Washington to Give Unions More Power to Tell Corporations What to Do

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Senator Chris Dodd (D, Conn.) wants to give unions more power in the boardrooms of our nation’s businesses. In essence, Dodd wants to force corporate boards under the thumb of unions by federal fiat.

Carefully hidden in Dodd’s new regulations are provisions that give new powers to board members, powers aimed at giving unions more say in the operations of businesses from the inside through investments of pension funds.

The Dodd bill takes away from the states the ability to make rules governing how corporate boards are established and run and for the first time reassigns that power to the federal government through the SEC. Democrats expect to use this new power to affect corporate boards to force pension fund investors to obtain more seats on those boards and that means union pension funds will suddenly have more influence on business simply because of their influence in Washington.

This will severely alter the relationship between business and labor, effectively erasing the ability of a company to operate in its own interests and will force it to serve the interests of Big Labor and Washington D.C.

This is just one more small step in the elimination of America’s private business community and the implementation of a quasi-socialist business state. One more anti-American arrow in Obama’s quiver shot over the bow of America.
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Ill. Alliance for Growth: Illinois Cigarette Tax Will Hurt More Than Just Smokers

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From the Illinois Alliance for Growth

Lawmakers Should Consider Downstream Economic Impact on Border Communities; Jobs

(Springfield, Ill.) Don’t tax me, don’t tax thee…tax that man behind the tree has risen to the level of a colloquialism when used by opponents of cigarette tax hikes. It’s an informal way of saying that going after smokers is the majority picking on the minority. A quick google search of the phrase will prove the point.

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5th District Ratowitz: Where Does Rep. Quigley Stand on Taxing Retirement Savings?

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From the Ratowitz for Congress campaign (5th District)…

David Ratowitz, Republican Candidate for Illinois’ 5th Congressional seat, demands to know: where does Mike Quigley (D IL-5) stand on taxing retirement savings?

U. S. Congressional Candidate, David Ratowitz (IL – 5), wants to know: “where does Mike Quigley stand on taxing retirement savings? Just this week, Democrats in Congress said they wanted to tax IRA and 401(k) retirement accounts. Obviously, Mike Quigley doesn’t care about us, otherwise he would oppose tax increases that target our retirement savings and destroy jobs in the District.”
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Walsh: Not a Perfect Candidate, but the Perfect Candidate to Defeat Melissa Bean

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From the Walsh for Congress Campaign (8th District)…

8th District Republican Congressional Nominee spent an hour last night speaking with, listening to, and answering questions from more than 100 Eighth District residents at a candidate forum last night.

“I am not a perfect candidate,” Walsh said, “But I am the perfect candidate to defeat Melissa Bean,” he said to great applause from the audience.

“I wasn’t the establishment choice,” Walsh said. “And the fact that I am neck-and-neck with Rep. Bean in the polls makes those who benefit from the status quo nervous. That’s okay. I’m not going to make the same mistakes Melissa Bean has made by putting her political party ahead of her district. You elected me and it is your interests that will fight for and your values that I will represent in Congress.”
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Obama Tough Guy On Illegal Immigration! That Was Then…

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see that anything that Obama says has an expiration date. In 2006, then Senator Obama was a tough guy on illegal aliens. Flash forward to 2010 when he wants desperately to find an issue with which he can beat up on Republicans, suddenly Barack Obama pretends to be every illegal alien’s buddy.

In 2006 an illegal alien named Elvira Arellano was discovered working illegally in Chicago. She escaped going into the custody of ICE officials and ended up hiding in a law breaking Catholic Church in Chicago. She was eventually apprehended and deported as she should have been. But before that happened this lawbreaker made a special plea to the two U.S. Senators in Illinois. Barack Obama was one of them.

He rejected her pleas saying, “We live in a country of laws. We don’t do things sort of based on, you know, one person’s situation.”

Thanks to the ever alert Naked Emperor News

Oh, a tough guy was he. Yep, just another Obama “principle” that was conveniently thrown away when Obama needs a new one to fit his new political needs.
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Google’s Liability Decade: Why Google’s Leadership Ducks Investors

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-By Scott Cleland

The abrupt change, that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt will no longer be accountable to shareholders on Google’s earnings calls, should prompt investors to ask why?

