The Rise of the Obamavilles

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Remember back in the 30s when disgruntled WWI veterans and homeless Americans created shanty towns called “Hoovervilles“? They felt failed by an uncaring president in Herbert Hoover.

Well, with the Occupy-Whatevers have they created “Obamavilles”?

I’d say they have.

Another Stupid Liberal Assumption Dies: Top 1% NOT Made Solely of Bankers

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-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the favorite memes of these Occupy-Whatever events is that the “top 1%” is made up of those evil, rich bankers and Wall Street tycoons. This, they feel is why they need to “occupy Wall Street” in the first place, right? Wrong again.

Like most left-wing memes, this one is also horribly wrong. It turns out that it should have been Occupy a hospital instead of occupy Wall Street because it turns out that bankers and denizens of Wall Street barely represent a blip on the radar of the “1%.”

A report on CNN Money notes that the finance sector only makes up 14% of the folks that sit in that top 1% of the nation’s wealthy.

It turns out that medical professionals clock in at 15.7%, while lawyers represent 8.4%.
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When the Greedy Feign Outrage

October 13, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Frank Salvato, Government, Liberals, Security/Safety, Taxes | Comments Off

-By Frank Salvato

“Greedy: Excessively or inordinately desirous of wealth, profit, etc.; avaricious.”

By now, no doubt, you have heard about the “incredible” Occupy Wall Street Movement taking place on and around Wall Street; a movement whose organizers claim is “organic” and spreading across the globe, not unlike the so-called “Arab Spring.”

There are a few problems with this claim, however. First, the movement is anything but “organic.” And second, for the most part, the “Arab Spring” has facilitated the rise of radical Islamist factions to the courts of power. Incredible indeed.

The “movement” is incredible for many reasons; incredible in that what we are being asked to believe the impossible or very difficult to believe, via the reporting in the mainstream media and declarations issued from the movement’s organizers. Interviews with a credible sampling of those in attendance prove that many participants don’t even know why they are there but for it being “the place to be” for the terminally and youthfully disgruntled.

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The Hate From The Occupy-Whatever Left

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The left is built on pure hate. Hate for patriotism, hate for the Constitution, hate for our troops, hate for the left’s opponents… just plain hate.

Accuracy in Media, Let Freedom Ring and Young America’s Foundation have joined forces to invade Occupy DC. Our objective: to see what happens when three peaceful fans of capitalism, guns and our military take to the streets. It’s a good thing we didn’t do a live shot, they weren’t greeted nicely to say the least.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Thinks Gov’t ‘Creates Jobs’

October 10, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Chicago, Communism, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, EPA, Ethics, Government, Health, House of Representatives, Illinois, Jobs, Liberals, Regulation, Socialism, Stimulus, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Recently Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D, Illinois 9th District), whose husband has been convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion, was interviewed by the far left website truthout.

You’ll remember truthout for its scoop back in 2009. It was truthout that was the first to report the big news that Karl Rove had been indicted. Unfortunately for this “news” site, Karl Rove was never indicted. That was a spot of bother, indeed, going to impugn the site’s veracity just a bit. You may also know that original editor, Marc Ash, was ousted from the site by a coup from within when it was discovered he was making $140,000 a year off the donors and left-wing foundations supporting the site. But he’s all for the downtrodden masses, ya know?

Now that we have established the forum upon which Schakowsky appeared, let’s look at some of the extreme things she said, shall we?
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Hey Kids – Let’s Meet on Wall St. for Weeks Long Whining Fest

October 9, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Liberals, Michael Bresciani‏, Nanny State, President, Regulation, Religion, Society/Culture, Taxes | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Headlines are heralding Apple’s, Steve Jobs as someone who impacted and changed our lives. At the same time demonstrations and riots in Chile, South Korea and America make it apparent that the change had nothing to do with the development of character or the ability to discern the nature of economics, politics and honesty.

In Chile youth are battling with police in protests for completely free education for everyone. In South Korea the method of demonstration is as corny as it get and includes, pants dropping, flag eating, throwing excrement and some gruesome shows of animal abuse.

