Truth In Accounting News

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Truth In Accounting News

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting…

Watch Sheila on Chicago CBS 2’s Monsters & Money

Today, Sheila Weinberg, founder & CEO of the Institute for Truth in Accounting, was a guest on Chicago’s CBS Channel 2 show, Monsters & Money in the Morning. You can watch her appearance by clicking here.
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GOP’s Hayes: Coastal Drilling Long Welcomed News

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GOP’s Hayes: Coastal Drilling Long Welcomed News

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)…

CHICAGO: The following statement was released today by Isaac Hayes, GOP Nominee for Congress in Illinois’ 2nd district, in response to President Obama’s announcement to open American coastlines to oil and natural gas drilling.

“The President’s announcement to allow drilling along America’s coastline is long welcomed news. The off shore drilling ban has been an unwanted and unneeded moratorium on energy exploration. For years, Republicans have pushed for energy independence by utilizing the vast resources God has blessed our nation with. While I am pleased that America’s plea for freedom from dependence on sponsors of terror is finally being heard, I am cautiously optimistic that this is not a smoke screen for a soon to come cap-and-trade bill jammed down our throats.”

Those Unhinged ‘Tea Baggers’ Are so Un-American

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I am about sick to my stomach over all the ill-tempered protest signs and the over-the-top rhetoric from all these “tea baggers,” man. It’s a good thing that the left is so patriotic and level-headed. Why THEY would NEVER act like morons, half-wits, and the unhinged. They are logical, dispassionate, intellectual even. Leftists are all about the zen of good sense, ya know? No conspiracy theories nor strawman arguments. No idiotic, wild-eyed claims for them, nosiree. The left is too smart for that.


A Trip Down Memory Lane, Film by Evan Coyne Maloney

Uh…. oh…. oops. I can’t find ANYTHING from the tea party groups that come anywhere NEAR that sort of unhinged leftism. Hmmmmm. Maybe the tea party guys aren’t as unhinged as the media is trying to portray them as?

La Amistad: How the AP Commonly Muffs American History

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La Amistad: How the AP Commonly Muffs American History

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Associated Press has a famous book on grammar and style that its news writers use to govern their work, a book that is also popular with the whole American news industry. It has served as a standard for many years. The AP, however, seems to have no style or rule for reporting history. Or rather, perhaps it does and the rule is to purposefully garble American history, always skewing it. The APs recent report on a re-creation of the famous 19th century, two-masted schooner La Amistad, famous for its connection to America’s slave trade history, is a case in point.

As it happens a replica of the famous ship was built to highlight history of the slave trade as part of UNESCO’s Slave Route Project, “to remind the world of the consequences of slavery and to promote cultural exchanges.” The problem with APs coverage, though, is that it does not mention the facts about La Amistad leaving the impression that the ship was an American slave trader. In truth it was not an American slaver, though. On top of that the AP seems to think the ship was “made famous in a Stephen Spielberg movie” instead of made famous by the trial that resulted in its seizure by U.S. authorities in 1839.
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The Constitutional Crisis Started Long Ago

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The Constitutional Crisis Started Long Ago

-By Frank Salvato

The cry that our country is in the midst of a “constitutional crisis” is heard frequently in our society but those who are making the claim at this particular point in time are correct. The United States Constitution and the entirety of the Charters of Freedom are under attack and the well-being of our country, nay, its very existence as the Framers intended, hangs in the balance.

Many are decrying the Progressive’s passage of healthcare legislation as a perfect example of the crisis facing our country. They are citing Congress’s bastardization of the Commerce Clause to mandate the purchase of health insurance by every US citizen, along with the legislation’s usurpation of the 10th Amendment. In both cases they would be correct, if an accurate and honest interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is employed.

Anyone who has digested the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers understands that the Framers intended for the US Constitution to set forth a limitation of powers for the federal government. In doing so the Framers meant to protect the rights of not only the States, but of the minority and the individual. The federal government’s actions today have shattered those protections and take aim at the Constitution itself, challenging its charter as the “Law of the Land.”
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Charlie Chaplin is NEO in… The Matrix: 1905

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Charlie Chaplin is NEO in… The Matrix: 1905

And now for this entertainment interlude…

It’s all happened before… ya know?

