Article Scolding Asian Racist, Misses Key Ingredient

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-By Warner Todd Huston

An Asian Writer Copping Jesse Jackson’s Race-baiting Game Attacked By San Francisco Chronicle For ‘Why I Hate Blacks’ Article

There is a saying that is often bandied about by whites feigning what might be ridiculed as an American Black person’s defeatist demeanor. It is used when whites want to make fun of the kind of attitude that assumes everyone in power is somehow out to get you. It goes like this: “I’m tired of the white man keeping me down.” It’s an eye-rolling proclamation, but it is one that many whites assume is inculcated in Black Americans all across the country. Of course it is an unwelcome stereotype.

It is a stereotype, however, that has been adopted as reality in all too real a sense by American Universities and is posited as a raison d’etre for wasting time and money on things like “Black studies” programs. The sentiment is replicated in “Hispanic studies”, “Women’s studies”, and “Gay studies” in equal measures and with as much illegitimacy.

The (insert group here) is keeping you down so rebel against it. Be angry. “Speak truth to power”.

It’s clap-trap, of course.
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Toward a More Savage Nation

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By Selwyn Duke

The Shill Media are offering up the usual pabulum about presidential contenders, disgorging reportage about the vapid and venal that’s more soap opera than scoop. With mock surprise they speak of the presidential aspirations of Rudy, Lady Macbeth and Brokeback Obama, as they treat platitudes and political sloganeering as if they were less empty than the minds that regurgitate them. But amidst the din of this much-ado–about-nothing quest for copy, the media have missed – perhaps quite conveniently – the only truly scintillating story of the 2008 election. Radio talk show host Michael Savage is mulling a run for the White House.

I’m sure many would say I was wasting words on wishes, as Savage is the darkest of horses. But there’s a very good reason to welcome his entrance into the race, and I’ll discuss this in a moment. First, though, let’s take a peek into the life of the effervescent commentator.

Although Michael Savage has achieved fame through his exploits on radio and his four best-selling political books, this presidential dark horse is no one-trick pony, as he has lived a storied life and worn many hats. The son of an immigrant, he was raised in Queens, NY, in a home of most modest means. Savage attended public school and, applying himself to academics, vigorously pursued higher education, eventually earning a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Nutrition Sciences from UC Berkeley.
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Huffington Post Site Censors Their Hateful Leftist Posters

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-By Warner Todd Huston

It never ceases to amaze me that the American left has somehow gained the reputation as the “more caring” and “more civilized, or “more tolerant” side of the debate.

Most of the leftists I have met are so filled with seething hatred that they can barely contain it. So filled with disgust for their fellows, so over the top with angst and violent impulses that it is amazing they can carry on their normal lives without losing it.

Well, we have some more proof of that contention from Arrianna Huffington’s left wing site the Huffington Post.

HuffyPost apparently had to heavily censor the comments on their post on the story of the Taliban attack on the base that Vice President Dick Cheney was in. The posts became so violent and vile that even the leftists at the HuffyPost couldn’t allow themselves to leave the ignorance there for all to see.
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Boston Globe: GOP all Weak Candidates, Dems “strongest in decades” (more Obama gushing)

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Without a hint of balance, Robert Kuttner of the Boston Globe thinks he has it all figured out — 20 months before the election — that the GOP candidates cannot win, while the Dems are the right ticket as he tries Taking stock of the 2008 field.

Naturally, his is another gusher for Barack Obama. But, he starts his piece in one way or another ripping each and every one of the GOP candidates, or those who would vote for them, before saying how “strong” the Dems field of candidates is.

Here are the results of his analyzing of the GOP field:
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ACLU: Let Inciters of Hate Into USA

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Leave it to the ACLU to advocate for the US government to allow hate spewing Imams to get a free pass to come into the country and incite their hatred.

