ISAIAH 9: 10 JUDGMENT – Video Review and Interview with Producer Joseph Farah

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In 1970 even the churches were not regularly taught the doctrine of the second coming of Christ more commonly known as premillennial prophecy. Then along came Hal Lindsey’s block buster best seller, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

The nation and the world were catapulted into a revival of knowledge that even the Prophet Daniel proclaimed would not be well known or revealed until the last days. A few great works have been added to Lindsey’s book and those who had only Clarence Larkin’s 1918 version of “Dispensational Truth” were reinvigorated to begin again to start studying the subject of eschatology. (The last things)

Certain signs have been fulfilled in this generation that make it impossible to miss that the generation Jesus spoke of as the one sure to precede the second coming of Christ, is as the Bible says, “at hand.”
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Obama’s ‘Evolved’ Position on Gay Marriage – Anti Biblical and Anti-Christ

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Only days after the Vice President announced he was comfortable with same sex marriages; President Obama announced his newly revised (Evolved) position on gay marriage. The debate has been whether Joe Biden forced the Presidents proclamation and boxed him in, but it may be that he used Biden to test the waters before he un-closeted his new position on the issue.

No one can argue with the polls that show that a majority of people between ages 18-29 would side with gay marriage, even as most between ages 29-60 would reject gay marriage completely. Mr. Obama is busy trying to persuade the youth who have all the PC gab and Steve Jobs gadgets to gather in his camp. Most of those in the other age group are jumping ship before it hits the iceberg at full speed. The result of this awakening in the political realm; will be made known on November 6, 2012.

It goes without saying that since there is little chance or enough time between now and November 6, to enact a gay marriage bill or executive order that Mr. Obama has managed to buy the gay community’s vote for the mere price of a well timed statement.
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Biden ‘Comfortable’ with Same Sex Marriage – Thirty Two States Are Not

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Gay marriage opponents have won bans or amendments 32 times on ballot measures since 1998. Joe Biden, like his boss, doesn’t seem to care much for the general consensus of voters around the country and he seemed even a bit cocky in his announcement that he is okay with men who want to marry men, and women that want to marry women.

Biden ignored the 4,000 year old solid scriptural teaching to offer his all new definition of marriage to NBC’s Meet the Press, Sunday May 6, 2012 at Mellon Auditorium in Washington.

Biden told his audience that – “marriage should be about being loyal to someone you love, whether that marriage is between a man and a woman, two men or two women.”

With such a high official of the U. S. government chiming in with both his good attitude and an entirely new definition of marriage, we are caught between Biden and Jesus and must now decide who we are more disappointed with.
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Dan Savage Bombs while Bullying Christians and Bashing the Bible

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Gay anti-bullying spokesperson, Dan Savage, belittled, berated and bullied Christians the Bible and the Pope while addressing 3,000 high school students at a school journalism convention in Seattle, organized by the National Scholastic Press Association. Savage, a militant high profile gay activist who writes graphic sex columns tried to humiliate the Christian kids but went away as a bully himself, in a bad show of self-indulgent hedonism. He is the head of the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ an activist group that is supposed to help gays make the transition out of the straight life into the wonderful brave new world of the gay life.

Apparently he sees himself as the guardian angel of those whose feelings may have been hurt or who are depressed because of the difficulties involved with the transition out of the world of the straights.

While most people discover who they are as they mature and find their place in society, the gays need special help to get into their little sphere and they also need special laws and alerts for the use of non-politically correct catch words and phrases that signal that they are being bullied.
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Obama Fooling on Fallon While Failing America

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

It may be that the crowds of youth Obama is appealing to by appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show and interviews in Rolling Stone Magazine are all he has got. Taxpayers, people at the gas pumps, veterans, Solyndra workers, Arizona ranchers and Governors and those who don’t want to be forced to buy insurance and almost anyone over thirty five know they need the change Obama promised in 2008 now, more than ever. They see that change as, electing a new president in 2012.

The crowd of high school seniors and college freshmen and sophomores’ who are still struggling with grammar school reading problems and who turn out online 50,000,000 strong to vote on American Idol may cheer him on, but this is the crowd that doesn’t want a clue. Obama is depending on that, as misinformation, truth twisting and huge lies of omission lacing the rhetoric of Obama’s 2012 lame campaign are all that his humor offers.