Google claimed that they wanted to put more focus on Google’s strong financials, but they did not disclose any more than Google’s usual barest minimum of information to investors. The most obvious reason for this abrupt change is the literal explosion of real franchise liabilities and risk overhangs to Google that reared their ugly heads this past quarter. Had CEO Schmidt been available to answer investor questions, Google’s exploding liabilities could have dominated the Q&A and the investment narrative coming out of the earnings call.

What has changed, and what Google has been not been open about, is the very serious ripening of three different types of going-forward franchise risks (antitrust, privacy/security and intellectual property) that cumulatively herald a de facto change in Google eras: from the roaring “Growth Decade” of 2000-2009, to the more unpredictable “Liability Decade” of 2010- 2019.
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Illinois School Fund ‘Money Laundering’ Bill Passed by Both Houses

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Unfortunately a bill that will allow schools to pull a bait-and-switch and pilfer funds that are supposed to go for other things and apply those funds to unapproved building projects has now passed both houses in Springfield. This means that schools might now be able to take funds that are supposed to be used for specific things and pour them into building projects (or any other use) for which the schools did not get voter’s approval. I wrote about this bill on April 28.

The way our system is supposed to work is that schools that want major new building projects or other such high ticket needs must go before the voters for a bond issue, for taxes to be raised. The voters say yes and taxes are raised or bonds issued to satisfy the school’s needs. But if voters say no, then the schools are supposed to do without. That is they way democracy is supposed to work.

But lo and behold special interests and consultants that make their living off our schools by consulting them on bond issues and spending plans wrote HB6041 that convinced lawmakers to allow schools to raid specified funds any time they feel like doing so and use those funds for whatever they want to use them for. This is now misappropriation of funds made legal.
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Post Party Summits: Taking the Fight to the Ballot Box

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-By Anita MonCrief

As President Obama vacationed in North Carolina this past weekend, concerned Americans decided to dedicate their time to freedom. The Post-Party Summits, hosted by American Majority, Smart Girl Politics and RedState, kicked off the first Summit in Pittsburgh, PA on April 23rd. American Majority President Ned Ryun explained the idea behind the Post-Party Summits in a recent interview:

“The Post-Parties are about moving from protesting to implementing, and that’s what was so exciting about Pittsburgh: these people came to learn, realizing that the next iteration of the tea party movement is organizing into a potent political force. And I believe that is the answer to bringing about the change needed in this country: the tea party and 9.12 movements organizing into privatized political infrastructure to advance the great principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, and limited government.”

On Friday evening during the opening dinner, Erick Erickson of RedState gave a rousing speech regarding the next step for concerned Americans. The audience went wild when Erickson stated “The silent majority can no longer be silent.”

The Summit training courses were designed to equip citizens with the tools to effectively participate in the electoral process. Classes include, Creative Leadership,Micro-targeting Precincts, Building Effective Coalitions, Running for Office, Media Coaching: TV and Radio, and a host of other classes designed to train Americans to become more involved in the community. Ryun described it as being:

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Illinois, The Time to Act is Now!

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From Americans for Prosperity, Illinois…

We’re at the time in the legislative cycle when the Illinois General Assembly will engage in a flurry of activities that may produce bills the public and for that matter lawmakers have never seen, bills that may request spending of billions of our tax dollars, bills that can become laws in a blink of an eye. Next week brings along certain legislative deadlines for the reading and passage of “Substantive” bills.

Please contact your lawmakers today.
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Abortionist’s Hypocrisy: Infant Survives Abortion, Found Alive 2 Days Later

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Recently a baby in Italy was put through horror for his two short days of life in an incident that puts paid to the hypocrisy of those that think that an in vitro human infant is not really a human at all.

This child survived a botched abortion then was laid alone in a cold room struggling to live for 20 hours before anyone bothered to notice it survived the attempted ending of its life. His torture lasted another day before death finally arrived to claim him.

Once the baby was found still hanging onto life after “doctors” tried to kill it, the hospital made a sudden, vain attempt to bring it to health. To complete the circus atmosphere, after the child passed, police in Italy began a homicide investigation of the incident. Why? Because in Italy infanticide is illegal.

Confused? You should be.
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Call the neighbors and wake the kids, it’s SB600 time!

