal system. A sound judicial philosophy should reflect recognition of the fact that the judge operates within a system of rules developed over the years by other judges…They do not have a commission to solve society’s problems…but simply to decide cases before them according to the rule of law.”

But what precedents are you going to abide by, Mr. Roberts? And if he lacks the courage to step out from behind the judicial shadow, should he be entrusted with a position that requires a backbone beneath the black robe?…….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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The ANSWER is No
– By Robin Mullins Boyd

The anti-war crowd held another well-publicized “End the Occupation” rally in Washington DC this past weekend. The rally’s primary sponsors were ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and United for Peace and Justice. The rally was also the final stop for the Cindy Sheehan bus tour.

Thanks to CSPAN’s live coverage, America got to see the anti-war crowd in all its glory. Peace signs, “Bush is a Liar and War Criminal” t-shirts and Palestinian scarves were haute couture at the rally. There was even an American Flag but not in the usual sense. Someone had replaced the 50 stars with a giant peace symbol. Some fun-loving rally attendees wore orange jumpsuits just like Nick Berg wore when he was beheaded. After the announcement about the Amtrak closure conspiracy, I am sure that there were some tin foil hats. The obligatory red donation buckets were passed throughout the rally………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Disasters drive home basic truths
– By Michael M. Bates

We humans sometimes lull ourselves into believing we run the world. We explore outer space, delve deeply into the mysteries of life, and build bigger and better MP3 players. In general, we live lives undreamed of even fifty years ago. Yep, we’ve come a long way, baby.

Then the tsunami or Katrina or another disaster happens. They are forceful reminders of how impotent mere humans are in the face of Nature.

Not totally powerless of course. Scientific progress permits us to determine in advance how severe many natural disasters will be. When they will hit can often be pinpointed.

Warnings can be issued. People can take precautions………………..
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Streisand’s Hot Air? Global Warming INDEED!

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Babs “the wing nut” Streisand is BACK!

Good old Babs must have snuck in a few PHDs in Weather and history between those movies and albums she has done over the last 40 some years because she has announced a “Global Warming Emergency”!

“This summer’s back to back superstorms are proof positive we have entered a new period of “global warming emergency,” Streisand said in an interview with Diane Sawyer.

“We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense,” Streisand continued.

Yep, this wingnut is SOOO qualified to give us this scientific “fact” based on her years of research and study, no doubt.

While she is at it, perhaps she can tell us how the pyramids were built, expound on the string theory in physics and tell us what photosynthesis is and how it works. After all, she MUST be all smart, all knowing and all seeing.

Even Drudge is having a laugh at both Streisand’s and Sawyer’s expense reminding us just how many category 5 hurricanes -it seems to be a dozwn or so- we have had in the singer’s lifetime even as she seems to say that this is all a new phenomenon.

One theory is sure and I don’t need a PHD to expound upon it myself. Should Babs wish to ease “Global Warming”, keeping the hot air from spewing out of her mouth would be a good first step!

Our Newest Op Ed

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Dr. Phil’s Son To Wed Playboy Centerfold

Ironically, an episode the other day was about the evils of judging by appearance.

As with those that claim they read Playboy for the articles, I suppose he became smitten by this tramp through her personality.

For those charmed by the puny, ditzy model type, be warned. They don’t strike me as the kind that will do much housework or happily do as they are told like a proper wife should.

Any satisfaction to be derived from having such a showcase bride based upon contemporary standards of beauty idolizing malnutrition and an emaciated look will no doubt be eaten up by divorce settlement costs a few years down the road.

Glamour wenches seldom make good companions and hardly the best selection as mothers.

As I once read in a Christian book on youth ministry, when it comes to basing a relationship primarily on appearance, fine feathers clothe an expensive bird.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Our Newest Op Ed

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A Five Days in Philadelphia – A Book Review
– By Warner Todd Huston

The story of how Wendell Wilkie became the 1940 Republican candidate for President as FDR ran for an unprecedented third term is not one told often and mores the pity, really. It was an interesting time, one that author Charles Peters relates to us in an easy to read conversational manner. His folksy style causes one to imagine himself listening to a favorite next door neighbor or kindly grandfather tell an engrossing tale of yesteryear.

