Hip-Hop Republicans – A Movement of Urban and Inner-City Republicans & Libertarians

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Hip-Hop Republicans – A Movement of Urban and Inner-City Republicans & Libertarians

-By Warner Todd Huston

Are you an inner-city Republican? Are you feeling just a tad alone and isolated in a sea of socialist half-wits? Do your representatives and city bosses think that their job is to take your taxes and hand them out to their buddies and cronies? Are you sick of it but don’t have anywhere to vent your ire?

Well, I’ve got just the ticket for you, friend. Take a look at Hip-Hop Republicans, a site dedicated to giving a forum to those inner-city Republicans and libertarians who need a place to find others of like mind.

Hip-Hop Republicans is a message board and meeting place created on the Ning social networking platform and features videos, messages and meet up groups from such varied places as Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Washington D.C., and New York.

Check it out, folks. It is quite an interesting site.

(H/T Rightwing Sparkle)
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ChgoTrib: Adam Andrzejewski Takes on Big Gov’t

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ChgoTrib: Adam Andrzejewski Takes on Big Gov’t

-By Warner Todd Huston

Looks like gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski (pronounced an-gee-ef-ski – Campaign site) has caught the eye of the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass, he of inveighing against “the combine” — that idea that top level Republicans are in the pockets of their counterparts in the state Democratic Party.

Kass used Andrzejewski’s campaign to gig his whipping boy once again:

Adam Andrzejewski (pronounced An-jee-ef-ski) is running for governor in the Republican primary on a platform of reform, offering specific spending cuts and holding the line on taxes.

Sound radical?

Only in Illinois, where government is big business and the parties’ trading jobs for support makes them almost indistinguishable.

I can’t say that Kass is wrong. But it is good to see that Andrzejewski is making some headway in the political arena.

Kass makes an obvious point about the Ill. GOP, but it is one that should be at the forefront of every Republican’s mind as he prepares to consider the 2010 elections.
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On Healthcare we MUST Listen to Overpaid, Celebrities

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On Healthcare we MUST Listen to Overpaid, Celebrities

And now, a little comedy break from our serious discussion. But it’s comedy with a serious underlying message, of course.

That’s it. I am convinced. This video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we must listen to overpaid, uninformed celebrities to tell us what to think on healthcare.

And now, I’ll bet you are convinced, too. Right?


Lefty Outrage at ‘Conservative’ Article Misses Key Fact, Writer Isn’t Conservative

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Lefty Outrage at ‘Conservative’ Article Misses Key Fact, Writer Isn’t Conservative

-By Warner Todd Huston

The left is in an uproar today. They got their panties in a bunch over a piece that ran on the conservative newsblog where it was suggested that Obama’s irresponsible actions as president could result in a military coup that would “restore” the Constitution.

Not completely without reason, many lefty blogs have lost their tiny little minds over this article. The piece was written by NewsMax blog contributor John L. Perry and talked of a “bloodless coup” where “Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars.” Perry wondered if some “patriotic general” might confront the president (or a president of the future) and demand that he allow the military a shared power in government or face a military overthrow.

It was all speculation and phrased as a question, not asserted as fact or presented as imminent, of course. But this sort of over-the-top foolishness really does not add to the national debate, I have to agree. So, the lefty sites that railed against this piece were right on that base level. has since removed the article and issued a statement that Perry is an unpaid member of NewsMax.

But there is one tiny, little, bitty fact about this story and its author that every single one of these lefty sites that are railing about this story have left out.

The fact of the matter is that John L. Perry is not a conservative. In fact his bio page says that he’s worked for Jimmy Carter, a Democrat governor of Florida and other Democrat Party institutions.
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Lefty Group Makes Humana CEO the Devil in Obamacare Ad

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Lefty Group Makes Humana CEO the Devil in Obamacare Ad

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the Tea Party movement has spread across America the left has claimed that everyone on the right are “angry,” or “un-American,” or even “dangerous.” The left has also claimed that those on the right that stand against the increasing government abuse of the Constitution and the trust voters place in government are somehow dragging down the level of our national debate. Folks that stand against Obama’s agenda are mean, sharp tongued, offensive, etc., etc.

