Media Lies Again With ‘Man Buys Missile Launcher During Gun Buyback Program’

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Rocket launchers roaming our city streets and being turned in at gun buyback programs is a fake story the Old Media establishment has repeatedly promulgated as real and I am getting a bit sick and tired of it.

Early in January I noted an instance where the media went gaga over “missile launchers” that were turned in at a gun buyback program in Los Angeles. Then I noted that the so-called “rocket launchers” where really nothing of the kind.

As it happens the items scarily reported as “rocket launchers” were really just useless and harmless plastic tubes from which no “rocket” could be launched. Some were one-use tubes that had already been used by the military–and could never be loaded with another rocket– but, worse, some were training devices that never could have launched a rocket in the first place and were just visual aides for new soldiers. Essentially these so-called “rocket launchers” were just danger-free plastic relics.
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Gun-Owner Outing Newspaper’s Map Was Wildly Inaccurate

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-By Warner Todd Huston

It was bad enough that a New York newspaper published the names and addresses of thousands of New York’s legal gun owners putting many of them in danger, but now it has been discovered that much of the information on the map was wildly inaccurate. Worse, the Journal News didn’t make any effort to verify the information it published.

When the Journal News posted the interactive, Internet map it was supposed to reveal the names and addresses of thousands of legal gun owners in the county in which the paper is published and that it did. But as it happens, the information provided by the county also contains much data that is years out of date.

As both Instapundit and HotAir reported on Tuesday, the gun permit holder information that Rockland County supplied to the paper is filled with addresses and names of people who may no longer even be among the living.
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Moderator Jim Leher on Pres. Debate: ‘I Never Read Tweets’

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Obama shocked the country with his horrible debate performance last October. After it was all over many of his supporters blamed debate moderator Jim Leher of PBS for the debacle–especially on Twitter. But Leher remained blissfully ignorant of all the criticism because he refuses to bother with Twitter.

The criticism of Leher’s debate moderation was pretty stiff on Twitter and mostly from Obama’s supporters. But Politico reports that Leher says he never saw any of it.

“I never read any of them, never got a report on them, didn’t want to know anything about them,” Leher said as he sat on Kalb Report panel at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Monday night.
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Bay Buchanan Quits TV Punditry for Real Estate Sales After Romney’s ‘Brutal’ Defeat

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-By Warner Todd Huston

As a staunch conservative commentator, Bay Buchanan has been a fixture in TV punditry for years but after Romney’s “brutal” defeat she has announced that she’s quitting TV and going into real estate sales.

Buchanan, the sister of arch conservative commentator and three-time candidate for the GOP nomination for President Patrick Buchanan, told the Washington Examiner that after the last election it was time for her to leave television behind.

Romney’s loss “was brutal,” Buchanan said. “I think it’s the toughest because we really expected to win it.”

Buchanan reported that two days after the election she began taking real estate classes, quickly earned her Virginia license, and soon joined the real estate firm of McEnearney Associates Inc. in McLean, Va. She also hopes to earn licenses in several nearby states
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A Marvelous Little Disney Short Video

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Folks, Disney has made a little short film to showcase an animation technique… and I couldn’t care less about that. But this little film the Mouse made to showcase the technique is a truly marvelous short film.

Very affecting, and totally innocent.

Watch this little movie. You’ll be happy you spent the 6 and a half minutes.

This was a delightful little flick.

If you are at all interested the technique they were selling, though, here is the description from the page:

Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, “Paperman.” Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him. Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Paperman” pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction.

Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon’s Anti-Fracking Protest Song–‘Don’t Frack My Mother’?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

NPR is again flogging a recent anti-fracking protest song performed by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon that features the memorable refrain, “pleeeease, don’t frack my mother.”

The half-comedic song debuted during the Summer on the late night TV talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and was performed by Ono, the former paramour of the Beatle’s John Lennon, Sean, John’s son from his union with Yoko, and host Fallon.

On a side note, are we to understand that congenial Jimmy Fallon is taking a stand against the economic growth that has come to millions of Americans as a result of fracking? Is that a good idea, Mr. Fallon?

