Why Democracy Is Dangerous for the ‘Arab Spring’

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Why Democracy Is Dangerous for the ‘Arab Spring’

-By Frank Salvato

There is a concerted movement that began in earnest with the Progressive Era to identify the United States of America as a Democracy. To be sure, this movement has made great strides in convincing the American citizenry of just that. This movement has been so successful in delivering this message that Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives have, throughout history – and even up to and including today, have identified our American form of government as that of being a Democracy. There is even an initiative promoted by our federal government to export “Democracy” throughout the world. Today we see this initiative playing out in the Middle East and North Africa. There is only one thing wrong with all of the above and the problem exists at the root: The United States of America is not a Democracy; it never has been and, God willing, it never will be.

Democracy has always, throughout history, served as a gateway to despotism. This is primarily because Democracy is tantamount to “mob rule,” or government by the majority. In a government ruled by the will of the majority – a Democracy, the rights of the minority are not guaranteed and are often neglected or even ignored by those who hold power, most often in pursuit of keeping or maintaining that power.

Additionally, in a Democracy, because it is essentially government by the will of the majority, government has no constraints. If fifty-one percent of the people – or a plurality of the people – can be persuaded to believe a particular avenue of thinking; convinced that a certain law is “necessary,” it becomes the policy of the government or the law of the land, regardless of whether or not the minority’s rights have been usurped or protected.
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Poll Shows that 6 out of 10 Voters in Ohio Do Not Understand the History of Unionization in America

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Poll Shows that 6 out of 10 Voters in Ohio Do Not Understand the History of Unionization in America


First of all, I am a union man. I am a member in good standing in a trade union, where I hold journeyman status.

Now, I was reading a report form Reuters about the popularity for the repeal of a law restricts the rights of public sector employees entered into collective bargaining agreements.

Almost 6 out of 10 Ohio voters say they want to repeal a law that restricts collective bargaining by public sector unions…

Ohio voters by 57 percent to 32 percent support the repeal of the law, which forbids government workers from going on strike…

While Wisconsin’s public sector union fight featured mass protests at the state capital and gained more national attention, Ohio is more important to unions.

Ohio has the sixth largest number of public sector union members among all U.S. states, twice the number of Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s law restricting collective bargaining exempts police and firefighters, but Ohio’s includes them.

Anyone familiar with the history of unionization in America would understand what an abomination it is that public sector employees (what were once known as public servants) might have any right whatsoever to engage in collective bargaining– and perhaps most of all the Post Office. Read more

Occupy Vacancy: Why Are We Protesting, Anyway?

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Occupy Vacancy: Why Are We Protesting, Anyway?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The folks at Occupy Norfolk have been at it for weeks, but even at this late date few of them seem to have the first clue what they are protesting about, a report shows.

CBS Washington went among the halfwits at the protest and surveyed the filed of protesters asking them what their point was for the whole exercise. Few had any idea. In fact, many laughed that there was no coherent idea of why they were out protesting.

This truly shows how hollow — even risible — these protests are…

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Union’s Battle Against Ohio Heats Up

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Union’s Battle Against Ohio Heats Up

-By Warner Todd Huston

On November 8, Ohioans will go to the polls to vote on a series of ballot initiatives, among them Issue 2.

A yes vote will support Governor Kasich’s collective bargaining reform (SB 5) to become law. A no vote would return power to the bloated, thieving unions to do hat they have always done: steal from the taxpayers. (I wonder if you can tell which side I am on, here? Ha, ha)

Unions have rolled into Ohio with millions of dollars for anti-issue 2 advertising, donations to politicians, and the usual corrupt bargaining behind the scenes that unions generally employ. Sadly, it looks like their big money has persuaded too many Ohioans to back the unions as polling shows Issue 2 is losing with voters.
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Obama Broken Promises: From ‘No Lobbyists in My Campaign,’ to Hiring Financial Services Lobbyist

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Obama Broken Promises: From ‘No Lobbyists in My Campaign,’ to Hiring Financial Services Lobbyist

-By Warner Todd Huston

Barack Obama made a big show in 2008 of attacking evil Washington lobbyists. He campaigned on “change we could believe in” and aimed one of those things to believe in at eliminating lobbyists from Washington. But, it’s just another lie from Obama, in the end.

