Senator Ted Cruz Wants to Revoke Citizenship of Americans Who Turn to Terrorism — Why Aren’t We Already Doing This?

February 17, 2017 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Congress, Conservatives, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, GOP, Government, Government Corruption, House of Representatives, ISIS, Islam, Islamofascism, Jihad, Liberals, President, Republicans, Senate, Sharia, Ted Cruz, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Senator Ted Cruz Wants to Revoke Citizenship of Americans Who Turn to Terrorism — Why Aren’t We Already Doing This?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas Senator and GOP presidential primary runner up, Ted Cruz, wants to revoke the citizenship of any American who tries to join ISIS or otherwise turns to Muslim terrorism. One has to wonder why, exactly, it is that we haven’t already made this idea into law, but apparently we haven’t.

Cruz is talking about the soon to be introduced Expatriate Terrorist Act (ETA) of 2017, which would allow the U.S. government under certain circumstances to revoke the citizenship of Americans who knowingly join or provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations.

Of course, the idea isn’t new. Not only has such a bill been floating around Washington for some time, for over a year President Donald Trump has been talking about better vetting to prevent terrorists from getting into the country in the first place.

But the Texas Senator says that working to prevent Muslim terrorists from getting into the U.S. is only part of the equation of combating terrorism in at home. The other half of the problem is composed of home-grown terrorists — those the media often erroneously call “lone wolf terrorists — who turn to terror right here inside our own borders.
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Trump Needs to Take Responsibility For His Rhetoric

March 13, 2016 | Filed Under 1st Amendment, Anti-Americanism, Censorship, Communism, Conservatives, Constitution, Crime, Democracy, Democrats/Leftists, Donald Trump, Elections, Ethics, Federalism, Free Speech, Freedom, GOP, Law, Liberals, Policy, President, Progressives, Republicans, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Trump Needs to Take Responsibility For His Rhetoric

-By Warner Todd Huston

There is a big argument being waged between Trumpeters who say he is utterly innocent for the violence constantly occurring at his rallies and those who say it is all his fault because of his bellicose rhetoric. The truth is, Ted Cruz is right. It isn’t an either or, it’s a little of both.

To start out, I don’t want to say that the violence being whipped up by your Move-On, George Soros, Occupy-type leftists are justified. Nor is it dismissible. The protests we are seeing over the last month at Trump rallies are not spontaneous bands of local citizens upset about Donald Trump. They are organized, anti-American agitators who are using Trump to foster anarchy.

These people have been around for decades. They are the same people who peopled the failed Occupy Wall Street “movement,” the same type of people who helped organize the 1968 Chicago convention riots, the same who have organized unrest, destruction, race hatred, and attacks all across the country since the anarchist craze started at the turn of the last century. They are all of a piece, all un-American, all hateful of our system and history.

Further, none of this violence would be happening at Trump rallies if they were not organizing ahead of time and making efforts to invade Trump rallies in order to try and foster violence.

And before I go on I should say that the leftists perpetrating violence at these rallies are not to be excused for what they are doing. They are wrong. Their actions–even if expected–are wrong.

However, there is a reason these people aren’t targeting Cruz or Rubio or Kasich or any of the other candidates before them. It is because Trump has invited them with his own bellicose rhetoric.
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Ted Cruz Addresses the Northwest Republican Lincoln Day Dinner

March 12, 2016 | Filed Under Conservatives, GOP, President, Republicans, Senate, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Ted Cruz Addresses the Northwest Republican Lincoln Day Dinner

-By Warner Todd Huston

I was in attendance at this year’s Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. We had a nice visit from Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

We hear little bits from these candidates all the time, including in the debates. But it is rare for people to actually hear a candidate’s entire stump speech. This is a perfect example fof the main points that Cruz gives to audiences.

So, if you’ve never heard a Cruz stumper, this is a great example.

A word about the video. I was too far to Ted’s right (no jokes, please) as he spoke from the dais. So, I focused my iPhone at the video screen which was just next to me. So, that is why the colors are a bit washed out. but I WAS in the room for the speech.

Cruz also spoke before the event and here is my report on that: Ted Cruz Suggests Violence at Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally ‘Starts at the Top’.
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A Ted Cruz Campaign Song ‘CRUZn To Be President,’ by Glen Shulfer

February 1, 2016 | Filed Under Congress, Conservatives, Elections, GOP, President, Senate, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

A Ted Cruz Campaign Song ‘CRUZn To Be President,’ by Glen Shulfer

New York Values? With Anthony Weiner, the Cuomos, Client Number 9, and Rampant Corruption, Cruz is RIGHT!

