County Officials in Florida Sidestep Law to Intimidate Gun Dealers

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-By Warner Todd Huston

In Florida only the state is allowed to make laws, rules, or regulations that affect gun dealers. So, county officials are trying to intimidate gun shops into toeing their arbitrary “rules” even though the locals have no power at all to make such rules.

In an effort to sidestep state laws, county officials are urging gun dealers who sell ammunition and weapons to police to “voluntarily” follow new rules created by officials–rules that have no force of law.
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Pay It Forward Grinch Stops Florida Starbucks 10-Hour Niceness Drive

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-By Warner Todd Huston

So, a Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida went on a 10-hour roll with every customer buying the order of the customer behind them in the location’s drive through. But it all came to a screeching halt when customer number 458 refused to play along.

Peter Schorsch, the dreaded customer 458, drove up into the line and delivered his order like every other customer. But when he got to the pay window and the Starbucks employee asked if he wanted to “pay it forward” and pay for the guy behind him, Schorsch broke from all the other customers and flat out said “no.”

That’s right, Schorsch said, no way, baby!

Up until mean ol’ Peter Schorsch got in line the streak went ten hours and 457 customers paid for the guy behind them.

Schorsch said that he broke the streak on purpose, not by happenstance.
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Florida School Banning Kids from Reading Bible During ‘Free Reading’ Time

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-By Warner Todd Huston

A Broward County, Florida public school teacher sought to ban an elementary school student from reading the Bible or any religious book during an independent reading time where kids are required to pick their own books to read.

The teacher, an African American teacher named Mrs. Thomas, called the parents of fifth-grade Park Lakes Elementary School student Giovanni Rubeo demanding that they agree with her that religious books are banned from public schools and hinting that they need to punish their child.

This teacher also made a big show out of scolding the child in the classroom, too. When she saw that the child was reading the Bible she made him put the book down on the desk right there in the classroom and then immediately demanded he get his parents on the phone.

This teacher’s actions were obviously meant as a warning to the other kids, too.

When the teacher called the parents she left a message:
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Another Black Racist Whines About Whites ‘Murdering’ Blacks

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-By Warner Todd Huston

As the nation’s African American community continues to wallow in an epidemic of black-on-black murder each and every day, we get the likes of “CrunkFeminist” Brittney Cooper claiming that the real problem in the black community is “an onslaught of white murder,” a badly formulated phrase for which she offers no evidence but one case.

In a hyperbolic piece in Salon, Brittney Cooper desperately tries to make the case that no black person is safe in America today apparently because there are marauding bands of elderly white folks killing blacks by the buckets full–a mythic group in which she casts Hispanic man, George Zimmerman.

What is her proof of this absurd claim that whites are killing blacks? Only a single example. Cooper’s ire is directed at the fact that a white man was not convicted of murdering a black teen in Florida. Yes, one white man’s crime is enough for Cooper to imagine a nation where no black is safe as she gives only a single example to “prove” her hyperbolic claim.
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Biased Reporter Uses His Media Job to Force City To Take Down Nativity Scene

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-By Warner Todd Huston

The Chipley, Florida nativity scene.

A reporter for a small Florida newspaper decided that he wanted to see if he could get the city of Chipley to remove its nativity scene from public property because he claims it is somehow against the US Constitution. There is that unbiased media we are so in love with, eh?

“Reporter” Randal Seyler of the Washington County News decided to try and use his position in the media to destroy a community nativity scene when he noticed that the decoration was put up at city hall.

This biased, troublemaker ran to city hall and warned them he was going to start causing problems for the city if they didn’t remove the nativity scene.

Chipley Mayor Linda Cain was not interested in Seyler’s anti-Christmas crusade, though, so he ran to a militant atheist group that loves to file frivolous lawsuits against cities all across America.
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Allen West: It’s The White Liberals Who Are The Racists

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Allen West, former Congressman from Florida, is always right on target with his comments, we all know, and his recent Facebook post was exactly right. It’s the “white liberal progressives” who are the real racists in American society.

On Tuesday, October 22, West took to his Facebook Page to lay out the truth.