ACLU: US Can’t Bar Terrorism Supporters

NEW YORK (AP) – A civil rights group asked a judge Friday to find it unconstitutional for the federal government to exclude a prominent Muslim scholar or anyone else from the United States on the grounds that they may have endorsed or espoused terrorism. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the papers attacking the policy in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

It is one thing to think long and hard about what government allows legal American citizens to say. It certainly goes to the core of freedom of speech that we shy from telling Americans that their brand of political speech is disallowed. That is why, for instance, the KKK is allowed to do their marches.

But, this is a different animal. These are hate spewing, foreigners the ACLU is advocating for. (So much for the word “American” in their name)

The Constitution, as the saying goes, is NOT a suicide pact, but here is the ACLU fighting for foreigner’s “rights” — I think they should drop the “A” for American since they want to suit up to fight for foreign terrorists — and trying to force the government to allow people into this country who’s chief goal is to destroy it.

Would you meekly open the door for a home invader who knocks and boldly announces his intentions to rob and kill you? Apparently the ACLU wants us to do just that.
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The Salt Lake Shooter and Sudden Jihad Syndrome

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-By David Huntwork

If you only read the news as reported by the Main Stream Media, you would never know that we had just recently experienced another Jihad style attack by a Muslim on American soil.

On Monday, Feb. 12th, one time Bosnian refugee Sulejmen Talovic (age 18) walked into the Trolley Valley shopping mall in Salt Lake City and in a six minute rampage killed five people and severely wounded several more. The dead were identified as Jeffrey Walker, 52, Vanessa Quinn, 29, Kirsten Hinkley, 15, Teresa Ellis, 29, and Brad Frantz, 24.

My initial (blogged) reaction was:

“Any guesses as to whether he’s a Muslim or not? I may be going out on a limb here, but I sense another follower of Allah and the Religion of Peace…. And might I add that this is a great example of how having a large section of the population allowed to conceal carry is a good idea.”

Sure enough it turns out Sulejmen Talovic was indeed a Muslim and that little nugget of information has fueled a firestorm of speculation among bloggers and unleashed accusations of ‘cover up’ directed towards the Main Stream Media and law enforcement investigators. The media showed an interesting and obvious reluctance to initially disclose, let alone discuss, eighteen year old Talovic’s religious persuasion.
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Mexican Wives Plead for Husbands to Return to Mexico

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Think of yourself as a married American man. Imagine you and your wife have decided that you will sneak in to Canada because you feel you cannot do well in America, you cannot earn your fortune.

Now imagine you have been gone years. Perhaps you send money home once in a while. Though, otherwise you don’t do much about contacting your wife and kids. Still, even if you do your wife is raising your children alone. Your children have no memory of you. To them you are only a name on a money gram or a check.

Would your wife like this arrangement? Would you feel you were being a proper Father with this arrangement?

Or is it more likely that she would want you to come home? Don’t you think she would be sick and tired of your absence, even for the money?
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NYTimes Rudy Gets ‘Softballs’… But What About Hillary?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The New York Times has published a story scolding Rudy Guiliani for arranging only friendly campaign stops, pointedly carping how he is only “Seeing Only Softballs”.

Stepping to the Plate, Giuliani Is Seeing Only Softballs

SPARTANBURG, S.C., Feb. 21 — In a swing through South Carolina this week, Rudolph W. Giuliani chose to campaign at a fire house, which is a little like Derek Jeter meeting with Yankees fans — a most unlikely forum for hostility, or even much skepticism.

It is curious to me why anyone would expect a candidate to open themselves up to any venues that would present “hostility” this many months away from the elections?

Why, exactly, would any candidate plan to give the MSM footage of the candidate getting peppered and attacked this far out from the elections?