On Wall Street the mood is far different. A clear direction or purpose seems to be lacking and there are as many reasons given for the demonstration as there are disgruntled whiners. It is hard not to see the Wall Streeter’s as Saturday Night Lives’ Doug and Wendy Whiner remade with a cast of thousands.

One complaint among the whiners that is almost universal is; that the rich are too rich and the poor are too poor. (Relative terms here in the U.S.) The Robin Hood mentality of the Obama administration seems to have taken root in the psyche of most demonstrators. Not only has the Obama thrust of wealth redistribution failed but reality shows must have tanked as well because, the Occupy Wall St. crowd is far removed from any known reality.
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Occupy Wall Street: Idiots on Parade

October 7, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Government, Jobs, Liberals,, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

The dregs of humanity have been infesting Wall Street for days, now. But what do they want? They don’t really know.

This is really a sad, sad end to the extremist left-wing movement in America. It started with a bang in the 1960s where, rabble or no, they at least knew what they wanted. It is ending with a whimper as pampered halfwits shuffle around in a perpetual state of agitation with no actual cause to support…

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Ron Paul: NOT a Serious Candidate

September 26, 2011 | Filed Under 9/11, Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Elections, Federalism, Financial Reform, Foreign Countries, Free Trade, GOP, Government, History, House of Representatives, Jobs, Law, Military, President, Regulation, Republicans, Ron Paul, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Ron Paul is not serious about running for president nor is he a serious candidate even were he to be so inclined. But serious or no, he is a horrible candidate regardless.

Now, there may have been a time a decade or so ago when Ron Paul really thought he had a shot at being elected the president of the United States but that time has long ago passed into history. His last several campaigns were not serious efforts.

Let’s take Paul’s unserious campaign effort first, before I get to his amazing unsuitability for the White House.

The idea of having a national campaign organization to propel a candidate to winning primaries is predicated on reaching out to local state and country party organizations, working with them on ideas, and bringing some of those local political operatives into your own primary effort. This practice then extends your influence and helps bring ground troops to your game, folks that are influential in each sector of the country, folks that will presumably bring voters to your candidacy.
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Lefty Protesters: Here’s a Poll to Help Us Find Out What We are REALLY Mad About

September 9, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-War, Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Communism, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Ethics, Government, Health, Liberals, Military, Obamacare, Socialism, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

I had to laugh when I found out about the left’s newest protest du jour. They are hopin’ mad, don’t cha know? So mad that they are busy organizing marches, protests, civil disobedience, and all sorts of activities to protest it all. But amusingly they aren’t even sure what it is they are mad about.

So, like all good citizens in the age of technology, they’ve created a Facebook poll to find out what they should protest!

Now, let me say this: if you are being oppressed by someone, if your life is so bad that you need to organize protests, usually “the problem” is pretty obvious in its seriousness. I mean, if things are so bad that you need mass resistance, you shouldn’t need any Facebook polls to discover what the problem is. It just should be pretty darn obvious.

Other folks in our modern age don’t need polls to find out what to protest. The so-called Arab Spring has its dictators to oppose. The Chinese Falun Gong have that whole being tortured and murdered by Chinese authorities thing going on — a pretty good thing to protest, I’d say. Heck, even though I don’t agree with them, many in the Eurotrash set have something to protest in that their governments are finally wising up and cutting entitlements. It’s all some pretty obvious stuff to oppose, murder, oppression, and entitlement cuts is.
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Obama Jobs By The Numbers

July 8, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Dan Scott, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Free Trade, Government, Jobs, Liberals, Republicans, Taxes, Unemployment | 2 Comments

-By Dan Scott

President Obama recently claimed the economy grew by some two millions jobs. This claim was on a seasonally adjusted basis to the middle of 2011. We expect politicians to put their best foot forward and also put the best face they can on their performance, however, as with all things to do with Obama, his rhetoric does not match reality. His claims typically come with an expiration date or a dictionary in liberal speak is needed to decipher his rhetoric into normal understanding. In Obama’s view of the world, we the average person are at fault for not properly understanding what he says, he can’t help if you are not of sufficient intelligence or understanding to grasp the reality of his statements.