“And another thing,” West wrote, “beyond Grayson and his cross, there’s Democrat Senator Harry Reid refering to Barack Obama as light-skinned and not speaking in “Negro” dialect. And Democrat Vice President Joe Biden refering to Barack Obama as “clean and articulate.” Where oh where is the outrage from NAACP, National Urban League, Congressional Black Caucus, Rev’s Jackson or Sharpton? Oops, I forgot — white liberal progressives have a get out of jail free card. It’s just tragic that these traitors are selling the black community out to the party of slavery, Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, literacy tests, poll tax, and modern day economic servitude. And they call me Uncle Tom?”
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Democrat Congressman Uses Burning KKK Cross as Anti-Tea Party Illustration in Fundraiser Email

October 23, 2013 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Campaign Finance, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Florida, Government, Liberals, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida is one of the biggest ignoramuses in Congress. He’s proving this truth once again with his latest hate mongering by using a photo of a burning KKK cross on a fundraising email in his latest attempt to slam the tea party movement and raise some money from his hate-filled supporters.

Unfortunately, this sort of disgusting behavior is nothing new for this creep. He’s called women “whores,” he calls everyone a racist, and he’s been one of the biggest mouths in DC.

His latest racebaiting screed starts with a subject line that reads, “The Tea Party: ‘No More Popular Than The Klan,” (itself a humongous lie). Then the email sports a photo of KKK clansmen standing near a burning cross. A caption reads, “Now you know what the ‘T’ stands for.”

The fundraising email goes on to recount a conversation the profane congressman had with race-baiter Al Sharpton.
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Florida School Calls Pre-Teen, Athletic Girl a Fatty in Letter Home

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-By Warner Todd Huston

A mom from Naples, Florida is a bit upset that her 11-year-old daughter’s school is calling her athletic child a fatty.

Mom Kristen Grasso was told in a letter sent to her home that her daughter, Lilly, was overweight and in the “at risk” category. Below is a photo of this “overweight” girl.

The decidedly non-overweight Lilly Grasso

Does she look overweight to you?

“Lily is tall,” Mrs. Grasso told WFTX news. “She’s athletic. She’s solid muscle. But by no means is she overweight.”

Clearly this young girl is not overweight, but that is what mom was told in a letter from the Collier County Health Department, the agency that evaluated her child’s health at school.
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Florida County Employee To be Fired for Anti-Islam Facebook Post

September 15, 2013 | Filed Under 1st Amendment, Anti-Americanism, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Florida, Islam, Islamofascism, Koran, Liberals, PCism, Progressives, Society/Culture, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

An employee of Palm Beach County posted some harsh comments about Islam on his Facebook page on the anniversary of 9/11 and now faces possible firing or discipline at work for making the post.

Palm Beach County Public Affairs staffer John Jamason posted some critical comments about Islam on Facebook but once his boss, Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman, found out about the post Jamason was told that he may face discipline for the harsh words.

Jamason posted comments on his own personal Facebook page–not one related to the county government–and he feels that he should face no punishment at all for indulging his own free speech.
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FL Gov. Scott to Call for Major Tax Cuts at AFP Event

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Florida Governor to use AFP’s RightOnline/Defending the Dream Summit to call for major tax cuts in the Sunshine State

Governor Scott is in what might become a very tough reelection campaign. I have spoken to a few Floridians here this weekend who agree with that characterization. So it seems he is going to use the occasion of his speech to propose some big tax and fee cuts for his next term.

Scott’s office gave the written text of his prepared speech to the Associated Press ahead of his speech and the AP reports that Scott will tell the AFP audience that if the state can maintain its budget surplus that he plans to use that surplus to give taxpayers a break.

“It’s your money, not the government’s,” Scott intends to say. “Working with the Florida Legislature, we have cut taxes year after year, even while forcing government to live within its means. This year, we are committed to returning even more money to the hard-working Florida families who earn it.”
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RightOnline 2013: Orlando, Florida, Aug 30-31– BE THERE!

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-By Warner Todd Huston

It is time once again for RightOnline, the Americans for Prosperity-hosted megafest of on line activism. I am going once again this year to meet with all my friends, hear some great conservative speakers, take in some helpful breakout sessions, see some enlightening panel discussions, and…. meet YOU!

That’s right, YOU!

Come out to RightOnline with me and enjoy the weekend in beautiful Orlando, Florida on August 30 and 31.


Over the years, RightOnline has built a reputation as the premier conference for liberty minded bloggers, social media gurus and online citizen leaders to network and learn new tactics.

That reputation was strengthened in 2012 as we brought free market activists together with some of the nation’s greatest influencers online, including Sarah Palin, Scott Rasmussen, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Dana Loesch, and many more.

