AP Attacks Gov. Palin EVEN in Birth Announcement of Grandson

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The Associated Press is classy, indeed. They can’t even keep sniping at Sarah Palin out of a story announcing the blessed birth of her grandson. Ah, but wait, it gets even more annoying because not only did the AP snipe at Palin in its first birth announcement story, once called on it the AP went back twice to rearrange the piece rewriting history to make it seem as if they never sniped at her in the first place.

Initially, the AP attacked Palin in its very first paragraph saying that daughter Bristol’s pregnancy was the thing that caused Palin’s candidacy to “go downhill.” At 7:20 PM the AP gave us this: (Bold my emphasis)

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-By Warner Todd Huston has put together its top 5 predictions for how political communications under the Obama presidency will be changed in 2009.

Now, in some ways, I can see where the Skewz team is coming from seeing as how they are in that Internet bubble, but I think that their assumptions of Internet domination of politics is a bit overblown. Still, I think in many ways the predictions are right if not quite as strong as presented nor as immediate.

Here are their predictions and my replies to them:

1. Blogging Gets Issue-Specific : The 2008 election re-enforced and validated the need for candidates to have a strong outreach program to the blogosphere to amplify their message. While it’s apparent that bloggers are becoming more important and tightly linked to campaigns, the increasing number of blogs is pushing many bloggers to become “issue specific” as a way to differentiate themselves. For example, rather than being just a “right” or “left” blog, specific topics such as crime, the housing crisis, government bailouts, poverty, etc. will dominate. In addition, day-to-day issues such as crime and poverty will become more relevant to larger portions of the electorate.

I think this is less a reaction to “differentiation” among bloggers, more an act of going with what one knows based on the growing legitimacy of the medium. Over the year 2008, Blogs have become a legitimate news source and this has spurred even more people with specific fields of knowledge to feel confident that they won’t merely be laughed off with their blogging efforts. Smart people with detailed knowledge and a passion to debate the issues have migrated to blogs in great numbers over the year. And with the growth of social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook — all of which rely heavily on linking to stories on news media and blogs — the Internet has really come into its own as an “official” news source. Witness the recent survey that shows a far grater number of people than ever before saying the Internet is their news source.

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Technological Parking Meters Manifest Statist Mindset

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-By Frederick Meekins

One of the simple delights in the age of vehicular travel is coming across an empty parking space that still has time on the meter. Since the beast — namely the municipalities obtaining revenue from the meter — is still getting the amount of money it is due whether the spot is occupied by one or two cars in the purchased amount of time, one would think the taxmasters wouldn’t care and simply let the lucky motorist enjoy one of the few pleasures remaining in our increasingly bleak and overcontrolled world.

However, it seems that technology is being used once more to tighten the noose of government around the neck of the law abiding citizen.

According to a Washington Post story titled “Meters Deny Parking Handouts“, a number of companies are developing devices sensitive enough to reset themselves once they detect that the space is no longer occupied. Instead of harassing motorists, perhaps these tech-heads should turn their sophisticated detection sensors towards securing America’s border.
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Tough Guy John ‘François’ Kerry Wants ‘Hot Pursuit’ of Pirates

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-By Warner Todd Huston

It’s like handing a sheriff’s badge to Don Knotts. Like entering Gary Coleman in a Mr. Universe contest. Like expecting Michael Moore not to lie. In today’s laugher, the Associated Press is presenting John ‘François’ Kerry as a tough guy out to bring the law to the new Barbary pirates.

Seriously. Stop laughing.

The AP sternly informs us that, “As a young Navy swift boat commander in Vietnam, Senator John F. Kerry was no stranger to the perils of hot pursuit in combat.”

I am SURE them thar pi-rates is a shakin’ in their boots. The tough guy is after ’em!

But, just like John ‘François’ Kerry always does, there is “nuance” in his seeming braggadocio. (my bold)

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Darn Israel and Hamas for… Wrecking Obama’s Great Foreign Policy Plans?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The Palestinians raise their kids to hate Jews. The Israelis have endured decades of acts of terror against their own children and have generally acted with forbearance in reply. The UN has been vehemently and irrationally anti-Israeli since day one. The questions of “right of return” and the “two state solution” have dogged international politics for a long time. And what is the Timesonline worried about? Are they worried about the safety of Jewish children. Are they concerned of the improvement in quality of life for Palestinian children? No, none of that. The Times is worried that all this will hurt poor Barack Obama and his wonderful plans for a foreign policy that will at last bring us peace in our times.