Since it’s upon us to elevate our understanding, let’s examine the Bureau of Labor Statistics raw unmassaged numbers to see what actually happened since this recession took hold with a vengeance. Using 2008 as the base year we see some interesting things. Total Employment (total of full and part time workers) on an annual basis was 143,194,000 people holding jobs. In 2009 the first year of his presidency, total employment dropped to 137,775,000. 5,419,000 people lost their jobs in 2009. By 2010, having spent billions on stimulating the economy, and increasing the annual federal budget deficits by over a trillion dollars a year, total employment dropped to 136,858,000. Instead of creating jobs, the total number of people who lost their jobs cumulatively increased to 6,336,000 since 2008. So far by the numbers can you see where President Obama’s policies created 2 million jobs?
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Demagogue In Chief Slams Corp. Jets After Spending Stimulus Money on Them?

June 29, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Franklin Deleno Roosevelt, Government, Jobs, Liberals, President, Stimulus, Taxes, The Great Depression, Warner Todd Huston | 2 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

In his Wednesday presser on the state of the economy President Obama several times attacked those evil rich folks flying about in corporate jets saying that the filthy rich could “afford” higher taxes. But while he spent so much time slamming corporate jets today, back in 2009 the president was pushing a stimulus bill that included tax breaks to corporate jets.

In February of 2009, the stimulus package that Obama pushed heavily as the only way to “save” the country included a provision that, as the Associated Press then reported, “sharply reduces the up front tax bill for companies who buy assets like business planes.”

So, once again we have this president talking out of both sides of his mouth. Back in 2009 we needed a stimulus package that included big tax breaks to corporate jet owners, yet today those corporate jet owners are eeeevil for not paying enough taxes.
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600 More Days of Obama

June 6, 2011 | Filed Under Alan Caruba, Anti-Americanism, Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Government, Jobs, Liberals, President, Stimulus, Taxes, Unemployment | Comments Off

-By Alan Caruba

As of May 30, 2011, America has 600 days more of rule by President Barack Hussein Obama.

He is the 44th President and, while we have had incompetent Presidents in the past, we have never had one determined to destroy the nation. It has taken more than two years for most sentient Americans to grasp this extraordinary threat. He has not solved problems. He has exacerbated them.

Granted the financial crisis began in 2008 as President George W. Bush was finishing his second term, but President Obama—aside from blaming Bush for everything that has occurred on his watch—literally tripled the national debt with dubious and failed “stimulus” programs, plunging the nation into debt that rivals all others in our history.

President Obama had a lot of help in getting elected and will no doubt get it in his effort to secure a second term. The mainstream media has utterly debased itself, sounding more like the state monopolies of fascist nations.
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Fox Business Network Opens New Studio Overlooking Floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange

May 31, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Business, Capitalism, Chicago, Economy/Finances, Financial Reform, Fox Business Network, Free Trade, Media, Money, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Fox Business Network is leaping head first into full time coverage right in the thick of it all at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with a new CME-based studio booth on the next level up from trading floor itself. Interestingly, this marks as the very first time a financial network will have its own, branded booth so close to the floor.

Thursday afternoon I spoke to Fox Business Network correspondent Jeff Flock about the grand opening of the CME booth and asked him what made the Network make this move. “Since both exchanges were consolidated there that makes that floor the center for futures trading in the country and now Fox Business will have a permanent presence where all the traders can see us.”
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The Fannie Mae Mess

May 20, 2011 | Filed Under Alan Caruba, Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Ethics, Financial Reform, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Liberals, Money, President, Republicans, Senate | Comments Off

-By Alan Caruba

It was a relatively short Wall Street Journal article on Saturday, May 7th. “Fannie Mae Falls Back Into the Loss Column.”

“Fannie Mae reported a net loss of $6.5 billion for the first quarter as a weakening housing market dashed hopes that the company had stabilities,” wrote Nick Timiraos. “Fannie said Friday it would ask the government for a fresh taxpayer infusion of $6.2 billion after paying dividends to the Treasury.”

What we are witnessing—and paying for—is the way this “government-sponsored enterprise” (GSE) has distorted the nation’s housing market since it came into being. Freddie Mac is another GSE that shares the blame.