Instead of the sometimes barbed give-and-take endured by the other candidates, Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, fielded a few questions from the firefighters and police officers who gathered to hear him…

In a day when it is all the rage to say that the campaigns are starting too early, the NYT seems to be saying the opposite if they would expect Rudy to open himself to debate styled campaign stops 11 months before the first primary and 20 months before the election itself.
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The Reasonable Liberal

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-By Warner Todd Huston

I am a reasonable Liberal

America is a great place… but we need to be more like Europe.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I love America… except for its history, its culture, its societal structure, and its politics.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I hate politicians that lie… unless they have a last name of Clinton… or Kerry… or, well, any Democrat’s last name.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I think everyone should have their say… unless they say it in school, government, or in public.

I am a reasonable Liberal

Your belief in religion is just fine… unless it’s seen in school, government or in public.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am for free expression, though … except for the conservatives on talk radio or FOX News. THEN I want a law that limits their speech.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I think entertainers should be allowed to do or say anything they want… unless it is that TV show “24”. That thing is dangerous.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am for fairness for all… and, if you have a job, you should pay to make things “fair” for people who won’t get one.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am also for making sure minorities get a good job… even if I have to make sure whites don’t.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am against guns… unless it means taking them away from my bodyguard.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am for showing mercy to killers, but also for killing babies in the womb.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am against big oil…. need a lift? I have an SUV and a private jet.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I am for wind farms and alternative energy… unless the means to it blocks the view from my beachfront home.

I am a reasonable Liberal

I love my fellow Americans… except for the religious ones, the southern ones, the conservative ones, the law abiding ones, the traditional ones, the old ones, the Midwestern ones, the white ones, the gun-owning ones, the flag loving ones, the ones with children that they are actually raising themselves, the ones who work for a living, the ones who don’t want to be in a union, the truck driving ones, and the female ones that stay at home.

I am a reasonable Liberal

And most of all I am for love. And if you don’t like it I will get a bunch of my friends that don’t have jobs, surround your house, throw rocks through your windows, spit on your military sons, burn your cars, and then sue you if you try to fight back.

And it’s all because I am a reasonable Liberal.

Do We Have a Right to Hate?

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By Selwyn Duke

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway made waves on the airwaves recently by remarking that he hated homosexuals. It became the story du jour the next day, prompting the obligatory posturing and feigned outrage. Pundit Bill O’Reilly said (I’m paraphrasing), “We can’t have this in America,” although at least he was sincere.

Now, I know we should hate the sin but not the sinner, so far be it from me to advocate hatred for anyone (his actions and beliefs are a different matter). But given the West’s increasing embrace of hate crime/hate speech laws, we need to ask ourselves a question. Do we have a right to hate?

The Shill Media won’t discuss it, but the aforementioned laws are metastasizing in the supposedly free countries of the West. I’ve often written about the case of Mark Harding, a Canadian pastor punished for criticizing Islam. But such examples abound; Bob Unruh writes at,
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A New Deal Frame of Mind

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-By Thomas E. Brewton

With our radical left-wing Congress setting forth on a mission to preserve and enlarge the welfare-state, it’s appropriate to review the arrogant destructiveness of their New Deal predecessors who created the welfare-state.

A root of New Deal failure to restore prosperity in the 1930s was its authors’ ignorance of business and finance, overlain with simplistic arrogance. The same may be said of today’s San Francisco and East Coast liberal-socialists.

The New Dealers were a brash, cock-sure bunch who came from the academic world to Washington intending to wipe out as much of our capitalistic system as possible. They viewed the business and financial communities as a cross between Neanderthal ignorance and evil perversity. They assumed that all right-thinking people were united in the view that businessmen and bankers existed to oppress “the people.”

While 1950s apologists like liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., prettied the recollections of the New Deal by describing it as “saving business from itself,” the facts show clearly that the New Dealers were rabid anti-capitalistic socialists.

Describing the literally revolutionary frame of mind of FDR and his “brains trust,” the author of The New Dealers, published in 1934, wrote:

Roosevelt had the benefit of several other great national experiments as useful points of reference for the American New Deal. He had before him the spectacle of the Soviet Union with its recent dramatization of economic reorganization through the Five-Year Plan. He had before him the example of Fascist Italy with its regimentation of business, labor and banking in the “Corporative State.” He had before him the instances of Kemal [Ataturk in Turkey], Mussolini and Hitler in restoring national pride and self-confidence to beaten or dispirited peoples.