The story of one of the last exciting Party conventions in US history is an interesting tale but, unfortunately, I found author Peters not wholly up to the task. Perhaps I am too used to more ponderous historical tomes but Peters’ more journalistic and colloquial style just didn’t satisfy. And, folksy manner aside, he did not present a solidly convincing argument to support his thesis……….

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Our Newest Op Ed

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Ward and June have left the expletive deleted building
– By Michael M. Bates

In the past I’ve written that never have I heard someone leaving a theater say to the person he’s with, “You know, honey, I liked that movie, but I just wish it had had a lot more cussin’.”

The point was that, despite its pervasiveness in entertainment, bad language isn’t something demanded by most consumers. It is, it seems to me, just tossed in gratuitously many times.

A recent study suggests I may be wrong………………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Perhaps America Should Act Like the United Nations
– By Justin Darr

Here is a quick “Final Jeopardy” question for you: “Name an organization that within the last year has been found complicit in child molestation and prostitution, abandoning hundreds of thousands of civilians to genocide because they are not Muslim, summarily terminating the employment of those who wrote a book outlining the organization’s systematic patterns of abuse, actively working to obstruct an investigation that proved that its employees where taking bribes and kickbacks from funds intended to feed women and children, and still receives the praises of those who feel America should yield its national sovereignty over to it.”

“What is the United Nations, Alex?”

“Very good! You get to move on to the next round and for the rest of you, here is the home version of the game and a couple of boxes of ‘Rice-a-Roni’.”. ………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Statue Of Nude, Pregnant Midget Defiles Trafalgar Square
– By Frederick Meekins

Once upon a time, the British use to be renowned for their sense of propriety and decorum. Now it seems, however, they are letting it all hang out just like all the other nations of the decadent West.

Trafalgar Square is, to put it most simply, a square in central London commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar. Makes you wonder then why then they have decided to place a statue of a disabled, pregnant naked lady amidst this memorial to great military heroes.

One characteristic of all decaying nations is the rush to distance themselves from the values of their pasts. As such, the Mayor of London, terrorist sympathizer Ken Livingstone, has expressed a desire to have many of the statues of the historical greats taken down and replaced with those of personalities more relevant to the 21st century, this no doubt being a euphemism for the purposes of honoring perverts and deviants…….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Katrina: A Rorschach Test (Send in the Clowns)
– By R.A. Hawkins

As I sat in the dim light of my oil lamps and ate many of the items I put away for just such a time I listened on the solar powered radio to the many ignorant polemics as they tried to re-stake their claims in the devastation. I already knew that many of them and those they represent are no better than a lawyer in a cheap suit chasing ambulances. Quite sadly there is a rational lesson here that too many people will miss because of the clowns and all of the noise they make.

Bush had the good sense to call the area a disaster before it became one. He did this so that FEMA could get moving and be in place. When he did that last year in Florida the liberals said it was because his brother was the governor. This time they said he didn’t do it fast enough and they added a number of other typical complaints. At first it was believed that Florida and Alabama were to take the brunt of the storm so FEMA took position in preparation for that. When the storm shifted and hit New Orleans they also had to shift the focus of their preparations. All things considered I think they did a pretty good job…………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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The way Supreme Court confirmations should be
– By Michael M. Bates

It was 1962 and everything wasn’t magical in Camelot.

John F. Kennedy had presided over the failed Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion a year earlier. Deciding the new American leader was a weakling, the Soviets boldly built the Berlin Wall. The President was hastily increasing the number of U.S. troops in someplace called Vietnam. At home, he received harsh criticism for not taking decisive action on civil rights, something he’d promised to do.