Sam Adams Alliance: 2010 Sammies Winners Announced‏

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Sam Adams Alliance: 2010 Sammies Winners Announced‏

From the Sam Adams Alliance…

Sam Adams Alliance is excited to announce the winners of the 3rd annual Sammies award ceremony. The awards honor activism in six categories, and the awardees were chosen following a months-long contest and nationwide search.

The theme of this year’s Sammies, “We Are All Activists Now”, draws inspiration from the last year’s historic burst of political engagement, manifest in tea parties, town halls, and a surge of citizen leadership at the state and local levels.
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Walsh: ‘I’m NOT A Career Politician’

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Walsh: ‘I’m NOT A Career Politician’

From the Joe Walsh for Congress campaign (8th District)…

With just 48 hours left before our quarterly filing deadline, I am asking you today to contribute $ 20.10 to our campaign for Congress to commemorate this historic year in which we take our country back.

We are going to take it back from those in Congress like my opponent, Melissa Bean, who have built their careers by serving special interests rather than their constituents’ interests.

We are going to take it back from those who seek to contract our personal freedoms and expand government’s control over our lives.
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LAST CHANCE TO REFORM ILLINOIS: Put-Back Petition Deadline Extended to April 19th!‏

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LAST CHANCE TO REFORM ILLINOIS: Put-Back Petition Deadline Extended to April 19th!‏

From the Putback Amendment effort…

For months, the campaign for true reform of Springfield has taken heart in every county in the State of Illinois. Voters on all sides of the political spectrum are fed up with the culture of corruption in Springfield. The Put-Back Amendment provides the only constitutional way to reform state government without waiting on entrenched political insiders to “permit” reform to take place.

The Put-Back Amendment is the only amendment which enacts term limits for legislators, ends gerrymandering (where politicians draw maps to ensure their reelection), ensures fair elections with crucial reforms to end political games in keeping people off the ballot, and decentralizes legislative power so no longer will the two legislative leaders have complete control of the legislature. More information on what the Put-Back Amendment does is available here.
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PROillinois: New Pension Plan Idea Debuts

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PROillinois: New Pension Plan Idea Debuts


PROillinois New Grassroots Campaign to Unshackle Local Governments From Unfunded State Pension Mandates

(March 30 – Northbrook, IL) Runaway government employee pension costs is the hot topic, with average taxpayers and the press starting to take notice of this looming public finance disaster. A more dramatic, yet simple pension reform effort known as “the PROillinois plan” is gaining momentum, and is being promoted by a grassroots group of Illinois residents and local government leaders who want to put an end, once and for all, to the unworkable Springfield practice of dictating to local governments the retirement benefits paid to local government employees.
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Father of Fallen Marine Forced to Pay Creep’s Court Costs

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Father of Fallen Marine Forced to Pay Creep’s Court Costs

-By Warner Todd Huston

The creeps at the Westboro Abomination are at it again, this time finding a compliant judge to force the father of a fallen Marine to pay their further court costs from a recent case.

On March 6, 2006 Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder of Finksburg, Maryland lost his life in Al Anbar province, Iraq in service to our country. He was 20 years old.

The creeps of the Westboro “church” showed up at this young hero’s funeral and harassed the bereaving family as they laid him to rest. As a result, the family sued the creeps.

In yet another indignity to the bereaved, the Marine’s family has been ordered by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to pay the “church” $16,510 to fund their appeal process.

The Marine’s father Albert is struggling under this unfair debt.

Donate to help this family pay this idiotic court-forced fee and show these creeps in the so-called Westboro church that Americans stick by their troops.
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Obama To Take Over Control of College Textbooks?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Candace de Russy over at National Review posted an alarming example of Obama power grab. Or perhaps more precisely it’s yet another alarming example of an Obama power grab. This time Obama apparently is setting the table to take control of what is printed in our nation’s college textbooks.

This one slipped past my radar in August of 2009, but apparently Barack Obama signed the Federal Textbook Act (Download .pdf file) that made provisions for the federal government to take control of the pricing and availability of the text books in our institutions of higher learning (at least the ones that take federal funding).

According to the language of the act, it is all about keeping textbooks affordable for students.
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The New Dem. Lt. Gov. Candidate’s Anti-Catholic Song

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-By Warner Todd Huston

On March 27, Jeff Finley of the Pioneer Press made an interesting discovery when looking up info on the Democrat’s new pick for Lt. Governor, Sheila Simon. Apparently Sheila’s 5-piece, all-girl band named the Loose Gravel Girls has an anti-Catholic, Pope bashing song in its play list.