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-By Doug Ibendahl, Republican News Watch

The Illinois General Assembly is tentatively scheduled to adjourn by May 7th (a week from this Friday). That’s an early date, and it may not happen, but that’s the goal.

It’s a good time to make another push for final passage of SB600. Recall the bill passed overwhelmingly in the State Senate last year. We still need House passage.
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Melissa Bean’s Healthcare101 – Part 2 of 13

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From the Palatine Tea Party…

(Palatine, Illinois) – In response to the letter Melissa Bean wrote to the constituents in district 8 dated April 16, 2010. We will respond to each of her statements Melissa Bean made based on emotion with factual responses where she stated the following:

“After deliberate review of the final legislation in relation to (the concerns of the people of the 8th district) I supported it (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) because it will provide the health care security, affordability and choice families and businesses seek, while utilizing the private market-not a government takeover-and yielding a significant federal deficit reduction of $1.3 trillion…”
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Melissa Bean’s Healthcare101 – Part 1 of 13

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From the Palatine Tea Party…

In response to the letter Melissa Bean wrote to the constituents in district 8 dated April 16, 2010. We will respond to each of her statements Melissa Bean made based on emotion with factual responses where she stated the following:

“After deliberate review of the final legislation in relation to (the concerns of the people of the 8th district) I supported it (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) because it will provide the health care security, affordability and choice families and businesses seek, while utilizing the private market-not a government takeover-and yielding a significant federal deficit reduction of $1.3 trillion…”
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Adam Andrzejewski: Illinois Can’t Afford Quinn‏

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From Adam Andrzejewski and For the Good of Illinois

Thanks to you, we’re winning the fight to Open the Books!

Over the past couple weeks, advocates of transparent and accountable government in Illinois have been winning more and more small victories.

Quinn’s canoe czar, $85,000 per year, STOPPED!
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Class Acton Against Congress Considered

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-By Vince Johnson

Vince Johnson, Vet WWII and Korea has appointed himself to the position of Pro Bono Amateur Lobbyist for over 867,000 Oregonians under the age of 18. He made this decision after noting that thousands of special interest groups from all segments of our culture and every industry in America invest large sums of money to influence Congressional activity through professional lobbyists. It therefore seems appropriate that Oregonians under 18 have someone that will show serious concern for their interests.

Johnson’s first project is to introduce the public to the idea of initiating a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Congress filed in behalf of all Oregonians under the age of 18. He stated that this action would be based upon the following realities:
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Support These Arizona Companies

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-By Warner Todd Huston

To see a list of Arizona companies you should support…


I am happy to say that I stole this table code from a lefty that wanted to boycott these fine Arizona companies. So, I thought it only fitting that I liberally lifted the code to urge folks to support these Arizona companies.

Tea Party: Instantly Attacked by Old Media, Coffee Party: Immediate Respect from Old Media

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Nothing says “media bias” like coffee in the morning.

If anyone ever wanted to see an example of the bias of the Old Media no better example can be found than the different ways that it has treated the tea party movement and the coffee party astroturf effort. The tea party movement was initially ignored, then it was ridiculed, then it was attacked as dangerous, but no where in the Old Media was it treated as a valid, powerful political movement despite the literally millions of Americans that have attended them.

On the other hand, the astroturf coffee party effort created by an Obama campaign staffer was treated as a viable, important effort from the second it was announced and all that quite despite the fact that no coffee party event seems to have been able to turn out more than 20 people at a time.

Let’s look at some numbers. Just from those first tax day tea party events (April 15, 2009) the number of participants topped *500,000. And since then there have been thousands of more tea party protests of all sorts sponsored by any number of local and national groups and they, too, have turned out thousands of participants. There have been tea party participants in the millions since April of 2009.

Of course, the Old Media has done its best to downplay the number of tea party protestors. Instead of detailing the actual numbers, the Old Media continues to use the nebulous phrase “hundreds of protestors,” or when the numbers are greater the dismissive “thousands of protestors.” An excellent example of this can be seen in the great Washington D.C. protest of September of 2009. Where the foreign press noted that as many as a million flooded Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009, the American Old Media insisted on using the less accurate phrase “tens of thousands.” When asked to quantify a million people no one would use the phrase “tens of thousands,” unless, of course, they were trying to diminish the amount.