It is doubtful that many youth even bother to watch liberal TV showmen like Chris Matthews, (Much less O’Reilly) who with all the grace of a pregnant duck attempted to smear Romney for his view about evolution in an interview with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Later O’Reilly countered with an explanation of how Romney actually believes in intelligent design as God’s means of creating man and our sundry scaled, furred and feathered friends.
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The First Lady’s Curious Theology

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani‏

In America We Elect presidents, we don’t worship them. But the Weekly Standard blog offered a headline on April 17, 2012 that could be filed under ‘seeing it is still too hard to believe.’

In a short piece by Daniel Halper the headline was “Michelle Obama: ‘This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light’ If it were not a direct quote taken from Michelle Obama’s rally speech at a campaign event in Nashville, Tennessee earlier the same day, we could only imagine that some virulent anti-Obama politico went too far and just made up a false and despiteful headline to hurt the Obama campaign. But the headline is quite true.

Here is what is apparent. The Weekly Standard is no religious website and Daniel Harper is no dialectical theological giant like Karl Barth or a great expositor of the scriptures like Charles Haddon Spurgeon, but it is also apparent that he wasn’t trying to be.
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America Unplugged – The New Lord’s Prayer

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Those who can hardly stand the syntax and rhythmic schemes of the English usage in our Constitution will not find any magnificence or beauty in the Elizabethan phrases of the Bible’s King James Version. Not to worry – other versions are readily available to elucidate and amplify; there is hope for those whose cognizance has been slighted.

King James says “O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? How long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing?” (Ps 4: 2) The hurried generation doesn’t employ, nor is familiar with terms like ‘leasing.’ Visions of new car leases or Fifth Avenue apartments that rent for five million dollars or more, per year, are not the subject spoken to in the King’s most regal version of writ.

Let’s use a simpler version, broken down for the hurried minds and the erudite of the day. Here is a chance for those fully endowed with acquired knowledge, but who remain unable to engage the ancient, revered yet fully preserved mechanism by which to use knowledge correctly; commonly referred to as wisdom.
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America: When Laughter Turns to Mourning

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Fitful paroxysms followed Jay Leno’s announcement that Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primary race on Tuesday April 10, 2012. The crowd was so excited that Leno actually had to calm them a bit before he could go on with his monologue.

The jokes that followed offered further humiliation for Santorum, but Romney wasn’t excluded from the mockery. Leno said that Santorum proved he hated women by his position on contraceptives which got laughs, but even more laughter rang out when Leno added that Santorum proved he hated men, when he came against porn.

Next, Leno named certain Hollywood liberals who were now turning against Barack Obama, but the big wave of laughter came on the punch line that declared, yet, one more liberal that has decided to come against Obama – Mitt Romney.
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The GOP Nomination and the Other Side of the Frying Pan

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Twisting old and revered adages is a risky business in a world that has become historically challenged and patently perverse. The risk is that many may think that the perverse version is actually an old standard with deep or hidden meanings meant for the initiated.

It could just be stupid, as in; you can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make him gather moss. Or it could be that the perverse version holds a whole new meaning for an increasingly perverse generation. Eclecticism and perversion have co-mingled and now are part of that blurred, shady area between the common wisdom of the day and true wisdom’s truths to live by.

Trends in society need to be read, qualified and if anyone is still awake, some need to be discarded as quickly as possible. The problem with that idea is simply that we are a generation that accepts perversion as entertainment, distraction and perhaps even attractiveness. It is the reason we sponsor vast teams of producers who scour the nations to find talent in our young (song and dance talent) while we are not looking anywhere, to see if they’ve got character.
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Will Believers Tip the 2012 Election?

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Andy Andrews, the author of ‘How Do You Kill 11 Million People: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think’ was a guest on the Mike Huckabee show recently. As expected Andrews was asked to explain the title of his book and to give a succinct summary of the answer to the question his title imposed.

Like many people Andrews spent years pondering the question of why and just how 11 million people would become so docile as to actually look complicit in the planning and execution of their own deaths. Why would so many line up to be hauled away by the Nazis in crowded boxcars, without putting up great resistance or a fight to save their own lives.