I’m not kidding. In all this mess, the Times is most concerned that Obama’s foreign policy promises will be harmed because of what Hamas has forced upon itself. While Obama skips church and runs off to the gym on a daily basis, the Times is all concerned for Barack’s foreign policy.

In a perfect emulation of their most beloved countryman, Neville Chamberlain, the peace-in-our-times London Times proves that Brits are entirely feckless where it concerns a moral understanding of foreign policy. In times like these, the delicate feelings of Barack Obama should be the last thing that anyone should care about. On top of that he isn’t even president, yet, so his ideas and opinion are meaningless at this point in time. But, this is the point the Times wants to explore in theirs headlined, “Barack Obama’s hopes for early peace deal shattered in minefield of Middle Eastern politics.”

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Munchausen’s by Proxy

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-By Dan Scott

As a normal person viewing the entire taxation and government benefit program structure one could not blame them as concluding it is a Rube Goldberg approach to governance. Government policy or more accurately liberal policy is about taking money only to give it back in a convoluted scheme to somehow bring about equality. A myriad of taxes are taken at every level of business and personal activity. This is justified under the guise of government meeting the needs of the people. To decide whose needs the government should be serving, groups of people are stereotyped and assigned victim status being called the poor. The poor it is said needs the government to help them because poverty is not a choice but an accident of birth. The logic goes like this, if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you obviously will want for nothing since your caretakers will meet all your needs and give you every advantage to succeed in life whether that be a guaranteed income for life, a job in the family business, a higher education to work a well paying job, good health care, etc. On the other hand if that same baby were born into a poor household, he/she would have none of those advantages and therefore is it unfair. Since America is a wealthy society, it falls upon society to make it fair by giving everyone a chance to be equally successful.

On the surface such an argument about equality may make some sense until you delve into it’s assumptions. The first assumption is about poverty and wealth being an accident. Neither is an accident, making bad financial decisions doesn’t make you wealthy nor does making good financial decisions make you poor. Success is a choice, not an accident. This is called sophistry, making false assertions using false arguments. It follows that parents are responsible for the care of their offspring and therefore how that parent carries out that responsibility affects the outcome. It is the parent’s responsibility to make good decisions that will benefit the child and themselves. The ability of a parent to give equal opportunity as another parent is an impossibility. The ability of one individual to be equal in every way (both mentally and physically) to another one let alone an entire nation of individuals is also impossible. Inequality is a fact of life and therefore to demand what is impossible is sophistry. The equality argument advanced by liberals is based on the fallacious impossible premise of total equality. The equality as advanced by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence is one of opportunity under the Law with limitations on “government’s ability” of giving one group or individual more to one than others.
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The Nutrooters Newest Hope for Hope-n-Change

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Eli Pariser, the delusional Nutroot kingpin of, has been allowed a few column inches of space in the Washington Post to reveal his hope for some Obama hope-n-change, and his op ed is a doosie, for sure. Headlined “Will He Bring We Can Believe In?,” Pariser gives voice to his most hopiest of hopeiness that Obama is the True One that they all hope he is. All joking aside, this is a pretty revealing op ed for its utter inability at introspection or, on the other hand, its complete lack of honesty — I’m not sure which.

In fact, Pariser’s very first paragraph reveals his own extremism, an extremism that he pretends doesn’t exist (that being the lack of introspection, or the cynical attempt at covering the truth to which I was alluding).

So, how’s the Obama administration doing so far?

It’s a trick question: We’re still about minus-23 days in. But already, folks on the left and the right are furiously reading tea leaves, worrying about whether he’s as progressive as promised or trying to turn lemons into lemonade (“Hillary Clinton at State: a victory for conservative foreign policy values”). Through all this, there’s been surprisingly little focus on what may be the most important question Obama faces.

As Pariser mentions, Obama hasn’t taken office and so far all he has are appointments and a lot of vacation time, so no administration exists. This isn’t Obama’s fault, nor something to hold against him, but Pariser’s fevered imagination is running amuck, here.