The song titled “Pope Knop” (that’s pronounced Kuh-Nope) seems to be about a four-year-old girl that has somehow become a Pope that is “drawing with markers on the Vatican floor” so that “going to church will never be a bore.”

The song starts out with some pseudo Catholic liturgy type music and then segues into a piano driven, banjo plucking little tune that features a bouncy beat and a slide whistle apparently to denote that it is supposed to be “funny,” I guess.
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The New Crisis?

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The New Crisis?

-By Dan Scott

Rahm Emanuel was quoted as saying “Let no crisis go to waste.” This is a corollary to the long-standing tactic of the left in America to create charges and victims out of whole cloth in order to advance their many agendas. The fake but true narrative is a time-tested formula. In the last few weeks a new crisis seems to be resurrected, that being the threat of armed and violent extremist right wing groups. I say resurrected since the initial attempt to gin up this issue flopped badly when Janet Napolitano, the head of DHS commissioned a smear campaign in a report on Right Wing Extremists written by a known left leaning group at the beginning of the Obama Presidency in 2009. Their plan tripped over it’s own two feet with over the top suggestive finger pointing (innuendo) at those who honorably served in the military. What made the Report on Right Wing Extremists even more outrageous was that it was actually distributed to police departments around the country with zero public comment beforehand. No proof was offered for their absurd accusations and furthermore, all instances of violence at that time was from the left, as it is to this very day. In fact, this odious report commissioned by Obama’s hand picked DHS leader if read literally essentially labels anyone who participates in the Tea Party movement as potential Right Wing Extremists. In 2010 we begin to see the fruit of that initial attempt this month.

It seems the liberals are ginning up the “Right Wing Extremist” activities just like Clinton did during his tenure. Recently, the MSM has been attempting to link broken windows at Representative Slaughter’s offices to the Tea Party movement, of course this is done with absolutely no proof whatsoever, but what’s new for the low journalistic standards using innuendo by the MSM? The MSM itself is the de facto propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and of the Obama Administration. The MSM conveniently fails to mention all the similar threats and activities against Republicans. This universal failure of reporting indicates a concerted effort to foist a false and misleading narrative upon the American People. We should not be surprised at this universality of (in)action by the MSM as they have regular daily teleconferences with Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s political advisor.

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Our Problem is a Lack of Health Care — the Moral Variety

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Our Problem is a Lack of Health Care — the Moral Variety

-By Selwyn Duke

There was, of course, nothing unpredictable about Sunday’s health-care vote. It was fairly obvious that the Chicago mobsters would, using the Escobarian silver-or-lead tactic, scare up the votes needed to pass Obama’s baby. It was plain that “pro-life” Democrats such as Bart Stupak would, after the requisite posturing, find the rationalization they needed to cast aside a position that was never really a principle. That it came in the form of an executive order with the credibility of the Hitler-Stalin Pact is of little consequence. It was also predictable that the Monday after would bring talk about the extinguishment of liberty and the republic, and heads hanging so low that good Americans could look up and see their shoelaces.

Yet there is a somewhat larger view a person can take here. It is one that distinguishes between symptoms — even very severe ones — and the underlying disease.

Some have asked a very predictable question: “Where were you the day the republic died?” But there is a better one: Where were you when you first knew our republic was dying? As for me, I can’t tell you exactly where, only when. I believe it was the early 1980s. And I was still a teenager.
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State Refuses to Pay for Blago Portrait

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State Refuses to Pay for Blago Portrait

-By Warner Todd Huston

Indignity upon indignity has been heaped upon our one-time Governor, Rod “They’re Out To Get Me” Blagojevich. And now one more link has been added to his Marley chain burden. The state legislature is refusing to pay for the oil painting of Blago to hang in the hall of governors in Springfield.


Of course, Rod is certainly free to pay for the portrait himself, but the state’s politicos decided in an 85-23 vote last week that the state would not pay for the sitting.

The Senate-bound bill does not ban an ousted governor from bankrolling the project out of pocket, which could cost as much as $25,000, the bill’s top backer said.

Oh, the humanities. Poor Rod. The dude can’t catch a break… of course, there’s that whole he-deserves-it thing, too!