In 2013, RightOnline returns with an expanded vision and even greater emphasis on showcasing emerging tactics and tools online. The battle of ideas is being waged on a digital field, and only RightOnline prepares you for the intersection of new media, technology, activism, and integrated messaging that is critical for victory.


This year’s event is being held at the wonderful Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, at Universal in Orlando,, Florida.

I’ve attended most of the RightOnline events and they have all been well worth the effort.

So, I’ll see you all there.

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Trayvon Martin’s Mom Campaigns for Repeal of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

July 31, 2013 | Filed Under 2nd Amendment, Anti-Americanism, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Florida, Gun Control, Guns, Liberals, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Even though Florida’s Stand Your Ground law had absolutely no part at all in either the death of her son or the prosecution of the man that shot him, Trayvon Martin’s mother is now trying to make a name for herself by becoming an advocate for repealing Florida’s self protection law.

We all know the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman drama, I assume. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, was attacked and beaten by the six-foot-tall Trayvon Martin, a person unknown to the neighborhood, when Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot Martin in self-defense. Zimmerman was then arrested and charged with murder but was acquitted early in July. Not guilty, said an all-woman jury.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law had no part in the trial, though. Zimmerman’s defense did not invoke the law and neither did the prosecution. So what the heck is Martin’s mother yammering about?

Who knows. But Sybrina Fulton (gee, not “Martin”? Yeah) is now throwing her voice behind the effort started by left-wing members of the National Bar Association to repeal the law. She spoke up at a convention in Miami Beach at the end of July.
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George Zimmerman’s Brother Better on Race Than Obama

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-By Warner Todd Huston

Robert Zimmerman Jr., George Zimmerman’s brother, was not amused by President Barack Obama’s comments on the “not guilty” verdict in his brother’s trial. Robert feels that Obama didn’t learn a thing from the whole ordeal.

“We are where we are today,” Zimmerman said on Fox News. “And no matter what your opinion of the verdict is, there have to be things that bring us together, there have to be teachable moments that we learn from what happened here.”

Zimmerman said he was glad that the President was talking about “encouraging African-American youth,” but wondered why Obama wasn’t encouraging youth of all races.

“I think mentoring children of all colors is one of the ways that we break the cycle, and I would just add to what the president had to say that sometimes the right encouragement and the right role models and kind of the right shoulder to lean on in life can prevent any kind of engagement with law enforcement and the criminal justice system whatsoever,” he continued. “So I think he made some good points about training law enforcement…and he also asked for some soul searching.”
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African Americans in Oakland Attack White Man Asking About Reaction to Zimmerman Trial

July 15, 2013 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Crime, Democrats/Leftists, Florida, Liberals, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

On the night that the George Zimmerman trial verdict was released, Cyrus Massoumi got a little more than he bargained for when he asked a group of African Americans in Oakland, California what they thought of the results from Florida.

Massoumi was out and about on Saturday evening after the verdict was read and asked a few people on the streets in San Francisco for their reaction to the trial. In every case Massoumi found engagement, not anger, and certainly not violence.

But in Oakland that all changed when he came across a group of three or four African Americans standing on the street.

Massoumi and a friend (who was recording the encounters) asked the men what they thought of the trial. All were very negative about the outcome. Massoumi then tried to engage further noting that Zimmerman had the “stand your ground” rule on his side.

But instead of further discussion, the men immediately began to throw punches getting Massoumi on the ground before running off.

In an exclusive interview with me, Massoumi says that the video shows nearly all of his encounter with the men. Only a few seconds before was missed by the videographer.

“There was no earlier confrontation, we just asked the question and they suddenly started swinging,” Massoumi said. “We weren’t even trying to be confrontational. We were just looking for people’s honest reactions.”

This video has been removed from Youtube. If I ever find out why, I’ll let you all know.
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AP Reporter Tweets ‘So We Can All Kill Teenagers Now’ After Zimmerman Verdict–Then Deletes Tweet

July 14, 2013 | Filed Under Crime, Florida, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

A reporter from the Associated Press immediately jumped to Twitter as soon as the George Zimmerman verdict was read and fanned the flames of racism and stirred would-be rioter’s passions by saying that now it is legal to “kill teenagers now.”

AP reporter Cristina Silva took to her Twitter account to decry the Zimmerman verdict, saying, “So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking.” (Hat Tip Tony Lee of Breibart.)

