Taft Signs Voter ID Into Law (Ohio Gets an ATTABOY!)

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This is certainly good news. Ohio’s Gov. Taft has signed a law that will require voters to present a driver’s license or other specific identification before they will be allowed to vote in Ohio elections. Until today, an Ohioan could just walk up to a polling place and claim verbally who they were and where they lived, without registration or any real proof.

I am a bit surprised that the leftward leaning Taft made this conciliatory gesture to conservative Ohioans, to tell the truth. Taft must be sensing how tenuous his position is at long last.

Here are a few segments from a recent report on the signing of this bill.

Democrats argued that the ID requirements will make it harder for seniors, the poor and disabled to vote.

Obviously poor people and old folk are just too stupid to understand that they must prove that they actually qualify to vote, I suppose. Is there no end to Democrat condescension?

DeWine and Speaker Jon Husted, also from suburban Dayton, said they expect voters won’t experience problems at the polls but will instead have more confidence in election security.

Dewine trying to regain so much lost credibility. It’s doubtful it will work for him this late in the game.

A union steward who votes Democratic, she said she was glad the ID requirement would increase security.

“It’s not a burden,” she said. “You could be anybody that’s walking in to vote for somebody else.”

Now there is a smart woman!

But Julie Batey, 39, a Democratic Party volunteer from Wadsworth in northeast Ohio, said she used to work in personnel and found that many low-income people don’t have a valid ID.

“I think it’s kind of a Republican ploy to kind of affect the voters out there who would possibly vote Democratic,” she said.

Oh, please. They have to find someone touting the blind, leftist talking points. It’s just more Democratic fear mongering. Just like the lies that blacks were kept from voting in florida, believed as gospel even though there is not a shred of proof to the allegations.

Anyway, good going Ohio. Let’s hope this will spread to other states.


Uh, oh.! They mentioned me on the DailyKos

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Looks like I am OFFICIALLY a part of the eeeeevil right wing conspiracy. I have been referenced on the DailyKos

I will post it here so you won’t be caught having to go to the DailyKos yourself. (Do you see how I take care of you people? Willing to sear my eyeballs at the DailyKos for your edification, so you don’t have to!)

This one goes along the line of “You can tell a man by his enemies”. If the Kozers are mad at me, I must be doin’ sumpthin right!

It’s about listening to the roots, not the

unhealthy growth, the parasite, on the trunk of the tree. That is, after all, what democracy is all about. And any tree without healthy roots risks toppling in wind. When one big DeLay sized tree falls, it can start a fir-wave, toppling all the trees below it.

The importance of listening to the roots is demonstrated by Warner Todd Huston, “Leftist Blogs indicate Intraparty Rift? Well, Duh.” In this piece, a response to a WaPo editorial, “Blogs attack from left,” Huston takes the WaPo to task for saying the liberal blogosphere is a new phenomena. He says the liberal blogosphere — he calls it the extreme liberal left — has been active since 2001. Least he got something right.

But more telling is this:

We are not seeing a Democratic Party only lately coming to extreme leftism because of the efforts of “liberal Web logs”. It is the Bloggers who are only lately come to the game of extremism. Hard left Democrats are happy to use these Bloggers and their rhetoric to shore up their already blatant leftist tilt.

It is the right’s view of power structure, a view of it coming from the top down. And we see it over and over and over; in trickle-down economics, in the assumptions of tax-cuts for the rich stimulating the economy, in no-bid defense contracts.

This assumption that power rests in the mighty few at the top ignores the roots. They’re ignoring the Repubicans who believe in fiscal control, limited government, privacy, responsibility. The roots, built on the religious right and corporate elite, are rotting.

It’s a lesson Democrats need to take to heart, rinse, and repeat. When you forget you’re roots, you grow top heavy and risk toppling in the next wind to whip through Washington.

by zic on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 09:31:20 AM PDT

Wow, what a misconstruction of what I was trying to say!