Also since April of 2009, we have seen tea party groups begin a foray into local politics. From coast to coast tea party groups have been holding candidate forums, endorsing candidates, and proffering candidates from their own ranks. Now, as it is right now this moment, we are still at a nascent stage of these electoral efforts, so it is difficult to say what will come of it. But the fact is, they’ve begun at various levels from north to south and east to west.
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Cook County Spending Over $200,000 for ‘Fresh Rolls and Pastries’

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week we discovered through the Cook County online check register that the county spent $300,000 for coffee services from the ACE Coffee company. (See here, and here). This week The Prairie Stater has discovered that the county is spending more than $200,000 additional budget dollars on “fresh rolls and pastries” from Chicago’s Alpha Baking Company.

So, not only do county workers make more than you on the job and far more than you in retirement, now we find out they even eat better than you on the job.

It must be like a party to go to work everyday in county government.
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Media Spinning Against New AZ Law for All It’s Worth

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The media has been trying its hardest to spin this Arizona immigration law to its agenda for all its worth. It’s such a swarm of media agenda journalism that even liberal reporters that write about the travel industry are trying to demonize Arizona over it all. We can see this in the facile reporting by USA Today’s travel reporter, Barbara De Lollis. Hers titled, “Arizona immigration law backlash? Traveler says state ‘is off my travel list for sure,'” is a screamer for the wild assumptions and unproved and unprovable assertions made in order to further the Old Media agenda.

De Lollis asserts that there is a “backlash” among travelers over the Arizona legislature’s decision to strengthen its immigration laws. She thinks that the tourist industry in the Grand Canyon State will find itself on the losing end of the stick because of “the USA’s toughest immigration law.”

That is quite a claim, isn’t it? One would think that she’d have reams of evidence to prove her contention that Arizona’s tourist industry will be hurt by the immigration law, wouldn’t you? Maybe she has some major travel industry spokesmen or organizations saying Arizona is out? Perhaps she has a few large corporations or government agencies announcing travel bans? Maybe she has some survey from a respected group like Gallup, or some such polling group?

No, none of that.

So what does De Lollis use to prove her case?
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Schools Fund Building Projects With Pilfered Tax Money

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Schools that want tax dollars to fund major new building or refurbishing projects are supposed to go before the voters, hat in hand, to ask for a tax increase. A referendum then goes on a ballot for tax payers to approve or deny. This prevents abuse of tax money and is how the system is supposed to work. But an investigation finds that millions of dollars in building funds have been raised through questionable bonds issued by schools without getting legal approval from the taxpayers.

Schools have been caught floating bonds to fund their unapproved building projects despite that the courts have ordered them to stop this shady practice. And now, instead of punishing these lawbreakers, state legislators plan to just change the rules to make this questionable wild spending legal in a grandfathered law to be considered in the state senate perhaps as early as this week.

Worse than that, the legislation was written by private companies that specialize in assisting schools to rape the taxpayers by helping them figure ways around the law. This bill wasn’t even written by our elected officials but by special interests that make their living skimming tax money from schools.
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The Left’s Lies About ‘Peaceful’ Immigration Protesters

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-By Warner Todd Huston posted an excellent side-by-side video from Fox News that shows the lengths that the left goes to in order to excuse the common every day violence, hate and criminal actions of folks from their own side.

Take a look at this excellent report…

This ignoramus, hypocrite that Fox News dredged up to represent the left is typical of the back bending gymnastics indulged by the Old Media and the left — one in the same, I know. This is typical in the way they denigrate the perfectly peaceful Tea Party protests while excusing the lawless, criminal actions of the left’s protesters — in this case the recent pro-illegal immigrant criminal protesters in Arizona.
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Should the Ends Justify the Means?

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-By Nancy Salvato

Watching the most recent episode of 24, it was infuriating to watch President Allison Taylor tell Jack Bauer to stand down instead of agreeing to have him question Dana Walsh about the assassination of President Hassan, rationalizing her actions by saying that the peace process she was negotiating between the Russians and the Middle East is for the “greater good.” She essentially told him that the ends justify the means and that those in the employ of CTU are to serve what she believes to be in the nation’s interest, not only ignoring her oath to the Constitution of the United States but demanding his fealty, or allegiance to her.

Anyone serving the country must take an oath of office.

