Hammas – New Democracy Or Old Terrorism?

January 30, 2006 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well, the Blogosphere has been abuzz with this Hammas supremacy at the polls in the Palestinian elections last week and there is good reason for it.

We have two competing ideas where it concerns Hammas’ future.

1)- Hammas actually running for election will eventually bring them into the real world of politics and distance them from terror as it did the IRA in Ireland. Because democracy tends to ameliorate extremism they will find their terrorism a thing of the past.

2)- This is a failure of democracy and Hammas will never be anything other than a murderous band of criminals.

Truthfully, there is no way to tell. Both points have their merit and logic and choosing one or the other is just guesswork this early in history. Yes, guesswork even with the fact that Hammas is claiming they have no intention of changing their tact and direction.

But, there is a long-range problem for the Palestinian Authority that tends to prevent it from coming into Democracy. The lies that form the basis of how Arabs think about their central problem, Israel, prevents them from being able to even make sense on the issue. They are so filled with lies, myths and garbage that they just cannot sensibly address their issues with the Jewish state.

Here are some of the fictions that seem to be widely believed by Palestinians (and the Arab middle East in general):

-The Jews on 9/11 warned their fellows not to go to work and no Jews died on 9/11. (Untrue. Somewhere around 500 Jews died that horrible day)

-The two blue stripes on the Israeli flag stand for the Nile and Euphrates rivers. The Jewish state intends to forcefully conquer all the land between those two rivers and incorporate that land into the Jewish state. (The two blue stripes represent the prayer shawl worn by Jews, the Tallit)

-There is a plaque or sign in the Knesset (The Israeli government’s building) that claims the Jewish state will spread between the Nile and Euphrates. (this is just idiotic)

-The Holocaust did not happen (What can one say about such stupidity?)

-Jewish scholars use the blood of young Arab boys (sometimes Christians) in their food for ceremonial purposes (ditto)

-Jews are pigs and dogs (ugh)

These idiotic, racist and childish claims go on and on, but these are some of the worst. They form the very basis underlying how Arabs think about Jews. With ideas like this infecting the thought process of how Arabs deal with Jews and the state of Israel it’s no wonder that no logic seems to ever be forthcoming in their conflict. And, until such ridiculousness is refuted, Arabs just will not be able to have enough respect for Jews or be able to treat them as human.

It’s also no wonder that Americans cannot understand the situation because we just have no frame of reference to be able to do so. The closest ideologies we ever had were the ways many whites felt about the American Indians or Negroes, both racist ideas that have been defeated soundly among the bulk of Americans.

It is almost beyond the average American’s ability to realize how racist Arabs are towards Jews.

By Warner Todd Huston



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