I had no intention of saying that power must rest at the “top” and the the “down” should dutifully shut up and follow along like puppies. After all, I am myself a conservative activist on the grass-roots level and, if I really believed as this fellow on DailyKos claims I do, I would be making useless my own attempts to guide my own side. I mean, I ain’t no highly placed insider. Bush may have sent me a Christmas card, but he sure as heck isn’t calling me on the phone to ask my advice! — And no one has caught ME in conference calls with the vast right wig conspiracy planning sessions.

My point was that the DailyKos is not guiding debate but merely reacting to the predetermined leftward tilt the Democrats had undertaken decades ago. They aren’t the “new grass-roots” powerhouses they think they are, but simply the absurdist end of a movement created when most of them weren’t even alive.

And that is the problem. Most of the youngsters at the DailyKos (and that goes for the chief wing-nut, Kos himself) are too young to realize that they aren’t being “new” in their reactions and policy ideas. They really are out of touch with the long, leftist, road trod by the failed dreamers who brought them here on their backs so that Kozers today would have the ideological base from which to scream like petulant children when Democrats don’t go far enough loony left for them.

Not only is reasoned debate out of their ken, but they aren’t even aware how they got to this point in the first place. This means that they have no sense of history or philosophy. They only react within their enclosed world with no touch-stone to reality.

The proof of this is how far from the idea of American exceptionalism that they have drifted. To them, we are no longer the country representing “that shining city on a hill” that is the light unto the world for freedom and liberty. To them we are “just another country”, no better or worse than the rest.

Still, the poster on the Kos went far afield from where I was going with my Op Ed and imparted ideas to the piece that I neither broached nor intended while ignoring the points actually presented.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Warner Todd Huston

BrokeWhatsis Mountain?

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Overheard on the Range…

Johnny–“Hey, Bo. Seen that Brokebusiness Mountin’ yesterdee.”

Bo–“Howdija like it, Johnny?”

Johnny–“So, turns out it ain’t much of a cowboy movie.”

Bo–“How’s that, pard?”

Johnny–“Well, there’s these here fellers that take a fancy ta each other and they get all squishy and meely mouthed. They go a rompin’ all over the range together like calicos.”

Bo–“Ya sayin they’s like them Gay fellers? Yer, right, that ain’t much of a cowboy movie.”

Johnny–“Well, it ain’t the fag part that is so ridiculous. See, I was told these here fellers was cowboys.”


Johnny–“Turns out they’re SHEEP HERDERS!”

Congratulations, Samual Alito!

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Today, the Senate confiirmed Judge Samuel Alito as the 110th Supreme Court Justice in a 58 to 42 vote.

This is a great day for the Court, I certainly hope. Let us hope that we now have another justice who will adjudicate by reading law and not writing it from the bench.

Let us all pray that Bush does, indeed, get one more chance to place a Justice on the Court before his last term is over.

One thing about this, though. This vote preves that the Dems have little power over this country. They tried their best to stop this nomination and failed miserably.

New Media Alliance Op Eds…

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Barrier Between Freedom, Tyranny Eroding
by Laura Adelmann

Cops to President Bush: Stop the Invasion!
by Jim Kouri, CPP

The Moonbats Are Coming!
by Thomas Lindaman

Stopping Hillary Clinton Is All the Rage
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Got Brains?
by Bob Parks

Right Brain + Left Brain = No Brain
by Jonathan David Morris

Our Newest Op Ed

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Illinois Wants To Ban Squirt Guns?
– By Warner Todd Huston

Representatives Daniel J. Burke and Edward J. Acevedo (both Democrats from Chicago, of course) have decided that squirt guns are dangerous, apparently. Last year, Burke sponsored HB4132 in the Capital, Springfield, IL, which will make “replica” guns illegal in the state.(Introduced 10/20/05)

Here is the synopsis of the bill:

Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that it is unlawful for any person to purchase, possess, use, sell, give away, or otherwise transfer, or to engage in the business of selling, or to exhibit for sale, any replica rocket propelled grenade launcher, bazooka, artillery piece, grenade, mine, bomb, or items similar to weapons designed and manufactured for military purposes or replicas of those items. Provides that a violation is a Class A misdemeanor.