Obama cruised into office with the claim that he’d have “the strictest ethics rules” against lobbyists of any president ever. Naturally, almost immediately he began to waive these “rules” to allow lobbyists into his administration.

This week, quite contrary to his loud proclamations against lobbyists, we saw that yet another lobbyist join Obama.
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Herman Cain Ad Features Man Smoking? HOW DARE HE!

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Herman Cain Ad Features Man Smoking? HOW DARE HE!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Mark Block is Herman Cain’s chief of staff for the insurgent campaign for president that has surprised everyone with its success. Block is featured in a new Cain campaign ad at the tail end of which he is seen cooly taking a drag off his cigarette. This has caused campaign watchers to go ape.

First, take a look at the ad:

Many people on Twitter and the blogs are losing their minds that Cain features a guy smoking in his campaign ad. Why, Cain had cancer, they tsk. He should be ashamed of himself for having a guy smoking in his ad.

But I say, GET OVER IT. People smoke. It’s a common fact of life.

Once again, Herman Cain appears to be the only normal guy in this race, the only one unconcerned over focus group tittering.
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West’s Winter of Discontent, The Arab Spring and The Summer from Hell

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West’s Winter of Discontent, The Arab Spring and The Summer from Hell

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

From the beginning God has used man’s voice above all else to provide a revelation of himself and his will. That he warns them ahead of his biggest changes is in keeping with his love, mercy and justice. Springing up on someone to cut them down without warning is surprise, not justice; even if they are deserving of it.

The ancient Prophet Amos declared that God would not do anything without fair warning “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3: 7) How does God choose these prophets and who are they?

Debate on who was the greatest of the Old Testament prophets has continued for centuries but it is clear that God’s greatest prophets are yet to come. In fact the scriptures devote an entire chapter to describing the message and ministry of the two most powerful prophets of all time, both which may be alive today but as yet are not revealed. (Rev 11:1f)
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Legal Advocates for Abused Women and Bankruptcy Fraud — The Hairdo

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Ethics, Feminism, Missouri, Paleo-Skeptic, The Law | Comments Off on Legal Advocates for Abused Women and Bankruptcy Fraud — The Hairdo

by Paleo-Skeptic

The following is from the transcript of the hearing in the court of Commissioner McKee, Division 64 of the 21st Circuit of the State of Missouri, on Hart v. Straussner, Cause No. 09SL-PN03700, and Straussner v. Hart, Cause No. 09SL-PN03697, which were heard simultaneously.

This transcript is also part of the records held by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, as well as part of the court record in Hart v. Salois, Cause No. 10AE-CV04180, Division 4 of the 6th Circuit, in which I won a third order of protection against the stalker Salois.

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NASA Thugs Abuse Old Lady Over ‘Stolen’ Moon Rocks

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Liberals,, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

NASA Thugs Abuse Old Lady Over ‘Stolen’ Moon Rocks

-By Warner Todd Huston

If you or a family member happen to be in possession of what you think is a rock taken from the moon during NASA’s Apollo moon landings, the best idea is to keep it to yourself. If you don’t you may have the might of the Federal government coming down upon your head as if you’ve assassinated a president or something. That’s what happened to 74-year-old Joann Davis of California.

The elderly, 4-foot-11 old lady thought she had something she could sell so that she would have some money to leave her family when she passed and maybe some to help take care of her sick son. But the spec-sized hunk of moon rock instead brought down upon her a “sting” operation, and bruises and abuse at the hands of our intrepid U.S. government.

I hope these NASA thugs didn’t get their jackboots scuffed while beating up a little old lady

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In India, Finally Some PCism I Can Stomach!

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In India, Finally Some PCism I Can Stomach!

-By Warner Todd Huston

India is one of the most important up-and-coming, capitalist democracies in the world. It is inches from being a true world power and in the ensuing years will become one, certainly. But India still has some stupid, backwards, ignorant cultural practices to shed before it can step into the circle of leading nations with true pride. This story highlights one of those practices.

Like many tribal, backwards peoples, India has a hatred of girl children. This is a holdover from the days when having a boy meant not only passing on your family line, but meant a strong back to work for that family. This is a holdover from the backwards days when a girl was seen more as chattel than as a human being in her own right. It is also because of a cultural economic problem when girls marry (see below). Unfortunately it is not a prejudice that sits in India’s cultural past. This disregard for women persists…

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Union Organizers Work 1 Day As Teachers, Get $100K+ in State Pensions

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Democrats/Leftists, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Pensions, Public Employees Unions, Taxes, Teachers Unions, Warner Todd Huston | 5 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

Two union organizers that represent the Illinois Federation of Teachers were able to secure millions in state pensions by working one day as a teacher here in Illinois. This outrageous abuse of the state pension system is exactly why government unions should not be allowed to exist.

