NBC To Put Lefty Willie Geist on Today Show

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Close on the tail of news that NBC Today show host Matt Lauer has suffered severely in popularity polls since the network unceremoniously dumped co-host Ann Curry, there are now reports that MSNBC panelist Willie Geist is being brought into the show’s third hour and will be an occasional substitute for Lauer on the venerable morning show.

Willie Geist has of late been a member of the panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program but his contract is coming to an end in September. Now Geist will join Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie in the third hour of the daily broadcast.

While known for his affable on-air demeanor, Geist is, of course, just another left-wing TV talking head.
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Separated at Birth: Rachel Maddow and Convicted Criminal Cameron Douglas

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-By Warner Todd Huston

For a little Saturday fun, were these two people separated at birth?

Check out these photos of Cameron Douglas and Rachel Maddow and you decide.

Douglas is the convicted criminal son of actor Michael Douglas and grandson of famed actor Kirk Douglas. In 2010, Douglas was convicted of possession of drugs and sent to prison for a five year sentence.

Maddow is the host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

Convicted criminal Cameron Douglas

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

Both are sick in the head, anyway.
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40th Anniversary Ms. Magazine Says Vote Obama or You’ll Die

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Ms. Magazine is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and it has a very special message for its upcoming fall issue: Vote Obama or you’ll die.

Forty years ago Ms. Magazine featured DC Comic Book Super Heroine Wonder Woman on its cover. In 1972 the main worries for feminists was body hair, cash for performing housework, and Simone De Beauvoir. But 40 years ago it was also about “how women vote” and along with featuring Wonder Woman on the cover, just ahead of the 2012 presidential election, Ms. is repeating that theme.

Ms. Magazine’s 1972 Debut Cover

Only, this time instead of “peace and justice for ’72,” a reference to the Vietnam War, Ms. Magazine is all about another war. Unlike 1972, though, Ms. Magazine’s war for 2012 is not a real war. It is a faux war. It is a “war on women.”

And this war is so intense that Ms. is telling its readers that if they don’t vote the correct way, well, their very lives are in danger.

On the fall 2012 cover underneath a leaping Wonder Woman, we see pleas to “stop the war on women,” and “2012, Vote as if your life depends on it.”

Ms. Magazine’s Fall, 2012 Cover

So, you see, Wonder Woman isn’t the only fantasy element of Ms. for Fall of 2012.
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Bill Clinton’s Brother Accused of Hiring Women to Beat Each Other Up

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger, may not be the Clinton that feels others’ pain, but it sure seems he enjoys watching it.

Ever in trouble of one kind or another, this time Roger is accused of hiring women to beat each other up while he watches.

The National Enquirer broke the story of Nadeze Connelly, 36, who claims that on April 1, 2011, Roger Clinton invited her to his home to cook dinner for him but when she arrived she was physically attacked by a woman named Melissa Fitzpatrick.

Connelly claims that Roger simply stood by watching the assault and did nothing to break up the tussle.
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Muslim Activist Succeeds in Anti-First Amendment Crusade in New York

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Another Islamo-Nazi has won a victory smashing the Second Amendment, this time in New York City, the very metropolis where murderous Muslims killed thousands in 2001.

Only a day after an Islamo-Nazi paraded through the New York subway system defacing advertisement posters erected by the New York subway authorities, the city has changed its policy about allowing “provocative” ads.

Bowing to the protests by this hatemongering Muslim, subway authorities have announced that it has changed its policy on ads that they think might “provoke violence.”

The posters that sparked the outrageous outrage of yet another outrageously outraged Islamo-nazi were taken out by The American Freedom Defense Initiative and read: “In any was between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.”

Islamo-Nazi Mona Eltahawy was incensed enough to begin to deface the ads at subway stations. She demanded that any speech she doesn’t like be censored and that anything even remotely considered negative against that mythical God Muslims call the “Prophet Muhammad” be eliminated. Now New York City agrees with the anti-First Amendment activist.
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L.A. Times Lays Groundwork to Explain Poor Obama Debate Performance

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The first presidential debate is only a week away, but the L. A. Times already seems to be laying the groundwork to explain away a what could be a bad Obama performance in the contest.