Andrews uses no deep philosophical construct to answer the question. He offers the simplest answer and under any level of reasonable scrutiny we suddenly know he has hit the nail squarely on the head. His answer in all of its glorious simplicity is, “They were lied to.”
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‘We the People’ Decide Who is Electable – Not the Media

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

The term ‘electability’ has become a catch word in this primary but under scrutiny it is easy to see that it is misused sometimes and generally over used at all times. With Gingrich falling to single digit results in the recent primaries and perennial candidate Ron Paul hanging on by a thread in most states it is apparent that voters don’t care what the newsmen and commentators have to say – they plan to vote the way they want to. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

In a climate where after three years of a president whose particular religious beliefs are still in question, the desire to know a candidates real beliefs has never been greater. Recent polls determined that 53 percent of Rick Santorum’s supporters believe that religious beliefs should temper a leader’s decision making process, as opposed to only 28 percent of Romney’s followers.

There is no system of checks and balances to determine a candidates religious leanings and how they might affect his decision making, but there is plenty of information about each candidate’s particular religion.
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Obama Documents – UFOs, Bigfoot and the Link that is Not Missing

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In that vast flying gaggle of fledgling Anglo-mangling verbiage-magicians, jacked journalists and giant egos like the Huffington Post, can be found about 10-15 stories about UFO’s at any time night or day. How many stories about the dozens of missing documents on Barry or the cries of fraud coming from the dozens of veteran investigators under Maricopa County’s Sheriff Arpaio – none. Yes, there have been a few, but don’t ask if they were prejudiced, biased, balanced or even tacitly reasonable. Only UFO stories seem worthy of that kind of fairness.

Huff has got some great writers but it always seems like they are an entourage sent to a deep woods junkyard in the country to go around and polish up the wrecks. In the end the stories, the bias, the celebs the events and the topics covered are still a heap of wreckage from America’s junkyard of old usefuls.

Being facetious doesn’t mean you can’t be factual. What is a fact is that Huff-Po and no one else in the pain stream media has ever been forthwith, reasonable or honest since Barack Obama’s place of birth and other missing elements of his former life first came into question. Those days are beginning to vanish even in the absence of judges, election officials and states AG’s who still haven’t found their way to Grand Wizard of Oz for some courage.
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America Crosses the Bebelos – The Rush to Boot Rush

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Surprise comes from just about everywhere in today’s American setting and unparalleled moral decline. It is amazing to see just how far and how fast the decline is taking place and perhaps even more amazing is to see, just who is part of it, and who is resisting and decrying the great national slide into the shadowy regions of reprobation.

Recently Raquel Welch, who was once a sex symbol herself, said Americans are a bunch of “sex addicts.” Coming from Raquel this assessment makes the most resistant left wing proponent of pulling out all the stops, pause to ponder.

Wallace Henley, writer for the Christian Post, has likened Rush Limbaugh who recently apologized for calling a Georgetown University student a ‘slut,’ to a rock that is only crying out because others were too afraid to speak up.

In an article entitled “Rush Limbaugh: A Crying Stone in Place of Mute Prophetic Voices?” Henley said, “There are no doubt better, more loving ways to say it than Rush did. However, the episode brings to mind the words of Jesus when Pharisees tried to get Him to muzzle His followers. “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” Jesus said. (Luke 19:40)
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Tale of Two Campaigns – The Slogan of 2008 – The Acronym of 2012

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In the 2008 election, the slogan ‘Change we can believe in’ carried the willing like the mind bending smooth and seamlessly executed arpeggios of the Pied Piper. When the followers got weary they were egged on by other familiar tunes like the promise of ‘transparency’ and a new America where everyone would finally be treated equally.

Three years later these little mice are all neatly separated into classes where confusion and disappointment are second only to the state of unbelief that follows a change that actually – no one can honestly believe in.

Heading toward the 2012 race the slogans of 08 seem to have met up with the new kid on the political scene – the acronym, now well known as – ABO. Even as candidates begin to drop off and out of the GOP effort the remaining candidates have little fear that some write in, or a shift toward the incumbent could upset their chances.