NPR dredged up the mostly adolescent song in a January 27 report on the protests against fracking.
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Vogue Editor Wintour’s Boyfriend Owes $1.2 Million in Taxes

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Only a month ago, Vogue editor Anna Wintour was being floated as an ideal candidate to become President Obama’s next ambassador to Britain but now the fashionista is in the news for another reason. A British newspaper has found that her boyfriend, J. Shelby Bryan, owes $1.2 million in back taxes to the IRS.

Despite owing the IRS such a hefty amount–he is also in arrears in Texas–Bryan was a high dollar fundraiser for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. The socialite was also close to President Clinton serving on his Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in 1996.

Bryan’s past due taxes are nothing new, either. He’s owed the money to the IRS since 2006.
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Believing Non-Facts: People Rarely See Corrections or Updates on Internet Stories

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-By Warner Todd Huston

A new study finds that when stories on the Internet contain incorrect or misleading information and are later updated with corrections, people rarely see the corrections and go on believing the incorrect information they first read.

The study presented participants with computer documents that contained inaccuracies followed by more documents with the facts corrected with the result that most didn’t inculcate the corrections.

The study conducted at Ohio State University found that people tend to believe what they first read because, according to study co-author R. Kelly Garrett, people “don’t have time” to “systematically evaluate every claim they encounter.”

“Humans aren’t vessels into which you can just pour accurate information,” Garrett said.
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The NRA’s Media Strategy, Is It Working?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The newest efforts to ban guns being undertaken by Democrats and President Obama demands response and the National Rifle Association isn’t lying down on the job. But is the NRA’s media strategy working?

For about a week after the murders of 26 school children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the NRA was sensibly–and respectfully–silent over the incident. But after allowing a suitable time to go by to allow some grieving to take place, the NRA came out swinging with a few ideas on what to do about guns, one of which was to place armed guards in our nation’s schools.

Immediately the left skewered the NRA for the suggestion, even though the President himself later proposed something similar–and was criticized for it from his own side.
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Iran Arrests a Dozen Journalists for ‘Anti-Revolutionary’ Acts

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-By Warner Todd Huston

In a coordinated attack on the press, Iranian authorities have arrested between 11 and 14 journalists for “cooperating” with “anti-revolutionary” media outlets.

Amnesty International reported that between January 25 and 28, up to 14 journalists were arrested during raids on newspapers offices.

“This latest example of locking-up Iran’s journalists is a result of draconian restrictions on reporting which violate the right to freedom of expression and must be relaxed,” said Ann Harrison, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Program.

“All journalists who are imprisoned in Iran merely for peacefully doing their job should be released immediately and unconditionally.”
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Gross: Oprah’s New Wrinkle Cream Fore Skin

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Oprah Winfrey apparently has a wonderful beauty secret but at least one group wants to know why she is endorsing an anti-wrinkle cream that is made of–ick– human foreskins.

The $150-per-ounce miracle cream, made by SkinMedica, is said by some to be made of the delicate, left-over bits of baby boys who underwent a circumcision.

Glen Callender is the founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project and to raise awareness of the issue, he and his group protested outside an appearance by the former daytime TV giant at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on December 24 where fans paid $350 a ticket to see the Queen of Talk.

Callender says that Oprah is a bit hypocritical to crusade against ritual female circumcision as practiced in many Muslim countries yet ignore male circumcision in her own backyard.

“Imagine how Oprah would respond if a skin cream for men went on the market that was made from parts of the genitalia of little girls,” Callender said to a Vancouver-based newspaper. “That would be an outrage and rightly so.”
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Facebook Chief Sandburg: Women Not Liked in Business

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Discussing her recent book “Lean In” during a recent visit to Switzerland, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, told an audience that powerful women are mostly disliked in the business world.

Appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sandberg launched a broadside against the stereotypes that she claims hold women back in business in the United States.

