Gary’s Liberal Deprogramming Workshop

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Gary’s Liberal Deprogramming Workshop

-By Gary Krasner

Good morning class. Today you liberals will learn how to recognize coded language. And we will use the Ferguson incident as a case example.

GARY: Did you all watch the president’s comments last night?

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: Yes, he called for calm following the grand jury verdict.

GARY: But why did he wait until AFTER the verdict was rendered?

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: Why does it matter?

GARY: It matters because the rioters were already assembled on the streets. It was a little late at that point, to get them to disband.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: I suppose, but so what?

GARY: The reason Obama waited for the verdict was to editorialize about it. Had he given a news conference BEFORE the verdict, the only thing he could have said was that we’re a nation of laws, and juries hear the evidence and we have to accept the verdict.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: But isn’t that essentially what Obama said last night?

GARY: No. He said a lot more. He said, for example, that it’s “understandable” why people may be angry about the verdict.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: what’s wrong with that?

GARY: It’s wrong because he’s undermining the grand jury’s decision by saying that. And worse, he is validating all of the unsubstantiated testimonials that convicted Darren Wilson in the media since the shooting occurred. That expectation and anticipation of racism and guilt is what lead to protests and riots in the first place. When Obama says the anger is “understandable”, he’s saying there’s justification for believing Wilson should have been indicted.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: But again, what’s wrong with a president giving his opinion? He did it before with the Louis Gates incident and again with Trayvon Martin.

GARY: Yes, Obama may be the first president in which the media gives him a free pass anytime he fucks with the scales of justice with his opinions. The last time a president got a severe reprimand in the media for shit like that was Nixon. On August 3, 1970, President Richard Nixon had publicly decried what he saw as the media’s glamorization of mass murderer Charles Manson. The next day, the LA Times front page blared, “Manson Guilty, Nixon Declares.” Manson flashed that front-page headline to the jury. Voir dired by Judge Older, the jurors contended that the headline had not influenced them. But the next day, the female defendants, who were also on trial, stood up and said in unison that, in light of Nixon’s remark, there was no point in going on with the trial.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: But Obama made an off the cuff remark. So what?

GARY: He was reading a prepared statement from the teleprompter. Another thing he said having a police force whose race is not representative of the public is a problem.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: But shouldn’t we have more minority cops?

GARY: Whose stopping blacks from joining the police? Their own peers are! The lawless, gang culture labels black cops as “sellouts”, and betrayers of their own people. THAT’S the problem. But when Obama blames it on racist police forces, he’s lying. And he’s advancing the myth that white cops are racists who cannot fairly police communities of different ethnic backgrounds. And again, in conjunction with the trial of a police officer who deserves impartiality from someone as influential as the nation’s leader.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: I see what you mean. But the media has more influence than one person—-even the president.

GARY: And the media is the largest to blame. They presented all the unsubstantiated stories that inculpated Wilson. They were out to validate the racist cop narrative. Even now, after the jury invalidated that false narrative. Right after the verdict was released, Brian Williams on NBC opened his show by announcing that the “Ferguson grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson.”

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: So? Didn’t they fail to indict him?

GARY: The word “FAILED” is another coded way to inject liberal bias. Failing to do something implies negligence. I FAILED to heed the stop sign. You are EXPECTED to heed the stop sign. Why? Because heeding the stop sign is the right thing to do. Failing to heed it is the result of negligence or carelessness. Thus, Brian Williams is saying, in the opening line of his broadcast Monday night, that we should have expected an indictment because it was the right thing to do.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: Good point. I just didn’t catch that.

GARY: Words have meanings. Listen to them, grasshopper. We live in a society with double standards. White people didn’t riot after OJ was found not guilty. But everyone–including Obama–are apologists for rioters. Obama says he understands their anger! He doesn’t say that it’s wrong and unjustified to loot and burn down black-owned businesses that employ blacks in your neighborhood and supply the community with goods and services.

GARY: The double standard is further evidenced by the fact that no white cop was ever indicted for killing a white assailant struggling to take the cop’s gun.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: But Brown was unarmed.

GARY: Really? What weapon did that 300-pound, “gentle giant” use when he robbed that store right before Wilson caught him?

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: His hands.

GARY: Bingo. It’s like saying Mike Tyson was unarmed when he got into the ring for a fight.

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: Then what’s left to say to his parents?

GARY: I would tell his parents that he learned his morality and values at home. Why didn’t you teach him that stealing is wrong, and fighting with a cop is wrong?

Naive, mushy-headed young liberal: Perhaps his parents were apologists for black gangsta culture?

GARY: You’re just saying that to get an “A” for the class.



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