The ABO (Anyone but Obama) acronym may have surpassed the slogans of 2008 in potency, purpose and palatability – the electorate is fairly fed up with the flutist who now occupies the White House and they want a return to the days of the full symphony with a true American maestro at the podium.
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Politics, Prophecy and the Santorum Factor

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

If these are not the biblical ‘last days’ then nothing said here is of any particular consequence. If as the Bible says the last generation begins when Israel becomes a free and independent nation again (British Mandate of 1948) then we can only hope to survive the perils the very near future will dump on our nation and an unwary world in its social, economic, ideological and religious upheaval.

We might think people who deal with future events have no standing because they are largely dealing with unknown quantities and events. This folly is exposed by several means, not the least of which is the ‘futures market’ that initiated in the 1920s. Investors sunk millions into the promise of future crops and livestock that were neither bred nor planted at the time of their investments. Some were made rich beyond all expectations and some lost their fortunes. Prophecy is far more important to the nation, but it is given far less credence.

The difference is not subtle. Dabbling with and misjudging futures can result in the loss of fortunes, but dabbling with and misjudging the prophetic; can cost your entire future.
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This Ship Needs a Captain not just a Businessman

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In this day of the history challenged it may not be safe to assume that everyone knows that it was Captain John Paul Jones who in the fall of 1779 said the famous words, “I have not yet begun to fight.” Even fewer may know that his ship the Bonhomme Richard had its upper decks nearly blown off and with what may have looked like a tattered raft the fight continued. Two hands assuming that both captain and first officer had been slain went about to lower the ship’s pendant from the mainmast, but were interrupted by Jones who flew toward them with pistols in hand.

The captain threw his unloaded pistols at the mates missing one and striking the other on the head leaving him unconscious. The master of the powerful British warship Serapis called out to Jones and asked if he was about to quarter. (Give up and surrender) Jones’ famous reply has been the example of every great naval officer since, but it doesn’t stop there. The best fighting men, statesmen and ordinary Americans, ever since, have been heard to say the same.
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Buckets for Babies – Sex-Ed for Kindergarten – But No Bag Lunches, Please!

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

This may be the only article ever written that needs only its title and no further elucidation of any kind. It also is the only article that this writer has ever added a scriptural quote to, in the opening paragraphs, rather than as an appendage.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1: 28)

In the very chapter of the Bible that condemns the practice of homosexuality which President Obama claimed was “obscure,” is found a description of modern man that appears to have been ripped from the pages of today’s headlines. This tiny, but power packed descriptive of the depths to which humanity will sink in the last days uses verbiage that cannot be mistaken as pertaining to any other time in history.
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Obama: Violating Much More than Conscience

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In his latest show Gov. Mike Huckabee was seen interviewing a Catholic priest, as they spoke, the Governor said that since the Catholics have come under attack “we are all Catholics.” The audience accepted what he said and while they knew the Governor was not referring to some giant ecumenical switch to Catholicism he was stating the obvious. When the government suspends or denies first amendment principles to the church, be it Protestant or Catholic, we all tend to close ranks.

In what is known in theological circles as the antediluvian period (before the flood) men were guided not by the Mosaic Law or by the New Testament but only by their conscience. That particular dispensation failed miserably and it is actually what precipitated the flood. Man’s conscience failed then (Ge 6: 5) and it has not improved at all since. According to scripture that is why God had to reveal what sin and error actually were according to his laws. When that was known he provided grace; because no one could keep all the laws. At no time did God ever allow man to return to the age of conscience, it would have been self defeating.

Nothing has changed because God, unlike man, never goes backwards. Using only conscience to be our guide is as disastrous today as it was in the ancient world. It is what allows us to lump all religions together and pick and choose one or the other that seems to soothe our conscience. In the process we tend to pick the religions that crush personal responsibility the most. We choose systems where external actions, liturgies, symbolism and religious practice become a substitute for actually connecting to, and obeying, the living word of the Living God. The result is that the conscience actually comes into conflict with God’s revealed word and it is the word that is offended, disregarded and eventually abandoned.
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Candidates Waging the Wrong War – Voters Sent to the Wrong Battles

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

The new catchphrase of the campaign analysts and pundits which seems to be rising above the ordinarily heard terms like democrat, republican, liberal or conservative is the word, ‘establishment.’ It seems to find definition only when voters pick candidates that regardless of campaign rhetoric, declared platform or past record, look and feel like someone that will lead America out of its sinking fiscal problems.