Bean The Progressive

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Bean The Progressive

From the Palatine Tea Party…

March 29, 2010 – Beans healthcare vote of “yes” is just another vote among other votes over the last year which the voters in her district continue to reject. Her voting record is that of a far left progressive. This is not a progressive district and she continues to follow the failed policies of the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi.
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Loyola Republicans Present The “Truth” of Global Warming by Christopher Horner

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Loyola Republicans Present The “Truth” of Global Warming by Christopher Horner

Chris Horner will be on Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore Campus located in beautiful Rogers Park on April 28th to discuss the truth behind global warming and extreme environmentalism.

Chicago, IL– Mar 28, 2010 – The Loyola University Chicago College Republicans are proud to announce the selection of Christopher C. Horner as our honored year-end lecturer. Mr. Horner will be presenting “The ‘Truth’ Behind Global Warming.”
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Putting Employers ‘Out of Their Misery:’ A Round-up on the New Union-Controlled NLRB

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Putting Employers ‘Out of Their Misery:’ A Round-up on the New Union-Controlled NLRB

-By Peter List

Yesterday, President Obama recess-appointed SEIU and AFL-CIO attorney Craig Becker, along with union attorney Mark Pearce to the National Labor Relations Board, making the “bi-partisan” board a tool of union bosses.

[NLRB Chairman Wilma Liebman is an attorney formerly employed by the Teamsters and Bricklayers’ unions.]

With only one Republican Board member to three union-friendly Board members, even a modicum of “neutrality” on the Board is finished.

The following is a round-up from around the web [my emphasis added throughout]:
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Actress Maria Conchita Alonso Smacks Down Useful Idiot, Sean Penn

March 29, 2010 | Filed Under Capitalism, Communism, Cuba, Hollywood, Movies, Socialism, Venezuela, Warner Todd Huston | 2 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sean Penn is a bona fide useful idiot, we all know. He doesn’t have two synapses to rub together, it is obvious. Unfortunately, though, his every utterance is reported widely by the star-struck media no matter how stupid he is. Lately his foolishness has turned toward supporting one of the worst dictators in the world, Hugo Chavez. While sentient people understand that Penn is a grad “A” moron, the fact that he has such a public platform his blather does need to be countered effectively.

In pursuit of countering a useful Hollyweird idiot, a level-headed celebrity actress has come forward to slap down this infant tyro, Penn. Actress Maria Conchita Alonso has penned an open letter to the king of idiots and it’s a good one.

Dear Sean, WHY?

Even though I have great respect for your artistic talent, I was appalled by a recent television interview where you vigorously showed support for the regime of Hugo Chavez. Therefore, I’ve decided to set the record straight for you regarding the Chavez regime, supporting my case based not only on my political ideologies, but on proven facts you choose to ignore. Otherwise, I believe your position would be different.

Being born in Cuba, a country where freedom of speech is non-existent, it’s startling to observe how Venezuela, where I was happily raised, is fast becoming Cuba’s mirror image: Dismantling of fundamental democratic rights deserved by its people and citizens of the world.

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Let’s Get Serious About Immigration, Conservatives

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Let’s Get Serious About Immigration, Conservatives

-By Warner Todd Huston

Immigration is a difficult issue for conservatives these days. It is fraught with emotions and passionate feelings. Whenever someone tries to discuss the issue dispassionately, the old canard of “no true Scotsman” is employed against them. But conservatives need to continue to have this discussion and get their ducks in a row on the issue because the other side has a successful call to arms that we need to prove wrong. It is too easy for the left to claim that it has “compassion” for immigrants and we don’t. We need to pull the debate away from faux “compassion” and toward the facts.

On the right we have at least two main ideas about immigration. Some want open borders and easy employment for immigrants so that business has a quick and constant source of low-priced labor. These business-oriented conservatives (some might call them country club Republicans) are less interested in social issues and more interested in money and economic growth. Opposing the open borders folks are those that might be called nativists, those that feel America should not have a wide open border and that America is for Americans. The extremes of these positions are on one hand not following our immigration laws and on the other making race-based, cultural-warfare arguments. But there is a path to reconcile the two extremes.
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Union Hack Becker Gets Recess Appointment

March 29, 2010 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, EFCA, Government, Jobs, Liberals, NLRB, President, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Union Hack Becker Gets Recess Appointment

-By Warner Todd Huston

President Obama is determined to misuse his office to payoff unions and to that end he has given union goon Craig Becker a recess appointment as the head of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the agency tasked with implementing fair and responsible federal rules to govern labor and employers.