At one point, the Facebook chief disparaged T-Shirts for boys she had seen in the U.S. that said “Smart Like Daddy” and those for girls that said “Pretty like Mommy.”
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Ashton Kutcher’s Apple Computer Founder BioPic Slammed as ‘Totally Wrong’

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Actor Ashton Kutcher is starring in jOBS, an upcoming film based on the life of Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs. But at least one person intimate with the Mac mastermind is not impressed. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is slamming Kutcher’s film as “totally wrong.”

Apple co-wiz, Woz, made his comments after seeing a clip from the movie showing the 34-year-old actor seeming to portray a period in Apple’s creation when Steve Jobs was a much younger person than actor Krutcher. Wozniak felt their “relationship” was portrayed incorrectly, as well.

“Not close…we never had such interaction and roles…I’m not even sure what it’s getting at…personalities are very wrong although mine is closer,” Woz wrote to the tech site Gizmodo.

Woz also noted that it wasn’t Jobs that was the early, far-seeing computer maker that foresaw the social changes that computers would eventually bring. In fact, Jobs came to the computer club that helped spawn what would become Apple Computers after the home computer’s creation was envisioned.
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Actor John Leguizamo a Big Fan of Big Government

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Actor John Leguizamo refuses to employ any cagey politically correct speak about his love for big government. There’s no dancing around or soft-pedaling with him. For Leguizamo, big government is all good.

In a recent interview with Nicholas Ballasy, the actor asked “What’s wrong with big government?”

“I’ve never had a problem with big government. I’ve felt our country’s always done best during Eisenhower, FDR, when we had we had big government … We’re not in a fascist state, so what’s the problem with big government? It’s not a problem. It makes things better,” the actor said.

Leguizamo also went on to push for more regulation on Wall Street and claimed that there needs to be more government funding “in the arts.”

He also seemed to have no problem paying even more taxes than he now does.

“I think with the taxing the rich now that’s finally happening now which we need to do – I mean, back in the 50’s and 60’s, if you made money you paid like 70 percent in taxes or even higher than that, and that’s when we started booming and creating a middle class,” he said.
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Video: Obama Supporters on Climate Bill Costs Say ‘No Thanks!’

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While Peter was out of the country, his producer, Tom Elliott, hit up the inauguration to speak with Obama’s most die-hard fans about the big-ticket item the president outlined for his second term: climate change. While everyone likes the idea of “fixing” the climate, how many would support actually paying the legislative cost? Keep in mind, these inaugural attendees traveled from all over the country; if Obama can count on anyone, surely he can count on their support — right?

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Colion Noir Video: The Left’s Hypocrisy on Mass Shootings

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Colion Noir, a self-professed gun nut, has made many great YouTube videos in support of our Second Amendment rights. Here is his latest beating up the left over its hypocrisy on mass shootings.

You can find Mr. Noir’s stuff at the following places:

VP Biden: Mental Health Checks Could Have Stopped Vir. Tech Shooting

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-By Warner Todd Huston

After a discussion on gun control at an event in Richmond, Virginia, Vice President Joe Biden claimed that better mental health checks could have stopped the shooting on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007.

Biden said that he and those he consulted during the recent gun banning commission he chaired which was completed in mid January had reached a “pretty broad consensus” of policy recommendations that would include “mental capacity” to determine who would be allowed to purchase guns in the future.

“One of the problems that was pointed out here was that there was an adjudication of the young man that committed the crime at Virginia Tech, and yet he was able to go out and purchase two weapons,” the Vice President said.

In 2007 Seung-Hui Cho, a student at the university, killed 32 at the Blacksburg, VA campus. Cho used two handguns that he had purchased legally. The killer, though, had a history of mental health issues that apparently didn’t come up in his background checks when he purchased the weapons.
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Julian Assange Calls WikiLeaks Movie ‘Massive Propaganda’

January 27, 2013 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Computers, Democrats/Leftists, Entertainment, Ethics, Hollywood, Inernet, Liberals, Movies, Progressives, Technology, Warner Todd Huston, Wikileaks | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Julian Assange, the famed head of the website WikiLeaks, is not happy with the upcoming DreamWorks film based on his famous document-leaking website. As far as Assange is concerned the film is just “massive propaganda.”