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Another Journalist Proclaims The Masses Are Stupid, Internet is Pernicious

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-By Warner Todd Huston

In another of a never ending line of self-congratulatory but quickly fading news paper journalists, Newark Star-Ledger writer Paul Mulshine has bravely taken it upon himself to warn us all that we’ll miss him and his kind when they are gone. By his kind, of course, he means print journalists.

Mulshine assures us all that, Mencken-like, he feels that the masses are idiots that cannot even pronounce pundit much less spell it well enough to become citizen journalists on the Internet. He is certain that without the assistance of professional journalists we lowly citizens will never be able to find out what’s going on in our local governments. This is because, he says, bloggers won’t take the time and haven’t the ability to, “sit through town-council meetings and explain to you why your taxes will be going up.”

Of course, he is completely wrong. Left and right there are many such bloggers doing just that on a daily basis.

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Ayers and Dohrn are Liars

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-By Thomas E. Brewton

Everything, from people within the Weatherman Underground, to Bill Ayers’s own words, proves his mendacity.

Doug Welsh on his Twitter site posted a link to Larry Grathwohl’s reply to Ayers.

Mr. Grathwohl, from his personal knowledge as an FBI infiltrator in the Weatherman underground in the late 1960s and early 70s, confutes the self-serving, hypocritical rationalizations that Mr. Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn are now peddling.
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Government Theft of Private Property

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Check out the YouTube page for Begging for Billionaires.

UAW Union Bosses Abusing Positions for Pay

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– By Warner Todd Huston

TV News 4 in Detroit did an excellent expose on a few union bosses that routinely rip off the unions and the auto makers they work for with fake time cards and paid for but unworked overtime pay.

One of the bosses, Ron Seroka, a union job security officer, takes off half a day nearly everyday to go home to lounge around the house while he is on the clock. Seroka punches in at the plant at 6AM every single day and is home by 11:30 AM for some nice leisure time at home. Yet he gets a steady 10 hours pay every single day despite the fact that he is rarely at work.

Seroka’s union boss is even worse. Union chairman Jim Modzelewski buys beer on a daily basis while on the clock and clocks himself in for overtime pay hours before he even wakes up to go into the plant. TV 4 found that after he punches in, he typically leaves for a beer run mere hours later. Again, all this is on a daily basis. He is also paid overtime pay on a daily basis as he sits home drinking his daily beer. With over 2,500 hours of overtime, Modzelewski made a six-figure salary last year. TV 4 also discovered that Modzelewski even played in a bowling tournament while on the clock — as at overtime pay, too!

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A Fundamentalist Christian Looks at Fundamentalist Islam!

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-By Don Boys, Ph.D.

Have American Christians misread or misinterpreted historic Islam? I am afraid many have, and as a Bible-believing Christian concerned with the truth, I want to challenge their thinking.

Many believe that all Muslims are uneducated fanatics; however, many Muslim clerics are highly educated, urbane, and politically informed.

Another false conception is that all Muslims are terrorists, and while State Department testimony reveals that the extremists in Saudi Arabia control 80% of U.S. mosques, some Muslims are anti-terrorists. Some Muslim leaders, especially in Europe and Egypt have taken anti-terrorist positions at the risk of their lives! I have great respect for those clerics. (However, where have mass demonstrations of American Muslims taken place since 9-11 to show abhorrence for terror?)
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Flight 93 Update

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Another stealth jihadist plants another evil hidden Islamic message

Blogburst logo, petition

What could be as evil as sneaking a memorial to the 9/11 terrorists onto the Flight 93 crash site? How about sneaking a hidden message of Islamic indoctrination into the soundtrack if an adorable baby doll, repeated every 30 seconds to thousands of 2-5 year old girls without parental knowledge?

If you haven’t heard it before, check out this AP video from October:
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Controversy Over RNC Chairman Selection, Emineth Commeth

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-By Warner Todd Huston

To some conservatives, what North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Gary Emineth told The Hill last week is proof of the arrogance of an out-of-touch Republican Party. Emineth says he is being misunderstood, but his words were badly chosen regardless.

The Hill quoted Mr. Emineth concerning the selection of the next Republican National Committee Chairman. Mr. Emineth has made a special request during this process, one that has not been contemplated in the past. He is circulating a petition to have all six candidates for the position of RNC Chairman appear before the entire 168 member RNC committee to take questions from the whole body during this deliberation.