And what of the left? The left imagines that it is the adult in the room, that it is the only side trying to keep the level of debate at a higher, more serious level. And in the case of the leftist organization Americans United for Change we can see exactly what that more civil debate entails. It consists of portraying your enemy as the devil in a commercial to push Obamacare.

That’s right, the left’s version of the more civil debate is to portray your enemies as the devil.
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Isaac Hayes for Ill. 2nd Congressional District

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Isaac Hayes for Ill. 2nd Congressional District

-By Warner Todd Huston

Today’s spotlight falls on the Reverend Isaac Hayes who is running for the 2nd Congressional District. The 2nd comprises the towns of Harvey, Lansing, Chicago Heights, Park Forest and part of Calumet City all of which are well south east of Chicago and on the Indiana border. The 2nd is also spread across parts of both Cook and Will Counties.

Hayes is a native of Chicago’s South Side and earned a degree in Information Systems at Ill. State University. Hayes was vice president of ABN AMRO Mortgage and now ministers full-time to youth at the Apostolic Church of God in his community.

Hayes will face incumbent Democratic Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Here is his announcement address delivered at the Cook County GOP Convention this year:
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A Telling Quote on Slavery Reparations

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A Telling Quote on Slavery Reparations

-By Warner Todd Huston

If you want to know what the ultimate goal is of those that want reparations for the American slave trade, you have to look no farther than a telling quote that appeared in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on September 25.

For slavery reparation advocates, the ultimate desire is not contrition, no apology will do, no memorial statues or finger wagging in Congress is satisfactory. Nothing less than punitive sanctions against living Americans for an institution that is 150 years dead is what these people want.

The article in question details the efforts of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen (D, Tenn.) who has been spearheading a resolution that would see Congress launching a commission that would study reparation proposals.

The quote in question comes from Detroit City Council member JoAnne Watson. She said that an apology is just the first step in the reparations process. (my bold)
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Federal Recovery Tracking Website Hides $$ to ACORN

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Federal Recovery Tracking Website Hides $$ to ACORN

-By Warner Todd Huston

We are discovering that Obama’s promised transparency only goes so far in reporting where stimulus money ends up going. The new tracking website,, is supposed to let us all know where the federal “stimulus” money is going but apparently will not track money that goes to groups like the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

The Denver Post published a story by reporter Miles Moffeit that reveals that the stimulus tracking website will only report so far into the chain of agencies and organizations that end up receiving stimulus cash and will not report where billions of dollars actually end up.

The site will delineate which state and local governments get what amounts of money but will not report any destinations after it arrives in the accounts of state and local governments. If I read Moffeit’s article correctly the site apparently will not report the identities of the agencies and vendors that end up actually getting all the cash at the end of the line.

The Post reports that payments to “grassroots-level recipients and their identities, such as subcontractors, the subcontractors’ own vendors” will not appear on and will remain unreported unless the states themselves decide to post the ultimate destination of the funding.
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New State Gov’t Tactic: Banning Insurance Mandate

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New State Gov’t Tactic: Banning Insurance Mandate

-By Warner Todd Huston

The New York Times is reporting that more than a dozen state legislatures are considering crafting constitutional amendments that will make it illegal to force every citizen to buy health insurance, a key part of Obama’s healthcare plan.

If any of these state legislatures ultimately approve a constitutional change to outlaw the insurance mandates that Obama is trying to force on the nation it could set up a legal showdown between advocates of state’s rights and federal control that will likely end up in the Supreme Court.

Some of these efforts, though, are not a response solely to Obama’s push to take over the nation’s healthcare system. Many of these efforts started after the Massachusetts healthcare plan, derisively called Romneycare, was instituted in 2006.
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Why Obama Will Throw ACORN Under the Bus

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Why Obama Will Throw ACORN Under the Bus

-By Frank Salvato

The spotlight of scrutiny is shining brightly on ACORN these days and rightly so. Where ACORN’s defenders have the audacity to insist that the employees caught on undercover videotape giving advice to a perceived “pimp” and “prostitute” on how to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and internationally traffic in underage Guatemalan prostitutes were simply “a few bad employees,” anyone with a brain recognizes that the problem is systemic in the organization. But what some are misdiagnosing or not completely understanding is how President Obama could be so nonchalant about the issue in recent interviews. It’s because ACORN – for Mr. Obama – has served its purpose and just like Van Jones, Tom Daschle and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, ACORN is about to be tossed under the bus.