January 16, 2016 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Bill Clinton, Budget, Business, Congress, Conservatives, Constitution, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Donald Trump, Economy/Finances, Elections, Ethics, Freedom, GOP, Government, Government Corruption, Hillary Clinton, Liberals, Liberty, New York, New York City, Philadelphia, President, Progressives, Religion, Taxes, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

New York Values? With Anthony Weiner, the Cuomos, Client Number 9, and Rampant Corruption, Cruz is RIGHT!

-By Warner Todd Huston

With New Yorkers wringing their hands and crying like babies over Ted Cruz’ “New York values” comment, one has to laugh at the state whose denizens usually prides themselves on being so tough acting like two-year-old whiners. But, despite their stomping of feet, the fact is, Ted Cruz is right. New York values are corrupt, generally un-American and the perfect example of how not to be as an American. Sadly, there is very little good to say about the Empire State.

Yes, we all felt for New York during the attacks on 9/11. Yes, we stood with New York on that terrible day. But let’s face it, that would be about the only time in the last 50 years that the rest of the country had any sympathy for that corrupt den of thieves. Further, the attack on the World Trade Center was not an attack strictly on “New York.” It was an attack on the whole of the country. Remember, they also planned to hit the White House and did hit the Pentagon that same day. If the World Trade Center happened to be in Philly, it would have been Philly they targeted.

The truth is, New York is generally the worst of what the nation has to offer. It’s taxes are too high, it is extremely liberal, it is pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment, anti-business, it’s politicians stand against American freedoms and liberties, and they are lovers of the nanny state.

Before we get farther into this, let’s dispense with this silly “yeah, but some people there are great” argument. If you are going to employ that line of pap, you are a liberal because only liberals are so broad minded that everything falls through the cracks–especially truth.

Yes, yes, yes, there are “some people” who live in New York who are great. And they are a tiny, meaningless and powerless minority and because they don’t actually control what the majority of the state does they are dismissed (and absolved) from the accusations against their fellows.

You see, you can’t make a moral point unless you talk in generalities. If you didn’t use what is a mean average for something, then nothing is ever “wrong.” After all, something good can be found in just about anything and if you are going to use “something good” as your criteria, then nothing could ever be “bad” or “wrong.” And in that case, you cannot have morals because that “something good” would always over power the moral truth.

Now, that being said, back to “New York Values”: The “values” that prevail in New York–both the city and the state–are mostly horrendous, un-American, un-Constitutional, irreligious, and immoral. In short, New York “values” is a sarcastic remark because New York has no values, at least not any good ones.
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Ted Cruz Goes for Humor With Snide Christmas Commercial

December 19, 2015 | Filed Under Christmas, Congress, Elections, GOP, President, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Ted Cruz Goes for Humor With Snide Christmas Commercial

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is putting out a Christmas and comedy-themed campaign commercial that is a bold move because it’s supposed to be funny and funny isn’t not something many politicians do very well. But for me, this one works.

I am sure that many will hate this one… but it worked for me.

Ted Cruz Does Right–Walks Out on Mid Eastern Scumbags Claiming to be Christians

September 11, 2014 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism, Christianity, Conservatives, Foreign Countries, GOP, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islam, Islamofascism, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians, Religion, Republicans, Senate, Sharia, Ted Cruz, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Ted Cruz Does Right–Walks Out on Mid Eastern Scumbags Claiming to be Christians

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had a bit of a problem yesterday when it became an issue that he had agreed to speak before a so-called Christian group made up of Lebanese and Palestinian Christians. But when he announced his support of Israel before these “Christians” they booed him and he saved his reputation by walking out on them in the middle of his address.

The problem for Cruz was that he agreed to speak before the non-profit group In Defense of Christians. The problem wasn’t that Cruz was speaking before a group that seeks to support Christians in the Middle East, but that he chose to speak before a group of people many of whom support Hamas and Hezbollah and people who oppose Israel… yes, even though they claim to be Christians.

This was a strange move by Cruz, strange that he’d chose to go before this group of terror lovers. But he really saved his own reputation by what he did there.
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Ted Cruz: Stand for Principle!