Despite all this, President Kennedy remained popular with much of the electorate. This was at a time when there was still a modicum of civility in the political world. Bipartisanship was more than a hypocritical talking point.

It was also a time when members of the Senate provided little advice and quick consent of the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court………………..
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Republican Senator Seeks Crown As King Of The Welfare Pimps
– By Frederick Meekins

Republicans were able to gain power during the mid 90’s in part by promising to abolish welfare as we know it. However, as these reformers once motivated by the idealism of their convictions have grown accustomed to the perks of public office, they are no longer quite so eager to bring about the abolition of these programs as they are to expand entitlement programs to create whole new levels of dependency.

One of the surest ways to maintain one’s hold on power, to extend the scope of government, and to minimize criticism of one’s pet projects is to couch these in terms of defending some venerable institution. Environmentalists have so mastered the technique that now those daring to question this movement are characterized as being in favor of dirty water and bunny massacres.

As a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, most Americans view marriage and family as one of the building blocks of a stable social order. Thus, those brave enough to question a proposal being introduced by Kansas Senator Sam Brownback will no doubt be cast as enemies of children and families. But the things these critics are really standing up for are just as important and perhaps even more fundamental values such as self-reliance and a sense of personal sobriety that one does not always get the things one wants especially if one is not patient enough to follow the proper steps in their own time to acquire them…….
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I’m A Conservative And I Don’t Watch Fox Anymore

September 13, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on I’m A Conservative And I Don’t Watch Fox Anymore

Today Geraldo Rivera appeared on my screen, with tousled hair, stern countenance, mock outrage on full display, standing among some dejected New Orleans Hurricane survivors and I realized it was enough for me. I turned the TV off and have not gone back to it.

It wasn’t just Geraldo, of course. It has been coming for some time. This newest disaster to hit the American people is just the catalyst for my disdain for TV “news”. It was the final straw that broke my TV habit.

We have all seen the complaints of the coverage of news with the 24-hour cable stations pursuing that all-important story, the one we are all just dying to hear about… over and over and over again. We have heard the complaints about how those news stations beat a story to death with such relentless, constant coverage that even the news anchors find they have nothing left to say and stumble over their words trying desperately to utter anything intelligible. You will now have to count me in among that camp.

Oh, I resisted. I wanted to stay a loyal Fox News junkie. But they have beaten me into submission. Sure, when Fox fist came on I was enamored by the style, elated by the caliber of commentators and excited by the … well, the excitement of it all. I was so happy that at last we had some people on TV with which I agreed. I was also interested to see that their news services were free of the bias I was so sick of from the big three network news casts.

But, now I have lost my compulsion to watch. And it was a category 5 storm that wiped out my cable news TV habit.

Of course, this didn’t hit me all of a sudden. I have to say that my first pangs of disgust began as far back as the OJ Simpson trial. At first, after the snails paced car “chase” that OJ led us all on, live on TV, I was curious to what end it would all come. But as the days, weeks and months of coverage passed, I began to wonder just how much OJ a person could drink in?

When all was said and done, I found I just didn’t care anymore. Guilty, innocent, who cares? Can’t I just watch a nice episode of Sienfeld or Friends instead? And I began to find I was. But no, I scolded myself, I must return to the news so that I can stay “informed”.

So, back I went. To slavishly watch as a parade of child molesters, murderers, storms, disappearances, political blow ups and sports and business scandals bored holes through my skull live from New York, Washington, Tennessee or where ever.

Then I began to supplement my news with the internet, since it had become so painfully evident that newspapers had become no better than the hack political scandalmongers of the likes of a James Callender. If I wanted a left of center viewpoint, far left of center, I knew I could pick up the New York Times. And after the many scandals from within that paper, source fabrication, lies and plagiarism, it was painfully clear that they could not be trusted to report to me the day of the week much less the news of the day.