In past articles and in many radio interviews, I have insisted that Barack Obama is just another Chicago machine politician, albeit a very successful one (If you don’t understand the phrase “Chicago machine” read the book Boss by legendary Chicago journalist Mike Royko). And like every good Chicago machine politician, Barack Obama is following the cardinal rules:

  • Do what you have to in order to get elected.
  • Once elected, consolidate as much power as you possibly can.
  • Reward those who helped you get elected.
  • Position yourself for re-election and your retention of power.

In each of the steps Barack Obama has performed so far he has done so in a most exemplary fashion.

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They Are after Da Gator

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They Are after Da Gator

-By Warner Todd Huston

Just a quick note. Blogger friend Doug Hagin of The Daily Gator, sent out a note to let us know that he is a mean sortta fellow. At least, if we Take Media Matter’s word for it, anyway.

Media Matters got its nose out of joint about some lefty talking point or another… what it was isn’t important. What is amusing is that they blamed all the ills of the world on some righty bloggers and The Daily Gator was one of them.

Now, see, Doug. Dontcha feel chastened!?

You old meanie.

Once again, Hollywood Jabs Sarah Palin

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Once again, Hollywood Jabs Sarah Palin

-By Warner Todd Huston

We’ve seen it before. Hollywood seems to need to find a way, any way, to jab Governor Palin as much as possible. Case in point we have the soon to be released movie titled “Did You Hear About The Morgans?” starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Right in the trailer for this new laugh riot film is a jab at Palin. But it is a typically illogical jab, one that makes no sense at all. But it IS a jab and I guess logic isn’t necessary to the good folks in Hollyweird if it results in a jab at Palin.

The premise is that Hugh and Jessica are a married couple from New York that witness a Mafia hit and end up in witness protection in Wyoming. The jab comes in when Parker sees her first woman in a cowboy hat and worriedly says, “Oh my God it’s Sarah Palin.”

Guffaws all around, eh?

Of course, the whole thing is idiotic. Sarah Palin is not known for cowboy hats. Sarah Palin is not from Wyoming. Sarah Palin is not a south westerner at all. I would suggest that even idiot New Yawkers are aware that Palin is Alaska personified, not Wyoming!

It is also a little incongruous that the movie is portraying Hugh Grant as a married man. I thought all he cared about was prostitutes?

I also have to say that Sarah Jessica Parker is looking very old in this trailer. This woman is not aging well, to be sure.

That’s Hollyweird for ya.
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Rauschenberger Back in the Hunt?

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Rauschenberger Back in the Hunt?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Steve Rasuchenberg of the Elgin area might be considering another run for the Illinois State Senate according to has learned former state Sen. Steve Rauschenberger is considering another run for the state Senate for the seat currently held by Michael Noland (D-Elgin). When Rauschenberger launched an unsuccessful bid for Lt. Governor and vacated the seat, Noland won the general election in 2006 in a close election when he defeated Streamwood Mayor Billie Roth.

Rauschenberger would most likely receive the nod from Republican voters in the 22nd state Senate District GOP primary if he decides to throw his hat in the ring.

Many believe if Rauschenberger wins the GOP primary, his high name recognition and past record as a fiscal and social conservative would help him win in the 2010 general election, when many experts predict incumbent Democrats may succumb to a Republican landslide.

Rauschenberger is currently President of the United Republican Fund. An official announcement regarding his intentions are expected soon.

Rauschenberger was one of the famed “Fab Five” consisting of five of the most conservative Senators in the state legislature.The “Fab Five” referred to Dave Syverson, Rauschenberger, Patrick O’Malley, Chris Lauzen, and Peter Fitzgerald all elected to the State Senate in 1992.