Of course, as soon as people began to notice that an AP reporter was fanning the flames of racial tension, she deleted her entire Twitter account.

In the meantime, many voices have been calling for riots should Zimmerman walk free. For instance, the New Black Panther Party has been agitating for riots during this trial. Others have also threatened riots.
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Geo. Zimmerman’s Brother Tweets Photo Comparing GA Baby Shooter to Trayvon Martin

March 29, 2013 | Filed Under Crime, Florida, Georgia, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

The brother of accused killer George Zimmerman tweeted a photograph comparing accused baby killer De’Marquise Elkins to Trayvon Martin, the young man shot and killed in Florida in 2012.

In a March 24 Tweet, Robert Zimmerman, Jr. posted a photo of De’Marquise Elkins flashing gang signs including a raised middle finger alongside a photo of Trayvon Matin with both middle fingers raised. A caption on the photo reads, “A picture speaks a thousand words. Any Questions?”

Along with the graphic of photos comparing the two young men, Zimmerman writes, “Alleged FBpics of 13mo. old Antonio Santiago’s alleged killer & Trayvon Martin. Uncanny.”

[Note, it seems Mr. Zimmerman has deleted the original Tweet now, screen shot below.]

De’Marquise Elkins has been arrested in Georgia for shooting and killing 13-month-old Antonio Santiago. Elkins is charged with shooting the baby and the baby’s mother in a robbery attempt. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by Robert Zimmerman’s brother, George, in 2012. George Zimmerman has maintained that Martin was assaulting him and that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Robert Zimmerman, the accused shooter’s younger brother, has been a staunch and outspoken supporter of his older brother but his latest tweet has drawn sharp criticism on his Twitter account.
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Florida’s Thug Police Chief Eric Liff is Wrong About Everything

March 27, 2013 | Filed Under 2nd Amendment, Anti-Americanism, Constitution, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Florida, Guns, Liberals, NRA, Progressives, Rights, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Former Cocoa, Florida police Chief Eric Liff is full of crapola when it comes to his wild-eyed beliefs about the National Rifle Association. Liff, however, is right about one thing: he shouldn’t be made to join the NRA against his will. Unfortunately for this grandstander, his point is moot because he isn’t in that position at all.

Liff is upset that the Seminole County Gun & Archery Association has a requirement for members. Before they can use the association’s facilities they must also become a member of the NRA.

Liff was fired as Cocoa’s police chief in the late 1990s and unsuccessfully attempted to sue the city to get his job back in 1999.
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Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist Formally Switches to Democrat Party

December 8, 2012 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Florida, Government, Liberals, Progressives, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Charlie Crist is one of the worst examples of a whining “moderate” Republican that got all mad because after his last campaign imploded due to his own idiotic embrace of President Obama, Republicans pushed him off at arms length. Well, now his traitorous trajectory is complete. Tonight he Tweeted that he is now officially a Democrat.

“Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President,” the now former Republican Tweeted.

There really isn’t anyone in the GOP, moderate or otherwise, that will miss Charlie Crist. His political career is totally done, and he is no loss to the party at all.

But, whatever the case, he’s now a Democrat. I feel bad for them over this.

Naturally the speculation will begin anew over his sexual orientation. Now that he isn’t a Republican, I’ve already seen some people ask if he’ll get rid of his “beard.” For those unaware, a “beard” is wife — a real female wife — that a gay man marries in order to hide his homosexuality.

Folks have been speculating about Crist’s sexuality for years, but he has always said he is not gay and “proves that” by having married the beautiful Mrs. Crist — and she is a looker, too.

But now that he’s a Democrat and there is no need to act as if he’s straight, will he come out of the closet?

Of course, there is a reason that this will be the main question everyone has on his mind. After all, Crist, 56, has no political career in the offing. He’s a has been. These days he is little else but a crude curiosity.

The image to the upper left is the photo Mr. Crist posted to Twitter showing him holding his new Democrat registration.
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MSNBC Producer Starts Shoving Match With Hecklers of Chris Matthews

September 3, 2012 | Filed Under Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Florida, Government, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, MSNBC, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Old Media establishment doesn’t seem much interested in the story, but apparently a producer for MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews started a shoving match with a pair of GOP fans who where heckling Matthews over his leg “tingles.”

