Trump Lost—A Good Opportunity

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Trump Lost—A Good Opportunity

-By Gary Krasner

Trump lost the debate. He lost it because he didn’t win it. All eyes were on him. 30 million eyes! Before the debate, he had already obtained his ceiling of supporters, many of who are not republicans, or they’re republicans who generally don’t vote in primaries. So what Trump had to do was break through that ceiling and onto a new level–to grab some of those those who doubted he was presidential material, as opposed to tabloid clown.

He didn’t do that. I suspect that’s why Roger Stone bailed. According to the article below, Stone prepared Trump for the debate, and it seems Trump ignored what he learned and went off script and into tabloid-like sound bites. That may have pleased his low-information supporters, but for someone like me, who hoped there was some substance to Trump’s political positions—whatever they are—I was left disappointed.

And the one issue he was known for–illegal immigration–he failed there too. He couldn’t provide Chris Wallace with evidence of the allegation that made him number 1 in the polls. And the sad fact is that there’s lots of evidence. The percentage of felons if federal prison who are illegals. Or the recent release of violent crime stats by Texas. I’m sure Stone prepared Trump for it, and Trump went loose cannon instead.

Roger Stone is a savvy pol advisor. Very experienced. And one would have thought, a good fit for Trump in lifestyle and unorthodox political views. Stone wrote that book last year which alleged that President Johnson was the mastermind behind the JFK assassination.

But this is about my take on Trump’s performance, so here are 3 points in the debate where Trump could have shined on SUBSTANCE, rather than bombast, arrogance and enmity. Because the latter will fizzle out eventually. It had for Chris Christy.

THE THIRD PARTY QUESTION: This is what Trump SHOULD has said:

I don’t mind if other candidates don’t respect me, because this race is not about me. It’s about saving this nation from Obamunism and Democrat expansion of government. Therefore, I pledge my support for every candidate on this stage, EXCEPT one.

And the reason I cannot support one of these guys is because he’s afraid of his own shadow. He will not attack Hilary, or even counter attack when she stomped all over him last week. He’s a LOSER, and I’m tired of supporting losers like McCain and Romney, who were more afraid of being called a racist, than calling attention to Obama’s close associations with terrorists, antisemites and communists, or even ask why his academic papers are under lock and key by his colleges. Or who financed his education. Information that’s revealed by all presidential nominees, but Obama.

Jeb is a nice guy. But nice guys finish last. Hillary will eat him alive. So when I run against both of them, I’ll prove that the toughest SOB wins.

THE MISOGYNY ISSUE: This is what Trump SHOULD has said:

In my own defense, I was only talking about Rosy O’Donnell (that was a good line). And you should read the names I’ve called men. But seriously, you’re quoting my remarks when I was on the Apprentice show. That’s unfair. When I’m on that show, I’m behaving like an over-the-top version of myself. I have to be more flamboyant and make outrageous comments to get high ratings. So I can’t behave like a gentleman on that show.

Carol O’Connor played Archie Bunker–a racist. Did anyone call him a racist or misogynist off camera? Similarly, I should be treated no differently. Unlike these other candidates, I never imagined I would run for office. If I had, I would have been more circumspect with my language. But I don’t think Reagan’s movie roles took away from his performance and president. To the contrary.

THE CRONY CAPITALIST ISSUE: This is what Trump SHOULD has said:

As a business man, I’m forced to contribute money to politicians. All politicians. If I don’t, then I’m placed in a competitive disadvantage against businesses and investors who do give money to governors and legislators. Because instead of me getting the tax breaks and subsidies, my competitors will get them. I have a responsibility to my partners, to my workers, and to my investors, to use all the legal tools at my disposal to better the competition and show a profit. And unfortunately, politicians with their hands out is part of the system we have. I’ve given money to most of these guys on stage with me.

But as president, I will eliminate crony capitalism. As I say, under the current system, which I didn’t create, the stakes are too high not to pay off politicians and lobby them. Do you think I like giving them money?! The solution is my flat tax with no deduction and loopholes whatsoever. None. That will take care of tax breaks. We’ll have to make laws that limit lobbying for regulatory favors that will pass First Amendment scrutiny, but it can be done.

So remember, where there’s crony capitalism, it’s the capitalist who’s the victim. I’m the victim here! And for someone who works for Fox News, I’m surprised I even have to explain that to you. And I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but there ain’t no Santa Clause either.

Trump had a golden opportunity to break through that ceiling, and he blew it. There doesn’t seem to be message discipline in him. This ad libbing his way for several months will take it’s toll, to a point where even his supporters will jump ship. You watch.



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