Rauschenberger made his mark in matters financial in the state budget. He served on the Appropriations Committee and the Environment and Energy Committee.

(Cross posted at
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Joe Walsh Launches Exploratory Committee for IL CD-8

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Joe Walsh Launches Exploratory Committee for IL CD-8

-By Warner Todd Huston

Looks like Joe Walsh of Lake Zurich is looking to get into the race against Melissa Bean in the Il. 8th Congressional District. I just received this from his campaign:

BARRINGTON, IL – Long-time free market activist Joe Walsh has launched an exploratory committee to determine whether he should become a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 8th District Congressional seat currently held by Democrat Melissa Bean.

According to Walsh, “Voters are incredibly angry and frustrated by Melissa Bean’s performance over the past couple of years. She voted for the failed stimulus package and Cap and Trade legislation and has voiced support for the Public Option in healthcare. Now, when her constituents want their voices heard the most, she ignores their wishes by refusing to hold open town hall meetings in the district.

“The stakes are too high in this election. We need to a put a check on the one-party rule in Washington that is bankrupting our country. It is absolutely essential that we return more Republicans to Congress as a counter-balance to this out-of-control majority. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of the announced GOP candidates in the 8th district race has what it takes to defeat Melissa Bean. If voters continue to tell me that it will take a different kind of candidate to win this race, I’ll run.”

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Reuters Leaves Out That Accused Swindler Was Big Democrat Fundraiser, Lobbyist

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Reuters Leaves Out That Accused Swindler Was Big Democrat Fundraiser, Lobbyist

-By Warner Todd Huston

Reuters newswire service recently published a story reporting that accused swindler Allen Stanford has been moved to a federal lockup facility in downtown Houston in order “to be closer to his attorneys.” In fact in a fairly long story as wire copy goes, Reuters reports all sorts of details of Stanford’s alleged financial crimes and current status. There is only one little detail that Reuters seems to have forgotten to report. Allen Stanford was a major fundraiser and lobbyists for some of the biggest Democrats in the country.

There isn’t a single mention, for instance, that Stanford lobbied Congress for expanded tax rules spending over $5 million in lobbying fees. There was also no mention that he donated $28,300 to Charlie Rangel’s campaign (D, NY), that he donated heavily to Democratic New York Representative Gregory Meeks, and that he sponsored multiple trips to the Caribbean for Democrat members of Congress. (Details can be found at the Wall Street Journal)

The Antigua Sun newspaper even published a 2008 photo of a beaming Barack Obama standing next to Mr. Stanford.
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The Curious Case of Linda McMahon

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-By Warner Todd Huston

We seem to have a trio of sudden Republicans in the news these days. I say sudden because there is a lack of any long history on the part of these three candidates of being Republicans for very long before running for office. In fact, it seems that all three only became Republicans once they stepped up to run for office.

I’ve written previously about California’s Steve Poizner, gubernatorial candidate and current State Insurance Commissioner. Poizner had no public history of being a Republican prior to his attempts to run for election in the local and state elections he targeted once he got bitten by the politics bug. In fact, he had a history of donating big money to Democrats right up until the time he started to run as a Republican.

California has a second one, too. Meg Whitman has no Republican history prior to her running for governor there. Though she has no history of large donations to Democrats that I have seen, to be sure.
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NBC’s Gregory Assumes Liberal Argument for Healthcare, Raises ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’

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NBC’s Gregory Assumes Liberal Argument for Healthcare, Raises ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a Meet the Press interview with Bill Clinton on September 27, NBC’s David Gregory seemed to assume as accepted fact that the only way to fix healthcare was for Americans to “pay higher taxes.” He also asked the former chief executive if the “vast right wing conspiracy” that his wife bemoaned in 1998 was now in high gear attacking President Obama.

During the interview, Gregory brought up the “big challenges” that Obama was facing, particularly with the healthcare issue. In his question, though, Gregory did not phrase his healthcare question by using qualifiers like “Obama says,” or “Democrats claim.” He seemed to simply take the president’s position as accepted fact without qualifiers.