In a Cato Institute Policy Analysis by David Reiss, the author notes that “Fannie and Freddie are extraordinary large companies: together they own or guarantee more than 40 percent of all the residential mortgages in the United States. This amounts to more than 4.2 trillion dollars in mortgages.”
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Don’t Blame Business For Our Inflation

April 10, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Government, Jobs, Liberals, Taxes, Thomas Brewton | Comments Off

-By Thomas E. Brewton

Politicians will always falsely blame inflation on businessmen’s “greed.” But only government deficit spending using fiat money can create inflation.

Inflation consists in increasing the money supply faster than the increase in production of goods that people want, the condition we endure today, in spades.

If it were true, as liberal-progressives and politicians of all stripes tell us, that greedy businessmen cause inflation by raising prices whenever it suits them, why should businessmen stop at increases of 2% or 3%? Why not raise prices 50%. The answer, of course, is that they can’t raise prices whenever it suits them without a consumer rebellion.

Note that the Keynesian concept of cost-push inflation is a myth. The phenomenon of raw materials and food cost increases leading to increased wages starts with over-expansion of the money supply. They are results, not causes, of general inflation.
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Government Motors: The Coming General Motors Failure Will Be At Taxpayer’s Expense

March 24, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Cities, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Detroit, Economy/Finances, Financial Reform, Government, Liberals, President, Stimulus, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 5 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Obama Administration has proclaimed TARP and the subsequent bailout for General Motors a great success. US Treasury Deputy Timothy Massad recently said, “Where we are today shows that the program, by any reasonably objective measure, was a success.” But is GM, now much derided as “Government Motors” the success that Obama says it is? Facts don’t argue in Obama’s favor.

First of all, we must dispense with the whole idea that a benevolent Obama played sugar daddy to “save” GM and did so without too much meddling with the company. Despite the claims that it is “back” and back in private hands, We The People still own 33% of GM. But government ownership is deeper than the a mere calculated percentage. You see, GM’s Board and its CEO were all placed in their positions by Obama, his czars and advisers. Worse, none of them have any experience at all in the auto industry.

Obama’s GM CEO, Dan Akerson, is not a “car guy” — as he himself admitted. Akerson’s experience is as a Wall Street hedge fund operator not an auto industry exec. He was also a player at the politically connected Carlyle Group and was the firm’s Managing Director.
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House Votes to Defund NPR

March 17, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, NPR, PBS, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston, Washington D.C. | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Wednesday morning the GOP led House of Representatives voted to end federal funding for National Public Radio. Saying it made good fiscal sense it is also safe to say that the GOP was catering to its base, a group that has been against funding for NPR for some time.

The bill passed in a 228-192 vote mostly along party lines and will prohibit local NPR stations from using federal funds as well as cut all current funding. This eliminates almost $5 million in federal funding that NPR receives. The bill would not prevent the use of federal funds for producing programs by private firms and individuals…

Read the rest at
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VIDEO: Exposing the International Monetary Fund

March 14, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, IMF, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

What Do You Think? Gas Prices – Caused by Libya? Boutique Fuels?‏

March 11, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Budget, Capitalism, Congress, Energy, GOP, Government, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Libya, Mark Kirk, Oil, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

From the office of Senator Mark Kirk (R, ILL…

Gasoline prices are up 50 cents per gallon just this month, now averaging $3.65 in Illinois. Why are prices so high?

While much of the price rise is caused by instability in Libya, another cause is an obscure federal rule that mandates little gasoline monopolies in Chicagoland and Metro East, called the “Boutique Fuels Rule.”

The federal government divides the nation’s gasoline market into 17 separate zones, each with their own recipe for gasoline. While we can buy regular gasoline in Peoria, only “N RFG with Ethanol” is available in Chicago and in Metro East, we can only buy “7.2 RVP” gas. If one region runs short, it cannot borrow from another region – is it any wonder that gas costs 10 cents less per gallon in Green Bay?

This map illustrates the isolated pockets of the country where the federal government mandates the use of the complicated boutique fuel rule. This balkanization of fuel distribution leads to supply problems and high prices. Conversely, some say the regulation is necessary for compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Mark Kirk

Good Riddance to Fannie & Freddie

March 2, 2011 | Filed Under Alan Caruba, Banks, Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, GOP, Government, Liberals, President, Taxes | Comments Off

-By Alan Caruba

I have this theory that we, the adults, all function at the emotional level of 13-year-olds, the age of bar mitzvahs in which the young man can declare to the congregation, “Today I am a man.” (Insert laughter here)

They are, of course, not adults and must wait until the ancient age of 18 to vote and 21 to get plastered. At that age, one would think that getting a bank loan to purchase a home would be difficult. Until the housing bubble burst, it wasn’t.