In a September 26 article, L. A. Times writer Christi Parsons is already foreseeing the possibility of a rocky Obama performance and she has a reason why it might be so. Her reason why Obama may do so badly? He’s busy.

As far as Parsons is concerned, Obama is at a disadvantage for the up coming debates because he is just so darn busy being president that he has less time for debate practice than does Romney.

“President Obama has blocked out three days to prepare for the October debates, but with the constant pressures that come with one of the world’s most important jobs, aides worry he may not get enough practice at the podium,” Pasrons writes.

So, if Obama does badly, it’s not because he did badly, it’s because being president is just so gosh darn hard. It can’t be Obama’s fault, after all.
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Known Thug Alec Baldwin Claims U.S. ‘Will Never Be Great Again’ Under Romney

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Alec Baldwin is warning the country. “America will never be great again under a Romney administration,” the volatile actor sonorously intoned in a recent, rambling Huffington Post screed.

If Mitt Romney is elected, Baldwin tells us, only “rich people” will find the country great. “Everyone else will be asked to dial down their [sic] expectations of what it means to be an American, again,” he warns.

It is clear that Mr. Baldwin isn’t paying attention to his fellow Americans because as a nation we are already lowering our expectations for the future. We are doing so right now, under Barack Obama.

Let’s see how Americans feel under Obama’s regime:
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Rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd Denounce Then Support The Confederate Flag

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-By Warner Todd Huston

After forty some years of prominently featuring the Southern Cross flag of the old Confederacy as part of its schtick, suddenly the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynrd is denouncing the banner claiming it is a symbol of racism.

Sole surviving original band member, Gary Rossington, explained why the band was dumping its long-time use of the Southern Cross flag (often mistakenly called “The Stars and Bars”) in an interview with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield in an episode of the cabler’s Face to Face entertainment segment.

It became such a issue, you know, about race and stuff, where, we just had it, in the beginning because we were southern and that was our image back in the 70s and late 60s because they kinda branded us from being from the south so we showed that.

But I think through the years, you know, people like the KKK and skinheads and people have kind of kidnapped the Dixie or Rebel flag from the southern tradition and the heritage of the soldiers, you know, that’s what it was about. And they kinda made it look bad in certain ways. So, we didn’t want that to go to our fans or show the image like we agreed with any of the race stuff or any of the bad things.

Bandmate Johnny Van Zant went on noting that they all grew up “loving the old Blues artists,” and other black musicians and they “just didn’t want to be associated with that particular (racist) thing.”
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More on Obama’s ‘No Justification’ Comments

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-By Gary Krasner


The Muslim gang who raped Obama’s wife announced that they raped her as punishment, because she had not covered her head in public, as Islamic law requires.

At a news conference, President Obama announced that while he respects all beliefs, and does not wish to denigrate the opinions of the rapists who say that women must be modestly attired, he also stated that there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless rape of Michelle. None.

The above incident never happened. But thanks to former CNN correspondent Bernard Shaw, we have a precedent for pondering such parallels, when Shaw proffered such a hypothetical scenario when he questioned presidential candidate Michael Dukakis during the debates.

However, Obama’s hypothetical answers may look familiar to you. That’s because he actually uttered those words in his reaction to the invasion of our Libyan embassy in Benghazi, Libya, and the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans there. (The next day we learned that Stevens was raped and tortured to death.)

This is what Obama actually said on September 12, one day after the attacks and after the 911 anniversary:

The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.

This was part of Obama’s first statement in response to the first assassination of a US ambassador in over 4 decades. And it was disgraceful. HOW SO? There happens to be a small issue and a larger issue involved here.
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10% Fewer Americans Believe US Is Winning War on Terror

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-By Warner Todd Huston

As the turmoil in the Middle East roils and President Obama’s foreign policy scheme faces severe pressure, a recent survey of likely voters finds that pessimism about our success in the War on Terror “continues to grow” with 45 percent saying they think the U.S. is winning that war, a 17-point drop from its one-time high of 62 percent in February 2009.

Rasmussen found that 45 percent think the U.S. is winning the war, 21 percent think the terrorists are winning, and 26 percent think that the neither side has an advantage.