On healthcare, Gregory asked Clinton if Obama was doing a good job. “And on health care, as this debate rolls through,” Gregory asked, ” do you think the President has leveled with the American people on this fact, that Americans are going to have to pay higher taxes if they want health care reform?”

Notice that Gregory asked Clinton if Obama had done a good job leveling with the American people on “this fact” and that we are “going to have to pay higher taxes” to get that reform? Gregory didn’t say, for instance, that Obama “feels” that the only way to reform healthcare is to pay higher taxes. In essence, Gregory asked his question assuming that Obama’s position is essentially true.
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The Many Vulnerabilities of an Open Internet

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The Many Vulnerabilities of an Open Internet

-By Scott Cleland

What an “Open Internet” does not mean is as important as what it does mean. Surely an “Open Internet” is not intended to mean what it certainly could mean: unprotected, unguarded, or vulnerable to attack. Thus, it is essential for the FCC to be explicit in defining what the terms — “Open Internet,” “net neutrality,” and Internet non-discrimination — don’t mean, as well as what they do mean.

The word “open” has 88 different definitions per and the word “open” has even more different connotations depending on the context. While the term “open” generally has a positive connotation to mean unrestricted, accessible and available, it can also have a negative or problematic connotation if it means unprotected, unguarded or vulnerable to attack.

When such an amorphous, multi-use term like “open” is proposed as a new effective purpose for the FCC, and a new formal basis for new economic regulation, it is essential that the term be defined very specifically, for what it is, and just as importantly, for what it is not.
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At Least 8 New Taxes in Obamacare

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At Least 8 New Taxes in Obamacare

The RNC has put out an ad it is calling the “dictionary ad” that addresses all the tax increases that Obama’s healthcare policies will raise. At least 8 new taxes according to the RNC.

Phil Collins for State Rep – Update

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Phil Collins for State Rep – Update

-By Warner Todd Huston

Just a quick post to update the info we’ve had out for Phil Collins a Republican who is running for State Representative of the 17h District.

Mr. Collins has unveiled his new website for his run. We have previously only had a FaceBook page to track his candidacy.

Phil Collins is running for state representative, in Illinois’ 17th District. He supports low tax rates, low spending, and strong election reforms, including term limits, recall elections, and special elections, to replace legislators who resign or die in office.

Phil has a B.A., in political science. He worked, as a paid employee of three U.S. Senate campaigns. He volunteered at four Republican National Conventions. He was in the navy for 21 years, and he was near Baghdad, in the Triangle of Death, Sept. 2004-Mar. 05.

If you want to help him, by volunteering and/or donating, please email him at or write to Committee to Elect Phil Collins 90 North Branch Road, Northfield, IL 60093 The district includes Glenview and Northfield and parts of Skokie, Northbrook, Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, Morton Grove, and Golf.

Thank you for your help.

So, here is the updated info:

Phil Collins Campaign Website

Collins’ FaceBook page
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Unions Threatened by New House Healthcare Provision?

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Unions Threatened by New House Healthcare Provision?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Democrat leadership of the House of Representatives now wants to pay for H.R.3200 — the House healthcare bill — by charging a tax on the so-called Cadillac healthcare plans. This surtax is something that has been talked about in the Senate and forms an integral part of the Baucus bill, but this is the first time that House leaders have broached this revenue idea for inclusion in H.R.3200.

The idea, a classic class warfare styled policy, would tax what Congress considers high-end healthcare plans, purportedly only hitting “the rich.” But it is highly possible that this “rich man’s” surtax might also apply to millions of union members that have traded pay raises for higher levels of benefits over the last decade.

This surtax idea is one of the reasons that many of the unions had been pushing for the public option. Unions chiefs felt that the surtax would unduly affect their membership and that the public option would give union members a “free” place to go if they had to cut back on benefits or what have you.
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Is The NRSC Jumping the Gun in California?

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Is The NRSC Jumping the Gun in California?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Rasmussen polling group has recently reported its findings on the upcoming California Senate race and the results seem to say that the National Republican Senate Committee has jumped the gun by endorsing a candidate so early in the race.