Pictures of Mitt Romney have surfaced on the internet with the caption “Doesn’t This Man Look Presidential.” They not only insult the basic intelligence of the voters, but should we dare to ask, what exactly does ‘presidential’ look like? Voters have indicated that they want to hear the candidates on all the issues in endless debates, but they clearly show that only one issue is what they really care about when they vote. Jobs and the economy alone make the top of the list and all else is highly disputable blather.
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UFOs, Abortion and the Novelist Who Poses with Typewriters

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

In a Wikipedia entry under ‘Frances Parkinson Keyes biography’ is found a finely preserved picture of the late Mrs. Keyes sitting at a typewriter. There is no paper in the typewriter and there is no paper to be seen anywhere in the room. Obviously the picture is posed, and because Keyes was the author of over fifty books no one would think twice about the lack of paper in the photo.

Over forty years ago I befriended Mrs. Keyes personal secretary who invited me to the author’s restored home in the French Quarter of New Orleans only a few years before Mrs. Keyes died. The house was once the residence of General Pierre Toutant Gustave Beauregard who was also an inventor and a writer as well as a prominent general in the army of the Confederate States of America.

Marge Lilibridge was slightly older than me, but it was impossible not to be intrigued with the facets of the personal tour she gave me of the recently restored mansion on Chartres Street just across the street from the famed Ursuline Convent. In the rear slave quarters, she showed me stacks of black and white composition books and allowed me to peruse through them. They were the handwritten manuscripts that Mrs. Keyes used to pencil almost every one of her books, with nearly perfect penmanship. She did not use a typewriter.
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Obama Speech at National Prayer Breakfast: Insincere Theological Farce

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Glancing down at his notes every few seconds Mr. Obama managed to get through what looked like the worst drudgery of his day at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Since 1953 the annual ‘National Prayer Breakfast’ has been held at the Hilton International Ballroom in Washington DC. It was begun by Christian conservatives but today is attended by over 3,000 people, all who are not conservative. The President is usually the main speaker followed by another prominent figure who is not announced until the day of the event.

There was a good helping of name dropping in which Obama said various ministers dropped by or phoned him at the White House. He specifically named Joel Hunter and T. D. Jakes. A fully emotionally embellished account of his visit with the Reverend Billy Graham was also added to the obviously perfunctory address. The subtle infusion of Obama’s politics and policy filled the air, and the speech, which the president could hardly disguise, was an attenuation of his usual political rhetoric.
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The Impassioned Message of Rick Santorum, Bella and the Unborn

February 12, 2012 | Filed Under Abortion, Elections, GOP, Government, Michael Bresciani‏, Republicans, Rick Santorum | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

This may be the most difficult time the nation has ever been through as we approach this critical election year. It is hard to say too much about Mitt Romney when it is well known that regardless of what he is, or is not, he is not Barack Obama. That alone counts for much, but not until he is the last man standing.

Many voters seem to see more when they see Santorum for a second and third time and listen to what he has to say. Sen. Santorum not only could surprise us and leap forward in the race for the nomination, but after taking a second look at this candidate anyone with a reasonable helping of understanding would see that he represents almost everything most conservative Americans want to see in our future as a nation.

Without adding to the redundant comparisons that already are everywhere in the public about Rick Santorum’s views and his record, but rather we could all take another look especially in the light of recent developments regarding the health of his beautiful daughter, Bella.

Bella has suffered with, Trisomy 18; a very rare disease which very few children survive. She recently contracted pneumonia in both lungs. The family was on watch for several days, but Bella pulled through in what her dad called a ‘miraculous recovery.’ The severe crisis was abated for the moment and following the good news, former Pennsylvania Sen. Santorum went back out on the campaign trail with renewed vigor and obvious relief.
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Movie Review: COURAGEOUS – ‘Honor Begins at Home’

February 3, 2012 | Filed Under Christianity, Entertainment, Michael Bresciani‏, Movies, Religion | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Courageous is triumphantly American and unashamedly Christian. The film wreaks havoc on the generally accepted idea that everything that goes wrong with adults can be traced back to bad childhood experiences which then become excuses for the worst behaviors we can produce.
It is the idea of standing up to take responsibility for our actions that compel the principal and lead actor in the movie, Alex Kendrick (Adam Mitchell) to draw others into his decision to put his commitments down on paper and sign them after which they are made public to Church, friends and family.