A key word in the foregoing, which illuminates the entirety of liberalism, is experiments. Liberal-socialism-progressivism is all about ivory-tower theory aimed at constructing sand castles in mid-air, without the benefit of a foundation in real life.
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Muslims Forcing London Girls to Convert to Islam, Face Violence

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-By Warner Todd Huston

More from the “religion of peace” is a story out of London, Police protect girls forced to convert to Islam.

Extremist Muslims who force vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are being targeted by police, Met chief Sir Ian Blair has revealed.

Police are working with universities to clamp down on “aggressive conversions” during which girls are beaten up and forced to abandon university courses.

The Hindu Forum of Britain claims hundreds of mostly Sikh and Hindu girls have been intimidated by Muslim men who take them out on dates before terrorising them until they convert.

Ramesh Kallidai, of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: “Some girls are petrified because they are constantly being phoned up, having their door knocked.

“One girl was beaten up on the street and others have been forced to leave university.”

The very essence of western civilization is education and here we have what is purportedly a western city, one of the premier cities therein, seeing defenseless young women having their very ability to join in the benefits of our civilization being threatened.
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People’s Republic Of Maryland Taxing Its Subjects Into Submission

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-By Frederick Meekins

One of the nicknames for the State of Maryland is “The Free State”. However, since the power to tax is the power to destroy, perhaps it is about time a more accurate slogan was selected.

In an attempt to hop on the global warming bandwagon, the state legislature is considering a bill that would require auto dealers in that jurisdiction to sell vehicles meeting California emission standards.

While this might look good on paper and allow elected officials to pat each other on the back as to how progressive and enlightened they appear to be, as usual, it will be up to the average citizen to pick up the bill so that the politicians can feel good about themselves. For it has been estimated that these upgrades will add as much as $3,000 to the price of a new automobile.
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How FDR Destroyed the Dollar

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-By Thomas E. Brewton

Until 1933, the U. S. dollar was the among the strongest and most stable currencies in the world. With the stroke of a pen, President Franklin Roosevelt torpedoed it. We are still plagued with the resulting inflation.

All governments lust for taxpayers’ money. The ability to direct the expenditure of large sums of money confers great power upon political leaders. But the spending requirements that President Franklin Roosevelt had in mind upon taking office in 1933 were of extraordinary dimensions. Inflating the currency, in socialist theory, was a way to create more money for that end.

In the 1920s, after the disillusionment of World War I, socialism enjoyed great vogue in the United States. Social Gospel ministers extolled it, intellectuals lauded it, and popular magazines ran many favorable articles about it. In that period, the general public had no awareness of the horrors then being effected in the name of socialism in the USSR, and Hitler’s National Socialism was still in the future.

It was against that background that Franklin Roosevelt campaigned for the presidency in 1932 with the promise to give state-planning a try. Described in that way, it seemed to be no more than a proposal to coordinate government spending more effectively.
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AP Misleads With Headline About Rhode Island Recognizing Gay Unions

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Talk about a blatant attempt to mislead with a headline! We have no better example of such an effort than one by the AP today. It is a textbook case of a headline that does not fit the facts of the story.

Here is the headline:

R.I. to recognize gay unions performed in Mass.

Wow! It would be big news, indeed, if legislation had been passed wherein Gay Unions from Massachusetts were to be officially recognized by Rhode Island. And, if one were to read this AP headline and move on, one would be left with the impression that it had. Even the sub head doesn’t really tell the whole truth.

