Christians, this election is not just about the economy

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-By Marie Jon’

Christians founded this nation, and they will either save it or let fall into the hands of a Socialist-Marxist and his minions. By refusing to vote for Sen. John McCain, Christians will bear a huge portion of responsibility for abandoning their nation in its time of greatest need.

Only a massive turnout of every devout believer in Christ can turn this election around. We most certainly have the numbers to do the job. God fearing Christians who are willing to vote their faith can overturn the attempted theft of this election by the enemy.

The Democrats have let it be known that if and when they gain control of all three branches of government, they will do so for generations to come, by force if necessary.

I am positive that Socialist-Marxists will not let go without causing great social unrest once they have been in control for a time. The far left will take over our country and destroy it. Be prepared to do what is right before it’s too late. Don’t be overwhelmed by what appears to be an Obama victory. Act now. Put an end to this ominous threat.

The outcome of this election will say many things. One of the most profound is what it will say about the state of Christianity in this country. Specifically, the compromise of Christian beliefs will give rise to paganism, socialism, multiculturalism and various other -isms.

We are on the proverbial “thin edge of the wedge.”

We have witnessed the most aggressive litigations which have attacked our faith for years, yet not many Christians have been stirred up enough to do a thing about the eroding of our religious freedoms.

Open your eyes, Christian America. You’ve been undermined and lulled to sleep within your cloisters of Christian fellowship. Your lack of wisdom regarding political effects on matters of faith is stunningly appalling. As a result, we have been weakened.

This election is not just about the economy, but about the fate of our nation as it exists today.

If we are not careful, soon our churches will be forced to compromise the preaching of the full gospel message, as they have been in Canada, Britain and Scandinavia. What God’s Word has to say about marriage and homosexuality will be considered hate speech. Christian radio will also be stifled not able to air God’s truth on these extremely important topics.

Our churches will lose their tax exemptions because they’ll refuse to accommodate and perform same sex marriages. Traditional Churches will close their doors before they are forced to obey the far reaching arms of the ACLU and those who legislate from the bench.

This is a clarion call. Who will be preaching to the multitudes? Denominations that have been radicalized by the far left, such as the National Council of Churches, that’s who. Only those whose agenda it is to change our country’s political and social mores will be left standing. They have already sown the seeds of deceit.

The United Church of Christ is the very same denomination as “God Damn America” Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He helped form Sen. Barack Obama’s world views, both spiritually and politically. Read the handwriting on the wall. See what America will become if Obama is elected.

Excerpts from About.Com: What is the United Church of Christ’s Position on Homosexuality?

Question: What is the United Church of Christ’s Position on Homosexuality?


“The United Church of Christ is, by definition, congregational, thus the views of one church may not be forced or taken on by another church. Thus, many views vary among various congregations within the Church of Christ. David Roozen, the director for the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, has stated that the overall pronouncements and polices of the national church is often more liberal than what individual churches uphold.

“The General Synod passed a resolution in 1985 that encouraged congregations to be open and affirming, meaning that the churches should be non-discriminating in areas of employment, volunteer efforts, and membership. In 2005 the General Synod encouraged congregations to adopt equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Several congregations allow for ordination of non-celibate homosexual clergy, but only 10 percent of UCC congregations actually have an official ‘Open and Affirming’ statement.” Full Article

The Gospel of Christ has been blatantly misrepresented within many ungodly denominations. They have finally reached across the abyss and shook the hands with the powers of darkness. These denominations will have their doors wide open because they will be the status quos of the new laws that will be imposed upon our nation.

Christians, it is your last chance to make a stand for our faith. It is our last opportunity to hold back what is to come.

We must maintain “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Our country’s fate is in our hands. Seize it. In a matter of a few days it will be all over. The election is more than just about the economy.

The outcome of this election will say many things. One of the most profound is what it will say about the state of Christianity in this country. Specifically, the compromise of Christian beliefs will give rise to paganism, socialism, multiculturalism and various other -isms. We are on the proverbial “thin edge of the wedge.”

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Marie Jon’ is a political/religious-based writer. She is the founder of — a sister website to RenewAmerica. Marie extends her hand of welcome. Come visit her website and receive your free gift of salvation by taking an on line Bible study. She personally invites you to join Christians from all over the world by becoming a free member of GOD Fellowship The site is a nondenominational gathering of believers.

Marie’s writings have appeared on many sites, including The New Media Journal, ChronWatch, and Commonconservative, to name a few. She is a regular columnist for Capitolhillcoffeehouse, The Daley Times Post, RenewAmerica, The Conservative Voice, Newsbull,,, and

Marie brings a refreshing and spirited point of view that is reflected in her writings, as well as a genuine and spiritual opinion regarding God and his teachings. Marie is an practicing Christian, a nurse, a student of the Bible, and a patriot. Many of Marie’s articles are a reflection of her great admiration for those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is an advocate for the troops, as well as the Blue and Gold Star Mothers of America, and their families. Marie has appeared as a guest with political talk show host Bruce Elliott on WBAL-1090 AM. Saturdays 5AM-9AM EST



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