To date, Rasmussen has found that incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D) is holding her own against both Republican candidates, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as well as State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

A new Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 survey of the contest in California shows Boxer now beating former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina by 10 points 49% to 39%. Four percent (4%) like some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are not sure how they will vote.

Against state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, it’s a nine-point race, with Boxer ahead 46% to 37%. Seven percent (7%) prefer another candidate, and 10% are undecided.

It may be a dubious distinction, but at this point DeVore and Fiorina are finding poll results that aren’t much different one from the other. One difference, though, is that Rasmussen finds Fiorina’s unfavaorables standing at 12% while DeVore’s is at 9% — a slight advantage to DeVore, there.
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YouTube Caught Red-handed Cooking Stats for Obama

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YouTube Caught Red-handed Cooking Stats for Obama

-By Selwyn Duke

News aggregator is currently linking to a YouTube video of a government schoolteacher instructing young students to praise Obama in song. While this is shocking, there is an even bigger story here. Consider this: the video’s “views” counter listed only 363 views as of 1:04 p.m. EST on Sept. 24.

But at the same time it had 2,279 comments.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Obviously, those figures should in the least be reversed. After all, since the number of comments on high-traffic YouTube videos generally represents only one-half of one percent to three percent of the total views, we can estimate that the Obama worship video had in excess of 200,000 hits at the time. But what accounts for this? Is it a technical glitch? I doubt it.

But why would YouTube cook the statistical books?
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Deluded Restaurateur, Bigoted Anti-White Environmentalist & Montel Bong Hits: Headline Potpourri #8

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Deluded Restaurateur, Bigoted Anti-White Environmentalist & Montel Bong Hits: Headline Potpourri #8

-By Frederick Meekins

Michael Savage has been dropped from a station in his hometown of San Francisco. As the Bible says, a prophet is without honor in his own land. It is claimed the move was made because the station wanted to go in a different philosophical direction with more contemporary content. In other words, the station managers were actually hoping to propagate leftwing debauchery.

Because they don’t want to listen to Glenn Beck, a group of Michigan leftists believes no one else should be allowed to either. From the story, one gets the impression that the group of rabblerousers aren’t even members of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce who invited Beck. Does the Chamber of Commerce go and protest whatever leftwing dregs address the socialist conclaves? Did conservatives rampage outside this annual event when serpent man James Carville addressed the event in years past?

Socialistic anti-White bigot Cornel West is scheduled to address a prominent environmentalist conference in Washington. Pluralists will yammer that this organization should have the liberty to invite anyone they want to address their convention. Quite true. However, I am not among these tolerancemongers who are picketing the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for daring to invite Glenn Beck. It must be remembered that, unlike those at 9/12 rallies and Tea Parties, leftists usually destroy property at their protests.
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Who Won WWII, Anyway?

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Who Won WWII, Anyway?

-By Warner Todd Huston

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here are a few pictures that makes me wonder who the heck won World War II?

Hiroshima, Japan at the close of WWII

Hiroshima, Japan today

Detroit Today

Also Detroit Today

So, did we win, or not?

Well, we certainly won the battles of WWII. But, thanks to the American left, we’ve lost the war… so far. Now if only we can defeat liberalism and win another battle!
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What’s the Difference Between a Conservative and a Liberal?

September 27, 2009 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Conservatives, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Freedom, Liberals, Patriotism, Republicans, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | 3 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

People often wonder what is the difference between a conservative and a liberal. The simple fact of the matter is that the major difference is that conservatives wonder first what it is they are responsible for while liberals wonder first what everyone else should be doing for them.

Here are some brief rules of thumb:

  • If a conservative sees a U.S. flag, his heart swells with pride.
  • If a liberal sees a U.S. flag, he feels shame.
  • If a conservative doesn’t like guns, they don’t buy them.
  • If a liberal doesn’t like guns, then no one else should have one either.
  • If a conservative is a vegetarian, he won’t eat meat.
  • If a liberal is, they want to ban all meat products for everyone.

