Schumer Prepares to Filibuster Trump Supreme Court Pick Gorsuch Proving Crass Politics is all Dems Care About

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Schumer Prepares to Filibuster Trump Supreme Court Pick Gorsuch Proving Crass Politics is all Dems Care About

-By Warner Todd Huston

By all accounts Judge Neil Gorsuch is one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees for sometime, but despite the fact that he was once confirmed to the bench with glowing accolades even from Democrats, the left-wing party’s “leadership” is preparing to go to war to stop Trump’s first Supreme Court pick from taking his place on the high court. It all just goes to show that Democrats don’t care about right and wrong, don’t care about what is good for the country, and don’t care about custom, history, or propriety. They only care about crass political partisanship.

During this week of Senate hearings Judge Neil Gorsuch has proven to be an extremely well-spoken, thoughtful man who has been able to gently put in their place every Democrat halfwit who thought they were up to the task of torpedoing his chances to be confirmed by embarrassing him or catching him with a gotcha question. With good nature and a wry smile he parried, deflected and demolished with well crafted logic every attempt the liberals made to destroy him.

But it appears that even as the left’s erstwhile desire to find “proof” of his unfitness for the high court has gone unrealized, this is not going to stop them from working to ruin his career, anyway. If their current claims are any indication, the extremists led by partisan mudslinger Chuck Schumer (D, NY) are going to filibuster Gorsuch despite the fact that they have no legal or logical leg upon which to stand.

“I have concluded that I cannot support Neil Gorsuch’s nomination,” Schumer said on the Senate floor on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “My vote will be no and I urge my colleagues to do the same.”

Hardcore political extremist Schumer isn’t the only Democrat in the Senate to announce a position against Gorsuch. The Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, also jumped in to slam the president’s nominee saying he has “serious concerns about Judge Gorsuch’s rigid and restrictive judicial philosophy, manifest in a number of opinions he has written on the 10th Circuit.”

A list of other Democrat Senators have also said they are opposing the nominee. That list includes Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

Indeed, not a single Democrat has thus far registered a “yes” vote on Gorsuch, though a likely nod in the judge’s favor could come from West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin.

Maybe it isn’t too surprising Democrats are ready to crush his candidacy when one takes into account how Gorsuch made so many of their fellows looks so gut-wrenchingly stupid, such as the time he made a fool out of Minnesota’s joke of a Senator Al Franken, and the time he laid out California’s Dianne Feinstein like a mackerel.

For his part, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) waved off the Democrats and exclaimed that Gorsuch would be confirmed despite the left’s obstructions.

“Gorsuch will be confirmed; I just can’t tell you exactly how that will happen, yet,” McConnell insisted.

So, why does this all prove that Democrats only care about crass political power plays?

Well, for one the American Bar Association has given Neil Gorsuch its highest rating of “well qualified.” This is notable for the fact that the ABA is a mostly left-leaning organization with members that donate in high dollar amounts to Democrats.

The group’s Nancy Scott Degan explained that they don’t throw this rating around lightly. “The scope of our investigation was deep and broad. We do not give the well-qualified rating lightly,” she said this week.

For another example, Gorsuch has some stellar endorsements.

Retired U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Deanell Reece Tacha who served with Gorsuch, for instance, testified that the nominee would bring a powerful intellect to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Tacha also noted that she has never seen Gorsuch use his seat on the U.S. Appeals Court to do anything other than address what ever case was before him… in other words, he did not bring an overtly political mien to the bench like everyone Obama nominated to the courts.

The judge has received a lot of support from people as disparate as the National Rifle Association, former acting U.S. solicitor general in the Obama administration Neal Karyal and even former Denver Broncos star John Elway.

Liberals were even upset when sitting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke kindly about Gorsuch.

Then there is the singular fact that 10 years ago Neil Gorsuch was confirmed unanimously for the Appeals Court upon which he now sits. Not only that, but he was even approved by a long list of the very hardcore leftists that now have suddenly realized he is evil incarnate.

Ted Cruz revealed the Democrat’s partisan BS when he had a few minutes to speak in the committee hearing.

That’s right, Gorsuch was deemed wonderfully qualified by no less than Barack Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, little Dickie Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and more. And he was passed on a voice vote with not a single Democrat speaking any reservations about his suitability for the bench.

Yet today, all of a sudden, Gorsuch is the devil that must be exorcised.

We all know what this is about, though. It is only about attacking President Trump and trying to give him a loss. It has nothing whatever to do with the courts or Gorsuch’s qualifications. The Democrats’ vote ten years ago proves that decisively.

No, its all about Democrats trying to hurt Trump, not about legitimately doing their job.

Even noodle spinned South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham has finally realized what this is about and is saying its time to “go nuclear” for Gorsuch.

Graham voted “yes” on every political-minded judge Obama offered for the courts foolishly imagined that his “being fair” for Obama’s judges would cause the Democrats to be “fair” for a Republican nominee. But now he is now saying that Democrats have proven by their disgusting behavior that they can’t be trusted to act like grown ups.

“Whatever it takes to get him on the court, I will do,” Graham said on a Thursday morning radio program.

“If my Democratic colleagues choose to filibuster this guy, then they will be telling me that they don’t accept the election results — 306 electoral votes — that they’re trying to delegitimize President Trump, and that’s not right and we would have to change the rules to have the Supreme Court like everybody else,” Graham added.

“I hope that we can get 60 votes and not change 200 plus years of history,” Graham concluded. “But I will do whatever’s necessary, but I’ve been a pretty balanced guy and enough is enough.”

We’ll all have to wait and see just how serious the Republicans are… and sadly we can’t really trust a one of them to do what is right… we can only hope they are serious that they’ll do anything to defeat the left’s baldly political attempt to keep Neil Gorsuch off the SCOTUS.

I’ll leave you with two amusing segments from this week’s confirmation hearing that shows just what a warm, normal guy the judge is…

From all appearances, this man would be an incredible asset to the U.S. Supreme Court.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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