As Jihadi Attacks Are Up Dramatically in USA, Obama Says Conservatives are ‘Dangerous’

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As Jihadi Attacks Are Up Dramatically in USA, Obama Says Conservatives are ‘Dangerous’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Since Barack Obama came to office, his security regime has repeatedly put out reports saying that conservatives, Republicans, patriots, white people, and our military veterans are “dangerous” and need to be watched, quite despite that NONE of these people have caused any troubles. On the other hand, not once has Obama put out a report saying that Muslims are dangerous. And now we get this report from Congress informing us that would-be jihadi attacks are up “dramatically” since 2010.

The new report from the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee notes that there has been a sharp rise in jihadi terror attempts inside the USA going from the 38 that were identified in 2010 to 124 by 2015.

“The Islamist terror threat in the US homeland has escalated dramatically this year and remains high,” committee chairman Michael McCaul said in the monthly “Terror Threat Snapshot” published Friday. “There have been more US-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since [September 11, 2001].”

Now, remember, this number represents the jihadi threats that the government has identified and cleared, so there are likely many more that they couldn’t report because they are still part of ongoing investigations. So, there are likely many more not on this list.

With the number of jihadi threats growing at a steady rate-and with some of these threats becoming real murders of Americans–it is clear that Islam is the most dangerous problem in America today.

But what threat(s) has Obama warned about repeatedly since he became president? A review of the many reports issued by the security agencies he controls gives us a guide on just who and/or what Obama thinks is a danger to the USA.

The latest report from Obama’s regime is from the FBI which turned out a biased “report” saying that white people are the biggest threat America faces.

In a report issued in May only to police departments and other law enforcement agencies, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division insisted that “militia extremists” are looking to kill Muslims. The report goes on to cite two–yes only two–instances of “militia” leaders saying they are mad at Muslims and may want to target them.

No actual instances of this desire to attack Muslims has been seen, though. Only talk. Still, the FBI is all worried over Americans with guns.

But that is only one of many reports issued by Obama’s various security agencies that have warned that patriotic, white, Americans are more of a danger than Islam.

Just to name a few of these reports:

In June of this year Obama awarded the state of Michigan $585,719 for a study of how “right-wing extremists” use the Internet to stir domestic terrorism. This despite the well-known actions of ISIS and other Islamists attempting to use the Internet to recruit and push acts of terror. Yes, Obama is more worried about “right-wing extremists” on the Internet than in Islamists.

Then, in August of last year Obama’s FBI threat matrix excluded Muslim extremism as a worry and made white people the object of alarm.

Also in 2014 a cadre of advisers for Obama’s DHS published a report titled “Understanding Law Enforcement Intelligence Processes.” The report maintained that foreign jihadis and terrorists are the same as people in the USA who love the Constitution, and people who want to observe their Second Amendment rights, who love the flag, and those who think America is a great nation.

In 2012, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued a report titled Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970-2008. In that report, Obama’s DHS said that police should be suspicious of Americans who are “right-wing,” or anyone who feels their way of life is endangered, anyone that is religious, and anyone that might be interested in “personal liberty,” or “national sovereignty,” or firearms.

Obama was up to the same garbage in 2009 when his DHS created a secret report that wasn’t supposed to be made public but leaked out nonetheless. In it the DHS came to the outrageous conclusion that “right-wing terrorists” are a danger in this country. The report included warnings that our military veterans are a danger to the country.

There have been several more of these reports issued since Obama came to infest Washington with his hate for whites, our veterans and traditional American ideals.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing news, opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that wrote articles on U.S. history for several American history magazines. Huston is a featured writer for Andrew Breitbart’s Breitbart News, and he appears on such sites as,,, and many, many others. Huston has also appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and many local TV shows as well as numerous talk radio shows throughout the country.

For a full bio, please CLICK HERE.

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