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Mr. President, Let Military Chaplains Pray in Jesus’ Name

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Dear Mr. President:

We are disappointed and gravely concerned to learn that the right of military chaplains to pray according to their faith is in jeopardy. As you may know, the Air Force leadership recently released proposed guidelines that will restrict how Air Force chaplains can pray, and if approved, those guidelines may well be implemented throughout the entire DoD. We believe that the Air Force’s suppression of religious freedom is a pervasive problem throughout our nation’s Armed Forces, and it has come to our attention that in all branches of the military it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christian chaplains to use the name of Jesus when praying. There are currently no laws or regulations that prohibit chaplains from praying according to their respective denominations or different faiths, and we are deeply concerned that chaplains are now being instructed on what to say when they pray.

Throughout our nation’s history, chaplains not only have remained an integral part of our military, but they also have always prayed according to their faith tradition. We believe that if chaplains are chosen to pray before a professional setting, they have a constitutional right to adhere to the religious expressions of their faith. For Christian chaplains, praying in the name of Jesus is a fundamental part of their belief and to suppress this form of expression would be a violation of religious freedom.

The current demand in the guidelines for so-called “no-sectarian” prayers is merely a euphemism declaring that prayers will be acceptable only so long as they censor Christian beliefs. Current surveys in the military indicate that upwards of 80 percent of soldiers identify themselves as Christians, and such censorship of Christian beliefs is a disservice not only to Christian chaplains, but also to the hundreds of thousands of Christian soldiers in the military who look to their chaplains for comfort, inspiration, and support, just as our military soldiers of other faiths look to their chaplains.

While some military members may find certain prayers to be offensive and wrongly claim that they are not non-pluralistic, we believe these restrictions raise constitutional issues involving the Establishment, Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment (There are numerous other offensive provisions throughout the proposed guidelines, including the onerous provision that chaplains can only speak of their faith with officers–the “peer to peer” provision). Officially inhibiting or defining what chaplains can and cannot say in effect establishes an official religion and burdens our military’s chaplains’ right of free speech.

We are requesting that you, as Commander and Chief, protect by Executive Order the constitutional right of military chaplains to pray according to their faith.

With deep concern,

Walter B. Jones (R., No Carolina)
The well-known disease, PCism, appears everywhere you turn. Sadly, the U.S. military is no exception.

Representative Jones is trying to alert us all to this oppression of our armed forces personnel to exercise their freedom of religion. To stop this absurd quashing of their religious faith to please the jealous gods of PCism.

Let’s help him do so.

Contact your Congressman!

Mr. President, heed the words of the original President George…

“[E]very man, conducting himself as a good citizen, and being accountable to God alone for his religious opinions, ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience.” —George Washington


Politicians: Abuse Your Power – Lose Your Pension

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— Republican Rep. Lee Terry is seeking co-sponsors for his Public Trust and Accountability Act (HR 4548), denying retirement benefits to any federal employee, including judges and elected officials, convicted of abuse of power in their position.

Please contact your congressman to help get this measure passed. Why should we, the People, pay these louts’ benefits in-perpetuity if they have been convicted of abusing their position?

The pensions these people get are a sweet deal, but it should be EARNED, not assumed.


New Media Alliance Op Eds…

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US Should Cut Off Aid to Palestinian Thieves
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Other Gods
by Erik Rush

Hammas – New Democracy Or Old Terrorism?

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Well, the Blogosphere has been abuzz with this Hammas supremacy at the polls in the Palestinian elections last week and there is good reason for it.

We have two competing ideas where it concerns Hammas’ future.

1)- Hammas actually running for election will eventually bring them into the real world of politics and distance them from terror as it did the IRA in Ireland. Because democracy tends to ameliorate extremism they will find their terrorism a thing of the past.

2)- This is a failure of democracy and Hammas will never be anything other than a murderous band of criminals.

Truthfully, there is no way to tell. Both points have their merit and logic and choosing one or the other is just guesswork this early in history. Yes, guesswork even with the fact that Hammas is claiming they have no intention of changing their tact and direction.

But, there is a long-range problem for the Palestinian Authority that tends to prevent it from coming into Democracy. The lies that form the basis of how Arabs think about their central problem, Israel, prevents them from being able to even make sense on the issue. They are so filled with lies, myths and garbage that they just cannot sensibly address their issues with the Jewish state.