The U.S. Chamber of commerce has slammed Obama’s appointment of union hack Becker to such an important position. The Chamber was disgusted by Obama’s actions. According to The Hill the Chamber slammed the decision because it “‘disregards the Senate’s bipartisan rejection’ of Becker and ‘contradicts the president’s claim to change the tone in Washington,’ said Randel K. Johnson, the chamber’s senior vice president of Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits.”

“This is the first time since 1993 that the Chamber has opposed a nominee to the NLRB,” Johnson said. “The Chamber’s opposition is based on Mr. Becker’s prolific writings, which suggest a radical view of labor law that flies in the face of established precedent and case law and is far outside the mainstream.”

Now unions can likely expect Becker to re-write NLRB rules to allow the things that unions want to get implemented even though Congress has in a bi-partisan manner refused to do so thus far. Obama is, in other words, warping our process, subverting Congress, and using back doors to get his radical, left-wing agenda passed above the desires of the people’s representatives and the will of the voters.
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WTH On the Victory Report

March 29, 2010 | Filed Under Blogging, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Government, Inernet, Liberals, Podcasting, Warner Todd Huston, Western Civilization | Comments Off on

WTH On the Victory Report

-By Warner Todd Huston

This month I was featured on The Victory Report with Michael Victory. We talked about the Old Media, politics and the Internet.

It was a good conversation that I think you’ll like. Check it out at The Victory Report.

Still Lessons To Be Learned From The Obama School Address Controversy

March 29, 2010 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Education, Frederick Meekins, Liberals, President | Comments Off on

Still Lessons To Be Learned From The Obama School Address Controversy

-By Frederick Meekins

Lincoln is credited with saying that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Likewise, totalitarian movements such as Nazism and Communism expended considerable resources on efforts designed to sway the youth of their respective countries into embracing ideologies inimical to the self interest of the student.

Viewing himself in the pantheon of historical figures by which entire eras are remembered, Barack Obama also realizes the necessity of claiming the hearts and minds of the young if he is to transcend the chasm between that of mere government administrator or even head of state to that of an adored icon an entire culture or way of life is built upon.

Though the administration distanced itself from the original lesson plan and disavowed any purpose for the President’s broadcast address other than to tell students to stay in school, the fact that such a document was even formulated provides a glimpse into the worldviews of the influential at the highest levels of the bureaucracy and administration. Therefore, even if the misbegotten memorandum is scrubbed from the Internet and its existence denied to the same extent as the Star Wars Christmas special, it must still be scrutinized as part of the documentary history of the United States.

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Obama’s Appointee Supports U.S. Business Hiring Illegal Aliens

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Business, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Government, Immigration/Immigrants, Jobs, Liberals, President, Unions, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

This weekend President Obama implemented a recess appointment for Craig Becker to head the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

On January 8th, 2001, Becker told a radio audience that he was a supporter of American businesses hiring undocumented, illegal aliens.

The man that will be implementing rules to govern labor relations in America is a supporter of breaking America’s labor laws to hire illegal workers.

… and Barack Obama’s radical agenda rolls ever onward.
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Dems Chose Fmr Senator’s Daughter for Illinois Lt. Gov.

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Pat Quinn, State Government, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Dems Chose Fmr Senator’s Daughter for Illinois Lt. Gov.

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Democrat State Central Committee has chosen Sheila Simon, daughter of former Senator Paul Simon (no not the singer), as its choice to fill the Lt. Governor slot recently vacated by Steve Cohen.

Sheila Simon has no real electoral track record in the state, but success is not a prerequisite to fill the Lt.Gov’s chair, after all. Since the position is practically powerless and useless, anybody could take it when all is said and done.

Chicago Trib reporters Rick Pearson and Ray Long amused me with the first two paragraphs of their piece announcing the choice, though.
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Onion Skewers King Daley

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under Chicago, Cook County, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Government, Illinois, Liberals, Mayor Richard Daley, State Government, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Onion Skewers King Daley

-By Warner Todd Huston

This just in, The Onion News Service has just skewered Richie “King” Daley for his newest effort to “modernize Chicago’s outdated graft programs.”

The Onion did a masterful job satirizing the corruption of Chicago in this post, I have to say. The stuff they put in Mayor Daley’s mouth is classic.