State’s attorney general says there’s no reason to deny them recognition

But upon reading the story it is revealed that there has been no ruling, no law, and no such recognition of Mass. Gay Unions by Rhode Island at all. Instead, it was just the empty words of Rhode Island’s Attorney General. Just his speculation that it could happen if the issue were to be pressed.
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Britney versus Jefferson: No contest

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-By Michael M. Bates

We’ll start out with a pop quiz. Don’t fret. The results won’t go on your permanent record. Probably.

Here goes. Last Monday the United States celebrated:

  • The biggest white sale of the year.
  • Paris Hilton’s most recent engagement.
  • Presidents Day.
  • Washington’s Birthday.

The correct answer, as aficionados of Section 6103(a) of Title 5 of the U.S. Code know, is Washington’s Birthday. By the way, that’s Washington as in George. Isaiah Washington most likely won’t get his national holiday until he successfully completes his homophobia rehab.
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Storm Ahead?

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-By Thomas E. Brewton

The economic barometer has been falling for many months. Analysts have, with greater frequency of late, expressed fears of a major dollar devaluation.

This is not a prediction of specific events or the timing thereof. But you should become aware of the many economic warning signs that have become increasingly evident in recent years.

Typical is the following quotation from the Wall Street Journal’s February 17, 2007, editorial How Expansions Die:

Thus does a virtuous circle caused by easy money turn vicious, and interest rates aren’t even all that high — at least not yet. The Fed’s concern over housing’s potential effect on the broader economy is no doubt one reason it has kept short-term rates at 5.25% for several months, despite signs that inflation risks remain. Notwithstanding yesterday’s monthly inflation statistics (a function mainly of energy prices), gold has climbed back up to $665 an ounce, the dollar is weak, and “core” inflation remains above the Fed’s 2% upper limit.

The underlying problem is too many dollars sloshing around the world, the result of the Federal government’s unsatisfiable desire for more spending, along with consumers’ imprudent willingness to go into debt, spending more than they make. These two economic drivers are facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s role as creator of fiat money in limitless quantities. The inevitable result is inflation, which by definition is devaluation of the currency.
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Even Castro Knows the NYTimes is on HIS Side

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Would you be proud of yourself if your works were commemorated for helping put in power a murderous Communist who has killed thousands upon thousands of his own people over a 40 some year reign of terror?

Cuba’s tyrant in chief, Fidel Castro, is so honoring the New York Times writer who made Fidel into a mythic “man of the people”, Herbert Matthews. A plaque honoring this foolish, naive writer Matthews, was unveiled on Saturday in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

When the fights against the Cuban government of Fulgencio Batista began in the late 1950s, Fidel Castro was just one of several guerilla fighters trying to vie for followers and publicity. Castro was just a nut in the wilderness with few followers, though, until Herbert Matthews and the New York Times came along.

Matthews was such a fawning fool for Castro that the rebel leader was able to bamboozle the star struck reporter over the size of Castro’s forces. Castro joked years later that he was able to fool Matthews into imagining that he had hundreds of fighting men by parading the same 18 guys past the reporter in different hats and jackets. This little ruse made the child-like writer report that Castro had a great army behind him and the publicity freely given by the New York Times via Matthews gave Castro the legitimacy he needed to take over the Island nation.

Matthews even went so far as to downplay Castro’s communist ideology along the way easing fears in the US that Castro would be a communist enemy right off our shores.
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Lieberman Says it Well

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-By Chuck Busch

Again, Joe Lieberman — the Democratic party’s 2000 presidential candidate — said it well on Friday:

The non-binding resolution before us is not about stopping a hypothetical plan. It is about disapproving a plan that is being carried out now by our fellow Americans in uniform, in the field. In that sense, as I have said, it is unprecedented in Congressional history, in American history. This resolution is about shouting into the wind. It is about ignoring realities of what’s happening on the ground in Baghdad.

It proposes nothing. It contains no plan for victory or retreat. It proposes nothing. It is a strategy of “no,” while our soldiers are saying, “yes, sir” to their commanding officers as they go forward into battle.

And that is why I will vote against the resolution by voting against cloture.