President: “ I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
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Mayor Daley Wants Foreign Kangaroo Court to Rule in Chicago

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Mayor Richard “King” Daley has just earned his monarchical (or is that maniacal) nickname by announcing his desire to have a European “court” invade the U.S. and begin prosecuting American citizens for doing a legal, Constitutionally protected business in America.

The despicable, mob-infested mayor of Chicago’s newest harebrained scheme in his fight against the U.S. Constitution is to have the so-called World Criminal Court at the Hague to begin prosecuting gun manufacturers and gun dealers here in America.

It’s bad enough that this Eurocrat wannabe thinks that this kangaroo court in Europe has legal jurisdiction in the USA, but he’s teaming up with a foreign plutocrat in Mexico to try and pursue this idiot’s scheme.

Mayor Daley again proves his essential hate for his own country. First by wallowing in his mob connected lifestyle, next by his surrounding himself with criminal Democrats that rob the city blind, then by siding with foreigners against his own country.

Maybe we would be better off with Rahm Emanuel in the big chair at City Hall? At least Rahm is just an average crook!
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Conn. Senate Race: McMahon Abandons Cash For Votes Plan

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The quixotic campaign of Linda McMahon for Connecticut’s Senate seat took another turn toward the absurd last week. The ex-wrestling maven launched a cash for votes drive and then abruptly canceled the program once the media reported on the scheme. It was hard not to compare McMahon’s plans to the vote fraud-infested voter drives sponsored by ACORN in years past.

The McMahon campaign intended to pay college students to register voters on both an hourly and a per voter basis. On April 23, the Stamford Advocate reported that an email detailing the campaign’s plans said that, “each student who works will earn $10 (an hour) while working up to 5 hours a day and 4 days total, with a bonus of $5 per Republican registered.”

This scheme seems to emulate the practices of the disgraced left-wing group ACORN. “Paying to register voters for a political party is not illegal, but the practice has drawn questions, particularly during a highly publicized voter fraud probe of the non-profit group ACORN,” said the Advocate.
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Chicago Fox Attacks 8th District Candidate Joe Walsh

April 27, 2010 | Filed Under Campaign Finance, Chicago, Congress, Conservatives, Cook County, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Illinois, Joe Walsh, Liberals, State Government, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Fox News Chicago ran a piece on 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh who topped a field of five candidates in the primary. They found that Walsh’s campaign never filed his financial disclosure forms as required by federal election law. The Fox correspondent pointedly asked Walsh, “how come you didn’t file your personal financial disclosure forms as obligated by federal election laws?”

Fox News also found a couple of local pols that said they would ask Walsh to resign his primary win if these things were not figured out. Of course, neither of the guys they found supported Walsh during the primary, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’d immediately jump to calling for Walsh to quit the race.

But my biggest problem with these stories about Walsh’s financial troubles is that they never came before the primary. They’ve all come after the primary. Even I wrote about Walsh’s financial troubles before the primary and I don’t have the investigative tools that TV and newspapers do! Yet all these high falutin’ Old Media outlets in Chicago ignored the issue until Walsh won the primary.

It is hard not to imagine that the Chicago media waited to “report” these matters until after the primary specifically so that they could hurt the Republican pickup of this seat.

Walsh’s campaign did file the disclosure forms and paid a $200 fine after Fox News brought it to their attention. Walsh says it was but an oversight. Here I’ll make no judgment, you decide.
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Robocop Director: Robocop Was an ‘American Jesus’ Because he Kills People

April 27, 2010 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Christianity, Entertainment, Hollywood, Media, Media Bias, Movies, Religion, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Breitbart appeared at an awards ceremony in Chicago on Friday the 16th and one of his remarks was that Hollywood is “40 years into the left injecting bad into America.” To counter the bad, Breitbart urged us all to remind each other what is good in our great nation. As an illustration of Breitbart’s warning I give you Paul Verhoeven, the director of the 1987 film Robocop.

Verhoeven recently spoke to MTVs Josh Horowitz about the underlying symbolism of Robocop and his main conception was that the Robocop character was an “American Jesus” because his method of righting wrongs was to shoot and kill all evil doers. Robocop was judge, jury and executioner all in one and that apparently makes him an “American Jesus.”