Host Matthews was taping a portion of his show on an outdoor stage next to the Tampa Bay Times Forum the evening Mitt Romney accepted his party’s nomination when a pair of hecklers started making fun of Matthews’ ill-advised 2008 “tingles” comments.

You may recall Matthews’ silly claim in 2008 that Obama gave him a “thrill” up his leg, a claim that even the windy Keith Olbermann thought was a bit goofy (When Chris said it, Olbermann sarcastically replied, “steady”).
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CNN’s Important GOP Convention News: Strippers Readying for Convention

August 25, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, CNN, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Family, Florida, GOP, Government, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, President, Republicans, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

CNN has a habit of getting to the real meat of a story, finding all the most important angles, and its coverage of the GOP convention is no exception. CNN has a reputation to burnish by finding only the most important convention stories and with its latest story about how an important sector of Tampa is readying for the convention, it appears the cable channel really is at its hard hitting best. What important sector is under the CNN microscope? Tampa’s strip clubs, naturally.

Of all the important stories that CNN could pick to investigate, strip clubs is where the venerable “news” leader goes?

CNN’s opening paragraph really goes for the salacious right off the bat, too.

Go-Go and Ezili are dancing cheek to cheek on a Friday night. That is to say they’re spinning, glute to glute, on a polished chrome pole at a strip club.

Really? Dancing “glute to glute”?

Did someone let the TMZ or National Enquirer editors into the CNN newsroom?
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Miami Herald: Hey, We Journalists are Heroes, Ya Know?

July 2, 2012 | Filed Under Anti-Americanism, Democrats/Leftists, Florida, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, Miami, Newspapers, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Tooting one’s own horn has always been considered a social faux pas, an example of arrogance, and just plain ignorant. But it seems that someone forgot to teach these social niceties to Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald because this week Pitts has decided to tell us all that real journalists shouldn’t be scoffed at. Why? Because they are selfless, danger-defying, super action heroes, or something. Yes, Pitts is sure that journalists are just purer, better, smarter, and more intelligent than you just-a-bloggers out there.

Now, I’ve always tried to live by the maxim that my own status as a hero or villain is for others to determine, not me to invent and tout. But Pitts isn’t going to just sit around while his precious fellow journalists are verbally maligned by someone as low as Sarah Palin, any old Breitbart writer or — the horrors — just a blogger.

Apparently someone mentioned to Mr. Pitts that Governor Palin, who Pitts thinks is a “silly” person, mentioned his profession at this year’s Right Online event, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. During her remarks at the weekend planned in part to celebrate the life and work of conservative Internet giant Andrew Breitbart, Palin said, “Every citizen can be a reporter.”

This struck Mr. Pitts as an outrage. Why, only real reporters, he feels, can properly report the news. Pitts proves to us how great these professional reporters can be with his very article, too. I mean, where else can we get such timely “news” reports on events that happened two weeks ago but from a professional journalist like Leonard Pitts. Jr.?
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Confiscated: Obama Afraid Latinos Will Attack Him With Forks At Luncheon

June 22, 2012 | Filed Under Barack Obama, Democrats/Leftists, Elections, Ethics, Florida, Government, Hispanics, Journalism, Liberals, Media, Media Bias, President, Race, Warner Todd Huston | 4 Comments

-By Warner Todd Huston

Imagine if Bush had insulted his Latino guests like this.

Latinos with forks, that seems to be Obama’s newest fear. At least, that’s the case judging from his actions at this years National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) luncheon since Obama had the Secret Service confiscate all the dinner forks from the participants at the June 22 event held in Orlando, Florida.

I guess Obama doesn’t worry about millions of illegal immigrants taking our jobs, getting free schooling and social services, but he’ll be darned if they’ll be allowed to eat dinner with forks like a civilized person, at least not with him around, anyway.

Several participants Tweeted that butter knives were banned outright and forks were confiscated as soon as the diners finished eating and before the President entered the room to speak.

Now, these attendees are supposed to be elected officials and their staffs, not just the average Jose off the street. And still Obama feared them enough to take away their forks like they were inmates at a prison or something. I am sure many of these elected officials are wondering what the heck is up with that little bit of distrust?

