As Election Day Nears, Obama Works Overtime to Bring in As Many Illegals as He Can

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As Election Day Nears, Obama Works Overtime to Bring in As Many Illegals as He Can

-By Warner Todd Huston

In the first few years of his presidency Barack Obama deported millions of illegals. But as his second term approached, the president soon reversed that policy and not only began to release the ones already taken into custody, but launched several programs to bring in as many illegals — both Hispanic and Muslim — as he could. And now he is welcoming in hundreds of thousands as the 2016 election nears.

When Barack Obama took office, his first two years saw a cascading number of illegal alien activists complaining that he was deporting too many illegals. In fact, in 2012 surrogates for Mitt Romney was airing TV ads claiming that Obama had deported more illegals than any other president. This was an effort to get the illegal alien advocates mad enough at him not to vote for his reelection.

While this claim wasn’t exactly true it does reflect the fact that in the first few years of his first term he was deporting a lot of illegals.

This policy, though, was soon reversed, perhaps in response to outrage from activists for illegals and their partners in the U.S. Hispanic community.

By 2013 Obama was making major changes in policy, seriously reversing his deportations. Year after year he began to lower the number of deportations and by 2015 Obama put into place new rules for his immigration services that would give 87 percent of the illegal population a degree of protection from deportation. That is an increase from the 74 percent who were given such “protection” with Obama’s earlier policy changes.

The president also informed DHS, border police, and his other immigration departments to pick up fewer illegals. Earlier this year, the small number of illegals rounded up in the January sweeps amounted to less than one in 1,000 of the total number of parents and children who surged across the border, starting in 2014. And even of these gathered up, few were set for deportation.

Indeed, with his policy changes Obama even boasted that he had some how “fixed” the situation where illegals were swept up, given dates to appear in immigration court, and then disappeared never to appear. Obama claimed he had cut this habit illegals had of thumbing their noses at our laws and skipping court dates. But instead of actually cutting it down, what he really did was issue fewer court dates in the first place, opting instead to simply release tens of thousands of illegals without even bothering to give them a court date they could skip.

And now, not only has Obama drastically cut the number of deportations and sweeps, he is also bending over backwards to let hundreds of thousands of new illegals into the country, throwing our borders wide open to people who have not and cannot be vetted.

Just in 2016 alone, for instance, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, recently reported that nearly one million illegals have entered the country. One million in just a single year — and the year is not even over yet!

This October, DHS noted that illegal immigration spiked 23 percent this year as America prepares for the 2016 presidential election. DHS noted that 408,870 illegal aliens were apprehended at the southern border in 2016. That was up 23 percent from 2015.

But Senator Sessions noted that this is only the number apprehended. Many tens of thousands more flowed into this U.S. totally unchecked.

“This is only half the story. The 408,870 does not include those illegal aliens who evaded detection and successfully entered the United States,” Sessions said.

“This statistic reportedly has been confirmed by DHS, but the Obama administration refuses to release that information,” Sessions added. “Using that rate as a baseline, that means approximately 408,870 illegal aliens evaded detection, for a grand total of roughly 817,740 illegal entries into the United States last year.”

“The Obama Administration’s open-border policies have made our country less secure than we were eight years ago, eviscerated any semblance of credibility in our immigration system, and have created an ever-growing financial burden on U.S. taxpayers,” Sessions concluded. “The country cannot sustain this course. The Obama Administration and the special interests may not believe in secure borders, but the American people do.”

Naturally with all this, the number of asylum seekers has skyrocketed in this, Obama’s last year in office.

The number of asylum seekers looking to cash in on Obama’s extensive offerings of welfare programs has jumped 900 percent, according to a recent Washington Examiner report.

“The number of illegals seeking asylum to gain easy access to the United States has jumped 900 percent in less than 10 years,” the report said, “greatly expanding the immigration population receiving Social Security benefits, school loans, green cards, welfare and other taxpayer funded services, according to figures from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

And why the massive jump? As it happens, Obama has loosened the requirements that would lead to accepting asylum seekers. In a major break from past practices, now, instead of petitioning the U.S. from their home countries, Obama is just letting anyone who files a petition to come into the U.S. while their applications are being processed instead of forcing them to wait until the process is complete.

That means, of course, that if they are rejected for legal status, they’ll stay anyway because they are already here. And why leave when Obama isn’t deporting anyone anyway?

In fact, Obama has used every excuse he can find to allow more illegals into the country. Even Hurricane Matthew was used as an excuse to let more illegals into the country. As Matthew slammed into the east coast of the country Obama offered amnesty to anyone who couldn’t make their immigration hearings., as watchdog group Judicial Watch reported.

For his part, Donald Trump slammed Obama over his massively failed immigration policy. Trump says there is a particular reason why Obama is allowing so many illegals into the country.

“They’re letting people pour into this country so they can go and vote,” Trump recently insisted.

To buttress his point, Trump invited Art Del Cueto, national vice president of the union that represents Border Patrol agents, to an event to tell reporters that President Obama has told the immigration department not to deport anyone, Politico reported.

Del Cueto also said that Obama is letting thousands of illegals go free despite that they have criminal records.

“And the problem that we’re seeing reflected through us as a voice is that some of these individuals that were apprehended with criminal records, they’re not, they’re checking their records, they see that they have criminal records,” Del Cueto said, “but they’re setting them aside because at this point they are saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people who are on the waiting list to hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected.”

The Immigration official also added that Obama’s government wants “to hurry up and fast track them so they can go ahead and vote in the election.”

Obama has also been working diligently to tremendously enlarge the number of so-called Muslim refugees he’s bringing into the nation. Only last month, for instance, Obama told the nation that next year he wants to take in 30 percent more “refugees” than he did this year.

“The administration’s target for fiscal year 2017 is 110,000 refugees, up from the 85,000 goal in 2016 and 70,000 in 2015,” the Washington Times noted in September. “Just a few weeks ago, the State Department was hinting at a target of 100,000 refugees next year, and it’s not clear why the additional 10,000 were added.”

In the end, what we have is a president who has thrown away any pretense of enforcing our laws.
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–Samuel Johnson

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Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing news, opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that wrote articles on U.S. history for several American history magazines. Huston is a featured writer for Andrew Breitbart’s Breitbart News, and he appears on such sites as,, BizPac Review, and many, many others. Huston has also appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and many local TV shows as well as numerous talk radio shows throughout the country.

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