The Final Straw

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The Final Straw

-By Dan Scott

There comes a point in time when the cumulative actions of an individual or regime has become so outrageous that not only do they need to be called out but removed from a position of power. Over the past 19 months the country has endured a litany of embarrassment, missteps and outright criminality. The Obama regime has finally if not inevitably gone too far.

Among the many questionable actions of the Obama regime the country has been forced to endure is the continuing failure in regards to the oil spill clean up. Not only was the regime inept in its handling of the clean up by refusing help from foreign countries with the proper equipment, continually impeded clean up efforts via it’s numerous bureaucracies and then attempted to politicize one of the largest environment disasters in US history for Obama’s pet agenda item, namely Cap & Trade. To rub salt into the wound, Obama’s legal team has repeatedly attempted to put tens of thousands more people out of work via an oil-drilling moratorium. So far the Courts have struck down two attempts and Obama is trying again a third time. The effect of this latest behavior has just sent one oil-drilling rig off to Egypt with others sure to follow. To sum up Obama’s actions regarding the oil spill is incompetence. We are not talking about simple straightforward incompetence mind you, but stubbornly willful incompetence since Obama has yet to demonstrate he has actually “learned” anything from this experience. As you can see the use of the word “Administration” is a joke when recounting Obama’s actions and therefore the word regime is a far better descriptor.

During the last month as the Blagojevich trial has progressed we come to learn that indeed Rahm Emanuel was fully involved in the pay to play scandal regarding Obama’s former Senate seat. The testimony has clearly implicated Mr. Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, in discussing Valerie Jarrett as Obama’s chosen successor. If you will remember then President-elected Obama denied that he or anyone on his staff had any discussions with Blagojevich’s staff about Valerie Jarrett, much less turning down the idea of paying for his choice. Then mysteriously just before the FBI dropped the hammer on Blagojevich, Obama withdrew Valerie Jarrett from consideration. As testimony has proceeded we now find out that there was confirmation of Obama’s participation at the other end of the discussion chain regarding Valerie Jarrett. There can now be no doubt that either Obama lied to the FBI in his interview where he claimed he knew nothing OR Obama lied when made public statements that he did not talk to Blagojevich or via someone else about his chosen successor. Anyway you look at this Obama has committed a felony, lying to the FBI or misprision of felony by not turning in Blagojevich to the FBI for making such a request for compensation.
The other criminal matter regards the attempt to buy off Sestak and Romanoff is also a felony. Obama was so brazen concerning this matter he had Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell admit on TV that he, himself bought off a candidate and this is politics as usual! Apparently, it’s legal for state office in Pennsylvania but not for Federal Office. Now why would a Democrat Governor fall on his sword like that to publicly humiliate himself? The irony here is that Bill Clinton signed this statute into Law and it was Bill Clinton who played the intermediary with Romanoff! Do you hear the MSM talking about this crime?

The final straw I am about to describe here could be characterized by my version of an infamous joke, please keep this in mind when considering Obama’s behavior. There was a married man cheating on his wife, when it was time to leave his mistress and go back to his wife he needed to account for his time not at work. He told his mistress to take his shoes and rub them in the grass to get them nice and dirty with grass stains and also the cuffs of his pants. She dutifully did so and he went on his way home to his wife. His wife greets him at the door with, “Where were you today! You weren’t at the office because I called, Don’t lie to me, I want the truth what were you doing?!” The man replied, “I was sleeping with my mistress at her place and enjoying every moment of wild uninhibited sex!” The wife’s response, “YOU LIAR, you’ve been golfing again, your shoes and pants have grass stains. I told you to tell me the truth.” The man was in the doghouse for golfing instead of for adultery. The moral of the story is telling the improbable truth by covering it up with a probable lie.

Prior to the election of 2008, one Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Obama’s pastor of 20 years. Intrepid new media people scooped the MSM obtaining tapes of Rev. Wright’s hate filled racist sermons against white people. Obama’s response was to promptly distance himself from Rev. Wright and then claimed in the 20 years he attended church he never heard Rev. Wright say “anything wrong”. Anyone listening to the excerpts of the tapes would come away with the judgment that Rev. Wright was and is to this day a rabid racist. The MSM still doesn’t have much to say on the subject.

Along comes the Gates incident when Professor Gates, a friend of Barack Obama, cries racism against a police officer when he, Professor Gates creates a scene when asked for identification while they are investigating a neighbor’s call of a probable break in at Gates’ house. Unbeknown to the neighbor and the police, Gates broke into his own house because he lost his keys. The neighbor would not have called the police if they didn’t know it was Gates himself and so the police couldn’t know it was Gates unless they asked for identification. Professor Gates was enraged that the police were asking for proof and not taking his word for it. He then proceeds to make a public spectacle in front of his house and is arrested for disorderly conduct by a White officer in the presence of a Black and a Hispanic officer. Barack Obama’s response was to say, “I don’t have all the information yet, but the police acted stupidly.” Now why would Barack Obama make the assumption the Police acted stupidly? Because the person is arrested is Black? Because in the hate filled teachings of Rev Wright, the Police oppress Blacks? Listen below to the hate speech of Jeremiah Wright and see for yourself IF Barack Obama was listening those 20 years. Police are the instruments of White Power? As it turned out, the White officer was the diversity trainer for the police force. The entire police union backed up the officer. The whole incident was swept under the rug at the Whitehouse with all three drinking a few beers much to the relief of the MSM and Democrat Party.