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‘Dear Mr. Obama,’ Why are our Kids so Brainwashed?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has launched a wonderful little feature that will run until Barack Obama takes the oath of office next month. They are calling it “Dear Mr. Obama” and it is a heartwarming exercise in child indoctrination and brainwashing. The Post-Gazette will be publishing letters from local students to Obama asking him for all sorts of global warming fixes, Iraq war enders, and big government programs.

Sadly, it appears that the government schools these kids have been subjected to have failed to teach their charges about anything like the American system, federalism, even science seems neglected. But they SURE taught their kiddies that government is there to spend, spend, spend, that government is to be treated like our collective parents, and that the war in Iraq is obviously an evil venture. Obviously.

And, yes little kiddies, The One, your very own Obamessiah, is flying to the rescue like a super hero. Cue the theme music — I’d suggest the theme to 2001, like Elvis used, is appropriate for the sentiment here. The Obamessiah has entered the building!

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Pennsylvania’s Corrosive Strike Culture

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The Wall Street Journal recently had an interesting article on the extremely high percentage of teacher’s strikes in the State of Pennsylvania. The Journal noted that Penn. teachers account for an astonishing 42% of all teacher walk outs in the nation.

This, apparently, despite the fact that Pennsylvania’s teachers are some of the highest paid in the nation.

The strikes take place despite the state’s ranking in the top 20% nationwide for teacher salaries in 2006-2007 — the most recent data available — with an average of $54,970. Those paychecks go even further when adjusted for the state’s cost of living compared to top-spending school districts in places like California.

The Journal notes that 37 states have passed various laws that limit or eliminate teacher walk outs but union bigwigs in Penn. have succeeded in burying all attempts to implement such laws in the Keystone state.

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The 99 Most Memorable, Interesting and Outrageous Political Quotes of 2008

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-By David Huntwork

The year 2008 was politically the most exciting and unusual in a generation. It hosted a long, divisive and drama filled campaign season that featured the rapid rise and fall of Rudy Guiliani, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee, the unlikely rise of John McCain and Barack Obama, and the eventual bitter defeat of Hillary Clinton. It brought us an unusually long and brutal primary with emotional charges of racism and sexism, the rise of the Superdelegate, and the explosion of Sarah Palin upon the national stage. All of this was followed by a rough and tumble presidential campaign whose outcome may have never been truly in doubt but was still a never ending soap opera of charges, counter charges, personal attacks, character assassinations, rumors, smears and the occasional, unexpected surprise.

2008 also also brought us a huge spike in gas prices, more political scandals, a mortgage and credit industry in a state of panic and a sitting president who was almost completely politically powerless in the face of such challenges. Rarely does such an alignment of events occur in a single year and the resulting deluge of memorable political quotes is a goldmine for the blogger, columnist, political junkie, and all those who follow current events. Without further ado I present to you my selection of the 99 most memorable, interesting, and outrageous political quotes of 2008.
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The NYTimes’ PC Christmas — Imagine There’s No Religion But Global Warming’s True

December 26, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Democrats/Leftists, Family, History, Jobs, Media Bias, News, Religion, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on The NYTimes’ PC Christmas — Imagine There’s No Religion But Global Warming’s True

– By Warner Todd Huston

Imagine there’s no religion, it’s easy for The New York Times to do — even in a Christmas Day editorial that somehow forgets that Christmas is about Christ’s birth. In fact, the NYT decided that this Christmas was its opportunity to wallow in worse-than-ever sentiments and to bemoan that this year’s Christmas isn’t as good as it used to be. Oh, they tried to dress it up a bit by saying it is great to have a Christmas that gets us back to basics and also by slipping in some global warming clap trap, but it is still a lament that we all have it so darn bad these days.

The Christmas Day editorial starts off surmising that “you may be wondering about the carbon equation of a Christmas tree,” though it is a bit amusing to see them make such a silly assumption. I’d rather bet that even most environuts weren’t thinking about their Christmas carbon footprint when they awoke that morning! But, not the NYT. They are all worried that those old Christmas lights are going to cause the end of the planet as we know it!