The Chicago Tribune has the story of Steven Preckwinkle and David Piccioli who took advantage of a loophole to enrich themselves off the backs of the taxpayers written into law just for them by pliant Democrat politicians.

The crony legislation enabled the unionistas to quickly get state teaching certificates, work one day as a substitute teacher, then count their years as union operatives to qualify them for pension benefits from the state.
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A President That Cares Only About HIS Job, Not Yours

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Elections, GOP, Government, Jobs, Liberals, President, Republicans, RNC, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

A President That Cares Only About HIS Job, Not Yours

Check out the Debt End Tour.

Ad courtesy of the Republican National Committee.

Occupy Chicago Sign: ‘Dear Rich Straight White Dudes, F**K Off’

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Communism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Ethics, Government, Liberals, President, Public Employees Unions, Socialism, Taxes, Terrorism, Unions, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

Like the rest of the large cities in the US, Chicago is currently suffering with small pockets of Occupy protesters and their ever-present signs. And like every other big city these signs are often misspelled, sometimes profane, commonly anti-capitalist, occasionally anti-Semitic, almost always anti-American, not to mention merely ignorant of the facts. But one thing that is the same in every protest, at least in the media reportage of same, is that the worst of the signs go unseen by the general American news consumer.

Chicago blogger John Ruberry took his trusty camera downtown to the Windy City and captured some pretty representative signs the like of which were similar signs seen at Tea Party events would have made the nightly news programs for their outrageous messages.

For instance, there’s the one I note in the headline of this piece.

Now imagine if a Tea Party sign said something like, “Dear Gay Blacks, F**k Off.” The media would have lost its tiny hive mind over such a blatantly ignorant sign. It’s been two years of Tea Party protests and there’ve been few signs as blatant as the dozens seen at many of these Occupy-Whatever events.
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Media Tries to Make Rick Perry a Birther

October 24, 2011 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Donald Trump, Elections, Ethics, GOP, Government, Journalism, Liberals, Media Bias, President, Republicans, Rick Perry, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Media Tries to Make Rick Perry a Birther

-By Warner Todd Huston

The left-wing media’s newest attack on Rick Perry is an attempt to make him into a “birther” — one of those folks that think Barack Obama is not a natural born American, a requirement to become our president. This new attack, though, is almost Clintonian in its careful avoidance of the truth.

The main attack started in a Parade interview featuring Texas Governor Rick Perry, but is being taken up as the cause célèbre by the left-wing, George Soros-funded attack dogs at Media Matters, Think Progress, and TPM as well as sites like Mediaite. But this “story is, as they say, all smoke and no fire.

In the interview Parade directly asked whether Perry thought Obama was born in the United States. Perry’s actual answers were, “I have no reason to think otherwise,” and “It doesn’t matter. He’s the President of the United States. He’s elected. It’s a distractive issue.”
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Kiss the European Union Goodbye

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Kiss the European Union Goodbye

-By Alan Caruba

In Paris on October 15th, a group of finance ministers and central bankers known as the G20, representing major nations, gave the European Union until October 23red to find an answer to the financial crisises that are tearing apart the EU and its monetary structure.

Don’t hold your breath. If not now, at least in the foreseeable future, the EU will collapse for the oldest reason, national sovereignty and national self-interest.

If you visit Wikipedia and enter “European Wars,” it will kick out a list that’s several pages long in small print starting with the Trojan Wars, 1193-1184 BC. The Romans conquered everyone for a while. The Spanish tried to invade England. For a while Napoleon was invading everyone. There were the hundred year wars, thirty year wars, and wars for the hell of it. Suffice to say the Europeans have a long record of going to war with one another.
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Teachers Unions: On the Road to Extinction?

October 23, 2011 | Filed Under California, Children, Democrats/Leftists, Education, Larry Sand, Public Employees Unions, Teachers Unions | Comments Off on

Teachers Unions: On the Road to Extinction?

