Colin Powel is Not a Racist, But Neither Is He a Republican

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Colin Powel is Not a Racist, But Neither Is He a Republican

-By Chuck Busch

Many in the Republican camp were disheartened that Colin Powel, after four years of seeing Barack Obama in action, would again endorse the president as he did in 2008. But none were as imprudent as Governor John Sununu, who suggested race might have been a major factor in his decision. He made this statement during his appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”, “Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.”

This comment was met with a hostile response from retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, also a Republican, who once served under General Powel during the first President Bush’s term. He said to Ed Schultz on MSNBC he didn’t “respect” the Governor’s opinion. Not being content to disagree with the Governor alone, Wilkerson went on to trash his own political party stating that “most” of “those people…are still basing their positions on race.” “My party is full of racists, and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with his content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander-in-chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin, and that’s despicable.”

Really? Perhaps Colonel Wilkerson should examine the character and performance of President Barack Hussein Obama a little closer. Powell and Wilkerson and Sununu, all Republicans, are sure making the Democrat’s task of defeating Governor Romney a lot easier. In fact, the Obama campaign, which is no doubt delighting over the misstatements, accusations and infighting in the Republican camp, has just released a new radio ad featuring General Powell endorsing the president. It is time for the RINOS, whose only interest seems to be to conform to the prevailing contemporary liberal consensus of Washington, to choose to get with the Republican platform or get out.

A recent yard sign sighting gave this quip, “If you voted for Obama the last time because he was black to prove you were not a racist, vote for Romney now to prove that you are not an idiot!” (Just for the record, Colin Powel was born in New York City to Jamaican immigrant parents with a link to some Scottish ancestry and Obama is only half black, whose father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas. Neither has southern slave ancestry.)

In 2008, when Powell endorsed Obama, he referred to him as a “transformational figure”, not exactly the constitutional model for a US president. Now after four years of “hope and change” and the county understanding all too well what that phase actually means, Colin Powel said he planned to “stick with him in 2012”. This means he knowingly concurs with Obama’s goal to “fundamentally transform” our republic form of government and American culture.

This is staggering. How can Colin Powel, considering his years of experience in the military and time with the US State Department, possibly sign on to the Obama agenda after all the damage this administration has done to both institutions?

In order to sincerely support Obama’s agenda, Colin Powell would have to betray every allegiance he ever devoted himself to over his long and successful public career.

He has betrayed his own Republican affiliation by criticizing and rejecting its party leader, the nominated presidential candidate. How could he even remotely consider himself a Republican after voting twice for a Democrat presidential candidate that directly opposes nearly everything his own party stands for? This is intellectually dishonest and completely hypocritical. So when does he make his party switch official?

Colin Powel made his announcement on CBS “This Morning” saying that he was more comfortable with Obama’s foreign and domestic policies than with Mitt Romney’s. He was concerned about the Governor’s supposed shifting positions on Middle Eastern wars, even though Romney’s ideas are similar to current policy. He also made the erroneous statement that the president “did not get us into any new wars.” Think encouraging the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, air support for Libyan rebels, covert aid for Syria, the concentration of al Qaeda in Mali and the impending conflagration between Iran and Israel. Hopefully, Powell is correct when adding to his list of praises for Obama, he said, “I think the actions he (Obama) has taken with respect to protecting us (continental US) from terrorism have been very solid.” Powell also said he was more aligned with Obama’s stances on climate change, immigration, and education.

Colin Powell was a general and not an economist, but I have to question his perception of reality when he says “stabilization has come back to the financial community” or “Generally, we have come out of the dive and we’re starting to gain altitude” just after he expressed anxiety about the “fiscal cliff we’re about to fly over.” Colin Powell doesn’t think the economy will be helped by reducing spending to compensate for cutting taxes and was concerned that it would affect defense spending. When Powell puts the blame on Congress “for many of the problems we have now” because “They’re the ones that pass legislation for more spending and for the various entitlement programs…”, he is talking about the Democrat Congress and President who signed that legislation.

In concluding the interview, Colin Powell said he would remain in the Republican Party. So just what “connection” still exists between Colin Powell and the GOP? “I think I’m a Republican of a more moderate mold…That’s something of a dying breed I’m sorry to say.” We can only hope so. (TheTea Party must be gaining some ground after all.)

Colin Powel is not a racist, but he is certainly not a Republican either.

He is also not nearly the ‘moderate” as he claims to be, if he is endorsing the most radical liberal socialist anarchist president this republic has ever suffered under. Colin Powel has betrayed the constitution he swore an oath to defend by supporting a rogue president who has routinely circumvented that venerable document whenever it stood against his agenda.

The former US Secretary, Colin Powell has also betrayed the State Department by approving of Obama who conducted a demeaning apology tour about the globe and wants to subordinate this country to UN directives. It was Colin’s friend, Barack Hussein Obama’s interventionist policies that enabled the radical Muslim Brotherhood to gain control of Egypt and make other advances in the Middle East toward Islamic supremacy. The “Arab spring” has brought a jihad storm. It was Obama who has promised Russia more “flexibility” on our nuclear defenses in the future. It was the Obama administration that has ignored the “Green” revolution in Iran and that terrorist country’s unrelenting pursuit of a nuclear arsenal. It was Obama who has disrespected our western allies and completely abandoned Israel.

The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has betrayed the military services by affirming Obama who signed the budget sequestration one trillion dollar defense spending cuts that will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and significantly weaken our military. It was Obama that failed to get the agreement to keep some troops in Iraq. Obama refused to give the generals the number of troops they requested in the Afghanistan surge. Al Qaeda is present now in more than 30 countries. It was Obama who played military dictator by committing air support to the Libyan rebels without the authorization of Congress. It was Obama that refused to secure our own borders and undermined and endangered the border patrol agents in so many ways. It is the Obama administration that even refuses to name our foe for what it is, radicalized militant Islam.

The former General Colin Powel has betrayed ours soldiers in the field by aligning himself with Obama who has failed to provide clear definition and decisiveness in any of our military operations. It was Obama who forced open homosexual enlistment onto the military culture. It is Obama who refuses to let the victims of the Fort Hood terrorist attack receive the benefits as casualties of war. It was Obama who tried to take personal credit for justice being served (by Navy Seals) to Osama bin Ladin. It is Obama who is even now trying to suppress the military vote in this election. It was Obama’s administration that leaked sensitive intelligence information about covert operations around the world. As Commander in Chief, Obama failed to provide security at the Libyan Benghazi embassy and later to commit resources to rescue some 30 people from terrorist attack. As a result, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Dohtery lost their lives.

For whatever misguided reasons, Colin Powel has turned a blind eye toward a failed president whose policies are alien to the traditions of this country and whose motivations in all things appear to be coldly political. From all indications, the current occupant of the White House is intent on reducing this great nation to a third world country economically, dividing the people into every faction, destroying whatever international goodwill we once held and leaving our people entirely vulnerable to threats from every direction.
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