Eventually, I found my news passion drift from the TV screen. Occasionally, I would flip the dial to Fox and watch for a while after leaving my computer. But, I began to feel like rocker Gene Simmons after a tryst with yet another faceless groupie pick up. It felt like the fun just wasn’t there anymore and I felt the need to move on and quickly. Flip, flip, flip. Click to MSNBC, click to CNN, click to Fox. It was as flavorless as chewing on notebook paper. And they were all the same. Same story, same interviewees, same “outraged” protesters. Same boring tableau of misery.

Baby in a well. Girl missing in Aruba. Bush won’t talk to me. Evil, stock defrauding decorators. Bush is talking to me too much. Clinton’s stained dress. Clinton is talking to me too much. Heck, they are ALL talking to me too much.

And this hurricane coverage was just the worst. The TV people were so interested in covering the looting that it not only acted as a catalyst for more looting but it took time away from all the many, many thousands of people who were acting like civilized people. Not to mention the ones who were doing truly heroic rescue work. So, as a result we have by turns given the rest of the world ample proof that Americans are savages. We have led people to feel that New Orleans’ blacks should be excused for rampaging and murder and rape sprees because they are “poor”. And TV has given those disposed the chance to claim that the Federal government is all at fault even though the bulk of first response falls upon any given state in an emergency.

But, on the Internet things are popping. The Internet forced a CNN news chief to resign. The Internet revealed the lies coming out of Dan Rather’s newscasts and forced him to “retire”. The Internet revealed the lies of a Democratic presidential candidate about his service in war. And now the Internet is instrumental in funding and advertising a relief effort for a natural disaster the likes of which the US hasn’t seen in decades, if ever.

The Internet is where it is happening and it is where I want to be.

Thanks Fox news for all the good times. I will still tune in once in a while. I mean, Fox News Sunday is some of the best political coverage on TV. So, I won’t cancel my cable just yet. But, you are the lover I have left behind me and I feel bad for this “Dear John” letter. I will fondly recall the mellifluous tones of your coverage but my attention will be where the news is fast, current and exciting. That is right here on my computer screen.

By Warner Todd Huston

Our Newest Op Ed

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In the Shadow of 9/11, the Terrorists were Half Right
– By Justin Darr

The time has come for America to face the grim reality that international terrorists and Osama bin Laden may understand our society far better than we ever gave them credit. Perhaps even better than ourselves.

In the aftermath of 9/11, we looked back on Osama bin Laden’s, “Declaration of War Against the Americans for Occupying the Land of Two Holy Places,” as the ranting of a mad man. We ridiculed bin Laden’s assumptions that America could not defeat him because we were a soft, decadent, society that lacked the resolve to fight a protracted conflict against a small but dedicated foe. We viewed Bin Laden’s statements that, “The extent of your impotence and weakness became very clear,” in the wake of our withdrawal from Somalia, and Clinton’s appearing “in front of the whole world promising revenge, but these threats were merely a preparation for withdrawal,” as a fatal miscalculation. This was New York City, not Mogadishu. ………….
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In Memorial

September 11, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on In Memorial

Publius’ Forum took the day off in memory of those that died on Sept. 11th, 2001

God keep you all.

Our newest Op Ed

September 10, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our newest Op Ed

An American tragedy in black and white
– By Michael M. Bates

In addition to destroying yet uncounted lives and homes, Hurricane Katrina ripped off part of the thin veneer covering the enormous chasm between blacks and whites in our country. I’m speaking here not of a gap in income, but of the starkly different ways we view what’s happening.

The catastrophe initially was reported with little reference to race. Even though viewers saw that the overwhelming majority of folks caught in the disaster were minorities, I heard few mentions of it.

Then it changed. Race became a prominent part of the story……………….
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Some Judges Do Make Constitutional Law – But It’s NOT Their Job
– By John T. Plecnik

The national debate on Supreme Court nominations is dominated by a larger debate over the most controversial social issues of our time. More specifically, the debate is dominated by a disagreement as to who has the final word on these issues. Who should decide whether abortion or gay marriage is legal in the United States? Congress or the courts?