Here are some of the fictions that seem to be widely believed by Palestinians (and the Arab middle East in general):

-The Jews on 9/11 warned their fellows not to go to work and no Jews died on 9/11. (Untrue. Somewhere around 500 Jews died that horrible day)

-The two blue stripes on the Israeli flag stand for the Nile and Euphrates rivers. The Jewish state intends to forcefully conquer all the land between those two rivers and incorporate that land into the Jewish state. (The two blue stripes represent the prayer shawl worn by Jews, the Tallit)

-There is a plaque or sign in the Knesset (The Israeli government’s building) that claims the Jewish state will spread between the Nile and Euphrates. (this is just idiotic)

-The Holocaust did not happen (What can one say about such stupidity?)

-Jewish scholars use the blood of young Arab boys (sometimes Christians) in their food for ceremonial purposes (ditto)

-Jews are pigs and dogs (ugh)

These idiotic, racist and childish claims go on and on, but these are some of the worst. They form the very basis underlying how Arabs think about Jews. With ideas like this infecting the thought process of how Arabs deal with Jews and the state of Israel it’s no wonder that no logic seems to ever be forthcoming in their conflict. And, until such ridiculousness is refuted, Arabs just will not be able to have enough respect for Jews or be able to treat them as human.

It’s also no wonder that Americans cannot understand the situation because we just have no frame of reference to be able to do so. The closest ideologies we ever had were the ways many whites felt about the American Indians or Negroes, both racist ideas that have been defeated soundly among the bulk of Americans.

It is almost beyond the average American’s ability to realize how racist Arabs are towards Jews.

By Warner Todd Huston

Our Newest Op Ed

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Multiculturalists Refuse To Feed Homeless
– By Frederick Meekins

Normally, liberals and other assorted leftists love to make a display about how much they care for the indigent; however, it seems now in France such gestures of goodwill are only acceptable if the meals appeal to the dietary peculiarities of every immigrant falling off the boat.

Groups linked to the “extreme right” in France are offering pork soup to their countrymen needing a helping hand. Since certain religious groups don’t consume pig products — particularly Muslims — the eleemosynary is being denounced as “racist”.
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New Media Alliance Op Eds…

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NSA Spying: Why Is There Confusion?
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Tired of War? Better Get Used To It
by Sher Zieve

Education’s Iron Curtain
by Nancy Salvato

Our Newest Op Ed

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Handwringing over government intrusion rings false
– By Michael M. Bates

The debate over wiretapping U.S. citizens has joined critics from both the Left and the Right. There are not yet many details known about the surveillance and until there are I think reserving judgment is prudent. What I wonder is where some of these commentators who now seem so troubled about encroachments on citizens’ liberties have been the last several decades.

In ways large and small, government at every level has been curbing our freedoms for a long time.

We aren’t free to decide our own retirement plans. Government mandates participation in the actuarially unsound Social Security system.

We aren’t free to protect the most vulnerable among us, unborn children. Government has decided the Constitution protects the taking of innocent human life.

We aren’t free to do with our own property as we see fit. Government sets up zoning laws dictating what we can do and, if government deems it necessary for any reason, our property can be seized.
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A Delagte From Chappaquiddick…

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I just couldn’t resist this one. It’s just too funny…

Our Newest Op Ed

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What A Daughter Learned — What A Father Taught
– By Resa LaRu Kirkland

As I sit here, January 22, 2006 is fading into history. It is doing so in the normal manner; light begins to dwindle, cool air replaces warm, the sun slips behind a mountain cuing stars to twinkle and the moon to take over. A night like so many others.

Yet it is one I have dreaded to see come and now dolefully bid farewell. It isn’t the day itself that has caused such emotional duality, but what it represents.