Via videolink, Assange recently told a gathering of the Oxford Union debate that the movie, titled The Fifth Estate and directed by Bill Condon, is nothing but a “massive propaganda attack on WikiLeaks and the character of my staff.”

Assange was speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy in London since Ecuador offered him asylum from countries seeking to prosecute him for his release of many thousands of pages of secret government documents.

The Internet interloper told his audience that he had an advanced copy of the shooting script for the film and said it begins with Iranian officials working on building a nuclear bomb. The WikiLeaks founder said that the reason for such an opening was to “fan the flames of war” and that Iran’s nuclear bomb has nothing to do with him and his website. “It is a lie upon lie,” he said.
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Dredding: Making Another Comic Character Gay?

January 27, 2013 | Filed Under Art, Books, Comic Books, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Gays, Liberals, Magazines, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

In yet another example of the homosexualization of our comic books, an upcoming issue of the Judge Dredd was recently rumored to feature the titular character coming out of the closet as a gay character.

The comic portrays a dystopian future where the earth is made up of Mega cities and wastelands, where life is cheap and violence ubiquitous, and “judges” roam the many highways on motorcycles charged with dispensing “justice” on the spot, no courts necessary. Judge Dredd is the main character and is portrayed as an emotionless, incorruptible policeman/judge that is little else but a killing machine.

You might recall the 1995 movie based on the comic where Sylvester Stallone uttered one of his famous movie lines: “I am the law.”

Earlier this month a few panels of the next issue were leaked showing the Judge kissing a Mohawk-wearing thug in a gay bar. The panels sparked quite a lot of response from fans, much of it negative.
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Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree–1913

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Bert Williams, 1913

Bert Williams

Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree


A great big tree grows near our house
It’s been there quite some time
This tree’s a slipp’ry elm tree and very hard to climb
But when my wife starts after me, up in that tree I roost
I go up like a healthy squirrel and never need no boost
The other day a woodman came to chop the refuge down
And carve it into kindling wood, to peddle ’round the town

I says to him, “I pray thee cease, desist, refrain and stop
Lay down that razor, man, chop not a single chop”

Woodman, woodman, spare that tree
Touch not a single bough
For years it has protected me
And I’ll protect it now
Chop down an oak, a birch or pine
But not this slipp’ry elm of mine
It’s the only tree that my wife can’t climb
So spare that tree

I said to him, “You see that hole
Up near that old treetop
I’ve got five dollars there, that’s yours, if you refrain to chop
No beast but me can climb that tree, ’cause it’s too slippery
I can’t get up myself, unless my wife is after me
So get my wife and I’ll call her a very naughty word
And then you’ll see me give an imitation of a bird
You may not know just where to go, when my wife gets around
But when she comes, remember this, if I’m not on the ground”

Woodman, woodman, spare that tree
Touch not a single bough
For years it has protected me
And I’ll protect it now
Chop down an oak, a birch or pine
But not this slipp’ry elm of mine
It’s the only tree that my wife can’t climb
So spare that tree

Composer Irving Berlin/Vincent Bryan

Am I Old, Old Fashioned, or Both?

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Am I just old? Am I old fashioned? Or maybe both? I guess I have to admit I am at the very least a throwback to an earlier age.

So here is what happened…

Tonight I went to the grocery and ran across a new beer I had yet to try. It is called Batch 19 ( and is supposed to be based on a recipe from 1919, one brewed just before Prohibition.The brewers claim they found the recipe in an old brewery’s dusty records and was typical of the beers made previous to when the stupidity of Prohibition wiped out so many thousands of America’s jobs and small businesses in 1919 and beyond.

Standing in the beer aisle, I think to myself, “yeah, I’ll try that.” So I grab a sixer and go to the front to buy it. Then I realize the situation I am standing in. I realize I am a white guy with a large mustache, wearing a 1940s era leather bomber jacket, and sporting an early large brimmed fedora, and here I am buying beer from 1919.