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Obama’s First Gift to Unions

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– By Warner Todd Huston

Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Labor is his first gift to labor unions. Hilda Solis is quite a union extremist and has already promised to push the misleadingly named employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) once she takes over her new role in the Obama administration.

A recent Wall Street Journal report reveals that Solis, a California Congressman, has been in the back pocket of unions since she first ran for Congress.

Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Labor — Hilda Solis — brings impeccable big labor credentials. The California Congresswoman first rode to power with labor backing against a fellow Democrat, has voted with the AFL-CIO 97% of the time, and got three-quarters of her campaign contributions from unions.

But the WS Journal rightfully worries that Solis will also try to gut the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). In recent years the OLMS has tightened financial disclosure rules on the unions, an effort that is responsible in just one case for catching hundreds of thousands of dollars being illicitly spent by Tyrone Freeman, the head of the California office of the Service Employee International Union.

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Risking our Nation’s Sovereignty

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-By Frank Salvato

Anyone who is successful at forging relationships has mastered the art of diplomacy. There are a few simple rules. There is a time and a place for everything. You cannot change another person, only yourself. You have to give to receive. Maintaining a balance of power is probably the most difficult. If one person denies another a relationship, there can be no balance of power because that person has taken all the control. Both parties have to want the relationship for one to occur. Any parent soon realizes that a dictatorial style will not foster loyalty or the intrinsic motivation to behave within a child. At the same time, giving in to a child’s demands grants the child all the power. A well-timed tantrum can put an end to a parent’s agenda.

When people learn and respect each others’ boundaries, they can interact within them and have no fear of upsetting the balance. On the other hand, if a person has difficulty accepting or respecting another’s boundaries, that can be a recipe for a confrontation, a break in the relationship, or an unbalanced relationship. Learning how to practice diplomacy is a worthwhile endeavor. By granting each other mutual respect, we can usually get along.
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How Did the U.S. Senate Bail Out it’s Own Restaurants?

December 26, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Business, Congress, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, News, Society/Culture, Taxes, Vince Johnson | Comments Off on How Did the U.S. Senate Bail Out it’s Own Restaurants?

-By Vince Johnson

The U.S. Senate operates four restaurants with dining rooms in the Capitol Building and the Dirksen, Russell and Hart Senate Office buildings. The U.S. Senate Restaurants have been in business over 44 years and have been profitable for only 7 of them. According to the 2007 Financial Audit issued by the GAO (Government Accounting Office) these 4 restaurants operated at a $1,340,637 loss in fiscal 2007.

Some items from the Fiscal 2007 audit merit comment:

Gross Income $6,065,198 (After Cost of Food & Beverages @ 39.5% Sales)  
Total Operating Expense: $7,405,835  
Total Losses for Fiscal 2007 $1,340,637

Operating expense included the following:

Personnel and benefits $6,808,654 (Exceeds Gross Income by $743,456)  
Supplies and materials $561,001  
Miscellaneous $36,180  
Total Operating Expense $7,405,835

2007 Assets included $224,108 for china, glassware, silverware, and tableware.  
2007 Employee benefits came to $1,893,468  
2007 Cost of Food & Beverages came to $3,477,705  

Certain major business expenses appear nowhere in the audit. These include occupancy. No rent. No lease. No mortgage. No property taxes. Not ever!
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Merry Christmas

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A very Merry Christmas to every reader of Publius’ Forum. Thanks for reading my poor attempts at opinion, thanks for all the fantastic comments, and here’s to a great 2009.

We are, of course, taking the day off to be with friends and family, but if you have time, please do peruse the archives.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and may your days be merry and bright.

Merry Christmas humor…

December 24, 2008 | Filed Under Humor, News | Comments Off on Merry Christmas humor…

A little humor before the day begins…

1. For Our Liberal, Citizens of the World Friends:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes For an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low- stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

We also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great or, on the other hand, that hate America and all it stands for. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. And without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee. By accepting these greetings you are accepting these terms.

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for herself or himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

If you find offense in any of the greeting you have found herein, please do realize that it is because we are ignorant, racist and hateful, even though we don’t want to be. We are by birth because we are white. We cannot help it. So, if this greeting upset you, please feel free to know that everything America stands for is evil and we disavow it all. You are right. We are horrible. Worst ever. Worst in history.

Please, please, please don’t be offended. I’d rather die than offend you.