The number of those who think the U.S. is winning has been steadily dropping since May of 2011.
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Wall Street Journal ‘Corrects’ Source on Obama Event Attendance

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week a story appeared at The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire blog that made an unsupported claim that President Obama packed 18,000 people into a Wisconsin arena that only sports 5,000 seats. At the time it was posted, The Journal did not offer a source for the 18,000 attendee count, but today there has been an addition updating that source.

Now, according to Washington Wire, that source has been identified as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The Wall Street Journal wasn’t the only news outlet that blindly regurgitated the 18,000 attendee claim. Politico and the Associated Press both used the seemingly impossible number.
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Conan O’Brien Mocks Serious Question to Obama

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently, Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien thinks asking the President of the United States a serious question is something to ridicule. Or maybe it wasn’t the question, but just the fact that it was a well-known conservative that posed the rather inoffensive query.

As President Obama has allowed but one puffball interview after another, avoiding all the serious questions he can, he was nonetheless asked a rather mild, but serious question by Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC’s The View.

But the gall of someone actually asking a serious question of the President was too much for O’Brien to bear.

“Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?,” O’Brien demanded to know.
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Ill. Dem. Candidate Claiming to be a ‘Businessman,’ Reports no Earnings For Last 3 Years

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Brad Schneider is running for Congress in Illinois against 10th District incumbent, Republican Robert Dold. Schnedier claims he’s a “businessman” and is running on the pretext that, according to his campaign literature, he’ll “bring his business expertise to Congress.” Yet, this “businessman” has reported no income at all for the last three years from the very small business he claims is his primary occupation.

How is it that one can claim to be an expert businessman yet have no income from his business? That is a question that at least one 10th District constituent wants answered.

In his literature, Schneider claims that he’s “worked with small business, helping them grow and succeed.” He’s also said, “I’m a business guy. I like using numbers to solve problems and help people.”

Consequently, in his disclosures, at appearances, and on questionnaire forms, Schneider lists Cadence Consulting Group, LLC as his primary occupation.

Yet, despite claiming that Cadence Consulting Group, LLC is his chief source of income, he’s reported no income at all from the company for the last three years.
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Obama’s UN Speech: Soft Pedaling America’s Principles

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Another UN meeting, another Obama appearance where he bends over backwards for foreign ideals and terror supporters. Once again Obama basically places ideas antithetical to America’s in front of ours as he addresses the world, seeming to apologize for us all over again.

For instance, the President began his speech with a eulogy of sorts to murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. But the President didn’t have the courage to call that murder an act of terrorism. In fact, Obama used the word terror only one time in this speech and this in the same month in which acts of terror have been perpetrated across the Middle East.

Obama was upbeat, though, about the so-called Arab Spring that swept across the Middle East earlier this year and he was self-congratulatory on his part in it all.

“Since then, the world has been captivated by the transformation that has taken place, and the United States has supported the forces of change,” he said to the foreign leaders gathered at the UN.

But, Obama sure hasn’t supported pro-democracy forces in Iran. And with his “leading from behind” he has offered but uneven and tepid support for the forces in Libya, not to mention his complete silence about the pro-democracy activists in China. Further he has wasted not a word urging Bahrain to release its pro-democracy political prisoners. In fact, he’s been slow to voice support for most of the pro-democracy activists throughout the very Arab Spring he praised at the UN.
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Chevy Volt Battery Plant Floundering Despite $151 Million from Obama

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Another in a long list of Obama-touted and tax-supported “green energy” companies is on the verge of going out of business, this time in Michigan.

Two years ago, President Obama visited the LG Chem battery plant in Holland, Michigan. Obama then hailed the plant saying, “You are leading the way in showing how manufacturing jobs are coming right back here to the United States of America.”

But today, those LG Chem jobs Obama claimed were “coming back” are seeing intermittent layoffs instead of growth.
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ABC, CBS, CNN, & MSNBC All Knock Obama For Campaigning Instead of Governing

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Every once in a while the Old Media takes a jab at their most favorite president of all time and Obama’s decision to skip any meetings with the world leaders that are gathering at the UN this week seems to be one of those times.