It is the one year anniversary of the day we buried my dad, the last of those first anniversary dates that all mourners mark the year after losing a loved one. After tonight, I will no longer lament “A year ago at this time…” Instead I will fall into the verbiage of those long gone: “Back when dad was alive…”………
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New Media Alliance Op Eds…

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If They Don’t Write About It, It Didn’t Happen?
by Randall H. Nunn

Jimmy Carter: At Least Hamas Isn’t Corrupt
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Dem Mice Continue to Fight for Cheese and Other Odd Realities
by Sher Zieve

“Truthiness” and Secular Education
by Thomas E. Brewton

Our Newest Op Ed

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America Versus Mexico’s Ponzi Pyramid Scheme
– By Justin Darr

If there is anything people hate more than buying a used car, filling out tax forms, or visiting their attorney’s office it is meeting the glassy eyed enthusiasm of some acquaintance who wants to recruit you into a multi-level-marketing scheme. You know the ones. If you can make a list of everyone you know, and they can make a list of everyone they know, and each of you spend a few hundred dollars a month on some assorted widget or another, in three to five years you could be living on your own Caribbean island.

Fortunately, in the United States, the worse of these Ponzi pyramid schemes are illegal. But, imagine for a moment if they were not. Imagine also if, rather than toothpaste, insurance, and Saint John’s Wort, the product you were purchasing was the right to build a shed in your back yard, open a business, or avoid police harassment? And, what if this extortion was institutionalized to the point that it became the price of trying to live a normal life?………….
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Update on Sen. Byrd’s Comments…

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Here is the link for the full text. It is on Byrd’s website and he just posted it…


Sen. Byrd Votes in Favor of Alito!

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Senator Robert Byrd, former Klansman from West Virginia, just came out in favor of Judge Samuel Alito to amazed Americans of all stripes.

In his speech on the floor of the Senate today he also decried the partisan bickering that bedeviled the confirmation hearings. I only heard some of his points, but I find it interesting that, if he was so incensed, that he didn’t name names and point out specifics.

In any case, it would seem odd that one of the extreme left’s prime attack dogs would turn against them to vote in favor of this nomination. But, when looking at his situation back home, we can hazard a guess why he did this. And it certainly wasn’t for reasons of “conscience” or “principle”.

Byrd is headed for an election fight for the first time a many, many decades. A Republican has announced that he will face Byrd in the up coming elections. Further, the state of West virginia has begun to lean Conservative and Byrd knows it.

So, he is attempting to gain himself a campaign talking point. Positioning himself as a “conservative” where it concerns judicial nominations. And, since Alito is going to win anyway, this is a painless way for Byrd to make some points along those lines.

In other words, it is a mere campaign ploy. Byrd doesn’t believe a WORD of what he is saying.

After all, it must be remembered that he was beating the drum of filibustering the Roberts hearings and Roberts is considerd FAR less “conservative” than Alito by the extreme left to which Byrd generally holds fealty.

Lastly, I would like to say that it is obvious that these Democrats really don’t believe the tripe they are dishing out about Alito. If he really was the “danger to the constitution” they claim he is they would make every attempt to filibuster his nomination. But they are not. they lack the courage of their claimed convictions.

Today’s New Media Alliance Articles

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Bin Laden/DNC Deliver Joint „State of The Jihad‰ Message
by Christopher Adamo

Alito Hearings Bring Fathers Back into the Abortion Debate
by Carey Roberts

Chutzpah: Clinton Cabinet Members Say US Military Broken
by Jim Kouri, CPP

An Unhealthy Obsession
by Thomas Lindaman

US congressman takes Google to task on China

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GraphicGoogle will be called to task in Washington next month following a controversial decision by the internet search engine to launch a China-based version of its website that will censor results to avoid angering the country’s Communist government.

The decision by Chris Smith, a Republican congressman from New Jersey who chairs a House subcommittee on Human Rights, to call for a February 16 hearing to examine the operating procedures of US internet companies in China, represents the first signs of what could become a serious backlash against Google and other internet companies in Washington that are perceived as capitulating to the Chinese government.

Mr Smith on Wednesday accused Google of “collaborating .. with persecutors” who imprison and torture Chinese citizens “in the service of truth”.

“It is astounding that Google, whose corporate philosophy is ‘don’t be evil’ would enable evil by cooperating with China’s censorship policies just to make a buck,” he said.

Search provider chooses less of two evils
Click here
The hearing will also include testimony from Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco and senior State Department officials who advise on China.