-By Larry Sand

Online learning is the wave of the future, but teachers unions still have a Paleocene mentality

In his extraordinary book Special Interest, Terry Moe writes about the massive power of the teachers unions. After much gloom and doom, in the final chapter of the book, he manages to convey some hope about the future. Emerging technology-based education, he asserts, is the “long-term trend…, and the unions cannot stop it from happening.” Online teachers from different states and countries will be much harder for the unions to corral and control.

However, according to a post on by Tina Korbe, the University of California chapter of the American Federation of Teachers hasn’t gotten the message yet. University of California schools, which are in dire financial straits, have begun using online education programs as a way to save money. As a result, some lecturers’ jobs could be done away with. However, their union is using its collective bargaining power to ensure that every job, no matter how unnecessary, will be saved.

“… the California lecturers, who make up nearly half of the system’s undergraduate teaching teachers, believe they have used … bargaining power to score a rare coup. The University of California last week tentatively agreed to a deal with UC-AFT that included a new provision barring the system and its campuses from creating online courses or programs that would result in ‘a change to a term or condition of employment’ of any lecturer without first dealing with the union.”

In other words, the union is determined to keep all its dues-paying members on the payroll whether they are needed or not, whether we can afford them or not. The fact that there are some excellent online classes and that their use would save the beleaguered taxpayers of California bushels

HB 3027 Will Promote Abortion, Force out Abstinence in Sex Education

October 23, 2011 | Filed Under Abortion, Hate Crimes, Illinois, Lake County Right To Life, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

HB 3027 Will Promote Abortion, Force out Abstinence in Sex Education

From Lake County Right to Life…

(Grayslake, IL—October 19, 2011) Lake County Right to Life joins the Illinois Family Institute and numerous other pro-life, pro-family organizations in opposing Illinois HB 3027, the new sex education bill. The bill is supported by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, NOW, and numerous other Illinois pro-abortion organizations. The bill will be taken up in the fall veto session, which begins on October 25. HB 3027 has already been passed by the Illinois Senate.

HB 3027 mandates that every public school teaching sex education in grades 6 – 12 must teach comprehensive sex education. Lake County Right to Life has numerous major problems with this bill, including:

It mandates curriculum promoting abortion, stating that it is legal, safe, and parents don’t have to know about it.

It calls for “medically accurate” sex education, but the curriculum misinforms students by telling them that “morning after pills” don’t cause abortion.
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Prairie State Report

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Yes there are conservatives in Illinois. For all the news on Center-Right politics in the Land of Lincoln, please visit every day for your Illinois news.

Obama Appointee: Cash For Clunkers Was A Bad Idea

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Ethics, Government, Liberals, President,, Stimulus, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Obama Appointee: Cash For Clunkers Was A Bad Idea

-By Warner Todd Huston

Austan Goolsbee was once considered an up-and-coming light in the world of economics. Then he put himself into Barack Obama’s orbit and turned himself into a political hack with no principles at all. Now he’s trying to redeem himself by backing away from some of Obama’s “economic “fixes” that failed so spectacularly.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Goolsbee admitted that the Cash for Clunkers program and the home buyer tax credit passed in 2009 were “short term gimmicks” that did not help heal the economy…

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Suspected Terror Supporter Attacks Jews at Occupy Chicago

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Business, Capitalism, Chicago, Communism, Constitution, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Government, Hate Crimes, Jobs, Liberals, Socialism, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

Chicago’s RebelPundit came across some of those nice Occupy Chicago folks wishing good thoughts for all the kind participants at the protest… they kindly wished that Israel be destroyed.

Worse, one of the guys these Occupy-Whatevers allowed to speak is a suspected funder of Middle Eastern terrorists.

Just like the left, eh? Haters, racists, and anti-Semites galore.

Note also that a Chicago TV station was filming the event. Note also that said film was never aired in Chicago.

The “news,” you see, don’t want to discredit the Occupy-Whatevers as much as they can avoid it.
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Media’s Confusion about Mormonism – Journalists’ Poor Theologians?

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Christianity, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, GOP, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Mormons, President, Religion, Republicans, Warner Todd Huston | 2 Comments

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Dr. Robert Jeffress said Mormonism has “never been considered a part of mainstream Christianity.” He indicated that he thought Mormonism is a cult at the Values Voter Summit on Friday October 7, 2011. His statement has ignited a firestorm of controversy and questions. From the forthright Fox News to the feckless far left media, questions like “did he go too far” are circulating around the media like a deadly tornado. What is it all about?