Just to name a few, Chuck Todd of MSNBC, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, ABC’s Jake Tapper, and the CBS Evening News all took swipes at the president for doing campaign stops, TV entertainment shows, and softball interviews instead of doing his job as our nation’s chief foreign policy representative by meeting with the world leaders who are this week visiting New York at the United Nations.

CBS slapped Obama saying “diplomacy gets a backseat to campaigning” on Monday in a piece by Nancy Cordes.

Noting that last year Obama conducted “13 one-on-one meetings with major leaders,” this year not so much.
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Remy: Imagine (There’s No YouTube)

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Obama can imagine that Youtube is controlled by his administration, but…

CNN’s Piers Morgan: Ahmadinejad is Charming

September 25, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, CNN, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Gays, Iran, Islam, Islamofascism, Jews, Journalism, Judaism, Koran, Media, Media Bias, Morals/Sex, PCism, Progressives, Religion, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

CNN’s Piers Morgan has now met and interviewed Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and has found himself “fascinated” with the man. He isn’t just fascinated with Ahmadinejad, the man famous for his wish to kill all Jews and for being a proponent of killing gays, Morgan also finds him “charming.”

Morgan claims to have “pressed” Ahmadinejad on several issues — such as gays in Iran and the existence of Israel. But if his preview of the interview is any indication, Morgan swallowed a lot of nonsense whole and without argument, too.

Morgan was quite taken with the Iranian president telling CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that Ahmadinejad is “contradictory.” Of course, most people would just say that Ahmadinejad is a liar. But not Morgan.

“He’s contradictory in this sense, Brooke. When I asked him… How would you feel, given your relentless anti-Israeli statements, how would he feel if he was to find out that one of his children was dating a Jew. And to my astonishment he said he would be perfectly OK with that. And I was surprised. It wasn’t what I was expecting.”

Come on, Piers. You can’t possibly believe that Ahmadinejad was being truthful there, can you?
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Media Blasts Ryan, Acts as if AARP is Non-Partisan

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week the media was all over Paul Ryan’s visit to an event with the American Association for Retired People gleefully reporting that he was booed. The media treated the whole affair as if the AARP was some non-partisan organization. But, the truth is, the AARP is no more non-partisan than any organization carrying water for the Obama administration.

Take The Hill, for instance. In its report the inside Washington newser noted that the boos Ryan received was “a clear sign of just how big a challenge Medicare poses to the Romney campaign.”

This characterization is absurd. It presents the AARP as a venue that might not boo any proposal of the reform of an over taxed government program! AARP is solidly on the side of big government – it was a leading proponent of Obamacare — and will brook no truck with anyone talking of reforming anything. Of course they’ll boo Paul Ryan.
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Attack: CBS’ Rose Interrupts Romney Adviser Six Times in 50 Seconds

September 25, 2012 | Filed Under CBS, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, GOP, Government, Iran, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Mitt Romney, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

While Obama’s surrogates seem to get all the time they want on network TV to spew out talking points and push their desired narrative, Romney surrogates aren’t so lucky. Witness the otherwise soft spoken Charlie Rose of CBS who didn’t seem willing to allow Romney spokesman Dan Senor to get a word in edgewise without Rose’s constant interruptions. shockingly, Rose interrupted Senor six times in 50 seconds during a recent CBS This Morning interview.

Rose asked Romney’s adviser what would be the “first thing” Romney would do about Iran and its “effort to have a nuclear capacity.”
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Against Family’s Wishes, CNN Used Murdered Ambassador’s Journal in Reports

September 24, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, CNN, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Islamofascism, Journalism, Liberals, Libya, Media, Media Bias, President, Progressives, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

CNN has finally revealed the “source familiar with Ambassador Stevens’ thinking” upon which it based much of its reporting in the week following the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. That “source” was his own, handwritten journal and CNN used it for its reportage quite despite the wishes of Stevens’ surviving family.

On Friday, September 21, CNN host Anderson Cooper made the admission on his Anderson Cooper 360 show saying that much of the “information was found in a personal journal of Ambassador Stevens in his handwriting.”

We came upon the journal through our reporting and notified the family. At their request, we returned that journal to them. We reported what we found newsworthy in the ambassador’s writings. A reporter followed up on what we found newsworthy, as I said, in the ambassador’s writings.