2. For Our American Conservative Friends:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

MSN Says Ridiculing Palin Is the Top TV Moment of 2008

December 24, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Entertainment, Media Bias, News, President, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on MSN Says Ridiculing Palin Is the Top TV Moment of 2008

-By Warner Todd Huston

MSN TV reporter, Dave Lake, has decided in his infinite wisdom that Tina Fey ridiculing Governor Sarah Palin is the top TV moment from the 2008 TV season. Aren’t you surprised that making fun of Sarah Palin has become the top TV moment? I mean, it’s incredible that the liberal media has decided that out of the entire TV season, this is the top moment! I’m SHOCKED, to say the least. (Don’t worry, I won’t run out of sarcasm any time soon)

From his blurb on the main page of the TV Year in review section I think we can see why Mr. Lake is a reviewer and not himself a TV writer. Let’s just say that his “humor” fell flat.

I Can See Tina From My House: The year’s most singular TV moment was Tina Fey’s return to “Saturday Night Live” as Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. Fey, who was never known for her impressions while on the show, nailed the voice, mannerisms and spirit of the Alaska governor, propelling the show to its best ratings in 14 years. An appearance a few weeks later by the actual Sarah Palin fell flat, much like her bid for the White House. (NBC)

The appearance by the “actual” Sarah Palin “fell flat”? Says who? It was one of SNL’s highest watched episodes all year. It would seem, rather, that the whole rest of the SNL season fell flat compared to the ratings that Sarah Palin brought the show!

And, I’m sorry, how did Fey “nail” the Governor’s “spirit”? That would presuppose that Sarah Palin is as stupid as Fey attempted to make her seem. One has to point out that Fey did not get elected to the highest office a state has while Sarah Palin did.

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Have Yourself A Theistic (Not Atheistic) Little Christmas

December 24, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Anti-Americanism, Communism, Democrats/Leftists, Family, Frederick Meekins, Media Bias, News, Socialism, Society/Culture | Comments Off on Have Yourself A Theistic (Not Atheistic) Little Christmas

-By Frederick Meekins

From at least 1994 when I remember writing my first column on the subject, despisers of the Almighty and liberals of the most spineless of stripes have conspired to undermine Christmas as a national celebration in the attempt to downplay and ultimately eliminate public recognition of God in general and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in specific. These efforts have been so widespread that I was able to compile columns written about them over the years into a book titled “Yuletide Terror & Other Holiday Horrors”.

Though the American people have been manipulated and their resistance worn down on a number of fronts to the point that they now let slide any number of outrages that would have caused considerable uproar in the past, for the most part citizens have been quite vocal about attempts by secular leftists to ban acknowledgment of the Christmas season. However, now that traditionalists have asserted the right to publicly affirm their god-given heritage, secularists are responding with alternative displays of their own promoting their own particular worldview.
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Governor Blago’s Pit Bull’s Tactics

December 24, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Barack Obama, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, John Armor, Media Bias, News, Society/Culture, The Law | Comments Off on Governor Blago’s Pit Bull’s Tactics

-By John Armor

Governor Rod Blagojevich has announced that he is going to “fight until I take my last breath,” in an effort to avoid impeachment by the Illinois legislature. But his first defense tactic came not from the Governor himself, but from his high-priced pit bull (excuse me, defense counsel). Criminal defense expert Ed Genson has attacked the Members of the Illinois House for even thinking about using the tapes made by federal agents on which the Governor, in foul-mouthed tirades, demanded bribes be paid to him or his wife, in return for his appointment of Barack Obama’s replacement in the US Senate.

What did Ed Genson say was wrong with the tapes? Did he deny that Governor Blago said what was on those tapes? No. Did he deny that the foul-mouhed demands made by Blago amount to the sale of his services as Governor for cash and other benefits? No. Did he deny that if Blago did this, he is unfit to remain as Governor of Illinois? No.

Attorney Genson said that use of the tapes by the Illinois House as part of the impeachment process would be “unconstitutional,” and therefore they shouldn’t use that evidence.
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Kwanzaa Created by a Rapist and Torturer?