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A Review Of Storming Heaven by Kyle Mills

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-By Frederick Meekins

Incidents such as Waco, Jonestown, and the Heaven’s Gate suicides prove the unique challenge such sects pose to contemporary society because of the threats they represent to both life and liberty while having to balance the need to protect the innocent from this danger yet recognizing these organizations have a right to operate under the First Amendment provided they have not committed what most reasonable people would consider an actual crime. In Storming Heaven, Kyle Mills examines a number of these issues in the form of an action novel.

In “Storming Heaven“, FBI Agent Mark Beamon must rescue the granddaughter of a deceased cult leader before she is sacrificed to ensure that power within the group remains within the hands of those already running the show unbeknownst to even the late sect leader. But even though this race against the clock provides most of the suspense within the novel, readers will also be riveted by the extent to which some will go to seize control in the name of religion.
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February 21, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Religion, Thomas Brewton, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Connectedness

-By Thomas E. Brewton

Modern life isolates each of us. The church community unites us and gives meaning to our lives.

Sunday’s sermon at the Long Ridge Congregational Church (non-UCC) in North Stamford, Connecticut, was delivered by the Reverend Mark Scarlata.

An old Jewish proverb, he said, summarizes the condition of human life: “We can be either like a single letter of an alphabet, or part of a greater meaning.”

From one perspective, the whole Bible is the history of drawing people together into an ever larger community, beginning with the family of Abram/Abraham, and widening under Moses into the twelve tribes constituting the Israelite nation. The unifying force was submission to God’s command, which gives meaning to individual life and to the community.
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Barack Obama, Not ‘Black Enough’?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

(As heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Feb 20th, 2007)

A very interesting piece by Louis Chude-Sokei is featured in the L.A.Times today, titled Redefining ‘Black’ and centered upon the question of Barack Obama’s relative “blackness”.

Some of you may have noticed that Barack is not getting the automatic support from African American leaders that many assumed he would get since throwing his hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination for the presidency and Mr. Chude-Sokei makes an effort to inform us as to why this might be true. Unfortunately, while it has a few good points, it misses the mark in too many ways.

The main point, according to Chude-Sokei, is that Obama isn’t “black enough” to get the support of the standing Black American leadership because of his White/Hawaiian/African (meaning NOT African American, but real African) heritage.

This feeling of Obama not being “black enough” for Black American leaders to warm up to is, according to this piece, because of the growing community of immigrant blacks in the US who are not really African Americans in the way that black leaders prefer. Meaning that they aren’t Americans but immigrants and they are immigrants that do not kow-tow to black American prejudices and racial political demagoguery causing Black leaders to distrust them.

And also because the immigrants are often better educated, or interested in being so, than their native born American fellows.
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Masque (All Of The King’s Men)

February 21, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Congress, Constitution, Family, R. A. Hawkins, Security/Safety, Society/Culture, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Masque (All Of The King’s Men)

By R. A. Hawkins

Huey P. Long was once asked if he thought that fascism would ever come to America. He said that if it did it would be called anti-fascism. I noticed that was one of the quotes left out in Sean Penn’s rendition of the Huey P. Long story. I often wondered why they decided to do that movie. I guess it had to do with the fact that he took on a bunch of corrupt corporations and politicians in Louisiana. For those of you that aren’t aware of it, let’s just say the Democrats have always had a very strong grip on Louisiana. They did an awesome job of whining after Hurricane Katrina.

But I said earlier that it wouldn’t take very long before the Democrats would show what they really are all about again. The Pelosicrats will do a fine job of undoing themselves in short order. I bring to you this week a stellar example of what I mean. I’m talking about one Ms. Sheila Jackson-Lee.