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FireDogLake Stands Against Free Speech to Sell Obamacare

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FireDogLake Stands Against Free Speech to Sell Obamacare

-By Warner Todd Huston

As long as Obamacare passes, the good folks at the extremely leftist site don’t seem to mind too terribly if that old saw of “free speech” is violated. At least it is easy to come to that conclusion after reading a posting on the FDL main page by a fellow aptly calling himself “Scarecrow.”

In a piece ridiculously headline, “Defeated: Kyl’s Amendment to Let Insurers Frighten Medicare Enrollees,” this “Scarecrow” fellow celebrates the fact that the iron boot heel of government was slammed down on the neck of folks opposing a government policy. Yes, that old useless idea from the Founders, those long-dead white guys, of free political speech is apparently all stuff and nonsense.

What provoked “Scarecrow’s” ire was an email message that Humana healthcare insurance group sent out to its members warning that if passed, Obamacare will reduce Medicare benefits.
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Obama’s Newest School Czar, a Drugged Out Sexual Deviate that Hates Religion?

September 27, 2009 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Communism, Congress, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Education, Journalism, Liberals, Media Bias, President, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | 5 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

Just wondering, has Obama appointed anyone that is an upstanding American for one of his so-called czar positions? We’ve had tax cheaters, 9/11 truthers, and all sorts of crazed anti-Americans appointed to these czar positions by this radically leftist president. Well, now we have another example of an extremist lurking around the halls of power in the person of Kevin Jennings, the purported “safe schools czar.”

So what’s wrong with Jennings? Well, he’s former school teacher that is an admitted drug user, a pusher of the homosexual agenda and a hater of religion. Not only that, but he once found out that a teenage boy was having sexual relations with an adult male and he did not report the incident.

Obama has appointed to a position in our federal government a man that wants to impose the homosexual agenda on our children. Obama has put in place a man that has celebrated abusing drugs. Obama wants to expose our children to a man that smiles when a child tells him that he’s being molested by an adult. This is the sort of man that Obama wants to lead our children.
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We Support Freedom for Iran!

September 27, 2009 | Filed Under Capitalism, Crime, Dan Scott, Economy/Finances, Elections, Free Speech, Free Trade, Freedom, Iran, Islam, Islamofascism, Media Bias, Patriotism, Religion, Society/Culture, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

We Support Freedom for Iran!

Here at Publius Forum, we support the people of Iran in their quest to shake off the oppression of the religious Mullahs and their iron-fisted control of the Iranian government.

Dan Scott will be posting updates here about the developing situation in Iran as time goes on.

Iran’s Mousavi calls for new opposition demo – – 02/27/10

IRAN: Opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi calls 22 Bahman celebrations ‘engineered’ – – 02/27/10

Iran’s fight for press freedom – – 02/26/10

The truth about Iran’s campus attack – – 02/23/10

IRAN: Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi challenges hard-line authorities to a duel of rallies – – 02/22/10

VIDEO: In Esfahan Iran Protestors Yell ‘Death to the Dictator’ The Green movement to oppose Iran’s dictators grows. – – 02/11/10

Heavy clashes continue in West of Tehran – – 02/11/10

Freedom Blog – – 02/11/10

Iran protests: live blog – – 02/11/10

Iran Arrests Activists Before 2/11 Rallies – – 02/10/10

Video Update: Lar residents clash with anti-riot police – – 02/05/10

Iran puts 16 protesters on trial – – 01/30/10

Infernal Iran; The Death Spiral Accelerates – – 01/28/10

Divisions in Iranian Police Forces Could Spell Trouble for Government – – 01/21/10