Generally speaking, strict constructionists say that congress or a state legislature should decide. The judicial philosophy of strict constructionism advocates for judicial restraint. Judges should strictly construe and apply the law as it stands. And the Constitution says nothing about gay marriage.

However, the average legal Darwinist would give the courts the authority to decide. Legal Darwinism stands for the proposition that our Constitution evolves through the judiciary’s interpretation of an ever-changing public sense of justice… ………
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Our Newest Op Ed

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Society Collapses Before Our Eyes Without The Ten Commandments
– By Frederick Meekins

Wonder how those for the abolition of the Ten Commandments think society is fairing now without these fundamental principles.

According to one story, a nursing home has been raided — respect for the elderly being thrown out the window and all. In other incidents, vagabonds are now taking shots at rescue copters assisting in the evacuation.

This is now longer about “survival”. These scumbags are attempting to establish their own rule as warlords.

In one ironic twist, police ran off looters from an Office Depot while law enforcement officials were themselves helping themselves to “five finger discounts” because in times of emergency officials have the power to “commandeer” buildings and supplies.
Do police plan to keep a tabulation of the goods they have procured for the sake of the COMMUNITY for later reimbursement; if not it’s still theft no matter how you gussy it up.

So in essence, at those times when property rights matter the most, they count the least as it seems you are nothing more than a caretaker until the state needs to come along and appropriate these resources from you.

Seems no one is safe from anyone — be they civilian or government — in the expanding lawlessness of the New World Order where the strong are being allowed to take what they want from the weak.

Pray hard, America, for the hour of tyranny may be at hand

Our Newest Op Ed

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A Hate America “Memorial “… In New York … At 9/11’s Ground Zero!
– By Warner Todd Huston

Should we be surprised that the hate America left is trying to hijack the Memorial efforts at New York’s ground zero and turn it into a blame-America circus? Well that is exactly what is happening as you read this piece. And news of this debacle should be getting wider reach than just New York City as it now seems moribund and ignored outside the Big Apple.

What we are getting at ground Zero is no memorial. Instead of producing a monument to those who fell as the World Trade Center collapsed and those who gave their lives in rescue attempts what is being planned for the New “International Freedom Center” exhibits is a veritable cornucopia of America and western bashing garbage. Every American should be incensed……….

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Our Newest Op Ed

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The Wonders of the Liberal Mind
– Eric Reikowski

In a recent article, syndicated columnist and author Ben Shapiro noted the latest example of lackadaisical liberal logic-the so-called “chickenhawk” argument. This argument, like many other liberal arguments, is both erroneous and unfair. It is built upon the premise that one must have first-hand combat experience in order to support the wars being waged overseas by U.S. troops. However, no such experience is necessary if one wishes to denounce the United States as an evil, imperialistic nation and demean American military efforts abroad.

In fact, dissent-no matter how obnoxious or unfounded it may be-is the highest form of expression a leftist can utter. You are not a true patriot until you have burned your first flag.

Now, as any mildly informed American already knows, the United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to their opinions whether they have served in the military or not. As Shapiro wrote, “Representative democracy necessarily means that millions of us vote on issues with which we have had little practical experience.” That is a plain and simple fact.

However, instead of stopping there, Shapiro carries the chickenhawk logic all the way to its inane conclusions. In public, liberals might view the opinions of military personnel with reverence but the private reality is that they would absolutely abhor military control over foreign affairs. Liberals would not even consider putting hawkish personalities in charge of the armed forces. Doing so would be total anathema to their pacifist philosophy. To put it bluntly, liberals are not about to put the alcoholic in charge of the liquor cabinet…………
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Our Newest Op Ed

September 5, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Hollywood and the Media: Liberals’ Last Resort
– By Christian Hartsock

Having lost almost all three branches of government, seven of the past ten presidential elections, the radio, and the hearts and minds of “primitive” Middle Americans in red “fly-over” country, desperate to reinstitute their power and influence on culture and the course of human events, liberals collectively flock to Hollywood and inundate the media and entertainment industries, dive under the knives of plastic surgeons, make silly little movies, start silly little news and talk shows, and hold press conferences and broadcasts foaming at the mouth with bombastic, wild-eyed pontifications about The State of Things As They See It. Radical liberals have a hard time getting along in the real world where people have to work for a living, so they envelope themselves in clouds of narcissism and luxuriousness from which they rain down their relativistic morals, outrageous lies and quixotic utopian ideals on society.