Kendrick is obviously the anchor in this film, but he catches you off guard because just when you thought he was just some stodgy middle aged cop who lived for the job and a good football game he takes flight. He soars into places a lot of men will never go, and don’t even want to think about. He carries the plot from loss, to courage, and then one step further to honor. It is bravery in the long run that Kendrick is after, rather than one single act of heroism followed by a life of ease and past glories.

Three other men are drawn into Adam’s plan, they are all Sheriff’s deputies like Adam and while they needed a bit of coaxing they decide to sign the act of responsibility along with their co-worker.

The deputies work in the mid-sized city of Albany, Georgia where most of the picture was actually shot. The town is listed as one of the poorest in the United States but has been beautified in the last few years and is home to the Albany Civil Rights Institute. The town has a mixed population of about 77,000 in Dougherty County which has a total population of 96,000, but it has its fair share of gangs, drugs and criminals.
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Embattled American Children – 39 Years of Roe v. Wade

January 30, 2012 | Filed Under Abortion, Christianity, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Government, Liberals, Michael Bresciani‏, Religion, Roe v. Wade | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Thirty nine years of the product of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to allow abortion has taken a gruesome toll on human life. America composes only one twentieth of the world’s population, but has accounted for one third of all of the abortions performed in the entire world. Over 54 million lives have been cut short to protect a women’s right to protect her own body against a child’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

More children die in a day and a half to the scourge of abortion than all the casualties of the Iraq war. People protest, pray and petition their congressional representatives more than ever before, but no one dares challenge the law that has opened the gates to wholesale slaughter of the innocents in this nation. Being in a mother’s womb is still the most dangerous place to be anywhere in the world. The battle zones and famine ravaged areas of our world are safer by far.

It is beyond comprehension that the American scientific community is forced to admit that within weeks, a human embryo has a heartbeat, brain waves, fingerprints and a discernible behavioral personality and yet they claim they do not know when human life really begins. If this is the best science can do; we may all want to skip science and grow up dumb. At least we could grow up!
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Conservative President? Yes, But Not by Opinion

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-By Rev Michael Bresciani

That, I am not alone in the struggle to bring conscience, faith and the Bible itself back into the national psyche offers little consolation because, God seems to have required this at a time when it is anything but vogue. But of all the absurd attempts to remove any mention of God from the public, perhaps the latest effort tops anything that has happened to date.

District Judge, Ronald Lagueux ruled that Cranston High School in Rhode Island must remove a placard that has been in the school for decades because it ends with the word “Amen.” The authoritarian ‘out with it’ was supposedly dignified by the judge in a forty page opinion stating all his learned and wise reasons to oust the placard.

Student, Jessica Ahlquist thought the banner should go, so she sued her school to remove the placard which has been in place since 1963. Up until April of 2011 students may have looked at, and pondered the message of the placard, while others passed by and gave it no thought. Now that one student, and one judge, who is an atheist, has formed an opinion, the history of the placard is finished. Ahlquist can now be found on You Tube explaining the launch of her new career as an anti-religion activist. Just when you begin to adjust to this kind of absurdity, along comes another high flying judge in the state where ‘the wind comes sweepin down the plain.’
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Independent and Undecided Voters are now Cleared for Landing

January 18, 2012 | Filed Under Christianity, Conservatives, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, GOP, Michael Bresciani‏, Religion, Republicans | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Estimates run around 40 percent for independent voters in this election cycle. Many answers are offered for why this phenomenon is so prevalent right now in the nation, but few are viewing it as a possibility of a growing sense of confusion and uncertainty.

Barack Obama has been castigated in the media for proclaiming that Americans may have gotten “lazy” in the last few years, so, where would someone come in who calls us wishy washy and confused? Unlike Barack Obama, I am sure that I love America, I will salute the flag and I don’t think we were ever a Muslim nation, nor do we want to be. I’ll take my chances with the people of this nation.