It would be easy to simplify it all by saying that for years most of mainstream Protestantism has held Mormonism as a cult, so Jeffress was not wrong. But here we will ask the question of just why Mormonism is viewed this way.

Volumes have been written that deal with the theological problems with Mormonism, which is why I will not presume to settle it here in one article. What is needed is some clarity and some history so it can be understood just how mainstream Christianity came to these conclusions.

Journalists generally don’t make great theologians and that can be seen in their repeated misuse of terms they obviously do not understand. The terms used most often are, heresy and cult.

While it is possible for some sects to be such aberrations of standard Christianity that they are labeled as cults it is not the best or normal usage for this term. A cult is adherence to a person or teaching that usually has no connection to Christianity or the Bible at all. Manson, Aum Shinrikyo, Scientology, Jonestown, are good examples of cults that never had Christian foundations or if they did they were completely discarded for something else.

The second most often misused word is heresy. Here is a word with a clearer definition but a broader application, the misuse of this word is rampant, even among the best Christian minds of the day.
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Arie Friedman Comments on Disappointing Illinois Jobs Report

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Conservatives, Elections, GOP, Government, Illinois, Jobs, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

From the Friedman for State Senate campaign…

“Illinois continues to lead the nation in jobs lost since Springfield Democrats raised the state income tax in January,” Dr. Arie Friedman, said Friday, commenting on the latest statistics released by the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Friedman is seeking the Republican nomination for the State Senate in the 29th District, which extends through southeast Lake County and takes in parts of Northfield and Wheeling Townships and a small section of Palatine in Cook County. The district’s senator, Susan Garrett, announced her retirement this summer.

“From the time those tax hikes on families and employers passed in January,” Friedman said, “Illinois’s employment picture has demonstrated shocking weakness. We led the nation with 24,900 job losses in the month of July and continue to lead in the overall number of jobs lost this year. Illinois has lost 92,785 jobs during the first nine months of 2011,” he noted.
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Grabowski Announces for Ill. 3rd Congressional District

October 22, 2011 | Filed Under Congress, Conservatives, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Illinois, President, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Grabowski Announces for Ill. 3rd Congressional District

Richard Grabowski has announced that he will seek to unseat Dan Lipinski in the Third Congressional District in 2012.

Grabinski, from Hometown, Illinois a south suburb of Chicago, is a first time candidate. He says he’s from the “real world working class” and works as a Materials Supervisor at a suburban manufacturing company.

His campaign website says that Grabowski, “cares deeply about the uncertain path our state and federal government leaders have chosen to lead us down. He’s stepping up to the plate for our state, our southland communities and our 3rd congressional district at a time when we are in dire need of good, uncorrupted leadership in Washington DC and here in Illinois.”
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FBI Pressed to Say Which F&F Gun Used to Kill Border Agent

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Congress, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Eric Holder, Ethics, FBI, GOP, Government, Guns, House of Representatives, Liberals, Mexico, President, Republicans,, War On Drugs, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

FBI Pressed to Say Which F&F Gun Used to Kill Border Agent

-By Warner Todd Huston

After these many months, the FBI is still stonewalling the congressional committee investigating Obama’s Fast and Furious program that illicitly armed Mexican narco-terrorists. One particular bit of info the FBI refuses to confirm concerns the guns from F&F found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry.

This week Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Rep. Darrell Issa (R, Calif), sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding definitive answers about the F&F guns found at the scene of the border agent’s murder. Issa specifically wants to know if any of them were used to kill the agent…

Read the rest at

I AM the 2%!!

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Humor, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

I AM the 2%!!

Bad News for Obama: His Big Lead in Illinois Narrowing

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Government, Illinois, Illinois State Government, President, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

A Southern Illinois newspaper reports what should be an ominous warning for Obama occurring in Illinois, his homestate. His margin of victory is narrowing in the one state that everyone assumes he should have in the bag.

In 2008 Obama won his homestate by 25 points against John McCain. That is landslide proportions, for sure. But a new phone survey cuts that huge lead to only 8 points when measured against Mitt Romney, for one, a little more against the other GOP candidates.