What century is this, again?


As to the beer, it’s not bad. Full bodied but not too dark. I like it.

Left Pays No Attention to Obama Pledge of No Name Calling

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Even as Obama stood in front of hundreds of thousands of admirers during his inaugural speech saying that we needed to end the name calling, many in his party and many of his surrogates have utterly ignored that advice.

“We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate,” Obama said from the Capitol steps on inauguration Monday.

But only a few days later, even as the President was heard pleading for civility, Democrat Senator Patty Murray (WA) accused Republicans of “hostage-taking” over the budget process.

The left is full of that new tone.
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Obama’s Perpetual Campaign Hits Road for Gun Ban Tour

January 26, 2013 | Filed Under 2nd Amendment, Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Bill of Rights, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Gun Control, Guns, Joe Biden, Liberals, NRA, President, Progressives, Regulation, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the next leg of President Obama’s perpetual campaign, he and Vice President Biden plan to hit the road and tour the country pushing their new gun ban ideas as the political season heats up.

Just ahead of inauguration day, VP Biden finished chairing his special Commission on Gun Violence and now he plans to appear in Richmond, Virginia before an organized anti-gun audience to campaign for his “gun violence” recommendations.

Biden joined Virginia’s Democrat Senator Tim Kane at the first campaign-style event on Friday, January 25. Both rallied to push Obama’s anti-gun message.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told the media on Wednesday that the President would soon begin touring the country pushing his policy recommendations, but no schedule of events was released.
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Kirsten Powers: Dems Less Tolerant of Dissent, They’re Used to Controlling the Media

January 26, 2013 | Filed Under Cable, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Fox News, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Progressives, TV, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

On the January 23 broadcast of Fox News’ “Bill O’Reilly Show,” liberal commentator Kirsten Powers found herself agreeing with the concept that liberals are less tolerant of opposing opinions. Powers went further, though, positing that this intolerance might stem from the fact that liberals are too used to controlling the media and not being confronted by opposition.

Powers went on to say that it was “very disconcerting and unsettling” to liberals when they are confronted with ideas they don’t agree with.

During his “personal story” segment, O’Reilly brought up a study from George Washington University that found that liberals that use the Internet are less tolerant of opposing ideas than conservative Internet users. Interestingly, Powers, of the left-leaning Daily Beast website, tended to agree with those findings.

You know, I have to say this actually jibes with sort of real life experience that I have found, especially as I came into more contact with conservatives as I got older because I used to really live very much in a Democratic bubble when I worked in politics. I did find that they were much more open to sort of hearing other viewpoints, where I think liberals because they are so used to controlling all the media pretty much, academia, that for them when they hear things that don’t jibe with what they want to hear, it’s very disconcerting and unsettling to them. And it doesn’t surprise me that they’re really less interested, whereas conservatives are kind of used to it. They’ve lived in a world where pretty much, you know, the whole media has been sort of liberal.

Mimicking her liberal acquaintances, Powers went on saying, “liberals are sort of taken aback because they feel like, ‘What are you talking about? Everybody knows that what I think is right and nobody thinks differently.'”
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Singer Al Green Turns Down Invite to Sing at Obama’s Second Inaugural

January 26, 2013 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Liberals, Music, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

At a 2012 campaign fundraiser, President Barack Obama sang a line of Al Green’s hit “Let’s Stay Together” as the singer watched from the audience. Green, however, turned down an invite to attend and perform at the President’s second inauguration.

Green’s reps told the Associated Press that he had to turn down the President’s invitation to sing at this year’s event because of a scheduling conflict.

In 2012, while on stage at Harlem’s Apollo Theater, Obama sang a line of Green’s song but quickly deferred to the singer, who was in the audience.

“Don’t worry Rev., I can not sing like you,” the President said. “I just wanted to show my appreciation.”

In an interview after the 2009 event, Green said he was thrilled by Obama’s attention.