March 28, 2014 | Filed Under Budget, Congress, Conservatives, Constitution, Free Trade, GOP, Jobs, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Ted Cruz: Stand for Principle!

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Pushes Race, Scolds Senator Ted Cruz on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

October 31, 2013 | Filed Under 2nd Amendment, Congress, Constitution, Crime, GOP, Government, Guns, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Pushes Race, Scolds Senator Ted Cruz on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, on extremist Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show

Earlier today we reported on what Texas Senator Ted Cruz said about the sort of “Stand Your Ground” laws that allow people the legal right to protect themselves with deadly force. Now Trayvon Martin’s mother is accusing the Senator of a “disconnect” with the truth.

On October 29, Cruz said that such laws are not a whites-only law, as most racebaiters try to pretend, but are beneficial to all Americans regardless of race.

“We know that some in our political process have a desire to exploit that tragic, violent incident for agendas that have nothing to do with that young man who lost his life. We have seen efforts to undermine the verdict of the jury and, more broadly, to inflame racial tensions that I think are sad and irresponsible,” Cruz said.
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Sen. Ted Cruz: We Need Our Grassroots Army to Take Down Obamacare

October 28, 2013 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, GOP, Government, Health, Iowa, Liberals, Obamacare, President, Progressives, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Ted Cruz, Texas, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Sen. Ted Cruz: We Need Our Grassroots Army to Take Down Obamacare

-By Warner Todd Huston

Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) has not backed off from his drive to destroy the President’s disastrous take over of our healthcare system with his Obamacare scheme and this weekend he was in Iowa bucking up the troops and urging a “grassroots army” to rise up and dismantle Obamacare.

Cruz was appearing before a crowd in Akron, Iowa on Friday, October 25 in three days of events that many think indicates he’s considering a run for President in 2016.

Cruz says he is only focused on his work in the Senate now, but if he does look to a run for the White House, Iowa is a traditional place to start to raise his profile.

Whatever his goals for the future, for today he is still beating the drum to defeat Obamacare and he made some excellent points about the hypocrisy of the left, the Democrats and the Old Media complex (but I thrice repeat myself) that attacked those that wanted to delay and defund Obamacare.
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Senator Ted Cruz: I’m Not in D.C. to ‘Make 99 New Friends’

October 21, 2013 | Filed Under Budget, Congress, Conservatives, Senate, Taxes, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Senator Ted Cruz: I’m Not in D.C. to ‘Make 99 New Friends’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is defiant in the face of criticism of his hardline, conservative tactics during the show down over the shut down and the idea of defunding the President’s disastrous take over of our healthcare system with Obamacare. He didn’t go to Washington to make “99 new friends,” he said.

In a new interview with ABC News, Cruz was asked about his purported unpopularity among some quarters (like idiot RINOs, and the anti-American Democrat Party). But Cruz was unbowed by the hate of those that themselves deserve to be reviled–the latter are my words, not his.
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Liberal Media Hypocrisy, Uses ‘Racist’ to Attack Sen. Ted Cruz

October 16, 2013 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, GOP, Government, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Progressives, Republicans, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Liberal Media Hypocrisy, Uses ‘Racist’ to Attack Sen. Ted Cruz

-By Warner Todd Huston

If you want an example of the hypocrisy of the left-wing media, there can be no better example than the sudden, new love that Mother Jones magazine has for a Republican that ten years ago they called a disgusting, hatemongering, racist, throw back to the civil war. Why do they love him? Because he’ll attack Senator Ted Cruz.

When Mississippi Senator Trent Lott’s political career was going up in smoke in 2002, the left-wing media excoriated him as a disgusting, hatemongering racist. They hated the man. But now that the extremists in the left-wing media want someone to attack Senator Ted Cruz, suddenly Trent Lott is good enough to run to for a quote or two.

Trent Lott used to be the Republican majority leader in the U.S. Senate. Decades ago he was a Democrat operative in the strongly segregationist state of Mississippi. After years in the Democrat trenches, Lott switched to the Republican Party to run for national office eventually becoming the state’s powerful Senator.

But Trent Lott never left his Democrat Party principals behind when he jettisoned his party. He was always a left leaning Republican, one who agreed with a lot of Democrat ideas. But he made a fatal mistake in 2002. He praised famed segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond at a party.