Mr Smith on Wednesday in a statement drew comparisons between Google and Radio Free Europe and Asia, reflecting on the capacity the radio stations had on empowering the “voices of freedom throughout Communist countries”.

News about the congressional hearing came just hours after another lawmaker, Democratic senator Patrick Leahy, spoke out on another issue that has enveloped Google in recent days: the company’s refusal to comply with a subpeona by the Justice Department that would require it to hand over toe the government extensive records about the way people use the company’s search engine.

In a letter to attorney general Alberto Gonzales, Mr Leahy demanded more information about four subpoenas to major internet companies, including how the DOJ intended to use the information while protecting privacy rights, and whether the DOJ planned to request further information from the companies.

Mr Leahy, the leading Democrat on the judiciary committee, said the collection of data on law-abiding Americans posed “unique concers”.

Original source: Financial times
I thought it was supposed to be that “education” or “information” leads to freedom? Why is it that Google feels it easy to deny the US government its info to help stop terrorism, but feels it just fine to assist China to oppress its people?

SHAME on Google! Shame on AOL and the REST of them, too, because they are MORE interested in Chinese money than doing what is morally RIGHT to do.

Google should have told China that it isn’t interested in doing business with them. So should AOL and the rest of them. The commie Chinese scum will just steal the technology anyway, like they do everything else, and leave Google holding the bag in the long run.

Information IS freedom and Google is oppressing the beleaguered Chinese people.

Our Newest Op Ed

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The Bridge To Eternity (American Democratic Dissociation Syndrome)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I wasn’t too surprised to hear Nagin’s recent comments regarding a ‘Chocolate City’. He is of course back peddling and trying to explain himself to no avail. The entire political system in Louisiana is now showing itself for what it is again. Nagin’s comments have to have alienated just about every friend he managed to make earlier in the aftermath of Katrina. He has taken the blame for that which he managed to mismanage. Now he has to take the blame for being the new Earl Butz. For those of you who don’t remember, he made a few comments about how to make the blacks happy or shall I say, how to appease them. There was another rather stupid error on his part when he was talking about the Pope. The Pope had just made comments about not using birth control. In an off record comment he said something like ‘He No-a Play-a dah Game… He no-a make-a dah rules.’ He trusted a reporter and made the comment off the record, another sign of bad judgment. It was all over the news the next day.

Nagin has almost nothing left of the bridge he built to DC. There is little left but a crater where that bridge used to be, a crater with a certain special nuclear glow to it. The people in Slidell are having trouble going to sleep at night because of that glow. It’s like the sun never sets there any more.

Quite a few people are still talking about the damage, or shall we say the mismanagement, of the levees. They are looking for someone to blame for those levees failing. I am personally watching the next big levee blame game issue as it happens bit by bit each and every day. I have now dubbed the west bound I-10 bridge over Lake Pontchartrain ‘The Bridge to Eternity’ Yes it is official – I have actually dubbed something. What an important day this is. (Well maybe to me it is)………………
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Conservative Book List…

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Our next offering in the conservative Book Reading list:

I, Pencil by Leonard Read

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Oil producer opens massive Civil War museum

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FORT WORTH, Texas After two decades collecting Civil War treasures, Ray Richey finally reached a turning point.
The 50-year-old Texas oilman had to decide whether to build another storage building, a museum for his collection — or quite collecting.

Richey went with the museum idea — and developed an expansive building just a short walk from his office on Fort Worth’s western outskirts.

But the Texas Civil War Museum, which opened to the public today, is more than just his huge stockpile.

Richey partnered with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, whose Texas collection was displayed in Austin from 1904 to 1988. The U-D-C had been seeking a permanent home for their artifacts since being uprooted by renovation of the State Capitol.

Original source:KLTV
Texas Museum
Oh, how the lefties must HATE this “eeeevil” rich guy opening a Civil War museum!

I applaued the man for seeing it his civic duty to save our history.

One other thing. I am heartened to see this happen by the private sector. See, we DON’T need government to do everything!