Before the financial collapse of the housing mortgage market in late 2008, some banks were making “Ninja” loans—no income, no job, no assets.

In a recently published book, “How the West was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly—and the Stark Choices Ahead”, internationally acclaimed economist, Dambisa Moyo, delivers the bad news.

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Video: Stop Obama and His Union Bosses!

February 25, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Campaign Finance, Capitalism, Congress, Conservatives, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Financial Reform, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Liberals, Pensions, President, Public Employees Unions, Republicans, RNC, SEIU, Senate, Taxes, Teachers Unions, Unions, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Courtesy of the Republican National Committee…

This is exactly right. While every state is drowning in debt, Barack Obama and the billions that unions have spent on him and his Democrat Party is being put toward thwarting the will of the voters and to making the state’s and the federal government’s debt far, far worse.
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Rahm Emanuel ignores Hard Truth about Freddie Mac

January 22, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Cook County, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Financial Reform, Gery Chico, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

From the Gery Chico For Chicago Mayor campaign…

Facts suggest Emanuel ignored scandal but mayoral candidate continues to ignore questions

(CHICAGO) Several hours ago, Rahm Emanuel was asked about Gery Chico’s charge that when Emanuel was informed of scandal on the Freddie Mac board, he sat on his hands and took the cash.

Emanuel didn’t deny it. Instead, he said he was never mentioned “by name” in any of the wrongdoing. Here’s the hard truth – Rahm won’t answer the hard questions about Freddie Mac.
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‘Hard Truth': Emanuel and Freddie Mac

January 19, 2011 | Filed Under Banks, Barack Obama, Capitalism, Cook County, Democrats/Leftists, Gery Chico, Government, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

Mayoral candidate Gery Chico has some “hard questions” about Rahm Emanuel’s connection to failed financial giant Freddie Mac…

Time for Emanuel to tell “hard truth”

Chico: “Chicago can’t afford a mayor who looks the other way!”

(CHICAGO) With former president Bill Clinton stumping in Chicago for Rahm Emanuel today, mayoral candidate Gery Chico asked Emanuel to tell the truth about his tenure on the Freddie Mac board, to which Clinton appointed Emanuel in 2000. Under Emanuel’s watch, an Enron-type scandal took place costing taxpayers more than half a billion dollars, according to news reports.
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The Deflation Bogeyman

November 13, 2010 | Filed Under Banks, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Financial Reform, Jobs, Money, Stimulus, Taxes, Thomas Brewton | Comments Off

-By Thomas E. Brewton

Declining prices are not necessarily bad.

The Fed plans to add massively to the supply of phony money by monetizing the Federal debt with QE2, its latest multi-trillion dollar intervention to manipulate the financial system and to control business production and employment decisions.

The effect, in the short run, is to inflate further the developing stock market bubble, preparing the way for our next inflation-induced recession. In the long run, we the people are to be robbed of the purchasing power of our salaries, wages, and retirement incomes by the disguised tax of inflation.

Fed chairman Bernanke’s Keynesian, socialist rationale for this crime against society is his fear of deflation, a fear belied by prices of commodities that are increasing at an accelerating rate.
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A Break for ‘Mob Banker,’ Feds Releasing Report After Election

October 24, 2010 | Filed Under Alexi Giannoulias, Anti-Americanism, Banks, Chicago, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Government, Illinois State Government, Liberals, President, Senate, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

It must be nice to be an Obama insider like Democrat Senate candidate Alexi “The Mob Banker” Giannoulias is. Obama’s FDIC is obviously in his corner, it seems. After all, the FDIC decided to wait until after the election is over to release its report on the failure of Giannoulias’s family bank.

So, Giannoulias might possibly be safely elected to the Senate before the results of any embarrassing investigations into his culpability for the bank failure are released.