Obama did best against Perry, with 50.8 percent of respondents reelecting the president and 32.8 percent choosing the Texas governor.

Obama did the worst again Romney, with 46.1 percent to 38.5. Against Cain, the former chief executive officer of Godfather’s Pizza, the percentage was 46.3 percent for Obama against 34 percent for Cain.

Finally against Ron Paul, Obama had a showing of 49.3 percent against 30.3 percent.

Sure Obama is still winning handily against the GOP nominees but that once monumental lead is now cut more than in half in many cases.
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Rep. Paul Ryan To Headline Roskam Fundraiser

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Business, Campaign Finance, Capitalism, Congress, Conservatives, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Illinois, Paul Ryan, Peter Roskam, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Rep. Paul Ryan To Headline Roskam Fundraiser

-By Warner Todd Huston

Representative Paul Ryan (R, Wis) will be headlining a fundraising event next week for Peter Roskam’s re-election campaign. Ryan is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Rep. Ryan is best known for his A Roadmap for America’s Future, a budget proposal favored by many Republicans and conservatives. Ryan has become something of a rock star among conservatives.

Roskam is the Representative of the Sixth Illinois District and is running for reelection. No challenger has announced an effort to face him.

Only in his third term, Roskam rose quickly in the ranks of the GOP and is now the third in line of the House GOP leadership serving as the Chief Deputy Whip.

Tickets for the Oct. 29 cocktail reception and private dinner at Naperville’s Hotel Arista range from $100 (reception) to $2,500 (reception, dinner, photo with the congressmen and “preferential seating”) a piece.

For more information see Roskam’s campaign website:
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Bi-Racial Tea Party Group Harassed by GA Capitol Police, Occupy Wall Streeters Given Pass to Break Laws

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Atlanta, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Cities, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Free Trade, Georgia, Jobs, Liberals, PCism, Society/Culture, Taxes, Tea Party, Warner Todd Huston | 2 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

There has been a lot of talk comparing and contrasting the Tea Partiers and these Occupy-Whatever people. But in Georgia we can see a stark difference. Tea Partiers are law-abiding citizens while the Occupy Atlantans are law breakers. Sadly, Capitol Police in Atlanta have sided with the Occupiers and against Tea Partiers.

At the very least the Capitol Police in Atlanta have definitely been treating these two groups unequally. These officers of the law have turned a blind eye to law breaking by the Occupy folks allowing them to do anything they want but did not extend that courtesy to those Tea Party groups that also protested at the Georgia Capitol House.
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Immigration, Migration, Politics and Policies

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Alan Caruba, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Immigration/Immigrants, Liberals, President, Republicans, Senate | Comments Off on

Immigration, Migration, Politics and Policies

-By Alan Caruba

When early humans got the hang of walking upright, the first thing many did was to walk out of Africa and, eventually, to all parts of the Earth from Asia to Europe, to North and South America, proliferating into different races.

Always restless to see what was over the horizon, they populated continents. There will shortly be seven billion of us on planet Earth, an extraordinary number and one with considerable consequences regarding issues of food, water, housing, transportation, trade, and energy.

In terms of our DNA, we are all one big family, closely and uncomfortably related to chimpanzees. A look back at the past five thousand years we call civilization reveals that, in addition to developing agriculture, building cities, and establishing trade, we have never stopped engaging in wars great and small.

In good times we reproduced like rabbits. In bad times, we gathered around the fire and hoped the food would hold out. Many packed up and went someplace else, anywhere else.
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Hultgren Statement on September Illinois Jobs Report

October 21, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Conservatives, GOP, House of Representatives, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Jobs, Randy Hultgren, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Hultgren Statement on September Illinois Jobs Report

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (R, Illinois 14th District)…

Geneva, IL – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today released the following statement regarding the September unemployment report released by the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

“Today’s report that unemployment has increased to 10 percent is a clear sign that the state’s private sector has lost faith in the tax-and-spend policies espoused by leaders in both Washington, DC, and Springfield,” said Hultgren. “At the state level, I encourage leaders to work quickly to address the ever-growing pension crisis, the budget deficit, and late payments to state contractors.

“In Washington, I urge Harry Reid and the Senate to pass their first budget in more than 900 days and for them to act on the more than a dozen pro-growth, pro-job bills that have been passed by the House. We must restore the confidence of the private sector so small businesses will begin to grow and hire once again. ”

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