Majid Tavakoli sentenced to eight years imprisonment – – 01/21/10

Iran Leader Warns Opposition Ahead Of Revolution Day – – 01/20/10

Iran arrests 4 suspects over prosecutor’s killing – – 01/19/10

Iran’s top prosecutor wants action against opposition – – 01/11/10

Iran Supreme Leader urges firm action over riots – – 01/09/10

Five Iranians facing trial belong to exile group: report – – 01/08/10

Iran renews execution threat against protesters – – 01/05/10

High-ranking clerics undermining Iran government – – 01/04/10

Judiciary Says Speedy Punishment Awaits Iran Rioters – – 01/04/10

Spotlight on Iran Update – – 01/03/10

Iran cleric demands “force” against rioters – – 01/02/10

Opposition head Mousavi: Iran in “serious crisis” – – 01/01/10

Iran:Protesters chanting “Down with Khamenei” in Esfahan and Shiraz – – 12/31/09

Iranian authorities hold bodies to dampen riots  – – 12/31/09

Students, militia clash on Tehran university campus – – 12/30/09

Iran opposition leader’s nephew buried after riots – – 12/30/09

Iran police still holding 300 over Sunday protests – – 12/30/09

Beginning of the end? – – 12/30/09

Ahmadinejad blames US, Israel for Iran protests – – 12/29/09

Iran arrests pro-reform opposition figures – – 12/29/09

Iran protests turn violent as demonstrators confront police – – 12/28/09

Iran unrest isn’t a riot, it’s an earthquake – – 12/28/09

Dubai TV journalist missing in Tehran riots – – 12/28/09

Amazing video of Iranian Protesters beating up a cop to free prisoners – – 12/27/09

Iran protests spread in heartland – – 12/24/09

Protests erupt at Montazeri funeral in Iran – – 12/21/09

Iranian Leaders Issues Stern Warning To Opposition – – 12/13/09

Iran: Student Day Demonstrations on Youtube – – 12/07/09

Iran Demonstrations Students – – 12/07/09

The Latest Round Of Iran Demonstrations – – 12/07/09

More Harsh Sentences in Iran Protests – – 12/01/09

Iran Tehran, five death sentences for anti-government riots – – 11/18/09

University Demonstrations – – 11/17/09

Dissidents Mass in Tehran to Subvert an Anti-U.S. Rally — 11/04/09

Suicide bomber kills 30 in attack on Iran’s Guards — 10/18/09

Iran will execute 2 for election protests — 10/11/09

Obama Cuts Off Funding for Iranian Human-Rights Documentation — 10/06/09

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center

Death to dictator; chanted demonstrators in Tehran — 10/02/09

Student Protests Against Ahmadinejad Continue In Tehran– 09/29/09

Website Cites Antigovernment Protest By Iran Students — 09/28/09

Iran’s nuclear stand-off reaches new heights — 09/28/09

Jews turn out for anti-Iran demonstrations in N.Y., D.C. — 09/24/09

Iranian Rally Leads to Violence — 09/22/09

The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic — 09/21/09

Iran detains about 35 people over Quds Day protests — 09/20/09

Qods Day security forces. Tehran — 09/18/09

IRAN: Riots in Tehran and Other Cities — 09/18/09

YOUTUBE: Iran Tehran Protestors chanting Death to dictator in metro 18 september 2009 Ghods Protest Part 75

YOUTUBE: ran protest , CNN report 1, sept 18 2009, 27 shahrivar

Mirdammad street Tehran Iran protest

YOUTUBE: News from Iran, Protest in Tehran Sep 18 part1

YOUTUBE: Iran Tehran Karimkhan St 18 Sep 09 Quds Protest

Iranian Opposition Protests Resurface During Anti-Israel Rallies — 9/18/09

Clashes erupt on day of dueling demonstrations — 9/18/09

Capital Hill Switchboard Illegally Being Used to Push Obamacare? (Question Answered)

September 27, 2009 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Health, Liberals, President, Socialism, Warner Todd Huston | 8 Comments


I have finally tracked down what this number is. Apparently it is a left-wing group that uses this 1-800 number as a re-direct to the Capitol Hill switchboard. You call the number, hear the message, and then it re-directs you to the real switchboard. The message is not being hosted on the government service.

This is not the normal number of the Capitol Hill switchboard.

Well, we have gotten to the bottom of this Capitol Hill switchboard number business. It is really the work of a left-wing group called Families USA. They are trying to pass off this 1-800 number as that of the switchboard, but it is not. (Here is an ad from a few years ago where they feature the number.)

But isn’t it interesting how these lefty groups have to lie to their own people? I mean, they are selling this as the number to “contact your Reps and Senators” as if it IS the Hill switchboard. This lefty group is even misleading its own folks! Brazen, eh?

Original post appears below…
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