Dan Amira of New York Magazine has a bit of fun showing photos of all the times that Obama has been in the room with “fork wielding strangers” in the past, but it seems to me that this removal of forks by Obama would have been treated as prima facie evidence of racism if Obama were a Republican President.
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VIDEO: Karen Harrington At Right Online, Las Vegas — Running for Florida’s 23rd District

June 22, 2012 | Filed Under Congress, Elections, Florida, GOP, Republicans, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

I had one more opportunity to interview Florida’s Karen Harrington, this time at the 2012 Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. (

We started off addressing the little controversy that erupted the last time we spoke but soon got into a few other things about her campaign to unseat Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.

As a reminder, here is the earlier post on the controversy, here below is that interview.
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Florida Dems Can’t Find Voters to Protest Allen West, so They Hire Some

March 28, 2012 | Filed Under Allen West, Congress, Conservatives, Democrats/Leftists, Ethics, Florida, Government, House of Representatives, Liberals, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Democrats and the left are inherently a sham with little actual grassroots support and the race for Florida’s 18th Congressional District is yet another example of this truism.

Repeatedly and across the country we see unions, Democrats, and other far left groups planning rallies and protest marches but finding that they simply can’t put bodies in the streets to make all the effort worthwhile. They just don’t really have the support of the common man, the folks in the streets, to carry off these protest marches and rallies.

But these out of the mainstream groups do have a solution to this problem: the rent-a-protester. Whenever you see a left-wing protest, almost invariably you’ll find that many of the folks walking around with signs in their hands were hired to be there. They are paid protesters, faux activists only there for some change in their pockets, not because they care anything about the issue being protested.
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Republican Candidate deFaria Wilts Under Political Spotlight, Attacks Media

February 22, 2012 | Filed Under Congress, Elections, Florida, GOP, House of Representatives, Liberals, Republicans, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Javier Manjarres

Congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria is beginning to melt under the political spotlight, as he once again is displaying a lack of judgment and temperament that is necessary to sustain the rigors of a congressional campaign. The Shark Tank recently questioned deFaria’s campaign advertisements as well as certain aspects of his background, a scrutiny which all congressional candidates should expect. But deFaria’s knee-jerk reaction to our story is unfortunately revealing- rather than deal directly with our documented and legitimate criticisms, he chose to malign your humble correspondent and the Shark Tank. This response shows that deFaria is not only thin skinned, he wound up embarrassing the Republican Party and his campaign.

Our report cited the following facts:

  • deFaria’s posting of DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz wearing a dog collar
  • deFaria stating that Wasserman Schultz needed to be “sent back to the pound.”
  • deFaria untruthfully stating the reason why Congresswoman Allen West tore into Wasserman Schultz in an email last year
  • deFaria’s admittance that he used a phony ‘Tea Party’ organization to promote his campaign
  • a list of public record court cases in which deFaria is named as a Defendant or a respondent

deFaria took issue with our criticism that asserts that his own words and deeds are questionable and will diminish his campaign- did he not take the time to think that his line of attack against Wasserman Schultz not only isn’t very original, but that it could be potentially used against him if he were the Republican nominee? (Shark Tank- original deFaria story here)

deFaria is actively promoting this ‘Doggie Debbie’ website and told the attendees of the recent SRLC convention in Charleston that ‘DWS’ “needed to be sent back to the pound.”continuing with the “Debbie is a Doggie” motif. We simply questioned if deFaria’s repeated caricature of Debbie as a dog with an aggressive looking dog collar is really a smart way to criticize her and broadly appeal to the masses of people in her congressional district.

deFaria’s feeble response to our criticism was made in an obscure Broward website that has a history of running cover for the embattled Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC), and the site that has done all but endorsed deFaria. It’s also the same website that Redstate’s Erick Erickson smacked down last year for its lack of journalistic integrity and hack reportage.
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CPAC VIDEO: E.J Otero for Florida!

February 20, 2012 | Filed Under Congress, Elections, Florida, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Republicans, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

-By Warner Todd Huston

Next in my Challenger Series of videos made of up and coming GOP candidates for Congress is a Mr. E. J. Otero who is running for Florida’s 11th Congressional District.

Otero is a retired Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Born in Puerto Rico, Otero’s father was a broadcaster and was a host of Voice of America-Radio Marti. E.J. has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Troy and also attended the U.S. Air War College.

The Colonel was at U.S. Central Command working intelligence during Enduring Freedom in 2001 as well as Iraqi Freedom afterward. He also led negotiations with Special Operations partner countries such as Colombia, Poland, France, Jordan and the UK.