It was Verhoeven’s contention that America is little else but a violent nation that has no interest in peace, law, and order, or diplomacy but is the quintessentially violent cowboy, self-interested, and mostly a lawless place.

In his own words, Verhoeven told MTV the following:
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Behavioral Science, Behavioral Economics, Social Science, Psychology… How are these ‘Science’? Why Is Obama Using them to Ruin This Nation?

April 27, 2010 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Business, Capitalism, Children, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Education, Government, Liberals, President, Science, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

OK, let me get this straight. The bulk of the “research” that the so-called sciences mentioned in the headline above are done in university labs. There they conduct these “experiments” mostly, not exclusively, but mostly, on grad students and other students willing to go to the lab and take surveys, answer questions, and participate in the “experiments,” often for money.

The “results” of these hackneyed “experiments” are then used as “proof” of an often politically motivated concept, like “why are conservatives filled with fear,” or “why are the religious so hateful and full of fear,” or “why are Republicans so hateful and full of crap?,” of “why are gays and lesbians so cool”? You know, important questions like that.

Now, I remind you who the participants are in these pseudo experiments: college students.
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Why FCC’s broadband public option is a lose-lose gamble

April 27, 2010 | Filed Under Business, Capitalism, Computers, Economy/Finances, Free Trade, Inernet, Net Neutrality, Scott Cleland, Technology | Comments Off

-By Scott Cleland

The FCC would be making a longshot, bet-the-farm gamble, if it decided to mandate the broadband public option, i.e., deeming broadband to be a common-carrier-regulated service and regulating the Internet essentially for the first time.

It would be a classic lose-lose gamble because the FCC is very likely to lose in court — accomplishing nothing, but damaging the hard-built trust, cooperation and commitment necessary for public-private partnerships to be able to get broadband to all Americans fastest. Also everyone else would lose from the irreparable damage to private broadband investment, innovation, growth, jobs and America’s broadband ranking in the world.

I. Lose in Court:

It is a given that the FCC would be sued; and it is very likely that the Appeals Court and/or the Supreme Court would overturn any FCC unilateral assertion of authority to deem broadband a common carrier service. It is also likely that the court would stay such an FCC action from going into effect because of the likelihood of the petitioners winning on appeal and because of the easy case that it would cause irreparable harm.
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Wow, Ill. Senate Race Rated as ‘Favors Republicans’

April 26, 2010 | Filed Under Alexi Giannoulias, Barack Obama, Chicago, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Government, Illinois, Joe Biden, Liberals, Mark Kirk, President, Republicans, Senate, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

The famed Cook Political Report has just updated its reading of the race for Obama’s old Senate seat in Illinois to a “favors Republicans” rating!

This is pretty astonishing news:

As expected, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation seized control Friday of Broadway Bank, the community bank owned by the family of Democratic Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias.

The bank’s financial problems and its business relationships with people associated with corruption and organized crime have dogged Giannoulias’ campaign since early February when he became the nominee. Broadway’s failure will have an enormous impact on Giannoulias’ campaign, and it is entirely possible that the fallout could force him from the race. As such, the race is moving from the Toss Up to the Lean Republican column.

…Given recent events, it’s impossible to justify keeping the race in the Toss Up column. While current circumstances would seem to lend themselves to a rating of Likely Republican, we know that it’s entirely possible that we could well be dealt a different hand – and a very different race – a month or two from now. As such, the race moves to the Lean Republican column.

I have to say, with a possible Republican pick up of Obama’s old Illinois seat AND the possible pick up of VP Biden’s Delaware seat also looking to go to a Republican (Mike Castle), it would be an amazing rebuke to the Democrats to have their two top men’s old seats switch parties!

This would be one for the record books, for sure. I mean, has this ever even happened before?
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It’s Official Stern Protege Loses SEIU Race

April 26, 2010 | Filed Under Andy Stern, Business, Economy/Finances, Elections, Jobs, Liberals, Public Employees Unions, SEIU, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Earlier this morning I said that it looked like former Service Employees International Union head Andy Stern’s handpicked replacement wasn’t going to succeed her Svengali. Looks like that was correct.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, the new SEIU head is Mary Kay Henry as we discussed earlier.

Now, we wait to see if the SEIU withdraws a bit from the national scene and again begins to cast its eyes inward as many think will happen under Mz. Henry’s leadership. Time will tell.

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