Dan Savage Bombs while Bullying Christians and Bashing the Bible

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Dan Savage Bombs while Bullying Christians and Bashing the Bible

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Gay anti-bullying spokesperson, Dan Savage, belittled, berated and bullied Christians the Bible and the Pope while addressing 3,000 high school students at a school journalism convention in Seattle, organized by the National Scholastic Press Association. Savage, a militant high profile gay activist who writes graphic sex columns tried to humiliate the Christian kids but went away as a bully himself, in a bad show of self-indulgent hedonism. He is the head of the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ an activist group that is supposed to help gays make the transition out of the straight life into the wonderful brave new world of the gay life.

Apparently he sees himself as the guardian angel of those whose feelings may have been hurt or who are depressed because of the difficulties involved with the transition out of the world of the straights.

While most people discover who they are as they mature and find their place in society, the gays need special help to get into their little sphere and they also need special laws and alerts for the use of non-politically correct catch words and phrases that signal that they are being bullied.

It is sensitivity training, courses in tippy toeing, self-esteem tripe and psychological bolstering all rolled into one. But apparently Savage can’t seem to fulfill his task without belittling others whose view of the gay life is not so glowing. He referred to Christians as pansy a**** as more than a hundred students along with their advisors left the conference in protest.

He issued a halfhearted apology sometime later and then proceeded to his next venue where the rhetoric was repeated in all of its sorted glory. He proved to the world yet once again that those who espouse tolerance have a very high tolerance for their own brand of brow beating, bullying and blatant hypocrisy.

While not actually quoting chapter and verse of the bible he did mention the three most well-known books of the bible that decry the homosexual lifestyle, Leviticus, Timothy and Romans.

He boasted that we have learned to ignore the bull**** in the bible and we should also learn to ignore the bible’s other prohibitions on shellfish, slavery, dinner, farming, virginity and masturbation. The shotgun approach to blasting the bible never works because the scoffers rarely if ever understand the dispensations or the divisions of the scripture. Naturally speakers like Savage depend on the fact that their listeners don’t know these subtle, but extremely important differences.

In a post on May 1st Savage specifically blasted the practice of Christians who quote from Leviticus because it says homosexual activity is an ‘abomination.’ Declaring that the bible refers to all Old Testament moral, ceremonial or hygienic prohibitions as also being abominations is a very significant error.

Dr. Michael Brown of the much loved “Ask Dr. Brown” series addresses that error in his ‘Voice of Revolution’ website, May 3, 2012. Dr. Brown says, “Actually, within Leviticus, only homosexual practice is singled out as an abomination, but elsewhere, the people of Israel are told that they should not eat shellfish (see Leviticus 11, although the word abomination is not used there)…”

Brown also said, “When it comes to homosexual practice, not only is it the only sinful action singled out in Leviticus as an abomination, but it is part of a list of universal moral prohibitions, including incest and other forbidden sexual acts. We know this because the chapter states that the Lord judged the pagan nations for these very acts, and if acts were wrong for idol-worshiping pagans, and they were wrong for the people of Israel (see Leviticus 18:24-30). And when we see that the prohibition against homosexual practice is reiterated in the New Testament, the case is settled for those who accept the Bible as God’s Word.”

As expected the mainstream media mostly passed over the details of this incident, but the conservative media has been generous, providing both details and follow ups. The one aspect of the event that seemed to have escaped the notice of all, was the fact that while hundreds of students walked out of the conference, many more stayed – and applauded Savage’s unlearned, ill-informed and anti-Christian remarks.

Why were students cheering and applauding Dan Savage’s outbursts of hatred and error even while they were present to learn more about how to be more tolerant? This is a question that virtually no commentator has asked. This is also the question that is too easy to answer.

Our children are being taught a world view that denies absolutes. Situation ethics, personally derived morality and the view that all truth is subjective and relative, is at the heart of today’s academic system. High school and college level instruction holds that there are no more absolutes; there isn’t just black and white, but many shades of gray.

Philosophic postulation is only allowed to ask questions, no one is allowed an authoritarian platform on which to declare an actual answer. If philosophy were actually color; where would this thinking end? Ask the artist to believe that there is only gray and they will laugh at you. They depend on the absolutes of black and white in their art. All the colors are derived from primaries; there are no shades of purple without red and blue.

But why trouble the darlings with something that would only get them scorned or called a pansy. Even as teachers hail the individualism that produced today’s youth heroes and examples like Steve Jobs, any defiance against the rap of the nebulous nascent nonsense is met with wrath and rejection. Again this is no more than unseen and totally un-acknowledged hypocrisy.

The only remaining barrier to the emergence of today’s reprobation and moral decline is the bible. It is fast becoming the last line of defense, but a formidable defense it is. Bolstered by the Prez’s unprecedented stand with the homosexual agenda the gays have only this one immovable wall to hurdle. Will they succeed? Not a chance.

Oddly, it is not some imaginary battle where good wins over evil but the prophetic says that evil under the banner of PC – (Political Correctness) and morality derived from – PCC (Pop Culture Consensus) will flourish as this generation progresses.

Not only does the bible promise that even though evil will have its day, prophetically speaking that evil will suddenly be met face to face by the returning Lord Jesus Christ who will at his appearance dispel all the questions. When those with a world view look up to see him coming in power they will not call upon their college professors, scientists, politicians or peers to help them to cope with the events that follow.

What they will do, is flee to the mountains, rocks and dens and ask the rocks to hide them from the face of him who returns in resplendent glory and power. (Rev 6: 16)

It is more than a curiosity that as an appendage to one of the most important second coming passages in the entire bible called the ‘Olivet Discourse,’ Jesus re-affirmed that of all the words a man may take to heart, only his words will be left standing in the end, and those who stand on these words will be standing there with him alive and well at his second coming.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Mt 24: 35)

As for those kids in Seattle who walked out of the school I can say I wouldn’t mind having any number of them attending my church. I would venture to say their parents must be proud. Not only are they the jewels of heaven but they are the best of America and I would bet there are a few million Americans who would agree with me.
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