Taxes and regulations: The Vermont Disadvantage

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IT IS AN axiom of commerce that economic development follows Interstate highways. Except in Vermont.

A new study by University of Vermont economist Arthur Woolf has found that development that should have come along I-91 up the Connecticut River instead came across the river — in New Hampshire. The reason? Higher taxes and regulations in Vermont.

“We’re seeing the gap grow larger and larger each time we do the study,” he told the Valley News. “Those communities along the river are really feeling the impact now.”
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New Media Alliance Op Eds…

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Of Bums And Babies: Why Scalia’s Wrong on Roe
by Daniel Clark

Leaky Leahy: Keep Him Away from Classified Intelligence
by Jim Kouri, CPP

Our Newest Op Ed

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Hillary Clinton Ignores Far Left – Will They Vote For Her Anyway?
– By Warner Todd Huston

In a speech before a Princeton audience of about 800 on January 18th , Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator from New York, had a few words of scorn for the Bush administration’s handling of the Iran nuke situation.

“I believe that we lost critical time in dealing with Iran, because the White House chose to downplay the threats, and to outsource the negotiations. I don’t believe you face threats like Iran or North Korea by outsourcing it to others, and standing on the sidelines. We cannot, and should not, must not, permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons. In order to prevent that from occurring, we must have more support, vigorously and publicly expressed, by China and Russia, and we must move as quickly as feasible for sanctions in the United Nations.”

This is so filled with non-sequiturs and reversals of logic that it boggles the mind. It smacks of tirangulation as opposed to a clarification of her position as she tries to come at the problem from every angle to appear as if she can please all her potential constituents at once………………

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Senator Leahy Thinks You Are Stupid

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Vermont’s Senator, Patrick Leahy, gave us his reasons for voting against the confirmation of Judge Sameul Alito for the Supreme Court on the 24th of January. ( Click here for full text) After reading the remarks as published, one cannot help but imagine that Leahy feels anyone hearing his remarks must not be smart enough to see that he is a blatant liar. Further, he must imagine that those same people are so stupid that they will not be able to look up simple historical facts easily enough to see where he is lying.

I don’t usually like to come right out and say that this politician or that is an outright liar, but it just cannot be avoided with so many of today’s crop of say-anything-to-win Democrats. And Leahy is one of the worst demagogues they have.

It is always lamentable when politicians treat us as if we were all dolts.

First of all, much of Leahy’s speech was time wasted on issues not germane to the Alito nomination. A large portion was simply blatant advertisements for his many off topic resolutions and agendas that he has been pushing since 9/11.

But he started out right off the bat with a major lie.

“This is a critical nomination, one that can tip the balance on the Supreme Court radically away from constitutional checks and balances and the protection of Americans’ fundamental rights.”

Was Leahy absent during the confirmation hearings? Or was he one of the cadre of Democratic Senators who couldn’t be bothered to stay through all the testimony about Alito’s character offered by past acquaintances from both ends of the political spectrum? If he had stayed he would have realized that there is no proof, not even a hint, that Alito desires to move the Court away from a protection of fundamental rights.

Next, Leahy launched into his partisan claims that US citizens have lost fundamental rights because of Bush’s activities since 9/11. Typically, though, he offers no specifics just presenting his claims to be fact.

Leahy goes on to subtly try to recast the Supreme Court’s role in the US system. In a subtle comment he attempts to cause the American people to imagine that the SCOTUS has a simple role to “serve as an effective constitutional check on the presidency”.

But, while the SCOTUS does have this role as a part of its venue, it is not the sole reason it exists. In fact, it is one of its lesser roles, the main role being to review laws passed by Congress and the states to determine if those laws abide by the Constitution. So, the SCOTUS serves as a check on Congress and the states and the laws they craft to govern the country much more often than it serves as a check on the president.

Further on, Leahy shows that truth and fact will never enter into an argument posed by the good Senator. He continues to posit the lie that Alito enjoyed seeing a child “strip searched”.

Leahy said, “We know Judge Alito would have excused the strip search of a 10-year-old girl that was not expressly authorized by the search warrant.”

