Michael Vick and Southern Hicks

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-By Lee Culpepper

Blaming racism for Michael Vick’s soon-to-be felony-dog-fighting conviction actually sparks another opportunity to discuss a preposterous myth about African-American culture. The controversy also ignites the deliberate divisiveness and harm of the multicultural agenda. As I predicted, my efforts to uncover the African culture that introduced dog fighting to America failed. In fact, I concluded most clear-thinking Africans, like most assimilated Americans, wonder why any fool would want to fight dogs. Perhaps using dogs to perform dangerous jobs has always stoked controversy, but apparently only the degenerates of society have ever considered dog versus dog fighting acceptable practice. And once again, African culture is not to blame for the disgraceful introduction of dog fighting to America.

Actually, the ritual evolved among unsophisticated men considered the lowlifes of Great Britain in the 1800s. In short, a decent gentleman has never considered dog fighting a worthy sport. The repugnant practice was excreted from the bowels of the United Kingdom to the backwoods throughout the American South. Yes, the type of unrefined reprobates who have fought and still fight their dogs have basically always been described as rednecks, crackers, or hicks. That is until recently.

Amazingly, a new segment of the remaining redneck culture today descends from men whom rednecks victimized in the past. This new crude redneck uses a freshly ridiculous vernacular, comprised of words like “homie, gansta’, playa’,” and coincidentally enough “dawg.” These rednecks now often live in the poorest parts of America’s inner cities. Author and scholar Thomas Sowell wrote an outstanding book entitled Black Rednecks and White Liberals, which in part analyzes the dark irony behind the misleading culture that some call African American. The multicultural agenda dangerously pushes inner-city-black culture as the authentic black American culture, but according to Sowell, today’s glamorized ghetto culture comes nowhere close to accurately representing the values of most black Americans today or black Americans in our history. Nevertheless, multicultural activist stray further from the truth by calling inner-city-black culture African-American culture.

As with Vick’s disturbing behavior, the romanticized inner-city-thug culture has nothing to do with African culture. Again, the culture that many inner-city-blacks and Vick are mired in is a white redneck culture that goes all the way back to Europe when there were no black people there. Sadly, Vick now serves as the quintessential example of just how destructive the redneck culture actually is — as the culture is one that has historically undervalued education while it encouraged violence, arrogance, promiscuity, and more.

Million dollar paychecks may allow a minuscule number of white and black rednecks to flaunt their brand of the culture in the public’s face, but for average Americans, embracing this culture holds them back. Nevertheless, some black celebrities shamelessly and ignorantly advocate this destructive white culture to poor black children while multicultural zealots threaten to ruin anyone with the guts to criticize it.

At one time Vick seemed to offer hope to all of us as the squeaky-clean kid with phenomenal athletic ability. He appeared to have naturally eluded the perils of growing up in the projects in the same dazzling manner that he made fleet defenders look clumsy on the field. He looked as if he might set the example for children who really needed him to be what everyone wanted Vick to be – a positive role model.

Unfortunately for Vick, the detrimental forces of the redneck culture have now scarred his life forever. The irony of the situation is sad. In Vick’s efforts to epitomize what is for some the glamour of the “black culture,” he was in fact epitomizing the most ridiculed white culture to date. Lampooning the redneck culture has made white comedian Jeff Foxworthy an incredibly rich man. Living the redneck culture has cost Michael Vick millions of dollars and left him a disgraced felon.

I wonder what Michael Vick would say to diversity activists if he were to ever learn the truth about his own demise. He is not a victim of racism. Michael Vick is the example of the authentic consequences of multiculturalism.
Lee Culpepper is a Marine turned high school English teacher. Currently, he is writing his first book, Alone and Unafraid: One Marine’s Counterattack Inside the Walls of Public Education. Lee is also a contributing columnist for The North Carolina Conservative, The HinzSight Report, and The Publius’ Forum. An increasing number of publications, including The Conservative Voice and, have run his recent articles, as well.

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