December 23, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Anti-Americanism, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Family, History, Media Bias, News, Race, Religion, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on Kwanzaa Created by a Rapist and Torturer?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Each year, with the onset of Christmas, we are treated to another gauzy, fluff piece about how great Kwanzaa is by yet another PC spewing newspaper columnist. This year, among many others, we find aggrandizement such as the Progressive’s “Kwanzaa is more relevant than ever in recession,” the Chattanooga Times Free Press with their titled, “Common ground,” or the one from the Providence Journal headlined, “Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah brighten even the darkest season of the year.”

Several years ago, the Houston Chronicle got in the act with a piece by Leslie Casimir titled “Learning about Kwanzaa from the holiday’s creator.” This one, though, was a bit off the usual track of the how-great-is-Kwanzaa theme because this particular piece celebrated the inventor of the faux holiday, Maulana Karenga, himself. So, instead of merely celebrating this manufactured holiday Casimir amazingly made a hero of the rapist, race monger and violent thug who created it!

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Euro Journo Sides With Muslim Hate Over BDS Shoe Toss

December 23, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Democrats/Leftists, Islam, Islamofascism, Media Bias, Morals/Sex, News, President, Religion, Security/Safety, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on Euro Journo Sides With Muslim Hate Over BDS Shoe Toss

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mitch Potter of the Toronto Star is the quintessential example of a self-hating European, I must say. He is a journalist that sides with those who advocate the destruction of his own culture just so he can puff himself up that he “gets it” and he does this willingly ala the useful idiots of old. In his latest pretense at journalism, Potter takes such glee indulging his Bush derangement syndrome (BDS) that he ends up accepting the terms of what “insult” means among Muslim hatemongers and terrorists and employs that as a weapon against Bush and the USA. It does not occur to this writer at all that we should scoff at what they think is an insult because he accepts their cultural concepts in place of our own.

First of all, the Toronto Star gives our Euro-weenie the exalted status of “Mitch Potter, Europe Bureau,” though it would have been better grammatically — less clumsy at least — to say he is “Mitch Potter, European Bureau,” but be that as it may. What strikes us at first glance is Potter’s penchant for the insufferable style of too many “reporters” in today’s world of woefully untalented journalists. That would be the appalling practice of the one sentence “paragraph.”

Evidently, the idea here is that readers are too stupid to read a paragraph more complicated than a single sentence or two. It is the idea that too many words grouped together is too taxing for the moron reader to withstand. So, these reporters give us annoying short bursts of words in clipped sentences that deter any sense that craft is something the writer is attempting to serve.

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Whence Comes the Concept of Fairness, of Right and Wrong?

December 23, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Education, News, Society/Culture, Thomas Brewton | Comments Off on Whence Comes the Concept of Fairness, of Right and Wrong?

-By Thomas E. Brewton

Without acknowledgment of God-created human souls, society is reduced to a random collection of people guided only by pursuit of their individual ideas of pleasure and avoidance of what they find painful. In such a society, nothing is inherently right or wrong.

Read Ben Shapiro’s Why Atheism Is Morally Bankrupt.

John Dewey, in the first half of the 20th century, taught that there is no such thing as timeless moral principles. Humans merely respond to pleasure and pain, while pursuing actions that redound to their benefit. Dewey’s compass, in his philosophy of pragmatism, was only whether an action achieved the actor’s aim, without regard to its effect on others.
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Christmas Letter from Ebenezer

December 23, 2008 | Filed Under 00Publius Contributor, Democrats/Leftists, Family, Humor, News, Society/Culture, Vince Johnson | Comments Off on Christmas Letter from Ebenezer

-By Vince Johnson

I had to pay thirty-nine cents “Postage Due” in order to get it. Here it is, word for word:

Dear Vince:

If you tell the world the whole truth about me, you will have a scoop like the New York Times and the Washington Post dream about. My name is Ebenezer Scrooge and most people think I’m a fictional character in a Christmas story dreamed up by Charles Dickens back in 1843. According to the story, I was a miserly, penny pinching grump. That part is true. It is also true that I was mean and stingy with my employee, Bob Cratchit, who had a crippled son named Tiny Tim.

For some strange reason, Mr. Dickens decided that I changed from my natural mean spirited ways into a kindly and benevolent soul. This transformation supposedly happened when the ghost of Jacob Marley appeared in one of my dreams. Jacob was my partner who died in 1836. He was just as miserly as me and according to the story he came back to warn me to change my ways or suffer greatly in the afterlife.
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