Leahy knows this is a lie, but he uses this for partisan effect anyway. First of all, a truthful reading of the case in question (Doe v. Groody) proves that the child in the case was not “strip searched”. Further, the concept of “good faith” requests by police for search warrants vindicates the search of the child who was suspected of having drugs hidden upon her person by her own drug dealing Father.

Alito also answered to this case in the confirmation hearings. “I wasn’t happy that a 10-year-old was searched”, he said. He continued with: “I don’t think there should be a Fourth Amendment rule … that minors can never be searched. Because if we had a rule like that, then where would drug dealers hide their drugs?”

Apparently, Leahy is just fine with drug dealers being allowed to use children to hide illegal drug stashes from searches by police. Leahy would “excuse” this child abuse as long as it serves to knock down a Bush appointment.

If it wasn’t enough for Leahy to misquote Alito’s intentions on the non-existent “strip search” question, he also had to reach back further into history and misquote one of our Founders. Leahy misuses Ben Franklin’s famous admonition that, “Those who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

Franklin’s warning words would be apropos if Leahy could have followed his usage up with any “essential liberty” that US citizens have lost under this president. However, using the quote as a simple form of demagoguery is all Leahy leaves us with.

Leahy next attempts to claim “This President has made some of the most expansive claims of power since American patriots fought the war of independence”.

I hate to say it, but we have here another outright lie. Bush’s actions in wartime pale in comparison to the abusive use of presidential power of past presidents. Lincoln, Wilson and FDR, just to name three, used their emergency powers much more energetically in wartime than has Bush. And Leahy knows this to be a fact. He is merely attempting to purposefully mislead anyone who reads his remarks in a effort to hurt the Bush Administration.

Now, here is the segment that many writers have focused on re Leahy’s ridiculous comments and it is another area with which we can discover Leahy’s lies.

“No President should be allowed to pack the courts, and especially the Supreme Court, with nominees selected to enshrine presidential claims of government power.”

Here is a sly allusion to the court-packing scheme that FDR conceived in the late 1930’s to force the Supreme Court to accede to his New Deal policies, policies that were being knocked down by the SCOTUS one by one.

But, FDR actually attempted to create additional seats on the Court thereby enlarging the Court, seats he would stuff with judges who would vocally support his policies. Bush, on the other hand, is only filling positions that have naturally become open with retirements and deaths of sitting justices. There is no “packing” scheme in the offing today. Further, we must all realize that Bush ahs only made two nominations which is a far cry for “packing” anything.

Further, every president has a right to offer candidates that he feels will support the correct principles of American jurisprudence and those correct ideas will surly be the ideas to which the president himself adheres and nearly every president, to a man, has made such nominations. There is simply nothing out of the ordinary here and Leahy also knows this.

It is sad that we are in an era where Democrats know no limits to using outright lies to further their political aims. In years past, a Supreme Court nomination was considered one of such importance that injecting “politics” into the process was thought to be improper.

Apparently, to Democrats today, nothing is sacred.

By Warner Todd Huston

New Media Alliance Op Eds…

January 24, 2006 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on New Media Alliance Op Eds…

Propaganda With My Morning Coffee
by Randall H. Nunn

The West Wing vs. “The West Wing”
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Radical Lawyers Undermine US War Effort
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Our Newest Op Ed

January 24, 2006 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Our Newest Op Ed

Roe Babies and Reagan Babies
– By Hans Zeiger

The rising generation of Americans has been shaped profoundly by two events that have anniversaries this week. The first event was the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade 34 years ago. The second event was the inauguration of Ronald Reagan 25 years ago.

Because of the first event, one fourth of our generation is no longer alive. Roe Babies, 45 million of them since 1973, are missing.

But there are some positive signs on the cultural horizon. In recent years, public opinion regarding abortion has continually shifted toward the pro-life position. The number of Americans calling themselves pro-choice has declined by 10 points since 1995, while the number of Americans calling themselves pro-life has increased 16 points. According to a Gallup poll, a decade ago, 56 percent of Americans considered themselves pro-choice and 33 percent said they were pro-life. Today, according to a Zogby poll, 49 percent of Americans say they are pro-life, compared to 46 percent who say they are pro-choice.12 ………
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