She has introduced several bills that should really get your attention, the first of which is H.R. 254. This bill is supposedly designed to bring an end to ‘Hate Speech’. It is called …
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Iran feels a Nuclear War is no Big Deal

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Too many today assume that Iran getting a nuclear arsenal might not be so bad. There are various reasons they posit for this position, from Iran being sovereign and, therefore, unstoppable — and so it is none of our business, anyway — to the idea of equating Iran with the U.S.S.R. of the Cold War resulting in an assumption that a basic stalemated safety will result from a policy of containment (and a return to MAD) which will work to prevent the fanatics in charge of Iran from using them.

In the former, the sovereign position is one that stands on its own and one must either take it at face value assuming that no nation has a right or a place to attempt to interfere in any other nation’s business, or one must accept that all governments have a right or a moral duty to attempt to interject their interests in other nation’s affairs when said nation becomes a danger to others after some fashion or another. It’s either stay out (the Utopian libertarian ideal) or realize that things are more complicated than that. After all, the world left Hitler on his own without interfering much during that perceived era of “peace in our times”, but a healthy dose of George W. Bush’s doctrine of intervention would have, in retrospect, been a good idea in response to Hitler.

In the later, pundits assume that Iran understands the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) and that they would not be so stupid as to launch a nuke for fear of their own destruction in retaliation. This theory relies on a basic assumption that the Iranians are as “reasonable” as the Soviets were.

But, those who imagine that Iran is run by people who are “just like us” in that they are sensible people who just want to make a living and live their lives like “normal people” should be stunned by what now former Iranian leader, Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, a so-called moderate, said in a Qods day speech given in 2001.
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New World Realities!

February 19, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Economy/Finances, Education, Entertainment, Family, History, Science, Society/Culture, Uncategorized, Vince Johnson | Comments Off on New World Realities!

-By Vince Johnson

I’m currently in the process of moving from the Coast to Aumsville, Oregon and short on time for writing a REALITY FACTOR. Therefore, this issue is an opportunity to relay some startling information prepared by an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota. He is Director of the UCEA Center for Advanced Study Technological Leadership in Education. The following information was obtained from his web page:

  • If you are 1 in a million in China, there are 1,300 people just like you!
  • The 25% of the Chinese Population with the highest IQ’s is greater than the total population of North America. Translation for teachers: They have more honors kids than we have kids!
  • Did you know that China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world?
  • If you took every single job in America and shipped it to China, it would still have a labor surplus!
  • During the time it takes you to read this column, 60 babies will be born in the USA, 244 babies will be born in China, and 351 babies will be born in India.
  • The top ten jobs that will be in demand in 2010 didn’t even exist in 2004!
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Jack Murtha: The Britney Spears of Congress

February 18, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Congress, GOP, Islam, Islamofascism, Military, Patriotism, President, Security/Safety, Society/Culture, Uncategorized, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on Jack Murtha: The Britney Spears of Congress

-By Warner Todd Huston

The worst thing about pop culture celebrities is their ever downwardly spiraling behavior. To get noticed they feel they must indulge in ever more outrageous behavior until they end up dead like Anna Nichol Smith or a drunken, debauched mess like the empty-headed Britney Spears. Sadly, the media and the gossip rags eat it up.

This pathology to attention mongering isn’t, though, exclusive to these so-called celebrities. In fact, such “notice” can sing a siren song for politicians, too. Especially those who imagine themselves populists.

It isn’t enough to have a principle and fight for it. That “principle” must be expanded ever more and the targets that the principle is applied against must be ever more extreme. Jack Murtha fits this political definition to a tee.

Jack Murtha is the Britney Spears of Congress. And his anti-war stance is the avenue to his pathological need to be noticed. And he isn’t alone.
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Society as Clay in Liberals’ Hands

February 18, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Education, History, The Law, Thomas Brewton, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Society as Clay in Liberals’ Hands

-By Thomas E. Brewton

An enduring society is not a random assemblage of people drawn together, like pigs around the feed trough, waiting for welfare-state handouts.