Yep, must be nice to have basketball partners in high places.
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Illinois GOP Send ‘Shark’ to Spoof Alexi for Loans to Mobster ‘Jaws’ Giorango

October 21, 2010 | Filed Under Alexi Giannoulias, Banks, Chicago, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, GOP, Government, Illinois, Liberals, Mark Kirk, Republicans, Senate, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

Great political theater.

The Illinois GOP sent a guy dressed as a shark to dog Democrat Senate candidate Alexi “Mob Banker” Giannoulias. When Giannoulias was working for the Broadway Bank he loaned millions to mobster Michael “Jaws” Giorango. Naturally the mobster never paid it all back.

Hard to Believe That Alexi Giannoulias ‘Didn’t Know’ Of Mobster’s Crimes

October 13, 2010 | Filed Under Alexi Giannoulias, Banks, Chicago, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, GOP, Government, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Mark Kirk, Senate, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Alexi Giannoulias is well known as the “Mob Banker” for the fact that his family bank lent $20 million to two mobsters while Alexi was an officer of the bank. The Illinois Democrat’s Senate candidate has finally answered to this loan a bit more directly than he has in the past and his answer is simply a bit hard to take.

On NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday, October 10, Giannoulias uttered the laughable claim that he “didn’t know the extent” of the criminal activities of his mobster borrowers at the Broadway Bank.

This is a bit hard to take. Giannoulias seemed to act as if the two mobster’s activities were not as well known in 2005 as they really were at the time his bank gave these ne’er-do-wells multiple loans. Both Michael “Jaws” Giorango and his pal Demitri Stavropoulos were well known criminals by the time they were being served at Broadway Bank.
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Fact Checking Rep. Foster’s Lies

October 9, 2010 | Filed Under Banks, Budget, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, DuPage County, Economy/Finances, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Jobs, Kane County, Liberals, Randy Hultgren, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

With election day only four weeks away, Congressman Foster has grown increasingly desperate in his attempts to draw voter attention away from his abhorrent record.

Think about it, what else does Bill Foster have to run on? What possible reason would the voters of the 14th District have to re-elect him?

  • His lock-step voting record with Nancy Pelosi 92.6% of the time?
  • His support for the Wall Street bailout?
  • His support for the government takeover of health care?
  • His support of the failed stimulus that failed to keep unemployment below 8%?
  • His support for every single spending bill coming out of Congress?
  • His support for the upcoming tax increases that Congress has failed to prevent?

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Alexi Tells Voters He Was No Banker, But Claims to IRS He Was

September 30, 2010 | Filed Under Alexi Giannoulias, Banks, Budget, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Government, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Liberals, Senate, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

It’s almost like a bad Riddler quip from TVs Adam West Batman show: When is a banker not a banker? Well, apparently the Illinois Democrat candidate for Senate, Alexi “the Mob Banker” Giannoulias, is trying his hand at the riddle. He’s constantly told the voters that he was not employed by his family bank during the year that it met so much trouble, yet on his tax returns Alexi took deductions for his bank work during that same year.

So when IS a banker not a banker? Apparently when he’s trying to run for Senate and get out from under the mess his bank ended up in.

Giannoulias has claimed that he had left his family bank in 2005. But as the Chicago Tribune reports, “Giannoulias was able to take a $2.7 million tax deduction last year because he reported working hundreds of hours at Broadway Bank in 2006.”
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On Those Bill Foster Ads Slamming Hultgren? Hultgren Says ‘Not True’

September 25, 2010 | Filed Under Banks, Business, Capitalism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, DuPage County, Elections, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Illinois, Illinois State Government, Kane County, Liberals, Randy Hultgren, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

St. Charles – State Senator Randy Hultgren, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives IL-14, today responded to deceptive ads paid for by Congressman Bill Foster, D-Batavia.

“Bill Foster’s allegations against me are not true,” said Hultgren. “Bill Foster hopes with his millions of campaign dollars, that he can fool you into believing his lies.”

“Democrat Bill Foster is lying in a calculated gamble to hide his atrocious record of support of Nancy Pelosi 92.6% of the time including government bailouts, higher taxes, massive spending increases and a health care overhaul,” said Hultgren.[1] “If Foster can stay off the issues through lying about my employment, he is able to avoid his miserable record as a Congressman.”

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