“I was thrilled that the President even mentioned my name and if the President can get the economy going again and get everything going that he wants to, then we’ll all be together.”

Through his reps, Green said he’d be “honored” to perform for the President at some other time.
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WH Spokesman Carney Slams GOP’s ‘Obsession’ With Anti-Islam Film

January 25, 2013 | Filed Under al Qaeda, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Foreign Countries, Government, Islam, Islamofascism, Jihad, Koran, Liberals, Libya, PCism, President, Progressives, Society/Culture, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston, Western Civilization | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the days following the attacks on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya last year the Obama administration insisted the whole thing was a result of Muslim ire at an anti-Islam film posted to Youtube. Today, after Hillary testified in front of the Senate over her role in the debacle, White House spokesman Jay Carney is blasting Republicans for their “obsession” about the film.

During her testimony, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to blame the Benghazi attack on “militants” and got agitated over a question from Republican Senator Ron Johnson (WI) who asked about why the administration illegitimately focused on the video for so long.

As Sen. Johnson tried to pin Clinton down on the issue, the Secretary raised her voice saying, “The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”
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Man Sues After ‘GAYGUY’ License Plate Denied

January 25, 2013 | Filed Under Gay Marriage, Gays, Georgia, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

An Atlanta man is suing the state of Georgia saying that his civil rights were violated after being denied several vanity license plates that would have made reference to his sexual preference.

Last year James Cyrus Gilbert applied for several different license plates announcing his support for homosexuality. In his lawsuit, Gilbert says he tried to get 4GAYLIB, GAYPWR, and GAYGUY but was denied each time.

Like many states, Georgia has a list of vulgarities, subjects and words that are banned from vanity plates and authorities say reference to sexual predilections is one of the banned items in the Peach State.

Gilbert says he doesn’t believe his requests were vulgar or “over the top.”

Neither the Georgia Department of Driver Services nor the Georgia State’s Attorney’s Office have agreed to comment on the lawsuit.
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Donald Trump Looking to Buy The New York Times?

January 25, 2013 | Filed Under Business, Donald Trump, Jobs, Journalism, Media Bias, New York City, Newspapers, The New York Times, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

There are reports that Donald Trump is looking at a new way of influencing the media, this time by trying to buy The New York Times. If he pulls it off it’ll be huuuuge.

Trump has spent years getting media attention for one thing or another. From multiple marriages, to hit TV shows, to rumors of running for President, “The Donald” has been an expert at insinuating himself into the news cycle. But now it seems he wants to write the news instead of just being written about.

Rumors abound that Trump’s making an effort to buy the paper. But he isn’t the only high profile millionaire around whom such rumors swill. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also rumored to be looking into buying the paper.

Trump’s office has refused comment on the rumors of his interest buying in the “paper of record” and so is The New York Times. But one can’t imagine that the Sulzberger family, owners of the Times, would find it a cozy fit with Donald Trump!
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Artist Debuts Obama, Nude With Pancakes Painting

January 25, 2013 | Filed Under Art, Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Entertainment, Ethics, Government, Liberals, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ebay seller freeperdan has done it again. For Obama’s 2013 inauguration the artist has uncorked yet another masterpiece featuring a nude Obama with a unicorn and pancakes.

Freeperdan has a long history of creating such paintings always with similar themes. Nude folks, pancakes, and unicorns are ubiquitous with the artist’s works.

Freeperdan has painted cats with pancakes, guns with pancakes, unicorns with Stalin and TV character Gregory House (and Obama), Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand… with pancakes. He’s even done one with Deadmaus5 and pancakes.

Needless to say, there’s lots of pancakes.

Several years ago I contacted Mr. freeperdan, whose real name is Dan Lacey, to ask about his art. He told me he is a “painter of pancakes” and spares no political party from his brush. He also told told Roll Call last year that he generally considers himself to be a conservative, not a liberal.
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Video Democrat Liars on Parade: ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ – aka ‘The Hillary Shuffle’

January 25, 2013 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Joe Biden, Liberals, Nancy Pelosi, President, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

Democrats are simply liars.


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