Then recently up pops a civil rights case from 2008 that was initiated during the Bush Administration. The person in question was caught on tape in a uniform threatening voters with a baton saying “you are going to be under the power of a black man, get use to it.” Furthermore, this same person is seen on another tape inciting race war calling for the killing of crackers (whites) and their (babies) children. This very person was about to be sentenced by a judge was promptly let go and told he couldn’t go the same voting place in Philadelphia until the year 2012, i.e. the next presidential election. The reason he was let go? He was Black. The lawyer handling the case has testified that this was a slam-dunk case while the DOJ Civil Rights division head claims otherwise. The DOJ has instructed its civil rights division lawyers NOT to prosecute any Black person IF the victim is White. The lawyer, Christian Adams handling the case resigned from the DOJ when he received those instructions. Such instructions could not have come without the express approval of US Attorney General Holder. We all know that Holder is Obama’s hand picked man and as such Obama was fully informed of this policy. Let’s put this in context, when Arizona passed their illegal immigration act mirroring the Federal Law, Holder and Obama sang the exact same tune. Both either didn’t read the Arizona law or chose to misrepresent what the Law said by the ridiculous lie told by Obama that a person taking their child to buy ice cream could get arrested and deported. Sorry, unless you are buying that ice cream with Glock for the price of a bullet in the venders head you are not going to be questioned by the police on your immigration status much less be arrested. The point here is that Holder and Obama carefully choreograph their presentations to the public. Given the public nature of the disclosure of the video evidence, the cat being out of the bag regarding the DOJ now in the news (new media not MSM), what has been Obama’s response thus far? Nothing. Obama has had plenty of time to denounce the person intimidating voters since 2009, he has had plenty of time to tell Holder to reverse this race based prosecution policy since 2009 and he certainly has had enough time to public decry racism in every form from any quarter domestically. Has he? NO!

The only reasonable conclusion to Holder’s approval of race based prosecution and to Obama’s lack of response is that Barack Obama fully condones, approves and supports race based prosecution. The track record of Barack Obama speaks for itself, he is a racist. Let me state it categorically, Barack Obama is a racist. We know from Pelosi’s and Reid refusal to hold hearings on Obama’s potential criminal involvement with Blagojevich that no such hearing on the DOJ matter will be forth coming either, much less impeachment of a racist President and his racist Attorney General. Their partisan loyalty to Obama as a Democrat is greater than their Oath of Office. Do you hear the MSM talking about the DOJ’s racist policy? No? Why would that be? Could it be they were promised a $60 billion bail out if they kept their mouths shut? The MSM bail out is still on the Democrat’s legislative agenda. Is it any wonder Al Sharpton and the NAACP are labeling Tea Party activists as racists? A convenient distraction from Obama’s racism is it not?

No one holding the Office of President of the US can be allowed to continue in office as a racist and represent the Nation as a whole. We can survive incompetence and ineptitude, we can deal with criminality via the courts, but we cannot have a racist as president, it is impossible. To allow such a person to stay in office until 2012 would tear the nation apart and divide it along racial lines. We have worked too hard and too long to erase the scourge of racism to establish it as an institutional policy at the DOJ or any other governmental agency. Barack Obama has done more to damage race relations in this country in such a short period of time than all the KKK, Aryan Nation and American NAZI Party for the years they operated combined. This odious racist cannot be allowed to hold any office, especially that of the Presidency lest he inflict more serious damage to the nation. If the DOJ continues to throw out cases where Blacks are the perpetrators of crimes then this will stir resentment to such a degree as to start a race war. Are we prepared for civil unrest and violent opposition to the government itself by people who feel victimized? Many innocents will be harmed and the Constitution itself will be fatally wounded. Without exaggeration, we are facing the end of a self governing Republic as we know it if race based prosecution is allowed to exist, these are mutually exclusive concepts. Is this the transformational change promised by the Barack Obama?

Since we are temporarily denied the Constitutional means to remove this racist from office due to the presence of the Democrat Party being in power, it requires that we be successful in the November 2010 elections to remove virtually every Democrat office holder in Congress. Were it up to the Conservatives and Libertarians in the Republican Party this would be a done deal. However, we lack the majority vote by less than ten percent over all and more in Democrat strongholds. It is up to the Moderates of the Democrat Party and Independents to turn the tide against this Lawless Regime. Which act of the Obama Regime has been the final straw for you? Incompetence? Criminality? Racism? You who voted for Barack Obama because he was Black and thought by electing a Black man to the office of President would bring final closure to race relations in this country have been misled by a slick political campaign of disinformation. Are you prepared to make this right and correct your mistake in November 2010? What more damage to the country does this odious man and his allies in Congress have to do to finally get your attention? How much longer can you accept the Obama Regime’s silly line, its Bush’s fault? Bush did not make Obama incompetent in handling the oil spill clean up. Bush did not force Obama to criminally attempt to buy off candidates for federal office or negotiate a deal on his senate successor. Nor did Bush insist that Holder/Obama approve the DOJ policy of race-based prosecutions. Be wary of what you hear from the traditional MSM as they have a vested financial interest in keeping this incompetent, racist criminal in office.


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Friends in High Places
Dan Scott calls himself a “Member of the Global Capitalist Cabal preaching Capitalism and personal responsibility as the economic solution to world poverty.” He is also a member of the 14th Amendment Society — victimhood is a liberal code word for denying the civil rights of others. He is also a proud member of the Global Warming Denier Cabal, insisting that facts not agendas determine the truth.

Dan can be reached for comments at

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