The Iowa caucuses may be the quintessential example of what happens when voters are uncertain. That may be completely understandable, unless for some reason, there is cause to believe, that it is more than uncertainty, but confusion itself, which may have caused the voters to flip from one front runner to the next in a matter of days in some cases.
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Obama, the Liberals and the Apostates – A Legacy of Division

January 8, 2012 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Christianity, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Liberals, Michael Bresciani‏, Morals/Sex, President, Religion | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Everyone from preachers to comedians has at some time been heard to quote Christ’s famous line from Matthew’s gospel, “every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Mt 12: 25) But today is not the day that people in this nation are gathering around the Bible to hear the wisdom from above. We are a nation with gadgets in our hands that are full of apps, pics and text waiting for the digital meanderings of the electronics wizards to be transferred to our brains.

President Obama, his liberal cadre and the Church’s apostates are a trinity, together they make up modernity’s deity, worshipped by the liberal, secularized, sottish, silly and self absorbed. We all know it, and perhaps we thought we could bear with it for a while, here in the land of freedom and bi-partisanship. What has actually happened in this great experiment turns out to be far more destructive than we could have imagined, in a word it is diametrically opposite of the familiar ‘E Pluribus Unum’ it is now pure division without unity. Is it now ‘E Pluribus Magis Divortium?’

Those who are not paying homage to the god of division may be half consciously following the newly introduced god formed by the national and worldwide deification of sex. The priests of the new religion are the lesbians, gays, transgenders and bi-sexuals who have convinced their crowds of adherents and newly indoctrinated that they are the emerging new social class vying for freedom and equality, as the black community once did in the Deep South.
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Ron Paul: Iowa’s Confusion – America’s Ross Perot?

January 3, 2012 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Elections, GOP, Government, Liberals, Michael Bresciani‏, Republicans, Ron Paul | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

Ron Paul cannot be called a dark horse as Abraham Lincoln once was, because now there is too much known about him. He is the nightmare for republicans and a cult hero for the libertarians. He is a friend to the John Birchers but no friend to Israel.

He is charged with racist leanings from statements made on an old newsletter he claims he never contributed to, and a foreign policy disaster by just about anyone who has heard his views on everything from the Vietnam War to Iran. Now some say he is Ron Paul the serious contender for the Oval Office.

A former medical doctor, Paul still looks the part of a doting somewhat stodgy old doc who would be as dependable as old faithful, truly concerned for his patients, but overtly opinionated and just a bit eccentric.
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Who Will You Kiss when the Ball Drops in Times Square?

January 1, 2012 | Filed Under Christianity, Michael Bresciani‏, Religion | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

It is said that when Christ died on the cross, and in three days arose victorious over death, and walked out alive from his tomb, that God had figuratively put his hand on the flywheel of time, and started it in another direction. This is why the finished work of Christ is called, ‘the good news,’ which is exactly what the word ‘gospel’ means.

The question is not why we would continue to proclaim a two thousand year old event as good news, but how would we dare not to proclaim it? A new year may hold hope, but then produce only more trouble and hardship. Every year is just a notch above a gamble. Christ finished work is no gamble, but rather a destination in a place and a state of perfect victory.

At or near the end of any man’s life there is no rush to replenish the riches, the size of our families or our sphere of influence. The thoughts of what our lives have meant, take precedence, even among those who, don’t believe they will have to account to God.
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How to have a Politically Correct Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011 | Filed Under Christianity, Michael Bresciani‏, PCism, Society/Culture, Western Civilization | Comments Off

-By Rev Michael Bresciani

There is little doubt what tone Mr. Obama has desired to set for the nation. His song has been about bailouts, spending, class warfare, circumventing the Congress with executive orders, abortion rights and the LGBT.

The President has stated his view quite clearly for all Americans to hear and ponder. In a succinct and clearly stated single proclamation, the Obama doctrine for America, as it pertains to the worldwide tensions, believed to be caused by Muslims, is clear. In a 2009 speech in Cairo he said the tension “has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

No one would argue that we need to seek peace with all our neighbors in the world community, but now the president has stated that we must ignore the universal cry for jihad coming from the Muslim world and tone down the rhetoric. Perhaps he’s right. Toning down the rhetoric might calm things a bit, but toning down the resistance to a universal, worldwide Muslim caliphate can never be abated or abandoned.
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