NBC Employee Calls Trump’s Ten-Year-Old Son a Serial Killer… What Happened to Leaving Politicians’ Children Out Of It?

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NBC Employee Calls Trump’s Ten-Year-Old Son a Serial Killer… What Happened to Leaving Politicians’ Children Out Of It?

-By Warner Todd Huston

There used to be an axiom in political reporting that the children — especially the smallest ones — of politicians should remain off limits in the back and forth political attacks over policy. But now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, it appears that the media no longer cares if people viciously attack little kids. NBC is an inglorious example of that today since a writer for “Saturday Night Live” called ten-year-old Barron Trump a “serial killer” and NBC has done nothing about it.

Destroying Trump is the media’s only goal and if they have to do it by destroying a little boy, then so be it. Like any fascist regime, the media’s new axiom is the ends justify the means. Be prepared for this for the next four (eight?) years, won’t you?

You also may recall just after the election when Rosie O’Donnell, the foul “comedienne” and constantly fired TV host, was criticized for her attacks against little Barron Trump. In November she began tweeting that Trump’s son was autistic sending many to their own Twitter accounts to slam O’Donnell for something that is none of her business.

But, again, remember, liberals are allowed to try and destroy children as long as their parents are also destroyed.

Into this arena of hate, entered one Katie Rich, a “comedy” writer for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” who thought it would be gosh darn hi-lar-ee-us to call President Donald J. Trump’s ten-year-old son a serial Killer. This “comedy” writer took to her Twitter account to attack the little boy on the same day the child’s father took the oath of office to become our 45th President.

Rich just guffawed her way through a tweet saying, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Indeed, this was a two-fer slam on her hated enemies as it was not only an attack on a little boy — hey, she’s a liberal so its open season on all males regardless of age — AND she got to attack homeschoolers, too. In her estimation, both are serial killers in waiting.

The reaction against this horrible person was swift. Her tweet became a point of derision of the scumbags of the left by hundreds of thousands of conservatives, Republicans, and other decent people all across the country.

Mz Rich was so set upon by people properly outraged by her disgusting attack on a child that she first set her Twitter to private, then deleted it altogether. If you go to @katiemaryrich now, you just get a “sorry that page doesn’t exist” message. That wasn’t the end of her attack of memoryholeitis. After that she set about getting rid of her own webpages and bios to further make herself invisible online.

Apparently she can dish it out and smear little children but when faced with the wrath of adults she can’t take it.

The 33-year-old ignoramus has been a member of the SNL writing team since 2013. But if she were a conservative making fun of Sasha and Malia Obama she would have been fired in about ten seconds. But her attacks on Trump’s child? Ignored by her employer.

Amusingly, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune back in 2015 Rich she said she liked not being in front of the cameras at SNL and instead being in the back rooms writing the “jokes.”

“Nobody really knows who you are, but you’re still a part of it all,” she said. Yeah, we know who you are now you little cuss. With all that hate in your dark heart, no wonder you didn’t want to be noticed.

The condemnation for this talentless hack spurred a petition to have SNL fire her. At press time the petition had reached well beyond 30,000 signatures.

“Online bullying of children (including and especially those in our White House!) by any adult is unacceptable behavior and should not be tolerated under any circumstances,” says the petition started by Susan Grod from Wildwood, Missouri.

Susan from Missouri was far from the only person to attack this woman for her hateful broadside against a child. Twitter virtually erupted with condemnation for the “comedy” writer.

And of course, I jumped in on the fun myself…

Now, let’s go back, shall we? Let’s go back to 2014 when a Republican staffer made fun of Sasha and Malia Obama. Elizabeth Lauten, a senior staffer and communications director for Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher, ended up resigning in disgrace after she needled the Obama girls for showing no class during the President’s Thanksgiving tradition of the pardoning of the turkey.

And let’s not forget the legions of Democrats who warned the nation that making fun of how ugly Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter were when their fathers were in the White House. Whether both girls were homely in the White House and later in life or not, using them for political fodder was beyond the pale. Not that the press gave George W. Bush’s girls a pass, but, well, you know. Destroying Republicans is always a good thing as far as the media is concerned.

Of course, Katie Rich is just a piece of the left-media’s paroxysms of hate displayed thus far into the era of Trump.

Take this absurd tweet by the International-Affairs Columnist from Canada’s The Globe and Mail, Doug Saunders. This fool thinks the democratic election of Donald Trump is something worse than the terror attacks on 9/11. No, he’s serious.

There are dozens of liberals in the media saying very stupid and historically ignorant things like this. And that isn’t even to mention the dust storm kicked up by the media over the size of the crowd during Trump’s inauguration. For two days after the inauguration the media was kicking out fake news stories of how much smaller Trump’s crowds were compared to Obama’s.

While it is true that Obama’s 2008 inauguration saw the biggest crowds in American history, it is also true that Trump’s crowd has set the record as the second largest. Trump also likely set the record for most viewers in history when you add all the online viewers to the TV ratings. Even without the online viewers Trump had more TV viewers than every inaugural but Obama’s 2008 ceremony.

But what have we gotten from the media for two days? Attacks on Trump’s crowd size. Even with all the important things going on around the world and the things Trump is preparing to do, all the media could talk about was crowd size. Indeed, the press went wild claiming that Trump’s new press secretary, Sean Spicer, lied to them.

Then came this gem…

You read that right. Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary, the man who constantly repeated Obama’s lies just claimed that Obama never told him to lie. Perhaps Carney didn’t need anyone to directly tell him to lie. It seems to come quite natural to him.

UPDATE: 4PM, January 23

NBC has suspended Katie Rich “indefinitely” but apparently did not quite fire her, according to a report by Deadline Hollywood.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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