This rather benign explanation, though, runs quite contrary to what the Wall Street Journal reported. As WSJ reported, the family had asked CNN not to use the journal at all.
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The Obamaized Flag Poster Suddenly Disappears from Campaign Store

September 24, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Government, Liberals, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week, President Obama’s campaign paraphernalia store on his website was heavily criticized for having a poster of a U.S. flag that was Obamaized by having the field of fifty stars replaced with an Obama logo. Over the weekend, the item was suddenly disappeared down the Internet memory hole.

The poster, titled “Our Stripes: Flag Poster,” was criticized by nearly every conservative blog and news site on the web for the arrogance of replacing the fifty states with an Obama logo. It was said that it shows Obama imagines that there are no New Yorks, no Texases, no Californias, only the Obama states of America.

Whatever the meaning of the flag poster, the item is no longer at the campaign store. A visit to the page where it once resided now returns an error message. An Obama campaign spokesman claims that the reason the item no longer appears in the store is that it is sold out. This claim does not ring true to some.
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In Mocking Undecided Voters SNL Misspells ‘Responsible’

September 24, 2012 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Entertainment, Humor, Liberals, Progressives, TV, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Saturday Night Live made an error just as it was making fun of voters that are so stupid that they are still undecided about this coming presidential election and it doesn’t seem that the error was part of the joke.

The segment was set up as a fake Public Service Announcement, one featuring the confused ramblings of the “Low-Information Voters of America.”

These “low-information voters” were clueless about the whole election, so stupid that they didn’t even know who was currently president and if women were allowed to vote.

All in all, a fairly funny little faux PSA.

But the error, unless it was supposed to be part of the joke, comes in at the end of the video. There, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a “claimer,” the sort you’d see at the end of a PSA that tells the viewer who is claiming responsibility for the ad.
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After NBC Dumps Ann Curry, Matt Lauer’s Popularity Rating in Freefall

September 23, 2012 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Liberals, Media, NBC, Progressives, TV | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Matt Lauer was once one of the most popular hosts of the Today show, but two months after NBC execs fired co-host Ann Curry, Lauer’s “Q Score” has taken a major hit.

Since last year, Lauer’s Q Score has fallen 25 percent according to the survey used to rate products and media personalities.

“Is it only 25 percent? Because it actually feels much worse,” Lauer told the Daily News.

Today show insiders claim that Lauer is being “unfairly” blamed for the abrupt firing of Ann Curry in June, but at the time there were many reports that Lauer was unhappy with co-host Curry and that their personalities didn’t mesh.

Ratings for the once powerful Today show have been shaky since Curry took over as co-host in 2011, but even after Curry was fired and Savannah Guthrie took her spot, ratings have continued to slide.

Obviously the way NBC handled the firing of Curry has done serious damage both to the Today show and to Matt Lauer’s popularity.
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Rupert Murdoch’s Son, James, to Take Expanded Role is US

September 23, 2012 | Filed Under Britain, Fox Business Network, Fox News, Media, TV, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

James Murdoch, son of famed media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is poised to take over News Corp’s U.S. Television holdings just as a new report in Britain criticizes his stewardship of holdings in the UK.

It has been reported that James Murdoch is about to take over full responsibility of Fox Networks Group, which includes the Fox broadcast TV network, and cable channels such as FX and National Geographic, but not the Fox News Channel.

But as news of possible new responsibilities in America broke, James was criticized heavily by a report put out by Ofcam, an independent agency responsible to set regulations for the communications industry in the UK.
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Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2016,’ A Warning Tale

September 22, 2012 | Filed Under Africa, Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Capitalism, Communism, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Government, Liberals, President, Progressives, Socialism, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

In 2007-08, Americans didn’t know anything at all about the man they were about to make the President of the United States. They elected Barack Obama to the highest office in the land despite knowing nothing about him, his ideas, or his past, and, unfortunately, he’s led this country to despair. Now it is time for him to run for re-election and Dinesh D’Souza has made a film he’s titled 2016: Obama’s America in order to help make sure it doesn’t happen a second time.