“It’s been business as usual for too long in Chicago, and now it’s time to find more efficient ways to misuse authority for personal gain,” said Daley, who has served as Chicago’s mayor since 1989. “We must modernize our illegitimate activities right now, today, before it becomes impossible for public officials to act in my best self-interests.”

While this may be funny to folks outside of the Chicago area, it is all too easy to believe for those of us sentenced to dwell in “King” Daley’s corrupt little world.

Kudos to The Onion for its satire, but shame on Chicago for allowing the corruption that is so easy to satirize.
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A Little Reminder of the Left’s Unhinged Hatred

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under 9/11, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-War, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, George W. Bush, Government, Health, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Palestinians, Tea Party, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

A Little Reminder of the Left’s Unhinged Hatred

-By Warner Todd Huston

With all the tales in the Old Media of the supposed violence committed by Tea Partiers going on since Obama’s takeover of our nation’s healthcare system, I thought it might be instructive to recall how hate-filled the unhinged left is in America today. A year ago, the good folks at Zomblog assembled a great series of photos showing the mental derangement exhibited by the human detritus at those once ubiquitous anti-war rallies that the distempered left hosted so often between the years 2003 and 2009… you know, those anti-war rallies that totally disappeared after Obama took office even as the wars rage on? Yeah, THOSE anti-war rallies.

In any case, if the left and the Old Media want to pretend that Tea Partiers are nothing but filled with hate, perhaps they should get a look at some of these photos? Of course, the fact is, none of this “violence” has been tracked to anyone in the Tea Party movement… but let’s not let facts get in the way of the Old Media’s good stories, eh?

As self-interested Congressmen try to fool the public into thinking that Tea Partiers yelled the “N” word at them, even as not one shred of proof exists that it ever happened, let’s be reminded of what real hatred looks like…

Let’s start out with a sign printed that depicts President Bush being hanged.
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Obama Press Sec. Gibbs’ Challenging Reading Material: a Star Wars Pop-Up Book

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Books, Entertainment, Hollywood, Liberals, Movies, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Obama Press Sec. Gibbs’ Challenging Reading Material: a Star Wars Pop-Up Book

-By Warner Todd Huston

Descending from Air Force One, Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs clutches his latest choice of reading material, the “Star Wars Pop-Up Guide.”

The captions write themselves, don’t you think?

We know the book was a gift from the president for Gibbs’ son, Ethan, of course. But the photo is just too delicious and the thoughts it brings to mind are many and varied.

From the low-grade, comic book choice of reading material revealing the “depth” of Robert Gibbs’ mind, to the idea of Obama as evil Emperor trying to create an evil empire, the allusions between the pop culture, bubble gum reading and the Obama administration are just too hard to pass up.

Let your mind wander through all the amusing possibilities, won’t you?
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Bigger danger of healthcare bill: the arrogance of Congress

March 28, 2010 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Budget, Chicago, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Elections, GOP, Government, Health, House of Representatives, Illinois, Nancy Pelosi, President, Sam Adams Alliance, Senate, Socialism, State Government, Taxes, Tea Party, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Bigger danger of healthcare bill: the arrogance of Congress

-By Eric O’Keefe

Health care supporters in Congress clearly defied the will of voters. Will we hold them accountable?

We may never fully know the damage that will be done by the massive health care bill Congress passed on Sunday, but one thing is certain: It will lead to lower-quality care at higher costs.

Dozens of new health boards will come on line in the next few years, as bureaucrats gradually take control of our health care system. Who knows how many bright college students will decide to avoid medical careers because they don’t want to follow orders from these bureaucrats?
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  • Donald Trump Has Trimmed Thousands of Government Workers, But So Far it is Tens of Thousands Too Few
  • Merry Christmas 2017: A Light Unto All Mankind
  • VIDEO: Linus Tells Us the True Meaning of Christmas
  • VIDEO: Christmas at The White House–Ronald Reagan Reads the Story of Christ to Children in 1982
  • Breaking: House Passes Historic Tax Relief Bill, But Real Story Is the 12 Republicans Who Voted Against It
  • The Fake Kwanzaa ‘Holiday’: A Scam Created by A Racist Con Man, Rapist And Torturer
  • Feel Good, Conservatives, You Are 100% Vindicated For Voting for Donald Trump

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