The liberal paradigm recognizes no spiritual dimension to human nature or to human society. In the liberals’ atheistic and materialistic world, humans are merely animals a notch along the evolutionary scale from the apes and, like them, motivated only by material factors: water, food, sex, and shelter.

Societies, in that paradigm, are held together by whatever may be the currently reigning regulations governing those material wants. A political society theoretically is a lump of clay that intellectuals are capable of shaping anyway they wish.

In contrast, Cicero, the great Roman orator and admirer of Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoic philosophers, observed in the Republic:
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One reason so many senators crave the presidency

February 17, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Congress, Constitution, Crime, Elections, History, Patriotism, President, Society/Culture, Uncategorized | Comments Off on One reason so many senators crave the presidency

-By Michael M. Bates

Serving as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan may not strike you as a good career move. Yet it worked out fine for Senator Robert Byrd.

In the early 1940s, the West Virginia Democrat did so well bringing in KKK members at $10 each ($3 extra for the robe and hood) that he quickly moved into management of the virulently anti-black, anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish organization. He was chosen to be the Exalted Cyclops, the chapter leader. A Grand Dragon suggested Byrd try politics. He did, and served for years in the state legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1958, he was elected to the Senate and has been there ever since. Fellow Democrats revere him. So popular is he that in 1971 he defeated the sainted Teddy Kennedy for a Democratic leadership post.

Not bad for a former Kleagle who after World War II voiced his disgust with military racial integration. Rather than fighting with blacks, he’d prefer to “die a thousand times, and see old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.”
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New Mexico Radio Station Won’t Use ‘Unnamed Officials’ Quotes in News

February 16, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Education, Media Bias, Security/Safety, Society/Culture, Uncategorized, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on New Mexico Radio Station Won’t Use ‘Unnamed Officials’ Quotes in News

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is a refreshing change of pace. According to Editor and Publisher, New Mexico Radio station KSFR has made a new policy to eschew usage of newswire stories based on quotes from “unnamed officials” or other unattributed sources.

News director Bill Dupuy sent the following message to his news staff:

Effectively immediately and until further notice, it is the policy of KSFR’s news department to ignore and not repeat any wire service or nationally published story about Iran, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia or any other foreign power that quotes an “unnamed” U.S. official.

What we have suspected and talked about at length before is now becoming clear. “High administration officials speaking on the condition of anonymity,” “Usually reliable Washington sources,” and others of the like were behind the publicity that added credibility to the need to go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our news department covers local news. But, like local newspapers and others, we occasionally are taken in by national stories that we have no way to verify.

This is a small news department with a small reach. We cannot research these stories ourselves. But we can take steps not to compromise our integrity. We should not dutifully parrot whatever comes out of Washington, on the wire or by whatever means, no matter how intriguing and urgent it sounds, when the source is unnamed.

I am also calling on our colleagues in other local news departments — broadcast and print — to take the same professional approach.

Though I disagree that these “unnamed” sources in any way added to any “credibility” to take us to war — it was rather the opposite, really — the unnamed source has become the scourge of government. So, this is a great idea and would cut down on the kind of destructive leaks that have so consumed the “News” purveyors of late.
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The Temperature Also Rises

February 16, 2007 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Economy/Finances, Education, Family, Health, Science, Security/Safety, Selwyn Duke, Society/Culture, Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Temperature Also Rises

By Selwyn Duke

With the issuing of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on February 2, waxing climactic about the climatic is the order of the day. The esteemed, government-funded scientists with no agenda who rendered the study inform us that man is almost certainly responsible for rising temperatures and, furthermore, that dramatic climate change is unstoppable. But, after seeing various luminaries sound the alarm, I think I can confidently say that, hell’s bells, we’re darn well gonna try anyway.

And it’s about time. We’ve long known we were going to die unless we stopped spewing that plant-sustaining CO2 into the air. The thing is, though, my botanical sources tell me the plants are fearful that they’ll die if they don’t stop spewing that human-sustaining oxygen into the air. So our task is clear.

We must beat the plants.
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