Otero’s already been likened to Allen West for his true-blue patriotism and outspoken nature.
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My Video At Heart of Controversy in Florida House Race

December 12, 2011 | Filed Under Anti-Semitism, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, DNC, Elections, Florida, GOP, Hamas, House of Representatives, Islamofascism, Israel, Liberals, Republicans, Society/Culture, Terrorism, Warner Todd Huston, Western Civilization | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently, a video I made in Denver is at the heart of a controversy in a race for the House of Representatives in Florida.

While at Blogcon 2011 I had the opportunity to interview Karen Harrington, a Republican candidate for the 20th District House seat now held by Debbie Wasserman Schultz — who is also the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. I made a video of that short interview as I have so many other candidates.

In our interview Harrington, recently endorsed by GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, went through some of the points she’s been campaigning on and since the 20th District has a large and active Jewish community, the issue of Israel naturally came up. It was during that segment of our little video that she said a few things that the media are attacking her over.

What got Harrington some special focus was her reply to my question about Israel:

Debbie’s latest thing as well as her lack of support for Israel — is ’cause she has to stand by this president — she also has blamed the Republicans for the creation of Hamas — that’s been her latest thing. This president asked them to stop building in the settlements, asked them to return to the ’67 borders and just the other day was caught with (French President Nicolas) Sarkozy saying negative things about Israel. This is a country and a nation that needs to stand by Israel as our history has shown us to. And Debbie supports this president and his policies, and you are right — Israel has become more endangered over there because of our approach and lack of strong support of Israel.

The St. Petersburg Times took issue with various parts of Harrington’s statement but the paper’s main problem was with the claim that Wasserman Schultz has blamed Republicans for the creation of Hamas. Of that they rated Harrington’s claim “false.”
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Harrington Looking to Topple Debbie Wasserman Schultz

November 15, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, DNC, Elections, Florida, GOP, Government, House of Representatives, Jobs, Liberals, Republicans, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | 1 Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston

I was able to take a few minutes to interview Karen Harrington, a candidate for a Florida House seat. Oh, she’s not running for just any House seat. She’s running to topple the odious Debbie Wasserman-Schultz — mouth of the Democrat National Committee.

Harrington ran against Wasserman Schultz in the 20th District in 2010 and lost pretty handily. But her 40 percent vote total was one of the strongest showings of a Republican in a long time in that heavily Democrat leaning district. According to her polling she is doing even better this time now that the Obama economy has hurt so many.

Harrington also has a large dose of support from the Jewish community due to the failure of the Obama administration’s policy on Israel.

I found Harrington to be engaging, serious, and well informed. Let’s hope she can topple one of the worst Representatives in Congress in 2012.

Harrington’s website can be found at: On Twitter she is: karen4congress.

Or, if you’d rather, you can connect with the Harrington campaign by going to
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Chigo Tea Party: Tea Party Presidential Debate‏

August 27, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Chicago, Conservatives, Economy/Finances, Florida, GOP, Government, Illinois, President, Republicans, Taxes, Tea Party, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

From the Chicago Tea Party…

Chicago Tea Party Patriots Co-Sponsor first Tea Party Presidential Debate

The Tea Party Express is partnering with CNN for the first ever Tea Party Presidential debate. We’re honored to have been selected as a co-sponsor of the debate. This is a huge victory for the movement because before last year’s mid-term election victories no news network would have partnered with any tea party group to do anything like this. Two years ago, Kathy Barkulis challenged CNN reporter Susan Roesgen at the first Chicago Tax Day Tea Party and now CNN is partnering with the tea party. This shows how far the movement has come. The debate will be held on September 12, 2011 in Tampa, FL, the location of the 2012 Republican convention.
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Sen. Marco Rubio: ‘The President’s Plan is a Blank Sheet of Paper’

July 31, 2011 | Filed Under Budget, Congress, Democrats/Leftists, Economy/Finances, Florida, GOP, Government, Liberals, Marco Rubio, President, Republicans, Senate, Taxes, Warner Todd Huston | Comments Off

“With No Budget In 822 Days, Dem Leaders Try To Force Last-Minute Debt Vote.”

“This has been the plan all along, by the way. The plan all along was not to take a position, to let the days count down until we got to this point with 72 hours to go, and then force a vote on something that they wanted… You want to know why people all across America get grossed out by politics? It’s by watching this kind of stuff happen.”

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