This weekend I attended a private screening of D’Souza’s 2016 held by and hosted by Chicago Republican gadfly William J. Kelly and the filmmaker himself, Mr. D’Souza. What I saw, even as I already knew much of the material from dispirit sources, was still eye-opening.

In the film, D’Souza relied heavily on Obama’s book, Dreams of My Father He notes that the book isn’t titled dreams of my father, but from. This, D’Souza says, is the tip off to the President’s true ideology.
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L.A. Times Still Refusing to Release Video of Obama’s Party With Radical Islamists

September 22, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Islam, Islamofascism, Israel, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Palestinians, PCism, President, Progressives, Society/Culture, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

The L.A. Times persists in hiding from the public a 2003 video of Barack Obama attending a party for radical Islamist activist Rashid Khalidi, a video that supposedly features extreme anti-Semitic rhetoric. Yet, with criticism stinging, the Times has issued a rather feeble reason for keeping that important video secret from the American people.

They are “keeping a promise,” we are told, to protect a “confidential source.”

This is what L.A. Times VP for communications Nancy Sullivan told The Blaze this week.

In April 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported first, and in explicit detail about the dinner event and the tape of it. More than six months later, just days before the November 2008 election, the McCain Campaign demanded the public release of the tape. As we stated then, The Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided for review by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not publish the tape itself. The Times keeps its promises to sources and nothing has changed in that regard.

Amusingly, Sullivan also said that as far as she knew, The Blaze was the only ones asking about the tape.

Obviously Sullivan is uninformed. The folks at Breitbart have offered $100,000 for a copy of that video. Are we really expected to believe Sullivan hasn’t heard of this offer?
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CNN’s Blitzer Says Letterman Better for Obama Than Israel

September 21, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, CNN, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Israel, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the Middle East erupts in flames and as his foreign policy scheme is burned up with it, President Obama refused a meeting with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and instead went on the David Letterman show. One might think the President’s neglect of his duty was a bad thing, but apparently it was perfectly fine with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

On Sept. 19, during an America’s Choice 2012 segment on CNN’s Newsroom, Wolf Blitzer was full of words of understanding for Obama’s choice of Letterman over Israel’s Prime Minister. It just made good sense, Blitzer imagined, for Obama to ignore his duties as America’s director of foreign policy in order to go on a late-night comedy show.

Apparently Blitzer understood perfectly that getting votes should take precedence over foreign policy.

“In the scheme of things, who is going to get you more votes? A meeting that could be tense with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or go on Letterman and come across as well as he did last night.”

With friends in the Old Media like Wolf Blitzer, why does Obama need his own media team at all?
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As Embassies Burned, Obama More Interested in Interviews and Photo Ops

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Even as President Obama’s flacks are telling the media that he is too smart to attend daily intelligence briefings, we are finally finding out what he did on that volatile Friday morning last week when our embassies were burning and 21 countries were erupting in anti-American protests. Instead of worrying about all that, Obama was giving puffball interviews to entertainment magazines and having photo ops.

Instead of spending precious time dealing with the developing crisis in the Mid East and with his foreign policy scheme in a total freefall, on Friday morning, September 14, Obama was giving an interview to the entertainment magazine People en Español and participating in a photo session with photographer Omar Cruz.

Worse, this puffball interview wasn’t on his public schedule and was hidden from the public. Wasn’t Obama the one that claimed he’d have the most transparent administration in history?
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The Full Charlie Hebdo Mohammad Cartoon — France

September 20, 2012 | Filed Under 1st Amendment, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, France, Islam, Islamofascism, Koran, Liberals, PCism, Progressives, Religion, Society/Culture, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston, Western Civilization | Comments Off


If you are not redirected automatically, follow this link to the UPDATE: The Full Charlie Hebdo Mohammad Cartoon–France

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over the last few days a magazine in France published a political cartoon making fun of The Muslim’s mythical Muhammad.

The magazine’s name is Charlie Hebdo and the artist is Stéphane Charbonnier and naturally Muslims are now out to murder him… you know… because Islam is the “religion of peace,” and all.

Click on excerpt above to see the full image.

I don’t read French, so I haven’t a clue what is being said there, but I don’t really care. Islam is a cancer on the earth and it’s about time westerners stop cowering from this simple truth.
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