Open Letter to Milwaukee Over its Decision to Boycott Arizona

June 28, 2010 | Filed Under Arizona, Business, Capitalism, Children, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Free Trade, Government, Homeless, Immigration/Immigrants, Jobs, Liberals, Mexico, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston, Welfare, Wisconsin | 1 Comment

(This was sent to me from a concerned citizen of the great state of Arizona…)

An Open Letter to Milwaukee City Alderman James Witkowski and His Fellow Aldermen (With the Notable Exception of the Hon. Bob Donovan)

How dare you boycott us, you who have never had thousands of ignorant, poor, opportunistic Canadians pouring into your towns and cities, murdering your farmers and stealing anything else they can get their hands on. How dare you assume we are RACIST? We aren’t racist, you dolts. We have lived as good neighbors to Mexico and Mexicans for hundreds of years. Our friends, our families, our schools, our universities, our workplaces – our whole society here in Arizona – is completely and fully and happily integrated. This isn’t about Americans of Mexican descent it is about Mexicans of Mexican descent, and it infuriates me that you silly, silly people 2,000 miles away would presume to call us racists. We are simply doing what our federal government has refused to do for the last 30 years: we are finally protecting ourselves and our borders with our votes, as we are completely within our rights, human and Constitutional, to do.

Have any of you worthies ever even been to Arizona? Do you remotely understand our problem? No. Allow me to explain it to you in either English or Spanish, you choose. (I am fluent in both.)

Next year our Arizona school children of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds are going to have 50 to 60 in a classroom. Many won’t have desks. Some won’t even have teachers. Arizonans can’t pay our firefighters or our police or cover state tax refund checks. WE ARE BROKE. There IS no more “where that came from.” We are broke largely because we have been supporting hundreds of thousands of people who are here illegally from another country. Our hospitals are packed with indigent Mexicans. Our prisons are packed with indigent and CRIMINAL Mexicans. Our Welfare offices are packed to overflowing with impoverished MEXICANS. Not Americans of Mexican descent: MEXICANS. PEOPLE FROM MEXICO. BORDER-CRASHERS. They pour over the border in their tens of thousands and take our children’s art and sports and music programs, our tax dollars, our social programs, our jobs, and they keep on taking, and taking and taking. Because they don’t pay taxes. Some work at menial jobs, hooray, the rest don’t, so we have to support them, body and soul, day in day out, year after year, all the while hoping our federal government will finally grow some balls and do something. But our federal government hasn’t sprouted cojones, despite their obligation by law to do so, so finally, Arizonans will save ourselves.

But heck, I lived in Wisconsin and Milwaukee for 8 years. I know those good old boys out there in the hills and on farms would be happy to see their trucks stolen, their livestock butchered, their pristine landscape littered with filth and trash, their barns covered with gang slogans, their jobs taken, their taxes raised, their public services compromised, their roads festooned abandoned drug paraphernalia, clothes, human waste, dirty diapers, cans, bottles, rags, and certainly they’d be glad to find the occasional truck full of dead bodies… Apparently you nincompoops in the Milwaukee city government would be thrilled to have all that and more in your city, since you don’t currently have enough problems with tagging and gang murders and drug cartels and poverty and stupidity there already.

So we in Arizona have devised a plan: you don’t want Arizona to protect her borders or her legal citizenry from an onslaught of lawless foreigners who don’t respect us, our charity towards them, or our laws? No worries, instead of arresting them, we are going to send all our illegal aliens to YOU – they can overrun your public services and your welfare offices and your jails and your schools and hospitals, they can take the jobs that citizens of Wisconsin and Milwaukee might want, while they drive up the costs of everything in the state, increase your taxes, decrease your quality of life, jeopardize your childrens’ educations, and interfere in your self-determinism.

Buena suerte! Let us how it works out for you…


Terri Haag
Tucson, AZ



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