Tinseltown politics and the double-take-warranting statements and left-wing affiliations of clueless, self-righteous celebrities was the subject of Newsmax pundit James Hirsen’s last book, Tales From the Left Coast: True Stories of Hollywood Stars and their Outrageous Politics. But in his new book, Hollywood Nation: Left Coast Lies, Old Media Spin and the New Media Revolution, Hirsen observes the efforts of not only celebrities like Michael Moore, but journalists as well, to extinguish the divorce between news and entertainment ………..
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Our newest Op Ed

September 3, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our newest Op Ed

New Orleans: The Nanny State’s Bitter Fruit
– By Justin Darr

Two days. 48 hours. 2,880 minutes. This was all the time it took for the fabric of 6000 years of civilization to unravel in New Orleans. Streets which just last week were lined with the fans of Blues clubs and theaters are now patrolled by gangs of what in any other country would be called terrorists looking for their next innocent victim or store front to pillage. Rapes and gang wars in the Superdome, gun fire at rescue helicopters, and the efforts to search and rescue trapped survivors of hurricane Katrina have been abandoned in a near hopeless effort to restore some semblance of public order. Think of it. In just two days time, authorities have been forced to desert innocent people to almost certain death because New Orleans has become unsafe for rescue operations. Two days.

How could this have happened so quickly? Early reports of looting where portrayed by the media as desperate, hungry people breaking into grocery stores. In my opinion, this is not looting but survival. However, as the full scope of events has become clearer, it is evident that the mayhem in New Orleans is not a result of trapped residents trying to stay alive, but a carnival atmosphere where the bodies of the dead are pushed aside in order to steal their stereos ………….
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Our newest Op Ed

September 2, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our newest Op Ed

Prager, Medved, Hewitt: Promoting a Troubled Charity
– By Warner Todd Huston

The hurricane in Louisiana and surrounding states at the end of August was a horrible event and it will take months if not years to figure the cost of it all to the American people as we struggle to clean up and rebuild the many devastated areas. Many people from around the country are trying to find a place to donate money to help these victims. Unfortunately, there are many, many supposed charities that just aren’t worth giving to and many more that are outright frauds. This is a warning report about just one of those charities.

The Salem Radio Network has under contract such fine broadcasters of the center right as Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt each of whom have millions of faithful listeners, and rightfully so for they are excellent commentators. Salem Radio Network has also chosen a charity to help during this tragedy; Feed the Children is that charity.

Unfortunately, this charity has a troubled history and people must be warned that there are far better places to donate to help the victims of this hurricane when the need is so immediate and pressing……….

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Our Newest Op Ed

September 1, 2005 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Dr. Mike Adams Makes a House Call
– By John T. Plecnik

Dr. Mike Adams Makes a House Call to North Carolina State: Hundreds Meet to Discuss Liberal Bias on Campus

This Tuesday, college professor and conservative columnist Dr. Mike Adams paid a visit to North Carolina State University and was greeted by a crowd of College Republicans that numbered in the hundreds. Locally famous for fighting liberal bias in the University of North Carolina system, Dr. Adams has gained national recognition for his work with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), U.S. Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), and the College Republicans. Today, Dr. Adams is most noted for fighting unconstitutional speech codes and intervening on behalf of conservative students across the country.

Professors, politicians, and (Republican) state party officials joined a throng of College Republicans and curious liberals to hear from the spunky professor. And five minutes into his speech, there was nothing but standing room in the cavernous, chemistry classroom… ………
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