In short order, Lott was forced to step down from GOP leadership over the controversy raised in the liberal press. Only a few years later he left elected office altogether. The media won. Trent Lott was eliminated.
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Ted Cruz is IT!

October 4, 2013 | Filed Under Gary Krasner, GOP, Republicans, Senate, Ted Cruz | Comments Off on

Ted Cruz is IT!

-By Gary Krasner

David Gregory must have thought he would be another Tim Russert when he was preparing to tackle Ted Cruz this morning.

But after the Obama-worshipping Gregory completed the 25 min interview, you can see he felt like a complete failure.

He hit Cruz with every Democrat nonsense talking point, and Cruz aced every question.

This is rare. There has been no true conservative republican who understood the basics or ARGUMENT, let alone could craft an effective argument.

But Cruz clerked for Chief Justice Renquist. That is where you learn the basics of effective argument.

NBC-Obama worshipping Dummy Chris Mathews said following the interview that House republicans are not following “our system of government.”

The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse, PRECISELY in order to defund bad law or bad executive actions.
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Politico Misleads With ‘Cruz Praises Obama on Iran’ Story

October 3, 2013 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Barack Obama, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, GOP, Iran, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Politico, President, Progressives, Republicans, Security/Safety, Senate, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Politico Misleads With ‘Cruz Praises Obama on Iran’ Story

-By Warner Todd Huston

A recent Politico story did double duty by misleading readers and attempting to make Texas Senator Ted Cruz look bad with a headline and first paragraph that simply aren’t really true.

The September 28 story was misleadingly headlined, “Ted Cruz praises President Obama on Iran,” leaving readers with the impression that Senator Cruz was happy with Obama’s Iran policy.

The first paragraph continued the subterfuge, but went even further to mislead.
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Watch Live Video of Sen. Ted Cruz on Senate Floor Speaking Against Obamacare

September 24, 2013 | Filed Under Budget, Business, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Ethics, Government, Health, Jobs, Liberals, Obamacare, President, Progressives, Senate, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Watch Live Video of Sen. Ted Cruz on Senate Floor Speaking Against Obamacare

Live streaming video by Ustream

Foreign Policy Mag Maligns Ted Cruz as ‘Most Hated Man in the Senate’

April 6, 2013 | Filed Under Budget, Business, Conservatives, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Elections, GOP, Government, Liberals, Progressives, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Foreign Policy Mag Maligns Ted Cruz as ‘Most Hated Man in the Senate’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Foreign Policy magazine has made the stark pronouncement about Texas Senator Ted Cruz. According to FP’s Erica Grieder, Cruz is “the most hated man in the U.S. Senate.”

In a March 29 piece, Grieder made this extreme pronouncement based on the new Senator’s outspoken positions on many issues as well as on how irksome he is to old guard Senators who imagine that first year colleagues should be seen and not heard.

Grieder starts her piece with several gratuitous insults. Right off she says that Cruz is “the human equivalent of one of those flower-squirters that clowns wear on their lapels.” She then calls his initiatives and ideas “non-sequiturs” and says they are “self-defeating.” This was all just the first paragraph.

Next we learn that Cruz has “irritated” Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and been a “headache for GOP leaders.” This all because he stands up strongly for his principles and the positions that got him elected.

Does this really make him “hated,” though? He may elicit distaste in these old guard Senators and in those Senators that stand squarely against his principles, but “hated”? That is quite a subjective assessment.
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Rahm Emanuel a Bully

February 1, 2013 | Filed Under 2nd Amendment, Barack Obama, Chicago, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, GOP, Gun Control, Guns, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, President, Progressives, Regulation, Republicans, Ted Cruz, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off on

Sen. Ted Cruz: Rahm Emanuel a Bully

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas’ newest Senator, Republican Ted Cruz, has launched a Cruz missile right at Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the threatening letters the mayor sent to several American banks because they do business with American gun manufacturers. Cruz advises the banks not to be bullied by the Windy City Mayor’s bluster.

On January 25 Chicago Mayor Emanuel, a former Obama chief of staff, sent out letters threatening the CEOs of the Bank of America and TD Bank Group, urging them to join those that stand against the Second Amendment and to cease doing business with several law-abiding, gun manufacturers.

In his own letter to these same banks, Senator Ted Cruz noted his sympathy for the banks’ concern over being threatened by Da Mayor, but informed them that Texas has “a more modest view” of the role of government.
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