Letter to the RNC – Todd Akin Controversy

August 28, 2012 | Filed Under Abortion, Chuck Busch, Conservatives, Elections, GOP, Government, Missouri, Republicans | 1 Comment

-By Chuck Busch

It is true that Todd Akin’s medical knowledge is mostly wrong about a women’s body “shutting down” in a rape situation. And Todd Akin’s reference to “legitimate” rape was truly an unfortunate choice of words. He might have been suggesting that there are variable circumstances distinguishing a “rape,” including forcible rape (“legitimate” as Rep. Akin described it), statutory rape (consensual) between an adult and a minor, and possibly those occasional uncertain cases when rape is claimed. But this is also lame by inferring that pregnancies resulting from a rape are extremely rare as though trying to mitigate the thorny problem of whether abortion is justified in such cases.

Lessons learned: 1.) Do your homework and verify your scientific facts before opening your mouth; 2.) Rehearse your lines and know your position before you do interviews;’ 3.) Be principled in your beliefs. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you believe life begins at conception and is sacred, how often a rape situation occurs is irrelevant. A life is still a life no matter how it is conceived. 4.) Distinguish between your personal views and party platforms or current legal standard or proposed legislation. As I understand it, neither the Republican or Democrat platforms are specific about rape cases.

Nonetheless, the Republican Party is wrong to try to ostracize Rep. Akin for his misstatements regarding rape and abortion. Certainly, it is ridiculous for anyone to presume from even Rep. Todd Akin’s terrible wording, that he minimizes rape or is insensitive toward its victims, as some have declared. The Democrats appear desperate to build a whole campaign on just this one incident.

And the Republicans appear to anxiously react to liberal media comment or answer to the Democrat Party, which unabashedly promotes the murder of innocent babies, not just for those resulting from a rape, but also for any reason, at any time including infants that have survived an abortion? In view of all the disturbing aberrations and gaffes by this current and previous Democrat administrations, is Todd Akin’s blunder really that serious?

We hold the moral high ground. Don’t back down. Stand and fight, as Todd Akin has decided to do. The opposition is just going to lie about your intentions anyway, just as DNC Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempted to falsely argue that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan personally do not hold to the rape case exception. The super PAC, Priorities USA Action, has already accused Romney of murdering someone’s mother. If you examine the extreme abortion position of this administration and note the ongoing tragic consequences of the Fast and Furious program, it is quite obvious who are the ones with blood on their hands.

The damage is already done. The opposition has another dart to sling. They will never let this go, anymore than they will stop whining about Romney’s tax returns or blaming George Bush for every malady. For Todd Akin to leave the race would be to acknowledge their wild accusations and hand them a trophy. Nothing would be gained from that? Todd Akin and the people of Missouri know who he really is. I say stick to the plan. A greater damage may occur to the Republican Party if we are divided and shrink from a strong pro-family and pro-life stance.

Why should we be defensive about defending the defenseless?

From what I understand Rep Akin is a fine man who won the primary by a significant margin. He has been re-elected to the house at least 6 or 7 times. The people of Missouri have been content with him thus far and Rep Akin has decided to stay in, based on his own convictions and because of their support.
Should he or any sincere candidate give up his life’s ambition after one mistake (albeit a serious one) just because he is taking heat from the opposition?

Likewise, should the RNC be so quick to abandon him or any candidate after a single setback? Are we setting up an impossible perfectionist or politically correct standard for all our candidates? This battle for public opinion is going to have to be fought again and again over every accusation from the left. Are we going to let the opposition control public reaction and dictate the dialogue? To do so, is to accept the double standard by which the leftists and the liberal media define every issue. Rather than resorting to a “strategic” retreat, it would be better to dispute the falsehoods, expose hypocrisy and counter with clarity of position and solidarity behind our own selected candidates.

Regardless of how poorly Todd Akin presented himself, his purpose is to protect the life of the unborn as much as he is able. Republicans must unify around a comprehensive conservative platform or the party will be in a shambles. We will lose the election by default if we do not define ourselves boldly on the pro-life and pro-family issues. I will expect to see a strong affirmation of the Party’s pro-life plank at the convention, or the social conservative majority (which is the only hope this country has), like Todd Akin’s chances for success, could be undermined.
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